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Posted in: Japan to open large vaccination centers in Tokyo, Osaka: report See in context

 It’s very queer then to see that deaths fell in 2020, yes fell during a pandemic.

This makes perfect sense. Fewer people are out and about to get involved in accidents. More people taking precautions against covid, which are even more effective against other diseases. I don't think we should all be cowering behind our couches, but we definitely need to look at the facts for what they are.

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Posted in: Nintendo announces new Lego Luigi set, and Japan gets it first See in context

wow. Look at the endless building potential of this kit...

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Posted in: Mini urn helps family members remember and commemorate the deceased anytime, anywhere See in context

I prefer a sightly thicker urn if I'm honest.

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Posted in: Meet Aloma: the Japanese male idol group cheering on moms through the trials of child-rearing See in context

More pathetic idols/slogans/mascots being churned out instead of useful support being provided.

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Posted in: Japan wants more pre-departure testing for Olympic, Paralympic teams See in context

They also want 500 nurses for the games. What a joke.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 876 coronavirus cases; 1,097 in Osaka See in context

I just cant get a break these days. I had A 1000 yen on yesterday being the end of the peak. No idea which way to bet today.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 759 coronavirus cases; 1,162 for Osaka See in context

Lack of testing should be enshrined as a part of Japanese intangible cultural heritage. Someone whizz a fax off to UNESCO.

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Posted in: Japan says it will aim for 46% emissions cut by 2030 See in context

"This is fine" says dog in house on fire

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Posted in: Suga declares state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka region See in context

Get as many beers in as possible until Sunday then

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Posted in: Japan says it will aim for 46% emissions cut by 2030 See in context

This means absolutely nothing

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Posted in: Fujifilm starts new late-phase trial of Avigan in Japan for COVID patients See in context

non fda approved 

The FDA - riddled with loopholes and plagued by corruption.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 861 coronavirus cases; 1,167 in Osaka See in context

Movin' on up, nothin' can stop me!

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Posted in: Confirmed cases of COVID-19 variants in Japan double in a week See in context

The virus is a virus, and it is behaving exactly how you would expect when you do sweet FA to stop it. With any luck it will be sorted by the end of this year, but don't get your hopes up.

The real issue is the heaps of BS surrounding the whole pandemic. Crappy testing, poor distribution of information, mixed messages every day, decisions taking weeks instead of hours, and the refusal to call the JAPANESE VARIANT what it is.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 843 coronavirus cases; 1,242 in Osaka See in context

Where are the numbers of tests? You did not include this information yesterday, either.

11090 tests

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 843 coronavirus cases; 1,242 in Osaka See in context

I'm comin' up, so you better get this party started

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 711 coronavirus cases; Osaka records 1,153 See in context

Post the number of tests already.

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Posted in: Japan to procure enough COVID vaccines for all eligible by end of September See in context

At this rate the old codgers will be lining up for their 2022 dose before poor old Taro even gets a sniff.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 711 coronavirus cases; Osaka records 1,153 See in context

Oooo Sunday numbers, 710 has got to be at least half of all those tested. Cant wait for the next round of meaningless urging to commence.

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Posted in: Japan tightens rules on COVID-19 test certificates for travelers See in context

The land of hypocricy and I feel sorry for the common people which most are unable to get informations to other sources due to their inability to speak another foreign language.

The general public here are as concerned and aware as anywhere else. Online forums and comment sections are filed with comments in Japanese echoing the sentiments you see here. For a lot of people there is no option to work from home, so they just have to lump it.

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Posted in: Japan considers letting dentists administer COVID-19 vaccines See in context

It will be the same issue that they are having now with testing. The majority of dental practices are privately run. If you want them to help out in the vaccination drive you need to adequately subsidise them for regular business they are missing out on.

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Posted in: Japan's exports post largest monthly gain since late 2017 See in context

I can't wait for these gains to trickle down and enrich my life.

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Posted in: Japan's proposed immigration law revisions deal fresh blow to refugees See in context

Let them all in. Japanese can be so uptight. A big ol' injection of foreign culture could be just the thing Japan is looking for. Can't wait for some of that ethnic cuisine.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for animal cruelty kept 58 pets in Tokyo home See in context

Wonder how can you smuggle a crocodile into thIs country.

Probably fewer scales than half the old fogies crawling about

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Posted in: Thailand's daily COVID infections hit record, topping 1,300 See in context

Good to see there is a country Japan can compare themselves positively against "well at least out vaccination drive is better than Thailand"

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for stalking after sending 353 text messages to bar employee See in context

This kind of stuff must happen all the time. Even in their down time hostesses are constantly replying to messages from infatuated customers on one of their bazillion keitais.

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Posted in: Japanese hospital worker infected with coronavirus after 2 vaccine shots See in context

Probably the Japan strain. It has been left to mutate for so long it has become resistant to the existing vaccines. Scary stuff.

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Posted in: Resurgent Ikee set for big Tokyo Olympic role See in context

Wont be hard to win a race with only one Competitor

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Posted in: Large numbers of people out and about despite gov't antivirus pleas See in context

Good to see human selfishness isnt Limited to the Western world. By all means spread the virus around your local area, but dont start travelling to other prefectures. Idiots.

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Posted in: COVID-19 variants could hit Tokyo economy by extra ¥4 tril See in context

The Japan variant especially. Japan may have got off lightly so far, but the world wont look on Japan in the same light when the useless dillydallying leads to a new variant immune to the current vaccines.

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Posted in: China cautions Japan ahead of U.S.-Japan summit See in context

Gotta love the US. A nation, where the police literally go around murdering ethnic minorities, lecturing other countries on human rights. Politics is hilarious.

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