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Cat Stevens comments

Posted in: Trump indicted on criminal charges; appeals to supporters for legal defense funds See in context

plasticmonkeyToday  09:59 am JST

--That's the MAGA narrative, but it's false. For one thing, major felony offenses across the city in 2022 were lower than in 1990, 1993, 1998, and 2001. And such felonies last month were down 6% from last year. So spare us the "NYC crime wave" schtick.

Naw, you can believe that garbage all day. Lol

I believe the NYPD. They keep data on this stuff. It's not "garbage".


You go ahead and believe fictions spun by right wing pundits.

I'm pretty sure your wrong. Take your pick...right or left?



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Posted in: Trump indicted on criminal charges; appeals to supporters for legal defense funds See in context

First off, I'm not American, so I don't have skin in the game. I don't even like the guy. Heck, I'm not even a conservative. At the time when Trump ran in 2016, I thought he was a joke. I bought into all of anti-trump rhetoric. Yet as the years went on, 2 things happened. First off, the media definitely treated him differently....anyone without bias can see that. The media went after him for things that they wouldn't do for anybody else. Secondly, his legislative accomplishments were quite good. The economy was booming, no wars, illegal immigration was down, unemployment amongst minorities was at an all time low, America was energy independent, crushed the ISIS caliphate and the list goes on. Not bad for a racist...a racist who passed the First Step Act. A racist who guaranteed funding for historical black colleges. A racist who freed Alice Johnson and had her as a guest in the white house to help him get more black people out of jail. A racist who got MORE of the black vote in 2020 than in 2016. A racist who said "good people on both sides". (This last part was debunked by several news organisations including the BBC) As you all can probably tell, I'm being sarcastic with the "racist" part. Was Trump perfect? Not a chance. But legislatively, he did pretty well, and he did what he said what he would do, which is more than most politicians. Would I vote for him if I could? If it was a choice between him and Biden, I would choose Trump instead of a man who shakes hands with the air. Winston Churchill was one of the most vulgar people ever to live, yet he gave a giant middle finger to Hitler. The point is, our leaders are not perfect.

How many of you would say the same thing if Biden was to be prosecuted? There are a lot of shady things concerning his family, the Ukraine, China, etc and yet the media is silent. Remember when Trump held a glass with 2 hands and the media was demanding he have a cognitive test, yet when Biden is calling out the names of dead people at press conferences, the media is silent? What about the Hunter Biden laptop story, which was buried by Twitter? Turned out to be true. If this had been Trumps children, this would have been on loop non stop on all media out lets.

I do not like the guy. I do not like philandering. Maybe the Georgia case has some merit. But this? Hush money? Seems like they are trying to get him on anything just to prevent him from running again and in the process, are turning him into a martyr.

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Posted in: Japanese Americans who won redress, now fight for Black reparations See in context

dagonToday  11:47 am JST

In the words of Thomas Sowell, probably half of the worlds population right now are the descendants of slaves, because everyone did.

Sowell is the conservative semi-intellectual corporate shill trotted out by rightists when they need to hold up a black voice on issues.

A true intellectual, Cornell West, sums him and others up pretty well.


Dagon, you are welcome to your opinion of him. Doesn't take away from the fact that Sowell is right. He's also a libertarian who is equally critical of conservatives...but you would know that if you knew anything about him. I used to like Cornell West, but I find his opinions on things unrealistic. Cornell is the semi-intellectual progressive shill that progressives trot out when they need a black voice to hold up their arguments. (see how that works) Furthermore, I am definitely not a conservative or a rightist or whatever other label you have. Next time, criticize my arguments. I'm happy to defend them.

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Posted in: Japanese Americans who won redress, now fight for Black reparations See in context

This topic is fraught with people getting offended. Personally, I am in favor of reparations to the people who suffered the injustice. For example, the survivors of residence schools in Canada. I am not in favor of reparations to the descendants of injustices...in this case slavery. There are too many questions that connect be answered properly.

For example, why should tax money paid by people who have never owned slaves be paid to people who have never been slaves? Why should the descendants of the the over 300000 dead Union soldiers, who helped free the slaves, pay for reparations? Why should the descendants of the people who never owned slaves at the time (95% of people did not own slaves) pay for reparations? Should the descendants of black people who owned slaves have to pay? Should only the south pay because the north fought for their freedom? Why not ask for reparations from the African countries who sold their own people into slavery? What percentage of "black" would you have to be to get such reparations? In the words of Thomas Sowell, probably half of the worlds population right now are the descendants of slaves, because everyone did. Why not give Natives Americans reparations? Or the descendants of all the Chinese who died building railroads? Or all the Irish who were indentured servants at some point? Every nation in the world has had slaves and has been conquered by others at some point.

