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Posted in: Trump says Japan treats U.S. unfairly on trade by not taking more American cars See in context

US cars = garbage, always have been and always will be.

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Posted in: Chinese NGO wants Japan apology for 1937 massacre See in context

We want an apology from china over the massacre in Tibet.

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Posted in: Police crack down on bar, adult establishment touts during year-end See in context

Permanently BOOT the nigerians!

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Posted in: Japan, fresh from Australia pact, says U.S. trade talks difficult See in context

Americans are still waiting for tons of jobs that NAFTA promised.

They did come, but they all went to mexico.

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Posted in: Young adults say technology can be dehumanizing: poll See in context

Article is a bit useless for this site since they don't explain why japanese have negative attitudes towards technology.

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Posted in: Japanese adults top in reading, math skills: OECD study See in context

For numeracy Japan ranked 3rd behind Finland and the Netherlands.

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Posted in: Mind your manners: Global confab highlights politeness in different societies See in context

Considering that all the 'politeness' that everyone seems to be taken by in japanese society is in fact just tattemae in full effect. You could make an argument that japan isn't among the most polite but is easily one of the most passive aggressive societies in the world.

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Posted in: Yokohama's thriving multi-ethnic urban community See in context

People posting here are correct when they are sceptical as to this being the future. Japan observes just how much of a problem 'multiculturalism' is in other developed countries and you begin to see why there is hesitation in this country.

Indeed a few prominent countries in europe have already decalred multiculturalism a 'failure'. No doubt japan sees the failure before it can get out of hand. I respect them for this.

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Posted in: U.S. lawmaker urges steps to open up Japan's markets See in context

onerous vehicle certification procedures for imports and complex safety and pollution standards.

So they want Japan to lower their standards so junky american cars have a chance. LoL.

Do americans ever learn?

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Posted in: Detroit Three urge 30-year tariff phase-out on Japan cars See in context

It is well known that american cars don't sell in japan because they produce unattractive and unreliable garbage. Oh and the steering wheel is on the wrong side.

It's astonishing to see how little detroit seems to understand this, always blaming some mysterious 'trade blocks' instead of accepting the fact that they do not produce vehicles that people want. Hence two out of the three went out (and should have stay out) of business.


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Posted in: Rare photo of A-bomb split cloud found in Hiroshima See in context

Definitely two crimes against humanity by the US.

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Posted in: Man kills mother, then 26 at Connecticut school, including 20 kids See in context

The bigger tragedy is the fact that americans will smugly deny any thought or attempt to ban or reduce guns.

Still arrogantly clinging to the primitive idea that guns don't kill people, but people do. blah blah

America is an embarrassment to the human race

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Posted in: Louisiana 'Freeze' shooting tragedy remembered 20 years on See in context

"The Hattoris circulated a petition calling for more stringent controls on firearms and collected 1.7 million signatures from Americans."

While i agree with their desire/motivation it will never happen. America is a land full of cowards encased in a THICK layer of bravado to compensate. Taking away guns from them is like taking away rice from asians.

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Posted in: Recreational drug use is not a human right See in context

An astonishing and vulgar display of american 'moral' arrogance on display.

It is widely believed among scientists that human development came about faster because of the ingestion of psychedelics.

Indeed the people who lived in the Amazon forests for the past 1000 years gave, when asked how they knew which plants to each and which would be cures, credit to their tribe shaman who ingested powerful psychedelics to help them survive in one of the harshest and unforgivable places on earth.

The world has to put a stop to america's perverted overuse of christian morality.

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Posted in: S Korea hates Japan more than N Korea, Gallup Poll reveals See in context

I don't know what the "sakura channel" is. Someone posted a comment about how Koreans copy a lot of things. I remembered when a Korean friend was visiting and told me that kappa ebisen was a rip-off of a Korean snack. I believed at the time but then later discovered that it was the other way around. I did a google search of "kappa ebisen pakuri" and that's what came up. Sorry if it was right wing crap. I only looked at the pictures. Should've checked the writing.

I have encountered similar korean ignorance with, of all things, music. In this case i was in korea and i played a Kraftwerk tune to some people which was recorded in the late 1970's. Right away the koreans in ear shot of the song claimed that whoever i was playing on the cd player had ripped off a korean artist who apparently had the exact beat/melody riff. I showed them the CD recording date and they fell silent. Track was from Kraftwerk's Die mensch Maschine album.

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Posted in: S Korea hates Japan more than N Korea, Gallup Poll reveals See in context

@thepersoniamnow wrote "Canada hates America"

I've never met a Canadian who came off as 'hating' america. I would for sure say muslims hate america or even Brits hate america.

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Posted in: No talent needed for pop music, just evolution: study See in context

This article could really use an audio file!

They do even better by providing a link at the end of the article to where the whole project, plus audio, is located. If only people weren't so lazy.

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Posted in: Japan to cut Iran oil imports after exemption from U.S. sanctions See in context

Sigh, the mentality is so 'high school'.

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Posted in: Japan losing its manufacturing edge to South Korea See in context

Most of the world's supply of available rare earth today comes from China, price fixing or no. The fact that they have such a large supply of it is an environmental advantage and it's a completely different situation from Japan gaining dominance and monopolies in advanced manufacturing.

What you dont seem to understand is that the chinese have the resources the desire AND the brain power to topple japan. People are attacking your comments because your arguments clearly state that japan can do no wrong and cannot fail because no one else can match them. But you conveniently seem to forget countries like Germany, israel and the USA who produce high precision equipment for all sorts of industries. Ill let you think about those industries i am refering to before I post them.

