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Posted in: Man arrested for killing mother says she told him she wanted to die See in context

As awfull as these news are, not everyone can actually place themselves in the shoes of those involved. For those who can't, I'd suggest you watch a Keisuke Kinoshita film from the 50s called "The Ballad of Narayama" (or read the novel instead...). It doesn't explain anything, but that's the case with many things related to death: they are beyond mere explanation, but they still make sense.

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Posted in: Netflix removes suicide scene from '13 Reasons Why' See in context

extanker, post hoc ergo propter hoc. Your quote from the article is insufficient to establish direct causality between a tv show and a rise in suicides among youths. I don't think Fox Sora Winters missed that statement. FSW's post raises another question that's worth considering: from a first person perspective, when you're depressed, a tv show (or a song, or a novel) may be a trigger to a suicide attempt, but it's rarely a cause. If you focus too much on the former, you may be missing the latter.

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