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Posted in: Lady Gaga still finds ways to be 'irresponsible' See in context

She is so gross. I hate that people all over the world idolize such a person as her.

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Posted in: Activists hope gay marriage debate will stir Japan See in context

For example: Sally Ride the famous US astronaut who died recently had a partner of 27 years, Tam O'Shaughnessy. If she was married, Tam would get her pension. But because she isn't Tam gets nothing.

Couldn't Sally have made a will saying something like Tam could get her money? I don't know about Wills and such yet, so don't patronize me if that doesn't work that way..

Why? The lifestyle choice of getting married is not available to most gay couples.

Doesn't that make it the gay-couple's choice, then? They chose that lifestyle path, and marriage is not available on that path?

So if a government went and changed laws so that "civil unions" or whatever had all the same benefits of "marriage", would gay people still try to get married, or would they be happy with "civil union"?

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Posted in: Has Facebook caused relationship problems for you or somebody you know? See in context

Jesse, I had the same problem. I had deactivated my FB years ago, but then I used my main email (also my FB email) to make an account here, so every time I logged in, it would activate my Facebook right back up. I ended up having to just use another email and make another account.

And on Topic, I hate Facebook. It's not that Facebook causes the relationship problems, it just allows easier access to it. My mom found her old high school boyfriend on that stupid Facebook, met up with him, cheated on my dad (who she had been married to for 27 years) and then abandoned us all.

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Posted in: Activists hope gay marriage debate will stir Japan See in context

I am wanting to know why all of this gay "rights" stuff matters. Someone answer me, as everywhere else I ask this, people turn it into a stupid debate.

I've been researching, and in the US, the only "rights" gay people do not have is: 1) in some states can't give blood, 2) gay people can't be a boyscout leader 3) gay people can't be "married"

Those really aren't huge deals. I mean, I understand there's some tax stuff with the whole marriage thing, but really. If you love someone and you are constantly with someone, isn't that enough? I'm fine with it being called a domestic partnership or civil union or whatever. That sounds a lot fancier than marriage. But what is the big deal about it? I mean, do they get taxed a lot more? Is it a money thing?

Or is it just that in the past decade everyone seems to want to throw all of their personal life out into the public and proclaim all the details from the heaven? You know, "pride" or "Freedom" or "individuality". Those arguments.

Frankly, sometimes all these "Gay pride" people seem more bigoted than the "bigot Christians".

Again, not trying to start an argument. I'd just like answers.

Also, what is it in Japan? Japan seems much more tolerant or just cares less. Are there rights or privileges that a marriage would grant?

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Posted in: Education minister announces creation of anti-bullying task force See in context

Bullying is part of life... In any nation, sadly. Not just Japan.

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Posted in: New memoir on racism by New Yorker living in Japan reaches #1 on Amazon See in context

JohhnyGlitterball Let every nation know that racism is not tolerated in the United States. That is why the whole world wants to live there.

I hope you're making a joke. Racism may not be "tolerated" in some places in the US, but it is a HUGE problem here.

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Posted in: It's party time for sex-hungry Olympic athletes See in context

completely disgusting.

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Posted in: Workers remove 2 nuclear fuel rods from Fukushima reactor See in context

At least something is being done

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Posted in: Google chief declares war on international criminals See in context

Wait... so they are making an app for smartphones so that people who cannot tell if a product is real or not can use the app on their smartphone and figure it out?

What about the people who can't afford smart phones? Those people exist.

Couldn't it be perfectly fine to assume that the people who are too poor to have a smart phone are more likely to buy a fake product, because it's cheaper? So why pick smartphones?

So this is just another way to protect rich people. Ugh.

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Posted in: 70-year-old woman robbed of Y43 million in telephone scam See in context

It is horrible that this happened. It happens too much to the elderly... but I do agree, she should have contacted her son to see what was up.

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Posted in: Gov't could run out of money by October See in context

Oh, Noda.

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Posted in: Japan Anonymous pick up litter to protest download laws See in context

Oh Anon. shakes head

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Posted in: Fukushima was 'man-made' disaster: Diet report See in context

Zichi, Thank you for all of your helpful information. You are one of the few commenters on this website who have a good head on their shoulders. Basroil... shakes head

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Posted in: NMB48's Team N original concert scheduled for August See in context

This fad needs to die.

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Posted in: Key political risks to watch in Japan See in context

While I understand that inflation is a crazy problem over in Japan, they really need a way to work on the debt. I believe I read that almost all of Japan's debt is owed to itself.

I believe in you guys. I know Japan can get better with this issue.

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Posted in: This could be your dream home – if you’re a goldfish See in context

Goldfish are one of the messiest fish out there, they require constant cleaning.

Goldfish could NOT live in this.

Unless you want them to starve, suffocate, and litter your oceans with tons of waste.

Wait... that would make it more realistic then...

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Posted in: Gov't proposes letting high school students graduate after 2 years See in context

I wish I could have been offered that option, but I came from a lousy public (4 year) high school in the deep south of the US.. I did, however, enroll in and take a few university classes my senior year of high school.

I think this is good.

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