The point I'm trying to make is that there are too many problems associated with this course of action. I'm all for improving educational outcomes. I'm all for human capital development. But not for reparations in this capacity. Overcorrection and being unfair to other groups of people will create more problems.

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Posted in: Japan's COVID-19 foreign entry ban spurs demonstrations in several countries See in context

I would like to state that I don't agree with the entry ban, specifically being used as as virus deterrent protocol. The cat is out of the bag on this one. On the other hand, if its purpose is to not burden the healthcare system with people who are non-residents/citizens, then I can understand why. If they could make exceptions for non-resident family members, I would be a little more okay with it. Mostly I want to point out two things.

First off, a lot of people on this comment board who are criticizing Japan for being xenophobic were awfully quiet/supportive when Australia and New Zealand were doing the exact same thing. Not only that, these countries were even barring entry to their own citizens! Yet, many people on this board who criticize Japan were saying how great those countries were doing. Funny how that works...I think there is a word for that...

Secondly, the same people who criticize Japan about the entry ban being not effective as a virus deterrent are the same people I see on this board constantly talking about vaccine mandates. The vaccine does not stop a person from getting and/or spreading the virus and yet, many people on this board support such draconian measures. I guess I should follow the science.

The fact is, most countries have made stumbles with this virus and Japan is amongst them. But we have not had lockdowns, there are no vaccine mandates, (no one at my workplace was pressured to take it), there are no vaccine passports within the country and the kids are in school. Compared to my home country Canada, Japan has done way better. I would much rather be here during all of this.

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Posted in: Canadians vote in pandemic election See in context

I voted by mail from Japan because voting in person is, shockingly, very difficult for this Canadian. There are also many people who live quite far away from the nearest polling station, or those who are quarantining. There are many reasons why mail-in ballots are necessary at any time, not just during a pandemic.

I agree. You live in a foreign country, therefore a mail in ballot is totally legit. Just like if you are too sick, immunocompromised, disabled, or unable to get to the ballot box. I do have a problem with people using Covid as an excuse to do mail-in ballots. It's legal, but in my opinion, it's a nonsense excuse, especially since upwards of 70% of people have been vaccinated. Talk about encouraging vaccine hesitancy....

Designer 02Today  09:41 am JST

I don't usually call out other lists but Cat Stevens your comments show a total ignorance of the geography of Canada and a complete and utter disregard for anyone who is immunocompromised or high risk from the Covid for other reasons.

I've been called out. Oh no. I find your post humorous. First off, I was born and raised in Canada and lived in multiple provinces, so I am quite aware of the geography. Also, when I lived there, I used to volunteer to drive the elderly to the ballot stations, so they could vote. I am quite aware of the voting protocols. Again, I hate having to point this out, but I am quite sympathetic to high risk/ immunocompromised people....these are the people who mail in ballots should be for. I just think for the vast majority of the population, voting in person should be the norm. Is that so unreasonable?

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Posted in: Canadians vote in pandemic election See in context

Eh? In Canada, mail-in voting has nothing to do with the pandemic:

I'm not talking about absentee ballots, which are fine by me. I'm talking about requesting mail-in ballots to vote because one does not want to go to the voting centre. That is nonsense.

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Posted in: Canadians vote in pandemic election See in context

Edit. I meant most amount of votes.

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Posted in: Canadians vote in pandemic election See in context

In Canada, one can become prime minister without actually winning the most amount of seats. You just need the most amount of seats, which does not necessarily equal the most amount of votes. Furthermore, this idea of mail-in ballots are necessary during a pandemic is nonsense. If people can go to work, go food shopping and other such actions, then voting in person should be fine. Voting in person is pretty easy in Canada.

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Posted in: Fate of California Gov Newsom hangs on recall vote See in context

How does that justify their justification of slavery? You will always talk about slavery in the historical context, considering it doesn’t exist in America anymore.

And yes it’s acceptable to bash unacceptable opinions, unless of course if you think slavery was justified!!

They never justified slavery. I've listened to Larry Elder for a long time and while I don't agree with some of what he says, he has never justified slavery. Does this mean that whenever talking about a less than savory piece of history, one must always preface it with, "By the way, I'm outraged by what happened!" ? If that is what you think, then I cannot help you.

