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Posted in: Syrian forces mass outside rebel stronghold See in context

All this "irrational exuberance" about democracy, some call it "mob rule" as it is neither fair or good for the nation at times, A point to make is that the most comments here are totally predictable on national orgin and merely mirroring the press propaganda in the land there, rarely is there any credible perspectivty it's merely blather.

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Posted in: Iran wants talks, under specter of possible war See in context

Looking at the comments it appears all people have taken a stand, so have Russia, China and Iran, the world needs a balance of power. After the cold war there has been a vacum in which America dominated and now that is changing, maybe for the better as it will not be so easy to start a war unilaterally without consequences.

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Posted in: Moroccan arrested in thwarted U.S. Capitol bomb plot See in context

Obviously the man has been set up by the FBI, the disturbing part is the FBI is wasting resources on a setup while a real attack may not be getting the attention, the FBI director should simply stop this sort of nonsense and make his resources work on prevention of real cases rather than manufacture of fake attacks, one can only cry wolf so many times and be taken serious.

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Posted in: Iran says it's the victim in nuclear showdown See in context

Obviously Iran is being bullied by many.

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Posted in: Obama: Strong U.S.-China ties help rest of the world See in context

America is plainly not smart enough to know what is in their best interest, it is America's trade agreements which got it into it's current dilema, exporting jobs gleefully for corporate profit. Strong ties, ha, America is loosing.

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Posted in: Russia: West 'slammed door' on Syria at U.N. See in context

The Russians are right on this one, the West just loves to meddle in other people's affairs and later complain about the unintended consequences.

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Posted in: China vice president warns against U.S. military focus on Asia See in context

America is simply addicted to the Military Industrial Complex, all foreign policy reasts on this.

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Posted in: U.N.: Crimes against humanity continue in Syria See in context

Syria is in a civil war, Syrians fighting Syrians, it is likely this will go on and any involvement by the UN would not solve anything, it may start a real war destabilizing the entire region. Stay out would be the proper thing.

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Posted in: Rioting engulfs Athens, buildings burn before vote See in context

Most governments on the planet are bankrupt, some have more credit, however in the end no country can spend more than they have in the long run, see America.

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Posted in: Iran to present nuclear projects in days; lashes out at Israel See in context

It appears Muslim leaders are addicted to outrageous "bragging" and they just can't keep their mouth shut when they should, further harming themselfes and their interests, maybe that is a "cultural legacy".

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Posted in: Top Republican wants vote on birth control mandate See in context

"Conservatives" have become the tail wagging the dog in America, very unfortunate.

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Posted in: U.S. admiral says forces prepared to confront Iran See in context

By all means. let's please start WW3, the generals can hardly wait.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands rally against Putin's rule See in context

Why is there so much anti Putin posting, likely none of the posters have any knowledge for what Putin stands for in Russia nor do they know the politics in Russia, they only have hearsay "facts" from the press, whoever they may are. Fact is the West is indeed "meddling" in Russia's internal affairs by "assisting" the so called "opposition" no matter how credible they are. Russia will vote and does not need the western press to antagonize them with useles blather.

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Posted in: Outrage as Russia, China veto U.N. move on Syria See in context

Russia and China choose to veto, alike the US in matters concerning Israel, end of story. The "democracy" activists are crowing and puffing, however rarely follows a regime better, usually it is a regime supported West and not any better than the prior regime, it merely a realignment of loyalty to the other side. So please spare the world the "Outrage".

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