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Posted in: Tokyo gov't agrees to take 1,000 tons of debris from city in Iwate See in context

Look at a map! Miyako is just about next to Aomori, - further from Fukushima than Tokyo. Things like car wreckage have potential for recycling. Concrete which is a huge component of the debris may also have potential for recycling.

There is no possible way that they can rebuild with so much junk still there - the piles are phenomenally large.

Radiated waste is a different matter, and there is no justification whatsover for spreading radioactivity. It makes sense to ship it to the area close to Daiichi and rope it off for the foreseeable future.

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Posted in: Only 4 of 31 tsunami-hit sites have finalized reconstruction plans See in context

Which are the four cities?

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Posted in: Celebrating Japan's vegan and vegetarian traditions See in context

Elizabeth Andoh is not a rabid militant vegan!! :)

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Posted in: 8-year-old girl hangs herself at home in apparent suicide See in context

I have seen so many TV shows here that normalise this kind of bullying - and show clearly to kids how to bully. These kinds of shows aren't morally instructive (not that everything has to be) and rarely show at best a passive empathy, but rarely empowerment for the victim.

Years ago I saw an drawing competition for anti-chikan posters. Almost all had a passive girl with tears dripping down her face while being molested by a chikan. Schools don't empower victims, the society doesn't empower victims.

A school where I taught one of the homeroom teachers (who admittedly was a jerk but that's irrelevent) came into his classroom one day with the blackboard covered in DIE ! WE HATE YOU! No students were suspended or expelled.

There are many things that could be done, as there have been in other countries, to reduce bullying.

My heart aches for her parents.

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Posted in: Japan weighs up whether to give foreign residents the vote See in context

I am puzzled why aggitating for the right to vote takes priority over agitating for allowing dual citizenship.

The right to vote would follow naturally from acquiring citizenship.

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Posted in: Uniqlo puts old clothes to good use See in context

Great going Uniqlo. They also treat their workers well to from what I understand, prefering to employ people as full time workers with benefits rather than as minimum wage albaitos with no benefits. A company that sees workers as an asset and also demonstrates social / environmental responsibility seems like a rare gem here.

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Posted in: Japan, China play Nanjing numbers game that both will lose See in context

This article ignores the fact that the Chinese government have actively encouraged anti Japanese sentiment. The war movies that used to be shown repeatedly on CCTV showed a govt. determined to maintain division at the same time as they happily accepted aid money from Japan.

It also ignores the Chinese govts determination to stick to the 300,000 figure. The number is written in huge figures outside the new memorial in Nanjing. It is unthinkable that the number would be reduced or removed to improve relations. Chinese govt. statistics from that era are notoriously unreliable in other areas. It is impossible to determine the veracity of the number.

That said, Japan's repeated apologies carry no weight with Chinese people, in part as the article suggests because ot the lack of specificity.

Japanese people in general do understand that their army committed atrocities. What they don't understand is why despite apologies China has so much antipathy to them about something that happened so long ago. Vietnamese attitudes to American and Australia are an interesting contrast. (though the fact it was a civil war makes the situation quite different).

I hope Hatoyama can go with an open mind and an open heart and feel the pain of the Chinese. It would be a long over due gesture.

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Posted in: Hanami rush hour See in context

I was in shinjuku gyoen late yesterday afternoon. It was relaxed, happy and festive :)

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Posted in: Man arrested over headless body in suitcase admits killing foreigner See in context

She was Korean it said on the news. Presumably they could only have known that if he admitted it.

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