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Cat Stevens comments

Posted in: Foreign-born Miss Japan sparks debate on what it means to be Japanese See in context

This is a classic example of a non-news story made to generate comments. First off, who cares what a bunch of people on social media say. There are no public figures commenting on it….just a bunch of people who are entitled to their opinion. Furthermore, there are a lot of comments in favor of this Why is this news? Secondly, why is the reaction this surprising? Japan is one of the most homogenous countries in the world. Change takes time. I would bet the house that most countries with such a contest would never choose a person, (whether they were a citizen of not) who didn’t look like the general population, yet they did it in Japan. Thirdly, who cares? It’s a Miss Whatever contest.

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Posted in: After over 100 days of war, Palestinians fight in hard-hit areas of Gaza and fire rockets at Israel See in context

I’m no fan of Netyanyahu, and I’m definitely not a fan of civilian casualties. However, I don’t understand how people think having a ceasefire will resolve anything. This is war. Israel was attacked. They responded. To this day, militants are still firing rockets into Israel. They still have kidnapped people. They are fighting an enemy who has vowed that they will do this again and again. They are a fighting a side that has refused every single peace ,land, 2-state solution deal ever, and when they (Hamas) begin hostilities, they always lose and then ask for ceasefire to something they started. Then the world inevitably starts talking about a 2-state solution that one side (Hamas) has never had any intention of doing. Not to mention that they wage war from populated areas and seemingly have no regard for their own civilians lives. Hamas knew they couldn’t possibly win, but they are very happy to Martyr their women and children to gain the sympathy of the outside world. They also steal the humanitarian aid meant for their people. (Don’t believe me….refer to a video of an old woman being interviewed by Al Jazeera where she says that all the aid basically goes to Hamas. This video was cut short by Al Jazeera…I guess it doesn’t fit the narrative) They also use hospitals to store weapons and house fighters. Again, if you don’t believe me or the IDF, google the video of the Gazan man cursing out Hamas in a hospital….also a video cut short by Al Jazeera. Meanwhile, the Hamas brass sit in luxury in Qatar while their people are used as cannon fodder.  I’m not saying Israel are devoid of guilt in all this. The West Bank is a freaking mess. But I find it quite amusing seeing people not assigning any guilt to Hamas and other similarly aligned groups.

When Gaza was handed over in 2005, there was a chance. Imagine if they had used the international aid to build up and better themselves? Imagine if they had not ripped up their sewage lines to build rockets? Imagine if they had not decided to constantly attack Israel? I would bet that by now, they would be an independent, recognized state. But they didn’t because it’s not about ancestral lands. It’s about having Israel there, and guess what, Israel is not going anywhere, and nor should they.

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Posted in: U.S., British militaries launch massive retaliatory strike against Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen See in context

HopeSpringsEternalToday  10:08 am JST

Ongoing Geocide in Gaza clearly not sitting well with 2.3 billion Muslim people worldwide, including in Yemen.

Anyone surprised? Muslim 'proxy' forces, called terrorists in the West, are being armed to the hilt across the world.

China and Russia = LOVING IT!

Nah. The Muslim world only cares about Muslims "genocide" when it’s Jews or Americans carrying it out. When other Muslims are doing this to each other, they do not seem to care. Case in point, Yemen (estimate at over 200,000 dead), Syria (an estimated death toll of over 300,000), Sudan, (to this day, 12,000 killed, over 5.8 million displaced) Where is the outcry? Not to mention the expulsion of many Afghani’s from Pakistan. But when Israel does it, how dare they, even though they were attacked and their civilian to combatant ratio will be equal to or less than most armed conflicts. Double standard???

I see a lot of people defending the Houthis in this. They attacked first. America gave many warnings. This is what happens. Don't mess with international shipping.

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Posted in: Battles rage across Gaza as Israel indicates it's willing to fight for months or more to beat Hamas See in context

AntiquesavingToday  10:04 am JST

21% of Israel's population is Arab only 8% of elected Knesset members are Arabs and there has never been an Arab cabinet member.

Men make up 50% of the population, yet are a fraction of the total amount of kindergarten teachers worldwide. White people make up for over 60% of the US population, yet in the NBA, only amount to about 17% of the players. Asians make up a fraction of the total US population and yet are at the top for all metrics of success, education and wealth. What's your point?

Arabs Israeli are prohibited from certain jobs and positions under "security" reasons, Arabs are the vast majority of those living in poverty, etc...

While your second point is true, (I fail to see what relevance this has...this point could be applied to pretty much every single country in the world) I could not find a single source saying Arab Israelis are prohibited from certain jobs, other than Arab Israelis are not required by law to be drafted into the army, which I agree, is not fair to non-arab Israelis. If you are a citizen, you should have to participate. Do you have a link you could provide?

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Posted in: Battles rage across Gaza as Israel indicates it's willing to fight for months or more to beat Hamas See in context

MarkToday  10:19 am JST

HAMAS has already WON this conflict and anything it gains from this day on is just an ICING ON THE CAKE.