But seriously you use the feeble argument that the korean`s have to rely on japanese tech in order to produce their own products, that might have been true in the past but if you read the article the koreans are now the only country pursuing OLED with the japanese ADMITTING they cannot compete because their yields are crap and are bowing out.

Except I really don't, I'm not even Japanese. When did I even claim Japan was a paradise? I criticise it like everyone else, but people's comments on the manufacturing industry dying are wrong. Nice attempt at psychoanalysis though, but a big failure unfortunately

Not really, you are the only one whos posts are clearly not grounded with facts and are delusional. Only you dont see it and instead continue to spout more mindless banter with nothing to back it up. So yeah my original assessment of your insecurities still stands.

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Posted in: Japan losing its manufacturing edge to South Korea See in context

China's dominance in rare earth metals is not the result of skill, but luck, for that fact that most of the earths are found in China.

Not true. It is by cunning market moves that china has come to dominate the rare earths sector. By originally offering rare earths at cheaper prices that lead to mines being shut down all over the world such as in Australia, US, Canada and places in africa. Make no mistake those countries will have rare earths available when china exhausts hers, but it did not come about by "luck".

oginome It is clear you are extremely insecure and you seem to tie your own self worth to that of japan`s perceived tech prowess. Despite mouting evidence you still desperately need to argue in favour of japan being some super awesome "high tech" paradise that can never fail, or be touched by anyone on the planet."

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Posted in: How foreigners’ daily lives change when they live in Japan See in context

Cleo, you do have to wonder what he and his family is doing here at all

Could be military, often don`t have the choice to be here.

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Posted in: Creating a Vision of Japan: Promoting Cool Japan See in context

The government has adopted a plan for 300,000 exchange students to come to Japan to study. As this plan moves forward, efforts should be made to increase the number of foreign students who find employment in Japan’s creative content industries. The goal would be to send out into the world foreigners who through cultural exchange have developed a good understanding and appreciation for Japan.

Dumb. This suggestion is out of date. What you're really saying is "we need to hire foreigners, indoctrinate them to our culture and sales tactics and then send them back to their own countries to extol the "awesomeness" of japanese culture.". Drone alert!

The only real creative thing in japan is the porn. First class and innovative. There are few bands that are good - Fujifabric being one of them - but the lead singer is dead and they disbanded.

I suppose i can see why there would be a push for selling 'kawaii' culture because it is unique to japan. Few, if any, countries exploit young girls quite like japan does. You'd have to some how mitigate the 'paedophile ' image in order for it to be successful.

Perhaps you can up the output of the high quality green tea that never gets exported, instead all the rancid crap gets sold abroad. That's something that is unique to japan and could perhaps build an image/brand around.

The article also talks about korea being successful, in asia perhaps, but the rest of the world? Maybe what Yoshito Hori is saying is that japan needs to really penetrate the massive chinese market by telling them japan is "cool", and if successful, can sell more hardware products to them...because if japan isn't too careful chinese culture could become "cool" and with it all the tech clones will be selling their wares en masse in japan.

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Posted in: Australian MP calls for migrants to be taught to use deodorant See in context

Gambaro isn't being racist, there is a high proportion of people from other countries who forgo deodorant and bathing as a cost saving measure.

But it is funny to see how white people have programmed themselves to beat each other up if they speak the truth.

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Posted in: As U.S. pivots to Asia, Britain warns it not to forget Russia See in context


Not 10 seconds after the americans announce they are going to focus on asian the british IMMEDIATELY get weak in the knees and beg the americans to keep focus on russia.

Dear England, try growing a pair!

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Posted in: 'Awesome' U.S. angles for more tourists See in context

It pains me, as a proud American, but we're viewed as arrogant and brash, and we’ve never been out there saying: ‘Please come.’

Come meet ANY ex-pat american living japan (or any other asian country for that matter), then you'll see arrogant.

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Posted in: Why Japanese values and morality confound us so See in context

Religion definitely uses fear, shame and guilt tripping to control people. With religious people there also seems to be competition to see who is more "moral", and thus closer to god, giving rise to tiers or layers or classes etc that only piss people off subconsciously. This, over time, drives people..well..insane, or at the very least they lose their way when it comes to morality since no one can be perfect.

Teaching people how to live with nature and with other people without trying to manipulate them with fear etc, will usually get you a better quality person in the end.

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Posted in: London violence raises 2012 Olympic concerns See in context

"As a foreigner to the UK, I would think that most sensible people around the world know and understand that this is not a reflection of the local general population. It's just some immature punks being irresponsible..... but still, I also understand how someone from the UK would be embarrassed as well."

I don't agree. People have been leaving england by the 100's of thousands each year to get away from this kind of thuggery that happens on a daily basis most cities. So this isn't just "some immature punks being irresponsible", it's in fact part of the british cultural fabric.

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Posted in: The debt crisis: the enigma of Japan See in context

“They are living like parasites off the global economy..."

"Parasites"....lol, well stated Putin!

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Posted in: Brace for the post-WikiLeaks information big chill See in context

PFC Bradley Manning holds dual British and American citizenship. Fugitive >from justice Julian Assange is an Australian national.

He's an american working for the US government. The media identifies him as an american, not a brit. The leak that happened some months ago was also perpetrated by an american and subsequently splashed all over Wikileaks.

Remember the FBI agent Robert Hanssen? Selling US secrets to whomever? Yet another american, in a long list of americans, who apparently enjoy betraying their country.

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Posted in: Brace for the post-WikiLeaks information big chill See in context

Where are the Wikileaks for Russian, Chinese, Iranian government documents?

Those people don't betray their country like americans apparently are so willing to do.

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