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Posted in: Kishida taking no chances as Japan closes border over Omicron See in context

Pay attention Re:- R Gallagher

please get your facts straight and not jump to fud that is being spread by the british government doing immense harm to the world economy and people out of work and bossiness closing or suffering.

The real actual fact is the new virus type did not start in south africa , but was detected by a south african doctor.

the british government just hyped it up and caused fear. It is all a manipulation of greed and money.

the new virus was already in holland before the south african doctor discovered it.

here is the reference report:-


so the question is why does other countries not close their borders from these european countries and most probably others where the new virus was already before it was discovered by the doctor?

people must not jump to conclusions and spread fear unnecessary.

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Posted in: Tesla's Musk halts use of bitcoin for car purchases See in context

It is all FUD.

If you look at the Tweet, one can see that the comment was pasted, i don’t think Elon tweeted that comment. There is a lot of nay sayers to discredit BTC. They are trying their utmost but it will not work. People that knows nothing about energy spreading false news. For example how much energy is banks in the world using, their buildings , light lifts systems, etc?

One must not always believe what is falsely spreader on media.

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Posted in: Chinese vessels enter Japan's waters near Senkakus for 2nd straight day See in context

This following article was also found on. BBC news.


This article was found on the BBC news and it is found to be shocking to read about these atrocities. The families that has experienced this heartache must know that other people in the world also feel sorry for them what happened and it it should and never must happen again.

It shocking to see the atrocities being done by the north korean oppressive government.

It clear that other countries are in cahoots with them even changing street names to these dictators and sponsoring them with illegal trading. We must also not forget that they indoctrinated other people in other countries with their ideas of corruption and so on which are being practised by some governments. But be assured the wheel will eventually turn.

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Posted in: If you receive 100,000 yen from the Japanese government, what are you planning to spend it on? See in context

I will Invest in Bitcoin https://invsti.com/Investments

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Posted in: 5 youths arrested over death of 81-year-old homeless man See in context

This is shocking, after all Japan is regarded as a respectful society.

This type of a group of cowards actions is unacceptable and a awareness campaign should be initiated so people change their attitude and the government change the laws.

If somebody dies from the result of such a senseless act , isn't life worth more than a couple of years in jail?

If these minors don’t go to jail their parents should be liable for their children’s senseless cowardly and shameful acts.

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Posted in: Dump truck driver arrested after collision kills motorcyclist See in context

I really enjoyed visiting Japan during 2019 Oct and Nov.

Coming from a country where the law and rules are not abided to

i was quite surprised walking around in Tokyo and even in busy streets

with lots of people around like in Ginza on the main street to notice some trucks and

garbage trucks driving in excessive high speeds passing cars.

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