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Quite suprising from a business perspective, given that the speed limits in Japan make the performance of a care irrelevant after a certain treshold. Especially buying the M version of a BMW seems like a waste since it doesn't look too different to the regular version, costs twice as much and the additional performance can't be used at all in Japan. Japan's a rich country after all.

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Why don't you read some more up to date books on economy? "Why Nations Fail" is an easy to understand piece that does a good job at explaining why those seemingly foolish politcians act the way they do.

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So what is it, luxury or premium? There is a huge difference between those two, the price of luxury being about twice as much as premium or more, and some smaller differences. An example for premium would be Audi, while an example for luxury would be Lamborghini.

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Yet another immigration shill. Birth rates will rise again eventually and people will continue to live somehow until then. The only real problem here is for government officials, since less citizens means less superfluous offices.

I would appreciate it, if you would stop publishing baseless allegations like these Japan Today. The article doesn't have a single credible source in it.

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Posted in: Dogs snub people who are mean to their owners: study See in context

Good Idea. However, 18 x 3 is not even close to a valid sample size. Consequently all their effort is worthless, though it probably wasn't a lot of effort with just that few dogs. Most likely those "researchers" where just a bunch of students guided by their prof. Though it's unbelievable how a "professor" would think that was a valid experiment.

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Posted in: Michelle Obama's trip to Japan, Cambodia finalised See in context

For everyone with weak reading comprehension skills: It was never said that Japanese girls are poorly educated. She simply goes to Japan because she thinks she has an ally in Abe's wife.

However, this is not too great either. How about revamping the Japanese university system, where most of the universities teach absolutely 0 and make you wonder what people where doing there for 4+ years. That is a real case of lacking education.

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Posted in: Wolfgang’s Steakhouse packs in the essence of New York See in context

"Now, the steak at Wolfgang’s is something that can never, ever be had at home, no matter how good your or anyone’s grilling skills are. This is extraordinary steak, coming from Wolfgang Zwiener, a man with four decades of experience in the meatery business,..."

Anything that has "copious amounts of butter" tastes incredibly good. No skill involved there. Thats why the other commenters praise the cheesecake and creamed spinach - simply because they are full of fat. Normal cheesecake for example uses low fat cottage cheese, which looks different after baking than in the picture presented, because they used cheese with a much higher amount of fat. The spinach being "creamed" makes it pretty obvious too. Anyway, that is why places like Wolfgang’s Steakhouse will never get even a single Michelin star. People who get that star are able to cleverly create taste without using copious amounts of fat, actually making them worth the money.

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Posted in: Facebook, LinkedIn join to help women in tech See in context

I, as a woman feel slightly insulted over an initiative like this and grossly insulted over the statement that first woman gave. Slightly insulted, because that would imply that I actually need more help than a man to get non-physical work done, implying further that I would be mentally inferior and ultimately just hardening that very prejudice they talked about. Grossly insulted, because that woman uses the word "think" and in the next moments links looks to brains, which is just ridiculous. One good brain could think up as many different and higher quality results as a hundred average brains that are just there for the sake of diversity. Thinking would have certainly been beneficial to her, if only she ever actually did it.

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Posted in: TV networks make unequal progress toward on-screen diversity See in context

Funny how the people who complain about racism the most never notice that they are incredibly racist themselves.

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Posted in: MTV airs in black and white to spark conversation on race See in context

Some people believe they are helping, while really being part of the problem. Some people still haven't noticed that it's always those with everything against those with nothing, even if you paint the problem in different colors. Some people also make something out of other peoples nothing.

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Posted in: Restaurant ordered to pay Y58 mil damages over employee's suicide See in context

9 hours per day, 5 days per week, 20 - 23 days a month or around 200 hours per month is about the regular time spent working. Getting another 200 hours on top of that would mean it's either 18 hour workdays or around 13 hours if you also work on the weekend, leaving barely any time to sleep and take care of your other needs. Either way it's not any amount a person can endure for a long time.

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What a load of nonsense.

All the arguments in the article are simply wrong.

The economy of a declining society will shrink overall anyway so declining consumer spending is inevitable anyway. So what if debt burdens are magnified? Making debts in the first place isn't exactly smart, especially if you can't handle them later. Not to mention that the economy thrives on the work done by the people not by people making debts. The only economy that thrives on debts are banks and last time I checked banks don't produce anything anybody really needs to live. Wages don't necessarily rise with inflation. In reality most employers will wait until they have no other options left before raising wages by a minimal amount. Also the last argument just states deflation is bad because deflation is bad.

Japan and most importantly the Japanese people have been doing pretty well handling their crisis for the last 30something years unlike Europe or America which are in way worse condition after just a few years of crisis. Even Krugman recently admits to Japan handling the crisis way better than the other countries, not counting the whole Abenomics hoax.

Only about 0.1% of the population really need to worry about deflation, while 99.9% have to worry about inflation. And those 0.1% will do their utmost to make the other 99.9% believe that inflation and constant growth is necessary to 'save' the country.

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Posted in: Dismantling Germany's nuclear industry, piece by piece See in context

As a German myself all I can say that has done is increase the energy prices so much it's not even funny anymore. Half a million of people had their electricity cut this year, because they can't pay anymore. Not to mention the whole Gas and Ukraine thing. Sometimes it feels that German politicians are trying their hardest to ruin the country.

Great economy and GDP? Yeah for the top 1% while the lowest 40% are all in debt and it only gets worse. It's either work for really low wage or the companies will hire on of the many 'skillfull' immigrants... or rather just outsource everything to other countries.

That this still leaves most of the uneducated immigrants in the country, destabilizing the society even further is of no concern to anybody of importance. In fact, the media is trying their best to never say a bad word about those groups or other groups like all the people who can't decide if they are male or female anymore.

Seriously, Japan does a lot of things way better. Still using their nuclear plants because they know it would be too expensive otherwise. Not letting in tons of uneducated and unskilled immigrants. Japanese are actually able to finish large projects like Skytree or other stuff within the set time limit and budget. Even their birthrate is higher than Germany's...

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Posted in: Gary Oldman in row over 'Hollywood run by Jews' claim See in context

If what he said was wrong, then why people get so mad about it? The truth hurts after all. Otherwise this overreaction would be just absurd.

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Posted in: Taliban says Prince Harry has mental problem See in context

Anyone familiar with how those aircrafts operate will come to the same conclusion. It's exactly like some videogame. These things can kill people in a split second from 2km away. This distance is what makes it easy to kill real people with the push of a button, even for a little boy.

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