This is the first time in Israel's history to face a real Palestinian fighting force and it is NOT even a well equipped or trained army YET

Hamas has proven to the world that Palestinians are capable of defending themselves with just AK47's RPG, and Handguns and all they need at this point is the Amo. and the TIME to liberate Palestine.

I guess your definition of winning is different then mine. Attacking innocent civilians is defending yourself?Maybe my Karate sensei was wrong......

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Posted in: Israel orders evacuations as it widens offensive but Palestinians are running out of places to go See in context

ChabbawangaToday  06:44 am JST

I cant summarise this video in a short enough format, but I recommend everyone who still believes and repeat the lies about Israel trying to minimise civilian casualties to watch it. It is about 15 minutes long and it contains information sourced from Israeli military intelligence.


 I didn’t watch the video but I read the article that it was based off of. Here it is.


Like I’ve said before, I don’t approve of the killings of civilians on any side. (funny how with most posters in these comments, the sentiment only seems to run in one direction) Nor do I like the more unrestrained bombing that Israel seems to have engaged in.

The sources for this article also state “Intelligence sources who spoke to +972 and Local Call similarly claimed that in many cases Hamas “deliberately endangers the civilian population in Gaza and tries to forcefully prevent civilians from evacuating.” Two sources said that Hamas leaders “understand that Israeli harm to civilians gives them legitimacy in fighting.”

If you are going to believe the claims by the sources about all the bombings, then we should also believe this. Logically that would make sense.

What would you have Israel do? No matter where they attack, there will be civilian casualties. Shall they do nothing? Hamas has already said that they will do this again and again. People forget that to this day, rockets are still being fired from Gaza. Also, their own people are still being held hostage. Shall they end the war, as requested by Hamas? (who started this?) Again, Hamas has said they will try this again and again. Shall they try for a 2-state solution again? (How many times has this been offered?) This is the most unrealistic one. Every time this kind of thing happens, Palestinian supporters cry for this, yet have rejected every offer. Also, the Hamas charter calls for the elimination of Israel. People always seem to forget this part. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Israel is damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

I have this feeling that a lot of posters seem to think that if Israel just conceded to every single demand from the Palestinians, that suddenly it would be some kind of paradise, with sunshine and lollypops everywhere for everyone. The naivete is quite astounding. Israel left Gaza. What happened? ( Hint…..rockets) I for one think they should leave the West Bank, and I'd like to see a 2-state solution, but I’d bet my house that the same thing would happen. Has it ever occured to anyone that the reason Israel is so heavy handed is because they know exactly what will happen to them if they aren't? (I don't support this, but I definitely understand it) Believe it or not, anti-Jewish sentiment is caked in the cultures of the Middle East.

As I’ve said multiple times, I don’t like the killing of civilians and I would like to see this resolved. The question is “How?” Most ideas I see put forth on this forum are idealistic clap-trap that don’t take reality into the equation. Hamas needs to give back the hostages and they need to surrender. When that happens, I will happily criticize Israel for whatever ill things they do.

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Posted in: Israel and Hamas agree to extend truce for two more days, and to free more hostages and prisoners See in context

ChabbawangaToday  09:55 am JST

Agreeing to a ceasefire doesnt in any way forgive Israel for the murder of between 10-20,000 innocent Palestinians, of whom a large percentage were children.

Agreed. I seem to be forgetting who started this. Enlighten me please. There was a ceasefire as of October 6th. Who broke that? Do you want Israel just to take it?

Israeli settlers literally force Palestinians to leave their homes and businesses under threat of violence, imprisonment, and death. Once upon a time Britain was ruled by the Romans, the Saxons, The Vikings, and the French, but you dont see Italians and Norwegians forcing their way in to British homes.

In the West Bank, not Gaza. I've always said that Israel should have given back the West Bank back to Jordan. But they didn't. And they have a problem as a result. And I don't think Jordan would have wanted it back either. Israel tried giving Gaza back to Egypt. They didn't want it back. Fuuny how neither of these countries want anything to do with the Palestinians. And you seem to forget that despite being expelled in the hundreds of thousands, by multiple Arab countries during 1947-1948, the Jews aren't forcing their way back into their previous homes. Every single people in the history of the world could play this thought exercise.

Leaving an occupied territory doesn't mean that they didn't occupy it. Of course the Palestinians wanted to remove all memories of their oppressors.

Does the same apply to Jordan and Eqypt? I believe they were the ones occupying these places until 1967. Or perhaps does the same apply to the British Empire? Or perhaps the Ottoman Empire? Funny how almost all colonised nations leave the infrastructure that was built by the previous occupier. Did India destroy all their railroads? Did Taiwan destroy all of the infrastructure left by the Japanese?

The far-right version of zionism is the problem.

To say this is to be willfully ignorant of the rampant anti-jewish sentiment that is prevalent in the Middle East.

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Posted in: Israel and Hamas agree to extend truce for two more days, and to free more hostages and prisoners See in context

John-SanToday  07:57 am JST

The occupying Jew makes the NK look classy .

Classy. (note the sarcasm)

Comparing Israel to NK is probably the dumbest things I have ever read.

