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Posted in: Suga to resign; says he couldn't run for reelection and handle virus response See in context

When the going gets tough, the Japanese PM gets going. The only shock about this is it wasnt weeks ago.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges huge COVID relief package if he wins LDP leadership vote See in context

10man en please

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Posted in: Suga to resign; says he couldn't run for reelection and handle virus response See in context

The revolving door of useless, self-serving idiots continues to spin.

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Posted in: Sleek modern horror 'Candyman' has got quite a hook See in context

Nothing happened

Probably had a lot of people to get through

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,915 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 13,638 See in context

3000 tests. What a flipping joke

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Posted in: Police officer fatally shoots man threatening him with saw See in context

Is a saw a dangerous weapon? you might scratch someone if you hit them with it, but thats about it. Looks like overkill to me.

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Posted in: Lee 'Scratch' Perry, reggae and dub wizard, dies at 85 See in context

A true king of reggae

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Posted in: Japan to allow wider preimplantation genetic testing of eggs in IVF See in context

If you are having trouble conceiving naturally, and you are paying a fortune just so that you can enjoy being a parent, you should have the right to choose whether or not that child that will grow up with a debilitating or life-threatening illness. Which parent in their right mind wouldn't choose to have a healthy child ?

This is going to be a very unpopular opinion, but the argument put forwards by the people suffering from these diseases seems selfish. Why would you want more people to go through that suffering? True these kids could live their lives with support from society, but get this, they could live their lives completely healthy with support from science instead.

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Posted in: Paralympic coverage airs on NBC for the first time on Sunday See in context

A step in the right direction. Equal representation for all.

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Posted in: Nirvana sued by man who was nude baby on 'Nevermind' cover in 1991 See in context

Never mind

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Posted in: Schools take action against rising pandemic-linked student suicides See in context

500 kids killed themselves. Thats is horrific.

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Posted in: Japan to expand state of emergency to 8 more prefectures See in context

Employee san: Can I work from home?

Boss san: No

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Posted in: Taliban want to maintain good relations with Japan: spokesman See in context

Good news for exports. Terrorists love a Toyota

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Posted in: ‘Star Wars: Visions’ trailer reveals the 'Star Wars' universe envisioned by 7 Japanese anime studios See in context

Looks pretty fresh.

The tie fighter anime that came out a few years ago was awesome.

Glad to see Disney being a bit more experimental.

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Posted in: Japan's governors call for COVID lockdown See in context

Of course! They've been busy planting money trees since March 2020.

I believe the correct terminology in Japan is 'money printer go brrrrrrrrrrr'

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Posted in: Japan extends, expands state of emergency as cases surge See in context

It seems to me the only people actually affected by the SOE are those people who want to go for a drink after work. The local restaurants and bars have made an absolute killing this year with the support from the government for closing. Teachers are all at school. Office workers are all in the office. All the oldies still seem to be visiting their health clubs and aerobics classes as usual. Young people are out shopping and sipping coffees at the weekend, and I constantly see young families on TV out enjoying various kiddy attractions. Open the bars up already, I need a drink!

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Posted in: Japanese woman freed from Chinese prison after serving 6-year sentence See in context

Hopefully she learned her lesson

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,094 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 20,151 See in context

downward trend as expected. Should be back to triple figures by mid week

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Posted in: Heavy rainfall in southwestern Japan causes mudslide, threatens floods See in context

cough cough

climate change


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Posted in: Concerns mount over possible collapse of Japan's medical system See in context

Japan is usually streets ahead in terms of organisation

given 100 years to organise something this may be true

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Posted in: Suga's medical adviser urges tougher anti-virus measures See in context

another 10man please

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Posted in: Freighter splits in two after running aground at port in Aomori Pref See in context

Time to concrete the ocean floor as well as the mountains, rivers, and coastlines.

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Posted in: Relatives remember JAL crash victims on 36th anniversary See in context

Another great example of the higher ups not taking safety seriously. Timely

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Posted in: Japanese research group to explore food production on moon See in context

Or solve the climate crisis that is going on right now...

Complete idiots

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,612 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 10,574 See in context

The olympic spirit has defeated the virus

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Posted in: Police say man in train knife rampage thought of bombing Shibuya crossing See in context


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Posted in: Suga thanks people for helping to hold safe Olympics during pandemic See in context

Now cut emissions you useless muppet

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Posted in: As pandemic Olympics come to a close, Japan asks: What did Games mean? See in context

Having no lockdown has meant that Japanese athletes have been training as usual whilst their foreign counterparts have been training as best they can under strict guidelines or at home for the past x months. Go Japan!

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Posted in: Sapporo hopes Tokyo Games success will boost 2030 Winter Olympic bid See in context

What a roaring success it has been....

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