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Posted in: Mother denies throwing 5-year-old son from 13th-floor apartment window See in context

There's a possibility that the mother deliberately left the window open in the hope that her son accidentally falls off. It is highly likely that she threw him to the ground, though.

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Posted in: Trump on campaign protesters: 'I never hear their voices' See in context

Trump has harnessed the discontent of white, working-class voters who blame trade deals for costing them jobs.

"discontent"? why is that?

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Posted in: Robotic dance group World Order is back with a new music video filmed in Shanghai See in context

So glad that they've come back again! The new performance is great, but my favorite is still "MIND SHIFT".

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Posted in: SDF poster seems to be repelling more people than it’s recruiting See in context

I could make a poster better than this in an hour.lol

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Posted in: Trump or Cruz? U.S. Republicans face tough choices as primary race churns forward See in context

Well, Hilary Clinton is the one who's gonna be the next president, anyway, right?

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Posted in: 38-year-old woman arrested for killing 5-month-old daughter See in context

There must have been multiple choices other than killing her, even when this mother was really beat.

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Posted in: LDP to tackle 'taboo' of expanding foreign labor force See in context

There's no other ways to gain workforce quicker that accepting more foreign workers. Increasing the birthrate will take some time to realize, and letting elderly people will only have temporal effect.

Also, I think that accepting more people from overseas would help Japan to make better relations with certain countries.

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Posted in: Feet first See in context

It doesn't look like water at all! It looks like their feet are buried in the illuminated concrete floor.lol

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Posted in: Olympus' U.S. unit to pay $646 mil for bribing hospitals, doctors See in context

Hasn't Olympus done something against laws before?

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Posted in: Would you like to see Donald Trump become the next U.S. president? See in context

I'd like Obama to be the president again, if it were possible.

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Posted in: Smartphone addiction spreads to younger set See in context

Many friends of mine play games on their smartphone every spare time they find, however short it is. Even when we are hanging out!

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Posted in: Flight Nishikori See in context

The other tennis players on the airplane must be jealous of him!

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Posted in: Damning study finds a 'whitewashed' Hollywood See in context

The problem is not what they try to do but how they do. I think this is a good movement as long as it is an affirmative action.

When the discrimination based on gender, race and so on seem to be over or lessen, they should stop this action. Talents should be evaluated fairly regardless of gender or race after all.

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Posted in: China cautions Australia over defense cooperation with Japan See in context

It's 2016, not 1945. Remember the tragedy, but move on.

Mr. Wang, why do you think Japan and Australia plan to cooperate anyway?

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Posted in: 'Torture works,' Trump says as South Carolina primary looms See in context

Wow, the would would be chaotic if this man became the president....

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Posted in: Woman, boyfriend force her daughter to eat 30 pet goldfish See in context

They should be punished in the very same way that they abused the daughter, then they'd know how cruel it is.

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Posted in: Man sues solar panel plant over glare, heat from reflection See in context

The company should have taken into consideration how much trouble their solar panels would make to the neighbors.

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Posted in: Japanese airlines to alter routes to avoid N Korean rocket See in context

You know what? North Korea is the one which has to change the route

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Posted in: Video explores gap between ideals and reality for working mothers in Japan See in context

I was like "I don't have any children, but yea, let's just watch the video", and it almost got me to cry.lol

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Posted in: Japan deports dolphin activist Ric O'Barry See in context

What were the staff members at the airport thinking? It's not like he's a terrorist or something.

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Posted in: Amari resigns, but denies taking bribes; Ishihara named successor See in context

Provided that Amari didn't accept any bribes, he should have remained in his position at least until TPP deal has been completed. His resignation makes him look more suspicious.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested over fatal abuse of girlfriend's 3-year-old son See in context

What a pathetic man... beating a 3-tear-old child to death because he glared at him? give me a break. Moreover, he reportedly said that he's done everything he could and he doesn't regret anything.

I'd like to know how the suspect has been raised, his environment, everything that has developed his crooked personality.

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Posted in: Dolphin activist detained in Japan says he's 'political prisoner' See in context

@ hokkaidoguy

If it's true, that's terrible.

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Posted in: 2 S Korean ex-sex slaves demand direct apology from Abe See in context

Why Abe? Why not former prime ministers like Kan or Aso? I'm just wondering if they have kept demanding that Japanese a prime minister should apologize to them, or they started to demand that only recently.

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Posted in: Dolphin activist detained in Japan says he's 'political prisoner' See in context

What did the Japanese side say to detain him anyway?

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Posted in: Ford to pull out of Japan, Indonesia See in context

Financially speaking, it is a good decision. However, it's very bad news for its employees.

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Posted in: This burger is totally different from any I have ever tasted before. I can see why it is priced on the high end. See in context

I just googled this burger, and oh man, isn't that a good-looking burger!

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Posted in: Anti-U.S. base candidate loses Ginowan mayoral election See in context

They could create a new island just for the bases off-shore where there's no residents, only if they can afford it and come up with a good plan for smooth logistics.

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Posted in: Fan-made Nazi anime parody, 'Goeppels-chan,' appears in Japan See in context

This is not funny at all. I don't know why or how they came up with this stupid idea. Disgraceful.

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Posted in: Star of dolphin-killing film 'Cove' detained at Narita airport See in context

He didn't have a proper visa, right?

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