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Posted in: Japanese hospital worker infected with coronavirus after 2 vaccine shots See in context

Probably the Japan strain. It has been left to mutate for so long it has become resistant to the existing vaccines. Scary stuff.

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Posted in: Resurgent Ikee set for big Tokyo Olympic role See in context

Wont be hard to win a race with only one Competitor

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Posted in: Large numbers of people out and about despite gov't antivirus pleas See in context

Good to see human selfishness isnt Limited to the Western world. By all means spread the virus around your local area, but dont start travelling to other prefectures. Idiots.

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Posted in: COVID-19 variants could hit Tokyo economy by extra ¥4 tril See in context

The Japan variant especially. Japan may have got off lightly so far, but the world wont look on Japan in the same light when the useless dillydallying leads to a new variant immune to the current vaccines.

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Posted in: China cautions Japan ahead of U.S.-Japan summit See in context

Gotta love the US. A nation, where the police literally go around murdering ethnic minorities, lecturing other countries on human rights. Politics is hilarious.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 249 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,563 See in context

I wonder who believe in these planned statistic,and how come that in the Japanese media they avoid to speak of Eek? The new variant found in Tokyo which is 70% resistant to the vaccines?

Yes, that unspeakable Japanese strain that left to mutate could ruin everything. Ho-hum Nippon

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Posted in: Female monarchs to be debated as Japan looks to secure imperial line See in context

They could just say they identify as a man and get this whole thing over already.

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Posted in: Does the arrival of Costa Coffee spell the end for Japan’s independent cafes? See in context

The independent coffee shop owners can get jobs at Costa. Win-win

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Posted in: Education ministry hosts Twitter campaign to recruit teachers, but it backfires right away See in context

far too many troublemakers it seems. they should show more "japan spirit" and work for the betterment of the youth and schooling system, not to complaining on the Twitter! very disappointment


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Posted in: Tokyo reports 446 coronavirus cases; Osaka logs record high 666 See in context

As long as the virus does not mutate into a far deadly type I cannot foresee people changing their behavior, i for one shall not.

Another clueless idiot clearely lost their carer. How you think viruses mutate you mug?

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Posted in: Saitama officially forbids walking up and down escalators See in context

Remember stairs? Stairs were great.

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Posted in: If you are working remotely, how do you prevent frequent video meetings from causing you fatigue or adversely affecting your productivity? See in context

Our Japanese boss insists it remain “on”, Picture in Picture, so he can monitor productivity and ‘breaks’ throughout the work day.

I'd quit. Even prison cells dont have round the clock surveillance.

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Posted in: Renesas fire threatens to deepen global chip supply woes See in context

It sounds so stupid, but they need to be more careful. Leave a gap in the supply chain for a product as lucrative as this, and someone is bound to come and fill it. Get your act together and start producing overtime.

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Posted in: Mie becomes 1st prefecture to ban outing of sexual minorities See in context

Does this mean a man like me can enter a woman's space and nobody is allowed to point out the fact that I'm a man?

My question may seem absurd but it's an honest question about the new law.

It's not a stupid question, because there are some people who might try to take advantage of these rules.

The ideal solution would be for all bathrooms to become unisex bathrooms. I don't know why this hasn't already become the norm. Whilst they are at it they should install cubicles that reach all the way from the floor to the ceiling. Peace at last :-)

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Posted in: Gov't to use ¥2.17 tril from reserve funds for virus-hit businesses, households See in context

He's good at what he does, and people pay for it! Yours obviously isnt.

its not just small eikaiwas though. Teachers at nova and other big schools under under a lot of pressure. Salaries are based on the number of students, but class numbers are being limited because of the virus. There have also been major issues with going online, because these businesses are not as quick to adapt as small eikaiwas.

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Posted in: 'Everything evaporated' - Olympic overseas spectator ban hits Japan tourism See in context

This is business. Bad things happen every day to businesses of all shapes and sizes all over the world. Did this business owner really believe that olympic tourism would bring in 18million+ yen in revenue? Seems a little over optimistic. Not her fault though I guess, JGov was spinning the olympics as the end to 30 years of recession.

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Posted in: Japanese same-sex couple overjoyed by marriage ruling See in context

Nobody should be denied the right to marriage.

Indeed. Make sure you are legally divorced from your room mate, and any joint assets split amicably before moving on to any future marriage though.

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Posted in: Japanese same-sex couple overjoyed by marriage ruling See in context

I’m all for LGBT rights. But even if same sex marriage is legal here, it’s still pretty hard to start a family. The dynamics in the bedroom just don’t really work on a biological level and adoption is a long drawn out process that can also be quite costly and the other options are astronomically more.

What is your definition of a family? Is the aim of all married couples to have children?

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Posted in: Barring fans from abroad for Tokyo Olympics creates many questions See in context

Who cares?

Get the old money machine back on the go.


Problem solved.

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Posted in: Japan's malls and restaurants brace for Olympics without foreign visitors See in context

You would have to be next level thick to be making preparations for foreign visitors during the olympics at this point.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan warn China on 'coercion, destabilizing behavior' See in context

Why is the Chinese government so obsessed with aggression? It goes against every Chinese persons character that i have had the pleasure of meeting.

So true. The actions of the Chinese government do not reflect the feelings of the Chinese people.

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Posted in: Nearly 400 infected with new coronavirus variant found in Japan See in context

Just call it "The Japanese Strain" already. No-one is coming over for the olympics anymore,

so what does it even matter?

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Posted in: Majority of Nagasaki high schools have white-underwear-only rules, study finds See in context

A great excuse for any teachers perving on their female students.

"I was just checking everything was up to code"


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Posted in: Japan's children of the tsunami shaped by tragedy See in context

Those Sea Walls being built might be the only thing stopping the next Monster of a Tsunami from repeating what happened in 2011. Fact

Until there is another tsunami of 'unprecedented' proportions

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Posted in: The towering sea wall legacy of Japan's 2011 tsunami See in context

This country has an insane overreaction to nature. Disasters happen, and afterwards you either rebuild or MOVE. Look at how the rivers, mountains, and seashores are all coated in concrete. The natural beauty of Japan has almost disappeared for the sake of convenience. Noone even seems to care, as they trade their local wildlife for 'kirei' concrete, tarmac, and miles and miles of railing. Well done Japan, you defeated nature.

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Posted in: China announces over 6% economic growth target; boosts defense spending by 6.8% See in context

The air looks so rank

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Posted in: 'Demon Slayer' anime strikes chord with pandemic Japan See in context

Demon Slayer” has spun off video games, toy figures

This is literally the only reason any manga gets made into an anime

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Posted in: What awaits 2 Americans accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan? See in context

Worst case situation a 3 year sentence, and a $3000 fine for $600,000. I wouldn't even waste money on a lawyer, just do the time and enjoy the money when I get out.

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Posted in: Japan asks China to stop anal COVID-19 tests on Japanese citizens See in context

They better not start doing this in Japan. I'd never leave the clinic.

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