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Posted in: Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi, 40, found dead at home in apparent suicide See in context

Maybe because I have experienced the other side of that equation

Exactly. You have no idea. Suicidal thoughts are not the same thing as chronic depression and mental illness

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Posted in: Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi, 40, found dead at home in apparent suicide See in context

Those that have 'no sympathy,' clearly have no experience or understanding of depression and mental illness. Good for you, count yourself very lucky.

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Posted in: Suga calls for world solidarity in curbing virus in 1st U.N. address See in context

Step one: Transparency on actual number of cases. Step 2: Focus on something worthwhile like climate change, or not, its your choice. Just do absolutely nothing like the last x number of Prime mInisters since America told you how to run a country after Ww2.

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Posted in: Survey shows 64% willing to work beyond retirement age See in context

35 years of pension payments should not equal 25 years collecting a pension. People need to work longer, save more / invest, or die sooner. The pension system is a scam, the boomers will drink the well dry, and those paying into it in their 20s, 30s, and 40s will never see a dime.

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Posted in: Japan newlyweds can receive up to ¥600,000 to start new life See in context

Wedding dress rental half covered

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Posted in: Japan's tuna market, the world's largest, hit hard by pandemic See in context

Maybe they could stop harvesting the tuna and give them a chance to bring their population back.

would that be inkeeping with tradition though?

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Posted in: Anti-mask group in Tokyo slammed for 'cluster festival' See in context

The longer I have lived in Japan, the more I have come to realise how few differences there are between people here and people back home.

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Posted in: Nintendo reports bumper ¥106.5 bil net profit in first quarter See in context

Imagine how much more it could be if they could keep up with demand.

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Posted in: Japan sees fewer COVID-19 hospital deaths than other nations: study See in context

How many deaths have you had related to covid? None. How many postmortem covid tests have you done? none. Ok

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Posted in: Hiroshima survivors worry that the world will forget See in context

A lot of my young-adult students think the atomic bomb dome is "boring", maybe they could make it more interesting with some quirky mascots.… of course I am kidding, but it feels kind of inevitable that these horrific things will eventually be forgotten. Thats just the way our society works. We cant even take actual threats such as climate change seriously, let alone things that happened 70+ years ago.

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Posted in: Aso warns against rapid rise in the yen See in context

Its money printin' time!

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Posted in: Chinese man wins ¥1.8 billion from betting on Japanese horse races See in context

I wonder if any Japanese corporations have ever been fined 1 billion yen for misreporting finances. What a ridiculous amount of money for one person to pay as punishment

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Posted in: Tokyoites leaving bustle behind as pandemic proves catalyst for change See in context

Can you imagine how awesome it would be if this led to the repopulation of small towns and greater investment countryside? Japan could become a frontrunner in a local business revolution... or not. Probably not.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports single-day record of 366 new coronavirus infections See in context

Hospitals are not being overrun

Quite the opposite. Many smaller clinics and private hospitals are on the brink of collapse, because people are too scared of getting infected there. The only way to solve this issue is to face the reality of the problem face on. Admit there is a bigger issue than is being reported, and focus all efforts on solving it. Empty hospitals is not normal.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 293 new COVID-19 cases See in context

4000 a tests a day. Pathetic. And with a 5% infection rate. There is no more of this "only testing serious symptom" BS excuse anymore either, because we know that a decent percentage of these are asymptomatic bar workers. And lets get some postmortem testing whilst we are at it, a topic that was raised in May and shortly forgotten.

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Posted in: Abe faces backlash after Tokyo residents excluded from Go To travel campaign See in context

Tokyoites get their first taste of what it feels like to fund someone elses jolly. If they even give a damn that is.

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Posted in: Experts meet on how to prevent Go To campaign from spreading coronavirus See in context

A lot of idiots making stupid decisions around the world right now. Japan seems to be no exception. Noone thinks this is a good idea.

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Posted in: Japan reports over 600 cases on Thursday; 286 in Tokyo See in context

Anyone got a link to a reliable source regarding postmortem testing for covid?

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Posted in: Japan to discuss easing travel ban with China, S Korea, other countries See in context

China? Are you kidding me? Probably will allow direct flights from Wuhan...

or even worse... all those asymptomatic, untested carriers in Japan spreading across China.

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Posted in: Gov't urges Tokyo host, hostess clubs to act to stem coronavirus spikes See in context

If it's true as they say on the news that that hosts and hostesses live in tiny rooms in hostels, and that is where the infections are going around, even before anyone meets a customer, then the problem takes on a new light.

What a load of absolute garbage. There are so many different kinds of people working in these businesses, rich poor, old young, married and single. Whatever source you are referring to makes these people sound like some sort of subterrainian rodent.

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Posted in: Gov't urges Tokyo host, hostess clubs to act to stem coronavirus spikes See in context

We already know Jgov wanted the redlight districts closed for the Olympics. Im assuming this is their current plan to do so. Not like it even matters anymore, the olympics is going to be a joke. Also whats with all these people on here acting as if people who work in bars and clubs are the devil... why? Never been for a drink before? Never wanted a bit of company after a busy day? Get off your Elitist horse. The night time entertainment industry is an industry as old as time.

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Posted in: Half of telecommuters in Japan work longer hours than before pandemic: Rengo See in context

Solution: Get back to the office!

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Posted in: Fans rush to see panda cub as Tokyo's Ueno zoo reopens after 4-month closure See in context

The irony of finally being free to leave your house after months of self restraint, only to go and watch a poor animal that will be forcibly detained until the day it dies. Grim

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Posted in: Japan to look at building a common infrastructure for digital yen payments See in context

But using cash is a cultural tradition. Never change Japan!

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Posted in: New virus cases in Tokyo drop to 5; none reported in Osaka See in context

Is great things are getting back to normal. This whole situation has been very difficult for a lot of people. Especially bar and restaurant owners /staff. I'll just say one thing though, I am very glad my vulnerable loved ones dont live in Japan.

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Posted in: Schools reopen in some parts of Japan after pandemic shutdown See in context

all the pachinkos open again too in my local area (kyushu)

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Posted in: Retailers, manufacturers cautious on outlook under extended emergency See in context

Expect travel restrictions on countries like Japan and Sweden, which have taken a very different approach to the UK and US. I certainly wouldnt want my elderly family members to visit with corona virus potentially lurking all over the place. How can you think about reopening businesses when they have no idea about the actual number of cases. you dont have to hospitalise every case, but people need to know if they are a risk / at risk. I can picture Abe following all his big buddies around the world and start opening businesses, pretending like he has defeated the virus.

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Posted in: Many pachinko parlors stay open despite state of emergency See in context

Let them in and lock the doors behind them

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Posted in: Impossible to delay Tokyo Olympics again, says Mori See in context

Good. Lets just cancel it, and focus on more important issues

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Posted in: Bed vacancy rate for virus patients in urban areas below 20%: survey See in context

China built two massive hospitals in ten days!

with the amount of faffing around it takes to get anything at all done in Japan I would be stunned if they could get a new hospital built in 10 years

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