Only Israel, a country that has agreed to a ceasefire, can be called genocidal. Only Israel, a country full of people whose roots in the area go back thousands of years, can be called a coloniser. Only Israel, who left Gaza almost 20 years ago, took their people, abandoned their greenhouses (why did the Palestinians destroy a vital key infrastructure for growing food?) and even dug-up dead corpses, can be called an occupier. Must be something about them that is unique in the region…I can’t seem to put my finger on it.

Meanwhile, Hamas, a terrorist organization, whose number 1 stated goal in their charter is to wipe Israel off the map, who proudly dug up water pipes to build rockets, who took billions in aid from around the world and squandered it, who could have been the Singapore of the middle east, who are rabidly anti-semetic….I could go on. How come they are seen by many as some noble resistance? Resistance fighters don’t slaughter civilians.

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Posted in: Israel battles Hamas near another Gaza hospital sheltering thousands See in context

PaustovskyToday  10:02 am JST

Most people understand that Israel is fighting against terrorist cowards, who hide behind women's skirts and children instead of fighting like men.

Historically, can you provide some examples of resistance fighters fighting an open pitched battle ?

Historically, “resistance fighters” didn't purposely target, rape, maim, burn and behead innocent civilians. While I do think Che Guevara was a filthy, racist piece of dirt, when him and Castro were overthrowing the Cuban government, they targeted military and government installations. Despite my differences with them, they were actual “resistance” fighters. These guys are butchers, plain and simple.

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Posted in: 31 premature babies evacuated from Gaza's largest hospital, but scores of trauma patients remain See in context

ChabbawangaToday  11:43 am JST

Take a few minutes and read the details of the butchery committed by Hamas. If you dare. Children tortured in front of their parents. Women raped until their pelvic bones are broken, or mutilated in tbe midst of their agony.

Believe what? IDF and Israeli accounts of what happened. Look at the language you are using. Propaganda 101. Just like the old burned beheaded babies story.

Funny how a lot of this was filmed on Go_Pro's by Hamas terrorists. I guess you don' believe that either? Or the countless journalists who have seen the videos? Or the first hand accounts of Hamas prisoners? I agree, there weren't 40 babies beheaded. But some were. Some were baked in ovens. Children were killed in front of their parents and vice/versa. Women were raped in horrible fashion....and the list goes on. Does the number really matter? If it was only 2 beheaded babies, would that somehow make it okay? I suppose you believe that 500 people did die in the hospital bombing. (The hospital in question is still standing...but I guess that doesn't matter?)

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Posted in: 31 premature babies evacuated from Gaza's largest hospital, but scores of trauma patients remain See in context

La vie douceToday  09:46 am JST

I saw a caricature recently - an Israeli soldier with his boot on the back of a Palestinian woman on the ground amongst the ruins, his weapon trained on her , the soldier is looking at his image in the mirror and seeing a WW2 Nazi soldier with his boot on a Jewish woman. The caption read - The irony of becoming that which you once despised. The drawing seemed like a a very accurate reflection of the current reality.

I’m getting tired of seeing people compare Israel to Nazi Germany. If you are going to do so, please provide comparisons instead of garbage. How is Israel like Nazi Germany? Did they invade and occupy the  Middle East like Germany did to Europe? Did they round up Palestinians like the Germans rounded up Jews? Did they put them in camps? (and please spare me the open air prison nonsense…generally prisons don’t have 5 star hotels and 25 hospitals, and the inmates don’t get work visas) Did Israel start this war? Did Germany let infants be transferred to different countries for care? I could go on.

I don’t like civilians being killed. It‘s terrible. But I also don’t like this double standard that Israel is always held to that other countries are not. Did anybody care when Arabs were killing Arabs in Syria? In Yemen? Do you see the same outrage as what is happening in Azerbaijan with the Armenians? Any calls for ceasefires? I’ve heard crickets.  Hamas should return the hostages. That is it.

Hells, I don’t care for what’s happening in the West Bank. I think Israel should have returned it to Jordan after the 6-day war. But they didn’t. But that is separate to Gaza, (of which they tried to return to Egypt…guess what Egypt did) which has been governed by Hamas, an organization who attacked Israel, knowing they would get this armed response, and knowing that a sympathtic response from a good portion of the world would ensue. I'll give Hamas credit...they are quite good at this. They lied about the bombed hospital. They have a history of lying about everything. Meanwhile, their leadership sit in Qatar like cowards while their own people are used as cannon fodder to further their goals. Hamas knew there would be mass civilian casualties and they didn’t care. They see their own people as expendable to the cause.

So please remind me. Who are like the Nazi’s?

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Posted in: Patients and staff leave Gaza's biggest hospital; dozens killed at crowded refugee camp See in context

John-SanToday  11:39 am JST

Cat: Australia offical foreign affairs statement referring to the Jew Occupation is the "Colonial Apartheid power in The Occupied Terrorises of Palestine". It is official in Australia, this wording is also used officially by New Zealand, South Africa etc:. Are you telling the thread that South Africa are mis interpreting the meaning of Apartheid and Colonialism ??? Hamas is recognised by the UN as the official elected Government of Gaza and are lashing out again at the continuous 75 years of over ruling apartheid system the jew have over the population of Gaza. That how the major of the civil world are referring to the action in Gaza.

