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Posted in: Kishida says India 'indispensable' in ensuring free Indo-Pacific See in context

India is a fine country. I have been there every decade for the last thirty years. I have seen the way it has modernized. Last time I was there, the people were flying from city to city on LCCs with mobile phones. They like the freedom. And it is a democracy. India is a key player and I believe they will choose the free world if they have to choose over cold authoritarianism . Heres hoping

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Posted in: Kishida to announce new Indo-Pacific plan; seek India's support See in context

I appreciate the PMs efforts with this

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Posted in: Lance Reddick, 'The Wire' and 'John Wick' star, dies at 60 See in context

he was an actor I liked watching,

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Posted in: International court issues war crimes warrant for Putin See in context

about time. his war is one big war crime.

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Posted in: 'Omuraisu,' comfort food for Japanese and Koreans, a symbol of warmer ties See in context

fob it all off with a food slogan.shucks , It might even work.

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Posted in: Australian PM defends AUKUS submarine deal against critics See in context

Look, China can make lots of money selling their goods to Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Taiwan - that’s just fine and dandy, but any expansion on their part in the East China Sea and surrounding territories is a firm red line with all said countries. And any attempt at taking Taiwan won’t be tolerated, either. I think unions like AUKUS and the Five Eyes will only aid a future peaceful relationship with the big C.

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Posted in: N Korea launches ICBM before S Korea-Japan summit See in context

N.Korea Cloud control: and that’s another miss, folks. Disable the launcher, for launch exit

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Posted in: U.S., Russia ratchet up their rhetoric over downing of drone See in context

Moscow should respect international airspace, says UK defence secretary after drone crash. That’s like asking a person who has just poisoned a family of cats to kindly put the empty bottle of poison in the bin, rather than toss it on the floor

And then the next straight faced headline the following day:

Russia plans to recover wreckage of US drone downed over Black Sea

Like that’s even remotely ok 

America needs to toughen up fast

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Posted in: Yoon: Seoul-Tokyo ties key to addressing N Korea, supply chains See in context

so throw a dinner party, yoon, and invite japan over. a good cut of beef and some wine. bury the hatchet that way with some laughs. that’s how I’d do it

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Posted in: Hot spring baths block Japan's geothermal potential See in context

The hot spring industry is no fart in the bath

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Posted in: Japan's 1st piloted flying taxi test held ahead of 2025 World Expo See in context

send ‘em to ukraine, already!

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Posted in: Ohtani long HR powers Japan to victory over Australia at World Baseball Classic See in context

this guy is like elvis over here.

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Posted in: UFO sightings put rural Japan community on intergalactic map See in context

Smart. The town’s silk trade has dried up so pick any other subject of interest - Aliens works - and make some cash again

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Posted in: Wagner says Russian fighters near central Bakhmut See in context

It’s bizarre that you find even one anti-Ukraine voice on here. If you think, up sticks from Japan then, and switch your living to China or Russia or Iran or Saudi Arabia. Where you will enjoy the freedoms you seem to be supporting

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Posted in: Cherry blossom parties allowed at Tokyo’s most popular sakura spots for first time since 2019 See in context

Good stuff. Platform pizza returns. Salarymen wearing their neck ties like headbands. Practicing their golf swing on any spare spot of space, flushed from booze. Clueless freshmen and women walking around in new black suits, campai’ing under the blossoms. Hordes of gaijin up at Yoyogi Koen. The trees white like a ghost procession. The evening still chilly. Overpriced drinks by meguro gawa in flute glasses. It is the season to be jolly. Hanami is good for the soul.

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Posted in: 70% of Japan flight attendants report photos taken of them secretly See in context

I was on a plane yesterday. I found myself staring at the young sky mark attendants too. They were immaculate and pretty and the service is impeccable. They are so careful with moving the trolley, or handing you coffee, or flushing the toilet each time they go up to the bathroom. And they smile constantly. If flight service is an art, the Japanese have mastered it,

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Posted in: 86% fear Japan could be involved in war as tensions mount See in context

Everyone fears war. The fear is palpable. Walk down the street and you’ll feel it. However, I can assure you this is not a war China and Russia can win. They face a far stronger adversary in the US, Europe, and all of its allies. Which is why they will not ever start a war with the West. It’s all bark. Calling your bluff. Saving face. They may be aggressive but they are not barking stupid. This is now the end of an era where the West lets China and Russia get away with their unscrupulous way. This is now the barking of frustration.

