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Cecil John Howell comments

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What s stupid caption. That story has been told over and over again. Every time a "black" or "half black" person breaks through the tatami ceiling, there is an article about how Japan is "changing" - bullocks ( Change would be if newscasters, politicians, Ceos of major historically Japanese corporations, etc. where accepted. When articles like this do not have to be written, times will be changing. This guy is (seen as) a clown and unbeknownst to him if he looks or acts any way shape or form other than what they understand as "black", he will be toast.

I was studying Enka and Minyou for years in Japan back in the day. I was entering and winning competitions and everyone wanted me to go pro. I refused because I knew that if I gained popularity, it would be only because I was black and sang enka. About a year later, Jero came out and was an instant hit. My enka teacher was like "I told you so". But I was fine. I looked forward in his career and saw that he would have to be singing and dancing like a mistral show for the next 100 years and he would be nothing more to the Japanese than a "mezurashii", "sugooi", "omoshiroi" artist....and if he ever decided to be or do anything else outside of that (i.e. be a real artist), he would find out real quick, that it was is race/look, not his talent that made him a star. I told my teacher my purpose was to be a great (enka & minyou) singer, not a freak show.

Fast forward 10 years later and just as I suspected, Jero has gassed out of the market. Probably some other half black "mezurashii", "sugooi", "omoshiroi" artist took his place. The brother announced that he will no longer sing and build his career as a computer engineer. But it makes sense. He was used by the Japanese entertainment industry to sing and dance like a circus clown....and discarded when people stopped paying (and/or he got wise and saw that it was dead end street.)

My kids will NEVER be accepted by "real" Japanese people...but that is ok. I did not raise them to feel the need to have to prove their Japaneseness to a country that will continuously doubt and question their validity as human beings. I raised them to love and accept themselves. They are accepted by god, by me and they accept themselves. If Japan figures out that that they are the future, cool. If not, my kids are the future regardless.

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