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Posted in: Confirmed new coronavirus infections in Japan now 1,528, including cruise ship cases See in context

I strongly recommend that readers take a look at this site which is one of the few making a serious effort to compile and drill down on global data for cases, deaths, mortality rates (by age and gender):

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't urges people to refrain from cherry blossom parties in parks See in context

Maybe the Government should order the cherry trees not to blossom until September after the Olympics are over.

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Posted in: Parents, teachers scramble to cope after Abe urges school shutdown See in context

As to closing the schools for a month on almost zero notice:

The Japanese government is oblivious to or never heard of the Law of Unintended Consequences (such as where do the children go, who takes care of them, what about parents that work, etc.; and/or

None of the decisionmakers have children in school and both parents work OR they own a lot of stock in babysitting companies.

A test one week closure would make sense and a frequent daily practice in the schools of everyone cleaning their hands and wearing masks would be much more effective.

This is what happens when government bureaucrats take over to show they are "saving" the people... See also, China, Iran....

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Posted in: Ministry of Justice's human rights bureau offers free counseling services to foreign residents See in context

It's the Spider and the Fly once again:

"Will you walk into my parlour?" said a spider to a fly;

" 'Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy.

The way into my parlour is up a winding stair,

And I have many pretty things to shew when you are there."

"Oh no, no!" said the little fly, "to ask me is in vain,

For who goes up your winding stair can ne'er come down again."

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Posted in: Professor denies he was pressured to remove videos on virus-hit ship See in context

Further proof there is no difference between the Japanese and Chinese government jackboots. Will he end up like Dr. Li?

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Posted in: Japan torn over whether to test all on cruise ship for coronavirus See in context

The HK government quickly tested 1,800 passengers and a large portion of the crew on the cruise ship there. The Japanese government, as usual, is unable to address crises quickly and effectively as no one ever wants to take responsibility or step up and own a decision. So the cruise passengers in Yokohama are just collateral damage to the Japanese politicians.

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Posted in: Sawajiri pleads guilty to illegal drug possession, says she won't return as actress See in context

She should move to the US. BTW, anyone with half a brain to understand science knows that neither MDMA or LSD are addictive like cocaine or heroin. MDMA can be and is used to treat PTSD and can only be efficacious again after a non use for a period of two weeks or so. The real danger of MDMA is using impure product.

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

Having read through most of the FAQ, this is nothing more than Orwellian Newspeak. The MOJ must be consulting with the Chinese Justice Ministry for propaganda tips

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Posted in: Emperor, empress to make state visit to UK See in context

I think the meeting with Elizabeth will be on whether the Emperor will adopt Harry and therefore Harry will become the crown prince instead of the Emperor's half brother and the son. Multiple problems solved. Meghan can do anime voice overs here.

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Posted in: Ghosn puts Japan's justice system on trial See in context

It's quite ironic that the one Japanese bengoshi in this article speaking up, Seiho Cho, is most likely a Japanese of Korean origin, who historically were beaten down by the Japanese justice system. I'd like to see the leaders of the three Tokyo Bar Associations (the Tokyo Bar Association, the Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Assocation and the Dai-Ni Tokyo Bar Assocation) have the cahones to speak up here. Unlikely.... because they are all at the same trough as the prosecutors and judges. More embarrassing still is the silence of the big foreign law firms (well, forget about Latham....!!), the ACCJ and the foreign correspondents.

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Posted in: Prosecutors raid Tokyo office of Ghosn's Japanese lawyer See in context

It is now live on YouTube:

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Posted in: Prosecutors raid Tokyo office of Ghosn's Japanese lawyer See in context

If they in fact raided the office and seized documents used by Ghosn's lawyers or anything related to the defense, this means the end of the Japanese legal system promulgated after WWII and the end of the attorney/client and work product privileges. The three large Japanese Bar Associations and foreign lawyers should be marching in front of the MOJ and demanding the disbarment of Mori and all of the prosecutors involved in this case. Ghosn's lawyers should immediately file criminal complaints against the prosecutors. Perhaps additional justice would be the Lebanese government issuing arrest warrants for all of the Tokyo prosecutors. That would be fun!

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Posted in: Ghosn says he will reveal names of Japan gov't officials behind his arrest See in context

I am also hoping Ghosn can shed some light on what REALLY happened at the meeting on December 20th between the President of Lebanon and Keisuke Suzuki, the Japan Minister of Foreign Affairs (not the foreign minister). Suzuki is a 40-something acolyte of Aso and Abe. Good chance he was giving the message to the Lebanese President that at least Abe and the LDP wanted to wash their hands of Ghosn (not good for business with 2020 and Abe needing to identify a successor). Just leave the back door open for the holidays....Let the idiots at MOJ and the Prosecutors office blather on and on as part of the kabuki play-- Abe has more important things to deal with in his mind that having Ghosn and the bad publicity for Japan muddying things up for him and the LDP. Well, this will be fun.....