Yes, I am.

If you look at the definition of Apartheid, it says a form of racial segregation. Last time I checked, Israel is a very multi-cultural society. Gaza has been self ruled for almost 2 decades and would not have been blockaded if they, how do you say, not have consistently lauched rockets into Israel.. Don' t you find it funny that Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, all countries that were colonized by outside forces, criticize Israel for being inhabitated by the people who were native to the area? Seems somewhat strange. Perhaps they would prefer that the area go back to 1948 borders. My mind fails to recall who colonized the area at the time...perhaps you could enlighten me? Also, you failed to address my queries about how Israel can be compared to Nazi Germany. Take your time.

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Posted in: Patients and staff leave Gaza's biggest hospital; dozens killed at crowded refugee camp See in context

John-SanToday  09:44 am JST

What separates these acts of atrocities of genocide of the Nazi from their Germans supporters, Nothing, they are all complicit .

This has to be one of the ludicrous posts I have ever seen. I'd use different words, but the moderators would probably take down my post. Germany tried to take over Europe. Israel has not tried to take over the MIddle East. They haven't even tried to take over "Palestine". They gave Gaza back to the Gazans. They even tried giveing Gaza back to Egypt, (people forget that Egypt "occupied" it for a quite a while) Egypt didn't want it. Meanwhile, the people of Gaza voted in a group who explicitly stated they want to obliterate Israel and kill Jews. Who are the complicit ones?

So there is no separating the Jew supporters of the Zionist , Nothing, because they are all complicit of 75 years of voting for a apartheidt system.

By your very logic, their is no separating regular Gazans and Hamas. Which means regualr Gazans are responsible for the Oct. 7th attacks. See how this works? Apatheid system? I'm getting tired of people throwing around words that are incorrectly applied to the situation. Who's been ruling Gaza for the last 18 years? Hamas. Irael has almost 2 million Arab living in Israel. Over 12000 Gazans had work permits to work in Israel. Nice try.

If being opposed to both the Nazi and the Colonial apartheid powers in the Occupied Terrorises Of Palestine is anti semite, well I am a very proud Anti Semite.*

I don't understand how a people who are native to the area can be called Colonialist? I don't understand how a country, who has tried many times to have peace/land deals wih "Palestine", can be considered Colonialist. I don't understand how a country, who was handed a peace of land by Britain, be considered Colonialist. They didn't invade and conquer it. Israel was the one who was attacked by Arab countries in 1948...and won the war. Also, all comparison to Nazi Germany and Israel need to stop. It shows a stunning lack of knowledge about both situations.

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Posted in: Blinken shuttles from West Bank to Iraq trying to contain fallout from Israel-Hamas war See in context

AttilathehungryToday  09:22 am JST

There can be a cease fire when Hamas releases all the hostages, surrenders to Israel, and destroys the terror infrastructure they have constructed in Gaza. Until that time, every death in Gaza is the fault of Hamas. Nobody else. Israel would not be forced to bomb Gaza if Hamas had not started this war on October 7.

For those who want a "free Palestine", what specifically does that mean? To many of the lemming-like protestors in the West, it simply means that Israel disappears. That will not happen. The Arabs already control 99% of the land in the Middle East, Israel only 1%. And only one of those sides is a functioning democracy with rights for women, LGBT are not killed, a multi-ethnic parliament, etc.

This post hit the nail on the head. Even Netanyahu has said there could be a ceasefire if the hostages are released. The solution is quite simple.

If Hamas were launching rockets from the beach and had only attacked military installations, and Israel had responded by bombing civilian locations, I would be critical of them like most of you….but that is not what happened or is happening. Hamas hides amongst their civilian population, (I’m pretty sure this is a war crime) and has no problems sacrificing their own people as martyrs. (A Hamas spokesperson literally said this) Israel is forced to respond and as a result, civilians are killed. And this is exactly what Hamas wants because they use their own people as cannon fodder to gain sympathy from an international community that has always been critical of Israel.

Imagine any of you are the leader of a country and a hostile neighbor comes in and butchers 1400 of your civilians and kidnaps over 200. What would you do? Put aside historical grievances, put aside who thinks who owns what piece of land. Even put aside religious animus. Factor in that the enemy uses their own people as shields and are willing to sacrifice them in the name of their cause. What would you do? Would you just sit back and do nothing?

I used to be sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. I used to call Israel an apartheid state and spouted all the usual catch words that people bandy about at rallies and even on this comment board. But after learning more and more about this area of the world, and learning about the history of Jewish discrimination, I no longer hold those views. And I really hate that civilians on both sides have been killed. But there can be no peace if one side will always be unwilling to make a deal.

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Posted in: Japan to provide $65 million additional humanitarian aid to Palestinians See in context

TamaramaToday  07:28 am JST

Being on the right side of history is important. Standing by and ignoring genocide is inhumane.

Exactly. This is just wholesale revenge killing on a mass scale.