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Posted in: Fate of California Gov Newsom hangs on recall vote See in context

You missed the part about it being in a historical context. It's okay. Continue to be outraged by a black man who was talking to a black woman about the history of slavery and reparations. Oh right, they are conservatives, so it's okay to bash them. (for everyone reading this, note the sarcasm)

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Posted in: Fate of California Gov Newsom hangs on recall vote See in context

That quote hardly justifies slavery and does not actually say slave owners should receive reparations. He was comparing the end of slavery in America to England, who did give money as a form of reparations to slave owners...I guess that part of the conversation got left out. It was a historical discussion on slavery, but I guess that doesn't matter to most people who just want to be outraged by something.

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Posted in: Ibaraki health center warns people not to eat with foreigners to prevent spreading COVID See in context


@Cat Stevens

No one says thing like this don't happen in other countries but there is a very big difference.

I to am from Canada and I know what would have happened if a government employee did the same thing in Canada.

Disciplinary action ranging from suspension, having to attend classes on discrimination or fired.

No such thing will happen here.

In Canada my nieces teacher is not a Canadian citizen and is a permanent employees of the public school system, which is not possible in Japan as the laws prohibit hiring non Japanese.

30 year here raised 2 mixed children as a single father.

If even one tenth of what was said or done by public school teachers here and then shrug off by the school and school board, had happened in Canada, people would have been fired.

Unlike Canada discrimination is legal here even enshrined in the law.

Please don't act as if they are the same.

I'm not acting like they are the same. I actually don't like some of the discriminatory rules here. But I am also realistic. Comparing western countries, who historically accept many immigrants. to Japan, which doesn't, is comparing apples and oranges. Of course, attitudes and laws will be different. That's just reality. I think permanent residents should be able to teach in schools here, but change takes time and I am optimistic it will. I look back to my elementary and high school experience and not a single one of my teachers was an immigrant. Yet now, it is more common in Canada. This is a good thing. As time progresses, hopefully attitudes and laws will change here as well. I just think that if you want to affect change, you must start in your own sphere.

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Posted in: Ibaraki health center warns people not to eat with foreigners to prevent spreading COVID See in context

Japan Today commentators are always in top outrage form. It was one health centre issuing some ill thought out bs. They retracted and apologized. I guess that doesn't count anymore. Should that person be fired? Maybe. But extrapolating this to the populace is nonsense.

I've been here for 16 years, and while it is not perfect, like any country, it has it's good and bad points. I have made a place for myself in my community and I am happy with my life here. If you don't like the haters, ignore them. The most successful foreigners I know are the ones who don't moan and complain about their lot, but instead get out and make things happen. My mother and father, both immigrants to my country of origin, Canada, have been here three times. Both have traveled around the world. They were both discriminated against when they moved to Canada. My mother is darker skinned and I saw discrimination in person. Yet, they didn't moan and complain, because there will always be jerks in life. They did their thing. My father said that Japan is one of the only countries in the world he would consider moving to, and this is coming from a man who scraped for everything he had. The things is, if you read the comments on this site, which I unfortunately do, you would think we live in a dictatorship. I'm all for complaining about injustice, but the comments here reek of manufactured outrage.

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Posted in: Hiroshima to conduct PCR tests for 800,000 to battle COVID-19 See in context

First time poster, long time reader. Probably last time posting as well...the haters will have a field day.

I notice when it comes to Covid, there are 2 general sentiments. Depending on the viewpoint, it's either met with derision or agreement. Completely usual reactions amongst people. That's how people are.

On one hand, you have the lockdown, test everyone, paranoia people. Despite numerous countries doing numerous lockdowns, vast testing and contact tracing, these countries are still failing. (Don't mention NZ...it's a nature reserve with people on it) This attitude is the majority.

On the other hand, you have people who believe that Japans' response, while flawed, is reasonable. These people are generally derided for voicing an opinion that is not the majority viewpoint. I generally agree with the latter.

I am not uncaring or heartless. I care deeply about people. But when the UN says that more children will probably die from starvation or malnutrition due to the after effects of lockdowns than the actual number of people dying from Covid, then we are doing it wrong. When doctors say we will face a Tsunami of cancer patients after Covid due to people not going to the doctor due to fear of Covid, then we are doing it wrong. When cases of suicide, drug, alcohol, spousal and child abuse are on the rise due to restrictions, then we are doing it wrong.

Look at every country that has tested and locked down a lot.Has it helped in the long run? (Leave out NZ and don't mention Taiwan...they were smart from the beginning...they don't trust China) The answer is no.

Despite Japan's flawed response, I would much rather be here than most countries in the world, including my own. Maybe all we can do is ride this out. Protect yourself and your loved ones. That's all you can really do.

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