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Posted in: Spending by foreign visitors to Japan jumps sevenfold in 2022 See in context

Land of the sophisticated cultural historical free, an A grade country, they will come flocking

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Posted in: Hayashi protests China's detention of Japanese citizen See in context

Stand strong Hayashi. In the Jinping era, China would do anything to undermine Japan dominance. Dominance from a sophisticated, free, and peaceful standpoint.

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Posted in: Japan tourism promotion held in Beijing to boost post-COVID demand See in context

‘Japan-quality cheap suitcases in ginza ‘ Haneda tour bus trips direct pick-up with sushi lunch

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Posted in: Power supply forecast to remain tight for Tokyo this summer See in context

not a bad idea being more frugal with power. we could tone down existence to current pressures quite easily, with the flick of buttons

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Posted in: Inflation pain to continue for Japan consumers in new fiscal year See in context

three certainties. inflation, death , and star wars spin-offs

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Posted in: UK to join Asia-Pacific trade pact in its biggest post-Brexit deal See in context

Bilaterally the deal will include cheese and onion crisps, a strong military pact, yoshinoya and Ippudo and cocoichibanya at W1B and SW7 post codes, cheese, soba, British lamb, skittles, kikkoman, stiff upper lips, mars ice creams, cashless technology ( the 3 wave symbols ) on pasmos and more Shochu awareness. I’m going to celebrate with a beer shortly

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Posted in: Trump indicted on criminal charges; appeals to supporters for legal defense funds See in context

hookers on wall street

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Posted in: LGBTQ summit calls on Japan to enact anti-discrimination law See in context

LGBT and Black Lives Matter also, the way they’re in the news every day bores me senseless.

I support the rights of these people 150%.

I wish them victory

But I don’t want to read about activism every day of the week

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Posted in: Asian stocks mostly rise after Wall Street rally, bank fears ease See in context

Good wins in the end. Asia as a unit is a continent on the rise and nothing will get in the way of that, because it is billions of hardworking decent people. Which is why I live there.

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Posted in: Toyota's global sales for February hit record high See in context

Not to stir the pot but Toyota is bigger than some nations, even. North Korea and Myanmar, for example. A company that has consistently pushed innovation. A finest example.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia concerned over Myanmar disbanding Suu Kyi party See in context

another iron-run country feet deep in corpses and rising daily. filled with the stench of politics and diseased by history, packed to the nines with russian and chinese arms. farmers and monks and children mown down by soldiers. they never stood a chance. if the world might look.

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Posted in: Okinawa to cap number of remote island visitors to prevent 'overtourism' See in context

I went there once ; they say there are about 16 or 35, I forget, Iriomote nekos out there in amongst the green hills and waterfalls…I didn’t find them, and for one stretch of road I didn’t see anyone else for about three hours. there were crabs and waterfalls and eagles. it’s nice the animals get to win occasionally

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Posted in: Feel the Force: Hamill carries 'Star Wars' voice to Ukraine See in context

inflation and war and star wars hogging the headlines again

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Posted in: Zelenskyy says any Russian victory could be perilous; invites Xi to visit Ukraine See in context

the sun goes up another day and there are more Soviet tanks crossing into Ukraine filled with their children

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister eyes China visit this weekend See in context

Can you at least make the trip useful and bring back a panda ?

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Posted in: Comedy suffering because 'you have to be careful' now, says Aniston See in context

i feel for the kids. It’s a horrible time to be alive, compared with growing up in the 90s. That was pretty damn good overall

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Posted in: Russia test-fires anti-ship missiles at mock target in Sea of Japan See in context

Japan is a sophisticated and peaceful nation; leagues more than any of this envious rabble. And in the eyes of other nations, too. It is their strength. I am proud to call it my home.

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Posted in: Ukraine demands emergency U.N. meeting over Putin nuclear plan See in context

I guess I have to accept there are posters here that support Russia over the USA, regardless of the 100s of 1000s of Ukrainian ‘brothers and sisters’ Russia has already slaughtered.

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Posted in: Ukraine demands emergency U.N. meeting over Putin nuclear plan See in context

to the posters above that are still failing to understand why Russia is bad: any speculation about political events in Ukraine in 2014, skepticism about NATO, all of it became null and void after Putin invaded Ukraine. When he missiled civilians. While he still missiles civilians Z he didn’t take the diplomatic route while Russia still had trust and good standing in Europe. He got angry and deluded and started his killing. He is a war criminal and will be remembered as one like Hitler. He made an awful mistake which he knows , and for that reason you can feel for him and that reason only

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Posted in: Kanye says he is no longer anti-Semite after watching actor Jonah Hill See in context

what an embarrassment this man is. in order to become a celebrity, there should be some kind of ability test, like a drivers license, or cooking license, that you need to renew sometimes. A license that deems you adult enough to talk in public. Aware enough not to talk about things you know nothing of, I can only dream,,

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Posted in: Ukraine demands emergency U.N. meeting over Putin nuclear plan See in context

lukashenko is a spineless fool with no honor. where do they find these creeps…

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Posted in: Putin says Russia will station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus See in context

putin and his cabinet of dwarves no not, honor. They are riddles with jealousy and rage and paranoia

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Posted in: 2-year-old twins fall to their death from 7th floor apartment See in context

what to say...a tragedy... you read this and think of the parents. it is a world so fragile that we live in, any of our own luck changing in a second, too. I pray for them

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Posted in: New Zealand tells China its concern on lethal aid to Russia See in context

There is no honor with putin and his dwarves. New Zealand is a country of reason

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Posted in: Russia presses along Ukraine front after reports of Bakhmut slowdown See in context

Putin and his dwarves are like those kids at school who ruined it for everyone. With their tantrum. Class was going swimmingly, all was well, but there was always one to ruin it. Sour eyed and snotty cheeked. They were made to sit on the stool outside until they’d calmed down

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Posted in: Japan's winning World Baseball Classic team visits Kishida See in context

Gangnam style

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Posted in: Ukraine president visits front-line areas as new phase nears See in context

Zelenskyy is a champion among men. Very brave. And so, this ‘ Putin might use the nuclear option’ fear people have, disturbs me. When you have a monster like this tearing into Europe, you need to display courage. More courage than him. You need courage like Zelenskyy. It’s not practical to fear or even utter that he might use the nuclear button. It plays into his hands. To not mince words, he needs to be eradicated, not tried. He’s a savage murderer. If he uses the nuclear button, that will be the end of Russia, it should be told to him today. Truly, I don’t fear it as it plays into the enemy’s hands.

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Posted in: Russian drones, missiles hit Ukraine apartments and dorm, killing civilians See in context

China, and anyone else who thinks Russia’s war against humanity is OK is either cynical on a demented level or criminal themselves.

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Posted in: Russian drones, missiles hit Ukraine apartments and dorm, killing civilians See in context

I saw footage of a missile hitting an apartment block and setting it on fire, kids and people walking around below. Russia, what on earth are you doing?

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Posted in: Tokyo cherry blossoms in full bloom, matching 2nd earliest record See in context

soon they’ll be at full tilt, the long cameras out

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