This action by Israel just makes everything that is already terrible, worse. More traumatized and radicalized young men, more hate, more reprisals. No solutions, nothing constructive.

The only long term solution here is for the International community to intervene and create two independent states. Israel can't do it and can't be relied on to do anything responsibly in relation to the Palestinians. The Palestinians are disempowered by the imbalance and can't unilaterally do it either - they need International help here, and quickly. The US needs to butt out, because they aren't helping anything and haven't been for a long time. In fact, they are complicit. Leave it to the adults in the room, please.

Time for the International community to get serious. It's absolutely clear there is no way these two groups can devise a satisfactory solution between them and how many decades more of killing is OK?

The experiment hasn't worked, time for a better solution, though who knows how on Earth they are actually going to successfully live side by side after what has transpired.

It's a nice thought, but literally impossible at this point. A 2 state solution has been proposed again and again, and it has been refused everytime by one side. Arafat, when offered a very generous proposal, (97% of land, self governance, etc) refused. Later on, he would say he refused because he was afraid he would be killed for accepting this. I will say this again and again. This conflict is not about land. This is about one group not wanting Jews in the area. Up until 1968, Gaza was ruled by Egypt and the West Bank was ruled Jordan. Didn't seem to be a problem. In 1948, it was Israel who were attacked by 5 Arab nations....and they won. People often forget that Thousands upon thousands of Jews were expelled from other Arab countries and the only place they had to go was Israel. People say Israel is committing Ethnic Cleansing. Sounds exactly like what many Arab countries want to do to Israel.

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Posted in: Japan to provide $65 million additional humanitarian aid to Palestinians See in context

ChabbawangaToday  07:25 am JST

How stupid can this be? The Palestinian people will probably never see a dime of that money, just dumb, smh…

You have zero evidence to support this claim. Just repeating Palestinian rhetoric over and over.

"Hamas could end this at any time"

"human shields"

"its their own fault for voting for Hamas"

"There isnt a shortage of food, medicine or fuel, Hamas are just hiding it all in their batcave"

Oh, how misinformed you are.

Just do a search for a recent report about Hamas hoarding food, water and supplies. You can thank me later.

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Posted in: Pressure rises on Israel to pause fighting and ease siege as battles intensify near Gaza City See in context

The loss of civilian life is truly heartbreaking. Despite opposing a ceasefire, I still do not like loss of innocent life on either side of the conflict.

First off, this is neither a genocide or ethnic cleansing. Please stop using these terms. This is war. Using these words is quite irresponsible. If Israel wanted to to commit genocide or ethnic cleansing, they could have done it many times over.

I hear many people talking about how Israel is committing war crimes by bombing civilian area. This would be the case if Hamas was not conducting attacks from civilian areas...but they are. And before anybody says it is the most densely populated in area in the world, it's not. There are miles and miles of open beach they could attack from. According to the much vaunted UN, using civilians as a human shield is a war crime. I wonder why people are not calling them out for this? Furthermore, Hamas is openly proud of using their citizens as Martyrs. They said this just yesterday. “[The attacks are] just the first time … Will we have to pay a price? Yes, and we are ready to pay it. We are called a nation of martyrs, and we are proud to sacrifice martyrs.” From the mouth of Ghazi Hamad, Hamas spokesperson. Hamas sees their people as expendable to their cause. So then, who is the one commiting war crimes?

The talk of a cease fire is ludicrous. After Pearl Harbor, did people ask for a ceasefire? 9/11? WW2? Many civilians died in the aftermath, but the people who were attacked stayed the course. Why? Because they knew it was the right thing to do, despite the massive loss of life. They knew that doing nothing would be worse. In Israel, they are fighting an enemy who has said, “Israel is a country that has no place on our land,” and “We must teach Israel a lesson, and we will do this again and again,”.Ghazi Hamad. These are real quotes. These people do not want a 2 state solution. Israel was doing quite fine by intercepting the odd rocket attack from Gaza, but this attack pushed them over the edge.

Gaza, with the billions in aid that they have received over the years, could have turned their country into something like a Singapore. Instead, Hamas chose to wage war because they believe Jews shouldn't be there. Israel left Gaza...it hasn't been occupied since 2005. Israel left all their greenhouses, (it was a major exporter of flowers and vegetable around the region), forced every Israeli out of Gaza, sometimes by gunpoint. They even dug up their dead and brought the corpses back to Israel. What did the people of Gaza do? They destroyed the greenhouses, (this is so dumb), they destroyed all of the temples, (this is actually against the Koran) and voted in Hamas. And then they started attacking a country that wanted nothing to do with them, which resulted in a blockade of weapons. Any sane country would do the same. And don't get me started about the number of land deals that have been rejected. This is not about land. This is about pushing Israel out and they have every right to defend themselves, especially against an enemy who cowardly hides behind civilians.

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Posted in: Netanyahu says Gaza war has entered new stage and will be 'long and difficult' See in context

Here is a link for an article in the Free Pree by Alan Johnson. It was a speech given in 2014 after the 50 day war between Gaza and Israel. It's a long read, but worth it, especially since the points made still apply to this day.


