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Posted in: Prosecutors, university collaborate to secure interpreters See in context

It's a good idea but I'm afraid college kids with no experience won't be able to really interpret correctly, especially when it comes to legal issues

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Posted in: Radiation likely came from radium in bottles beneath floor of empty house See in context

The news story on TV I saw this morning said it was 600 uSv/hr right above the bottles. And they also showed a pic of brown bottles in a wood box, not muddy at all. Some of the bottles seemed fine, some looked open and lying on their side.

The one thing no one in the media seems to notice or care about is that this would've never been found if it hadn't been for "crazy" people who bought Geiger counters post 3.11.

But the levels found in the street? I've found worse in northern Chiba and I get ignored by the local authorities. Maybe I should send a video of my readings to the news and get on TV.

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