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Posted in: Japan official to Kardashian West: Kimono belongs to Japan See in context

What about sushi clothing:

Oy vey!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO reminds visitors that cannabis is banned in Japan See in context

I am pretty confident that this will make a great article in The Rising Wasabi.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan boss Ghosn served 4th arrest warrant; calls it 'outrageous' See in context

The Tokyo prosecutors are emulating the Chinese secret police, the North Korean secret police and the Gestapo with a dash of vindictiveness and defensiveness characteristic of passive/aggressive behavior. Japan is really becoming a police state and their treatment of Ghosn is a bleak display of this jackboot behavior by the prosecutors. Of course, the French will do nothing about this. Ghosn's lawyers will speak out and they really need to go all in a la Saul Alinsky (wonder how many readers know about Alinsky) to isolate, divide and polarize individual prosecutors and police. So much for reiwa....

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Posted in: Nissan's governance committee says Ghosn had too much power See in context

Read today's Wall Street Journal article instead of this lame Associated Press article. Saikawa admitted (probably when he was drunk) that the main motivation against Ghosn was to make sure the French did not take over Nissan or continue control over Nissan. The corporate governance story is a silly illusion fostered by the Japanese oligarchy elite.

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies Ghosn's latest bail request See in context

The French government is here in Tokyo discussion Renalut/Nissan and needs to deliver the unequivocal message to the government to release Ghosn in the form of "This is not a request but an instruction and Japan will face dire consequences if Ghosn is not released." Of course, the French do not have the guts to do this though they have many means in their arsenal (economic, moral and military) to force Japan's hand. The international community should not accept this new imposition of the Gulag in Japan.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife says he is suffering 'harsh' treatment in detention center See in context

Welcome to the Japan Gulag Archipelago. This is exactly how the Soviet commisars would extract confessions from political prisoners and others-- harsh conditions, constant interrogations, no lawyers. Pretty much the same in China.

Incredible that the French and Brazilian governments continue to do nothing and it is left to Ghosn's wife to beg Human Rights Watch to help.

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Posted in: Ghosn case rattles Japan's expat business community See in context

The silence of the ACCJ and similar organizations is deafening....

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Posted in: Ghosn case rattles Japan's expat business community See in context

As an expat and executive, I am very concerned about the growing Japanese jackboot reminiscent of Japan in the 1930s. Welcome to the Japanese Gulag. Solzhenitsyn wrote about the same thing in the Gulag Archipelago and Cancer Ward. Ghosn is a French and Brazilian citizen. France and Brazil are betraying their citizens by not insisting that Ghosn be released from jail. As feckless as the US Government has been regarding Kelly at least they exerted enough pressure to have Kelly released on bail for medical treatment. The guy from Daiwa Securities is clueless-- HK and Singapore are better options.

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Posted in: Court rejects Ghosn release bid See in context

The judge is now an accomplice along with the prosecutors and Nissan in leading the devolution and regression of the Japanese justice system back to the 1930s in Japan. The system is now taking the form and substance of the Japanese and Soviet show trials of the 1930s and 1940s and the Chinese show trials from 1948 to the present. Second, if I were French I would get out of Japan. It's clear that the French Embassy and Government will do nothing to help Ghosn.

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Posted in: Judge says Ghosn being detained due to flight risk and possibility he may conceal evidence See in context

The judge's comments are the type of blather that one reads and sees on TV in China when they hold their periodic kangaroos courts or, in the old days, when one would watch Soviet commisars in the Gulag blather away about enemies of the people. Japan is indeed regressing to the 30s and early 40s.

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Posted in: Son of ex-Nissan head Carlos Ghosn predicts court surprises on Tuesday See in context

Ghosn is a smart guy and if he sees that the best thing the prosecutors have is some nonsense with the Saudis in 2008, then he (and at least his Paul Weiss lawyers) will know that the only thing that Saikawa and the Tokyo Prosecutors are holding in their hands is nothing but thin air.

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Posted in: Son of ex-Nissan head Carlos Ghosn predicts court surprises on Tuesday See in context

Saikawa and the Tokyo Prosecutors tried a surprise attack on Ghosn with the desperate hope of knocking him out quickly. But they have not thought through the consequences. In addition to Ghosn's defense team, Renault, the French and Brazilian governments and the US governments are all waiting in the wings and will counterattack.

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Posted in: Former Nissan exec Kelly released on bail; being examined in Ibaraki hospital See in context

Hopefully Kelly is flying in his own doctor and/or the US military is providing medical assistance rather than Japanese doctors who would just as soon slit a patient’s throat if so instructed by Japanese secret police.. sorry I mean Japanese prosecutors. All the more disturbing is the silence of the US Embassy and State Department in this matter- I hope they are acting behind the scenes though thus far does not look like they have accomplished anything.

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