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Posted in: Israeli air and ground strikes intensify in Gaza; internet collapse cuts territory off from outside See in context

War is hell. But this is what happens when you attack another country. And people, please stop using the word genocide. Words have meaning. Rwanda was a genocide.

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Posted in: Israel bombards Gaza, prepares invasion as Biden urges 'path to peace' See in context

kurisupisuToday  07:09 am JST

This war mongering by Israel is disgusting!

A massive disproportionate reaction to Israel’s inability to have prepared for an attack from militants from Palestine.

No war in the history of the world has been won by being proportionate.

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Posted in: Israel strikes Gaza, Syria and West Bank as war against Hamas threatens to ignite other fronts See in context

As usual, the Israel haters come out in droves.

First off, Israel is bombing Syria and Lebanon because there has been rockets fired from those countries. What do you want them to do? Ask for another?

Secondly, stop using the word Genocide. If the Israelis are committing genocide, then they are really bad at it, considering the population of Palestine keeps growing.

Thirdly, stop using the phrase “proportional response”. No war in the history of the world has been won by being proportional.

Oh, and the hospital bombing…funny how that hospital is still standing. And it was a misfired rocket on the Gaza side. And the death toll was no where near the toll reported by the Hamas government. Yet the damage has been done. People around the world still believe it was an Israeli rocket. And the media is very complicit in this. They should be ashamed of themselves.

The thing with Israel is that they are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t

Accept a land deal in 1948 from the UN. How dare you.

Fight and win a war that they didn’t start, then take some land. How dare you.

Pull out of Gaza completely. Let them self govern. Hamas get elected and starts attacking them. Impose a weapons blockade because they are being attacked…you’re an apartheid state.

Offer 95% of lands back to Palestinians at Camp David. Not good enough.

Have their women and children raped, murdered, tortured and kidnapped. When they respond…it’s genocide. If they don’t respond, they get attacked more.

Hezbollah launches missiles at them, they respond, it’s war crimes. If they don’t respond, their own people get killed.

No matter what they do, it’s wrong in the eyes of many.

Israel is the only country in the world where people think it shouldn’t exist. Why is that? Hamas does not want a two state solution. They want to wipe Israel from the face of the world. It’s in their charter.

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Posted in: Israel says it won't allow aid to flow to Gaza Strip until Hamas releases hostages See in context

Black Sabbath


Most secularly-minded people are largely confused by Jihadist violence. Hamas is Jihadist.  There is no possibility of living in peace with Jihadist; they are perpetually at war with us, and we, whether we know it or not, are at war with them. They have very different values about the value of human life. Hamas and the people who like them rejoice at death, carnage and savagery. What we call war crimes, they call justice. And rejoice in it.

[We in the the West, BTW, with our public lynchings picnics, our gas chambers, and Japan with the head chopping contest and the Rape of Manilla. -- all for the demi-god Hirohito --, are only a few generations removed from that kind of barbarism]

That said, this article is about Israel collectively punishing Gaza.

What do you think about that?

I don’t like it, but I understand it. Israel was attacked, they have a right to respond. And in doing so, they are left with some bad option. One, they bomb Gaza, targeting Hamas and suspected terrorist locations, (all the while warning people in that area to leave because it is about to be bombed), and of course, civilian casualties ensue. Two, they mount a ground invasion, an urban combat meat grinder ensues, and massive loss of life, both civilian and military, follows. Three, they do nothing, (which is something that a lot of people seem to want) and they end up looking feckless and weak, which insect a region, would be terrible for them. None of these are good options, but they need to do something. As for cutting off power and water, I don’t like it either. But Hamas took over 100 people hostage. What do you expect? Should Israel just capitulate? Send them flowers? Hamas brought this on to their own people. 

Tell_me_bout_itToday  10:33 am JST

Cat StevensToday  09:25 am JST

Jews have been there since before the Roman empire.

Natives were in the North and South America before Spanish and Brits. Natives were massacred and wiped out, lands taken by the europeans. Why are you not voicing your concerns and passion for the Natives? Fight for the return of Anatolia to Greeks/Romans as well while you are at it.

Clearly, you don't seem to understand my point. Palestinians are constantly making this point, ie, it was our land first. I was just showing that Israel could make this exact same argument, but that it is irrelevant.

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Posted in: Israel says it won't allow aid to flow to Gaza Strip until Hamas releases hostages See in context

For all the people who are saying the evidence for massacred babies does not exist, the existence of such pics has now been confirmed by the Jerusalem Post, seen by Tony Blinken, and others. You won’t find the mainstream media showing these. 

For all the Hamas apologists, de-colonizers, from the river to the sea chanters, you’ve shown your cards. This is not about settlements….this is about anti-semitism. You are siding with groups who want the extermination of the Jews. They teach kids from a young age that killing Jews is a virtue. The PLO offers a reward to anyone who kills Jews….but I guess this is about settlements. Lol. What I find especially amusing is when LGBT groups side with Palestine…the inter-sectional nonsense that pervades the Woke Left. They throw gays off the top of buildings in Gaza. 