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Posted in: Revolving sushi chain Choshimaru’s sushi will no longer revolve in response to 'sushi terrorism' See in context

I was at Choshimaru last week and it was mainly tables. But there was still one delivery belt that sent the order right to your spot at the counter if you were sat at that counter. Otherwise waiters delivered you the dishes to your tables. It was very good, but the way. My one complaint is sushi prices have shot up since I last dined there, and i mean, things like salmon and maguro have doubled or tripled since a decade ago. To be expected. I like the blue fishes too and they haven’t gone up much, so that’s good, at least

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Posted in: Russia vows to capture Bakhmut, push further into Ukraine See in context

It is estimated that Russia have lost 30,000 troops alone trying to capture this rural village.

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Posted in: China warns Japan not to join U.S. efforts to contain it See in context

If China continues down their aggressive, expansionist path, they will finally come up against a might that will crush them.

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Posted in: 86% fear Japan could be involved in war as tensions mount See in context

No one asked for China and Russia’s aggression, but rest assured, we aren’t going to stand idly by either, that’s for sure

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Posted in: China says U.S. must stop suppressing it or risk conflict See in context

China, Russia, Iran and North Korea get awfully cranky about US success. I was always told not to be jealous of others. It’s bad for the soul. Better to just do your best and stop comparing yourself to others.

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Posted in: Kim's sister warns N Korea ready to act against U.S., S Korea See in context

They would but not without flattening half of Seoul first.

But this concept is why the west shouldn’t fear North Korea or Russia. Neither will use nukes because they are not stupid. They know that that would mean the end of North Korea and Russia, and they love their countries and own lives too much to be suicidal. It baffles me why anyone is afraid of Russia’s nukes. They would never do it. Only if Russia was facing impending doom.

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Posted in: Kim's sister warns N Korea ready to act against U.S., S Korea See in context

Everyone knows - especially North Korea knows - that they would be annihilated in a war with the US and its allies. So it’s weird how they keep yapping and barking.

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Posted in: Russian shelling hits Ukrainian town; Bakhmut battle rages See in context

Furthermore, the Russian leadership may be indifferent to military losses, but the general population will not fight. This is 2023, not the last century. Russians want to holiday in Thailand, they don’t want to fight the west. Russia is now calling our bluff, is what I think. They are cornered and they have lost. Sure, they can send in another half million to the grave, the prisoners, mercenaries, the unfortunate, but after that, they will need to negotiate. The people will not fight. A general mobilization won’t work. They will revolt or surrender on the front line, rather than let Putin send them to their pointless deaths.

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Posted in: Russian shelling hits Ukrainian town; Bakhmut battle rages See in context

Russia has lost about 200,000 troops already. Staggering losses. At that fatality rate, which will increase this Spring when facing even bigger weapons , there won’t be much of an equipped Russian army left for Ukraine, let alone NATO to fight. So long as China doesn’t jump in, of course.

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Posted in: Civilians flee embattled Ukrainian town of Bakhmut See in context

Russia has lost about 200,000 troops already. Hell of a leader they have in the Kremlin. Really cares about Russians.

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Posted in: Wimbledon to scrap Russia player ban: reports See in context

its not the tennis players fault, or even regular Russian citizens’ fault. As long as they don’t support the war, vocally or otherwise, why shouldn’t they be able to play? But certainly not currently under the Russian flag. I, like most, demand justice for Ukrainian murdered citizens. What’s the point of living and enjoying a morality based rule based world when some senile old psycho can invade a country unprovoked and murder 100s of 1000s of Russian and Ukrainian people. It’s absolute madness. He needs to be tried in court and face punishment like any other mass murderer would, and Russian tennis players should be able to play at Wimbledon, Russian people should be able to live their lives.

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Posted in: Russians pound access routes to Ukraine's besieged Bakhmut See in context

give Ukraine jets and bombers and the world will celebrate victory

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Posted in: Residents of Japan seek compensation from N Korea for abuses See in context

These compensation claims, from Korea , or from Japan, or from Japanese Americans etc., are important for the people , and they should be pursued the legal route, but they shouldn’t be headline news anymore. It’s just not interesting anymore to your average reader, would be my presumption

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