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Posted in: A-bomb survivors want Obama to meet them, apologize in Hiroshima See in context

I'm quite surprised to know that there are many people who say 'Dropping A-bombs were right thing to do.It saved a lot of people' . Can you say that to the survivors face to face?

Suppose there were a man who has taken hundreds of hostages, and he seems like that he'll do something that harm hundreds of other lives. In that case, killing all the hostages and the man would be 'right thing to do'? Is it really 'right'??

All I'm trying to say is that saying it was 'right' massively ignore the feelings and sufferings of the people affected by the bombs.

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Posted in: Message for Obama, Abe See in context

I don't see their point for doing this. If they are opposed to nukes, why would they be against that Abe and Obama visit Hiroshima?

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Posted in: Say sayonara to 'sayonara' – 70% of Japanese don’t use this word for goodbye anymore See in context

Children still say 'Sayonara' to their teachers, and also, it is used in songs pretty often. But we don't use it in daily conversations any more.

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Posted in: Obama's Hiroshima trip stirs debate on Truman's fateful choice See in context

You need to look at the matter from both macroscopic and microscopic points of view. If you do this, you just can't say what's right or wrong.

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Posted in: Obama's Hiroshima trip stirs debate on Truman's fateful choice See in context

What's often overlooked is people who led normal life then in Japan. I mean people who had nothing to do with the war. Maybe the reason that they use the bombs was right, but you can't say the consequences they caused is right. I don't think Obama should apologize, however, I don't like to hear people saying "It was right thing to do.", because it ignores the lives lost. Don't criticize me saying "Japan killed a lot of innocent people.". I know that, and I already fell terrible about it.

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Posted in: M'bishi Motors says mileage cheating may involve all models sold in Japan See in context

Oh, no. They're so done this time.

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Posted in: What food or drink do you recommend for helping get a good night’s sleep? See in context

Just a bit of whisky works for me.

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Posted in: Japan's schools 'hateful' places for LGBT students: rights group See in context

Gay, bisexual, whatever, just let them do what they want to.

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Posted in: Elementary school teacher caught lifting man's wallet on train See in context

What was going on in his mind? I wish I could read those people's mind.

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Posted in: Japan's corpse hotels upset some of the neighbors See in context

How about building 'corpse hotels' underground? That way, people wouldn't have to be aware of the hotels that much like now, and also underground much cooler. I don't know if it's morally right or wrong though.

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Posted in: Trump, Clinton angle for advantage in politics of gender See in context

Disparaging women is not something you should do, but Trump does and he has achieved one thing by doing so: he 's given people an impression that he doesn't lie and hide something.

In that sense, it's understandable that he's got many followers. I, however, would say he should not be a leader. He's too radical and emotional.

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Posted in: Do you consider global warming just a theory or a proven fact? See in context

A theory, but very-close-to-the fact theory.

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Posted in: Abe sticks to script on sales tax hike plans after deadly quakes See in context

Willingness has nothing to do with it. If you live in Japan, you're going to have to pay it whether you're willing or not.

I know, but that's obviously not what I meant.

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Posted in: Abe sticks to script on sales tax hike plans after deadly quakes See in context

Tell me exactly what you're going to do with extra tax income in detail, only then I might be willing to pay extra tax.

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Posted in: Teamwork or torture? Japan's bone-breaking school gymnastics See in context

I remember that the bond among my classmates got much stronger after we succeeded in making 'pyramids', and I sort of liked it. However, it is obviously very dangerous, so they've got to come up with another idea to create bond among students.

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Posted in: Pope brings 12 Syrian Muslim refugees to Italy aboard his plane See in context

Compassionate acts will weed out terrorism, and thus the major part of refugees' problem in the end. Good news, I believe.

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Posted in: Schoolgirl says education pointless; gets schooled in debate on Twitter See in context

Japanese→You seem like you need to study Japanese harder. Math→The way you use your brain when you solve math problems is quite useful in the future. Science→ Science is important because it suggests how we understand the environment around us, and it gives you some foods for thoughts.

social study → there are tons of things you can learn from the past, just like you learn something from your own past. Music→ Try to understand why people wrote a song. what they thought when they were making a song? what do they try to tell you?

Arts→ Study arts and try to express yourself through arts. it would be more interesting than just drawing pictures. English→ You kept saying other subjects are " not useful in the future." But, here, English is something that would be really useful in your future.

The problem is that she just focuses on what she studies. She should think about how she studies and how she can make what she studies useful to her life. It seems to me that she just tries to find reasons not to study because she doesn't feel like it.

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Posted in: Trump blasts 'rigged' rules on picking Republican delegates See in context

“Nobody was offered anything. In fact, I spent thousands of dollars of my own money campaigning to become a delegate because it’s that important to make sure Donald Trump is NOT our nominee.”

I don't understand why on earth Trump is a member of Republican Party anymore.

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Posted in: Kerry, G7 foreign ministers visit A-bomb memorial in Hiroshima See in context

The Americans dropped the bombs to liberate the Japanese people from the clutches of the Imperial Japanese Army. If anything, Japanese should thank the Americans.

Thank the Americans? Why did it have to be A-bomb to end the war? The consequences of A-bomb has been inflicting much suffering on the people, and it continues from generation to generation.

I think that Kerry doesn't have to apologize, and that we shouldn't seek who was to blame or something as long as we learn from our past and understand how terrible A-bombs are. But, I just can't believe that you actually said Japanese should 'thank' the Americans and your comment has got thumbs-up.

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Posted in: Do you agree with Donald Trump's view that Japan should arm itself with nuclear weapons to deter a threat from North Korea rather than have the U.S. military protect it? See in context

If Japan were to have nuclear weapons, it's obvious that there would be a number of countries which would claim their right to have nuclear weapons to protect themselves. There'd be chaotic consequences in the end.

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Posted in: Abe's advisers to propose income tax cuts to spur consumption See in context

As long as this slugging atmosphere lingers on, income tax cuts do little but have people save money.

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Posted in: Foxconn's head pledges turnaround at Sharp after takeover See in context

This whole taking-over thing sounds like a bad idea to me....

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Posted in: Japan stumbles over baby steps to encourage working moms See in context

Being Japanese, I sometimes get annoyed when I see Japanese act so selfish that they bully pregnant women.

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Posted in: Fast-lane immigration service for VIPs to start at Narita, Kansai airports See in context

Hope that no errors will be made.

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Posted in: A message for Prime Minister Abe See in context

“Right Wing Sell-Out Nation”

Does that even make sense? I thought right-wingers are conservative and they won't be willing to sell out their nation.

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Posted in: Japanese journalists accuse gov't of pressuring media See in context

We need more people like Ikegami-san on broadcast!

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Posted in: Stop Olympics See in context

It's not like they have rights to live in a park, but it sounds a little to harsh to tell them, "leave and go somewhere else." There should be more institutions in Japan which give homeless people opportunity to come back to healthy social life. This issue is just as important as aging society in my opinion.

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Posted in: Japanese man detained in Turkey for trying to join Islamic State See in context

Since he intended to join the group, he's virtually one of them. I'm worried that he would do something dangerous if allowed to come back to Japan.

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Posted in: Twitter an awkward child as it turns 10 See in context

Twitter has very limited usage, so it would be difficult to add something to it. The company might want to create something brand new.

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Posted in: Toyota to take part in making wind-power hydrogen for fuel cells See in context

It would be difficult to get "stable" supply of hydrogen from wind-power generation, since the generation itself is unstable.

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