If people want to take the line, “Well, the Arabs were there first”, well, that is nonsense. Jews have been there since before the Roman empire. There is archaeological evidence to prove this. The thing is, this fact is irrelevant. Israel took most of the land after winning a war in 1948 that they did not instigate. They actually have given land back to Egypt and Jordan as tokens of peace. They pulled completely out of Gaza in 2005, (sorry if this date is slightly off). Operating from a position of strength, they’ve given land back. There has been numerous land deals offered, including parts of Jerusalem offered. (Don’t you find it ironic that Jerusalem, considered a holy place by Muslims, has been hit by missile from Gaza?) They didn’t have to. It has all been refused, because it is not about land. It’s about Israelis being Jews. There has been settlement development in the West Bank, and yes, there has been some terrible things that have happened. But, how long can Israel try to make peace with a neighbor who wants none? 

As for Gaza being an open air prison. Well, if you are going to blame Israel, add Egypt into the mix. I guess that is always conveniently forgotten. Israel screens for weapons. They allow food and and other things into the territory. They’ve even given over 15000 work permits to Gazan to work in Israel. But I guess they hate Palestinians? Arabs on the Supreme Court and in Parliament…but I guess they hate Arabs.If you had a neighbor who was constantly throwing rocks at your house, would you not try to prevent them from getting rocks? Would you let them work on your house? Would you allow them in your house. 

Hamas uses civilian locations to launch missiles. Israel, when bombing places, will notify people in that area to leave because it will be bombed. There is no moral equivalency.

If Hamas had attacked military installations, I would not have had such a problem with it. They didn’t. They purposely targeted civilians, including women, children and elderly, some of whom were Holocaust survivors, and there is a name for that. Terrorists.

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Posted in: Israel blockades Gaza Strip as Hamas threatens to kill captives See in context

Here is a good piece on the current situation.


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Posted in: Israel blockades Gaza Strip as Hamas threatens to kill captives See in context

I see a lot of people in these comments justifying the attacks by Hamas. I honestly don’t think people know the history of this area to fully make educated comments.

Until 1948, the British occupied this area that was known as Palestine. When they decided to leave, they split the lands…one for the Jews and one for the Arabs. There was no such thing as a Palestinian until that point. This whole area was occupied by all sorts of different people.The Israelis were willing to split the lands. The Arabs were not. A war was fought. Israel won. Since then, there has been many land deals offered. Some of these deals have been generous. Not a single one has been accepted. Why is that? 

People talk about an apartheid state. Israel is the only pluralistic society in the entire Middle East. The only democratic nation in the Middle East. There are Arabs and Christians in their governments and courts. There are over 100 Christian nations. Over 45 Muslim nations. Even Buddhists and Hindus have nations. Yet, when the Jews wants just one nation, it is seen as unjust. Why is that? People talk about ending the occupation. So what shall be done? Give it all back to the British? Or before that, the Ottomans? People talk about Palestine being a prison nation, but fail to mention that one side that is locked is the Egyptian side, who want nothing to do with Gaza. Nobody blames them. How about the plethora of Muslim and Arab nations, who could easily make a nation for these people, and yet not a single one does anything. How about Jordan, which up until a certain point, occupied the West Bank. Shall they get “their” lands back? All this for an area that wasn’t really owned by anyone and was given the chance to be split up equally…and only one side rejected that. Israel is the size of New Jersey.

Another way to look at this is how each side would act, if war was started. As of right now, Hamas has brutally raped and murdered women and children. They’ve kidnapped children. They’ve beheaded Israeli soldiers. They’ve urinated on the naked corpses of women. They have a history of launching missiles from schools and hospitals, so that when the Israelis respond, they can say that the Israelis bombed a school or hospital. These are not the actions of freedom fighters. These are the actions of savages. Israel would never do any of the above to Palestinians. Let’s not forget that the goal of organizations like Hamas and Iran are to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. “From the river to the sea”. Sounds like Nazism to me.

I am the first to admit that some of the settlements should not have been built. But let’s be honest. How many times can a nation try to make peace with a group who wants them eradicated? With an area that hates them? And all of this for a piece of land that wasn’t”Palestinian”, but occupied by all sorts of different people. 

I stand with Israel on this. Hamas needs to go.

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Posted in: Charges dropped again over death of detained Sri Lankan woman See in context

I do think this is a miscarriage of justice. Many people commenting seem to think that this is because the woman involved was a foreigner and it's such a predictable response from most of the commenters on this site. I think the outcome would have been the same even if the affected people were Japanese. This has nothing to do with where the victim was from and everything to do with the powers that be protecting their own proverbial behind. Look at how long the the people of Minamata had to wait for justice. Were they all foreigners?

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Posted in: Japan basketball 'on the map' after qualifying for Paris Olympics See in context

Reginald BokToday  06:56 am JST

It's interesting that in basketball and rugby, Japan's best players aren't actually Japanese.

How do the nationalists feel about that

Hawkinson is a naturalized Japanese citizen. He has every right to be on the team and he came up big when needed.

