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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Japan in 2021 fell to record low 245,900 See in context


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Posted in: Japan hopes to lead Asian zero-emissions push: minister See in context

The technology is already there it's just too expensive. Japan famously excels at incremental innovation, so whilst I doubt we will see any revolutionary tech come out of Japan, I can certainly imagine Japan making the tech cheaper, and more efficient.

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Posted in: Trial begins for parents charged with fatal abuse of 4-year-old daughter See in context

Only one punishment befitting these sickos

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Posted in: Japan to cut 14-day isolation for Omicron close contacts to 10 days See in context

only 10 days of prison now

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Posted in: Kanye West planning to perform in Russia, meet Putin: Billboard See in context

Probably all going to take place in his head. Nutcase

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Posted in: Japan extends entry ban on non-resident foreigners until end of February: Kishida See in context


I am confused!

I have been since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Posted in: COVID quasi-emergency takes effect in 3 prefectures See in context

stopped caring since the last cash payout. And wont care again until the next one.

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Posted in: Number of pachinko parlors in Japan decreasing rapidly; down 12% in two years See in context

Natural Consolidation. Too few people around to warrant 5-6 in the same km block.

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Posted in: Man in prison for attempted murder gets life sentence for killing 9-year-old girl in 2004 See in context

Some people are too crazy to learn anything from life imprisonment. Why risk this freak ever getting out?

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Posted in: Billionaire space tourist Maezawa eyes Mariana Trench trip next See in context

Managed to buy himself a girlfriend yet?

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Posted in: Transgender woman referred to prosecutors for using Osaka ladies room See in context

Prepare for some outrageous commets.

Male all toilets unisex, and build walls from the floor to the ceiling. Maybe more people would be tempted to wash their hands that way too.

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Posted in: Okinawa reports 623 new coronavirus cases; 390 in Tokyo See in context

Pretty sure the only way to overcome this new wave is another 10man giveaway. Am I right?

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Posted in: Japan chooses to go to the moon See in context


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Posted in: American businessman promises urgent flights of potatoes to Japan to ease French fry shortage See in context

Thank god. The pathetic media obsessed drones will be pleased

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Posted in: Princess Kako turns 27; duties still restricted due to pandemic See in context

Empress material right there.

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Posted in: Nearly 200,000 could die if M9 level quake hits northern Japan See in context

Bookmark this article and show it to the politicians claiming "souteigai" when it actually happens

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Posted in: Japan mulls fully automated driving service in limited areas See in context

Automation is advancing at such a rate that driving a car, and even owning a car will become less necessary. Hopefully this will lead to safer roads, lower congestion, lower family expenditure, and lower levels of pollution.

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Posted in: U.S. to return $154 mil stolen by Sony employee and converted to bitcoin See in context


Option 1) Maybe he was stupid enough to leave the coins with an exchange.

Option 2) He left his seed phrase somewhere stupid

Option 3) Tortured

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Posted in: Tokyo subway conductor reprimanded for posting photo of commuter on Twitter See in context

But surely the passenger was wearing a mask, so this shouldnt be an issue.

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Posted in: Japan enacts record ¥36 tril extra budget to fund economic package See in context

what is a trillion yen in normal money terms? Is it a lot?

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Posted in: JR East, West to cut commuter services next year amid pandemic See in context

Fewer trains, or more expensive train fares, cant have both

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Posted in: Johnson left reeling Brexit negotiator David Frost quits UK gov't See in context

I thought Brexit was done and dusted...

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Posted in: 60% approve of Kishida's cabinet: poll See in context

"Good afternoon Mrs Kishida, may I ask you what you think of Mr Kishida's cabinet?"

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Posted in: Inflation a worry for most economies, but not Japan See in context

Over the last twenty years or so Japan has seen an increase in comodity prices and a decrease in average salaries. 

Is it time to introduce a universal basic income? As automation takes over, it isn't like there are going to be more jobs emerging.

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Posted in: Inflation a worry for most economies, but not Japan See in context

I've noticed a 15-20% rise in prices at our local "commercial supermarket" over the last year. Also check the weight of stuff in your 100 yen shop. Definitely less for your 100 yen. So we do have hidden inflation.

Shrinkflation is real. At least here they arent increasing the prices AND decreasing the amount of product you get.

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Posted in: Inflation a worry for most economies, but not Japan See in context

Its so funny that Nations actually persue inflation. Even after 30 years of trying Japan are still aiming for that mythical 2% annual increase. Maybe, just maybe, its time to try something else. Maybe let a few of those dinosaur companies die off to make room for more productive and efficient technology companies. Maybe Japan could be the first nation to embrace a technology-supported, shrinking economy. It makes perfect sense with the declining population.

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Posted in: Tokyo finds Omicron case in U.S. arrival isolating at home See in context

Having skimmed through the Japanese news, it is clear that this woman is a Japanese national. This should be made more clear. This article is misleading.

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Posted in: Tokyo finds Omicron case in U.S. arrival isolating at home See in context

The wording of this article.

Im assuming that this person is not American, becasue they weren't forced to quarantine, but "traveller from America", would suggest they want you to think otherwise.

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