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Surveillance pictures have found her with an unknown male. It's on the facebook page.

apparently he's been spotted at a japanese language exchange meetup. He used this website

there is a pic of him...i think he'll be found shortly

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It's coming on two weeks now and still no updates at all.

Right outside my condo on the telephone pole there was a color printout taped to it with her face and missing persons title.

Lots of pictures downtown too.

This is so mind boggling....she wasn't some gullible 19 year old first time out of Japan exchange student...she's 30 years old, an experienced traveler, disappeared in a major urban the day time. No word at all since...

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Hey guys

I live in Vancouver.

It is a picturesque city. Consistently voted one of the most livable city in the world. It's really surprising that this girl is missing. We don't have a lot of murders etc. In the longer article about her, it notes that she frequently goes downtown and to my area (Joyce station) to visit friends. I havnt seen here :(

We have thousands of Japanese ESL and working holiday students here. It's spreading like crazy here on social media. Eventually, someone who has seen something will say something.

She went missing between 1120am and 430pm i believe... that's prime daylight hours. I dont think she got abducted in broad daylight. Maybe someone tricked her? i'm worry about her

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Posted in: Man arrested for drugging, raping over 100 women in fake clinical study See in context

essaFEB. 04, 2015 - 05:15PM JST This case is very similar to one that happened a few years ago, in Osaka I believe. A cosmetic surgeon raped dozens of his female patients while they were under anaesthesia, and filmed the attacks (I don't think he sold or distributed the films, though).

And for those of you who don't understand why the women victims didn't balk at accompanying him to hotels for the "tests," well, I have had several full-body check-ups at hotels, involving one-night stays. So-called "ningen dock."

Interesting. You've had a full body checkup at a hotel?? from a doctor?

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Japan is cheap in my opinion

I'm in Canada and if i want to go to a bar or a lounge or Izakaya, a beer will cost me $7.00 or about 6650 yen

In Japan, many nice bars have beers that are cheap, you can get a beer for like 3 bucks...

Restaurants in Van (nice places but not super super fancy/classy) cost about 20 bucks for a plate of food not including drink. That's about the same in Japan.

Train is more expensive and so are movie theaters though

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I'm in Vancouver.

There are 10,000's + japanese restaurants... some are legit run by Japanese people who moved to Canada..

There are very few Izakaya restaurants. "Guu" is the only one that i'm sure owners are Japanese. 6 locations in Vancouver and 1 in Toronto ^.^

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Posted in: Video of pick-up artist grabbing Japanese women on street triggers online protests See in context

He's rude...and offensive.

but... he has a point.

Being 'white' has its advantages in regards to picking up J girls.

I dont live in Japan, I"m in Vancouver, but there are tons of Japanese people here. Intl workers and students and they're so easy. I feel that being white , i can get away with a lot of stuff that other guys couldn't.

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Posted in: U.S. airmen swept out to sea by typhoon identified See in context

Someone got too close to the water, got swept in... other men tried to rescue that man and they all died.

It's so sad... such Heros

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This is mega creepy.

Second hand book shop has a poster that advertises that you can make 2400 / month fighting in China and you can also speak to the clerk about going to fight with crazy Islamic extremists

I'm imagining some shadowy rich and powerful financing body... with a secret agenda....

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You know who needs to be recognized here..... THE BOY'S FRIEND

He is just a kid..he could have got scared and just ran away... or he could have just had the "not my business attitude" and never said anything.

Instead..he told someone right away and that person called the cops.. it was a 'small' thing to do but it was such an important thing....that boy might have saved the chained kid years of torment...... He's a little hero.

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Posted in: Visually impaired school girl kicked from behind in Saitama See in context

If i saw someone kicking/attacking a blind person, i would not ignore it and just walk away.

I would stand up for someone who cant defend themselves. I would beat that man to within an inch of his life...

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Posted in: World court rules Japan's Antarctic whaling not scientific See in context

I agree with the ruling. Lack of scientific evidence is obvious...they should stop hunting the whales.

Japan is one of the most advanced coutries in the world, it has a pristine reputation across the globe... people are polite and the culture is idolized by many...... its hard to believe that Tokyo grant commecial whaling huntin licenses... I expect more from a country as highly regarded as Japan.

Still, the response from the minister saying that they will abide by the ruling IS pure class. If this was China, they'd continue to whale hunt ..probably double the number of ships doing it

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