I really hate posts like these. Instead of celebrating a good night (despite a disastrous 4th quarter), Reginald has to bring up the possible thought patterns of a small group of hateful losers. To me, sport is the ultimate meritocratic endeavor. People just see the accomplishments, and maybe that is a pathway to having people be more acceptable to those who don't look like them. That's a good thing. Maybe this is a way for people to start viewing "Japanese" as not just racial, but more in accordance with your citizenry.

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Posted in: With Trump absent, Republican rivals trade attacks at first 2024 debate See in context

I always love it when an article comes out about Trump. People on the comment board lose their minds and all sense of objectivity goes out the window. The Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well.

Personally, I would like to see Desantis get the nomination, because he has the record to back up what he says...not that it matters to 99% of the people commenting on this thread. Despite what the legacy media says, ( Don's say gay, African AP course, one line from a course about slavery which was put together by a group of mostly black educators, etc...all lies) he is a good leader. Why is it that Florida has see such an influx of new residents from places like New York and California? Must be because he's a fascist;)

Trump supporters get upset about Trump being prosecuted because they see it as a 2 tiered justice system. Trump does something, he gets prosecuted. Democrats do similar things, and nothing happens. Hillary Clinton to this day, says the 2016 election was stolen. Nothing. Stacy Abrams, to this day, says the Georgia Election was stolen from her. Nothing. Hillary destroyed a hard drive with over 30000 emails, despite it being subpoenaed. Nothing. Hillary used a private email for her work, (which is illegal). Nothing. Joe Biden kept classified documents in his garage...he wasn't even president. Nothing. Obama's AG, Eric Holder, refused a subpoena by congress, which is illegal. Nothing. Cocaine was found in the White House. Nothing. Hunter BIden clearly enriched himself peddling his fathers name, and his father clearly knew about it...why would a family have over 20 shell companies. Oh right, the media isn't even covering that he's being investigated. Nothing. The list goes on. This is why Trump supporters support him. Only one side gets prosecuted and defamed by the media. In America, there isn't white privilege. There is only Democrat privilege.

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Posted in: 40 C heat logged in Japan for 1st time this summer as nation swelters See in context

I always find the comments about climate change both amusing and enraging. Yes, the climate is changing. And yes, a good portion can probably be attributed to humans. And yes, everyone goes on about CO2 emissions. But what are any of you willing to do about it? Are you willing to give up your car? Your heating in winter and AC in summer? Will you give up air travel to visit your home countries? I imagine the answer for most of you is "NO". And please don't blather on about how your house has solar panels or how you drive a Prius or an EV. The manufacturing of those technologies are incredibly bad for the environment and usually mined for in poor countries by poor people

Whether we like it or not, fossil fuels have lifted more people out of poverty and enabled a lifestyle for people that was impossible even just 100 years ago. And now, rich countries want to take that away from poorer countries, all in the name of climate change. We want to keep people in perpetual poverty when we have the means to lift people out of poverty, The hypocrisy is astounding. People will adapt. The US government just loaned Angola hundreds of millions of dollars to build a solar farm for a country where something like 60% of the population doesn't even have access to electricity. How about building a grid? It's good for the rich of the country, but not the poor.

Instead of listening to all the alarmists, try listening to Bjorn Lomberg or Michael Schellenberger. They both offer very common sense approaches to this topic.

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Posted in: Watered-down LGBTQ bill shows how far Japan's Diet is out of step with its society – and history See in context

This is an interesting topic. First off, I do not support gay rights or LGBT rights. I support human rights. I don't think people should be discriminated against in any realm of society based on sexual orientation or gender identity. In a civil society, all one must do is tolerate other peoples ways. That's it. People do not have to agree with how one lives...they just have to tolerate it. I have no problem with same sex marriage. It's the gender identity part. If you're an adult, do what you want. Live and let live. But there are limits.

I draw the line at a few things. First off, leave kids out of it. Most gender dysphoric kids grow out of it to become gay adults. It's almost like a war on gay people. The fact that parents will greenlight their kids to take puberty blockers, (from what I understand, what is used to chemically castrate sex offenders) , cross sex hormones. and even surgery is absolute lunacy. They become lifelong customers to the pharmaceutical industry. We criticize countries that practice forced female circumcision, (it's mutilation), but in the west it is accepted and often celebrated. This is done to kids, who cannot, drink, smoke, vote, drive, etc, yet it's become normal. Actual transgenderism is quite rare and the literature backs it up.

Secondly, no trans-women in female sports. That just seems like common sense, yet people still push for it. Google Fallon Fox. This does not happen with trans-men....I wonder why.

Third, stop sending men who identify as women to women's jails. Again, common sense. Again, this does not happen with trans-men. I wonder why.

I honestly don't know why the LGB part is connected to the TQ part. They are two very different things. My best friend, who is a married gay man, does not like the fact that he is always associated with the TQ part.

I think Japan should allow gay marriage. I think Japan should not discriminate based on preference or identity. I think everyone should have the same rights. I just don't want Japan to become a lunatic country like my home country. And that's where the transgender aspect of it has reached too far. When a cause is not just happy with equal rights but constant affirmation, then you've overplayed your hand.

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