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Chachee Tacos comments

Posted in: Father says son forgives him after being left in Hokkaido forest See in context

What parent hasn't wanted to make good on their threat to "I'll toss you right out of the car if you don't stop acting up!" threat? I think this was just a case of typical parenting gone wrong. Pity on the parents. Besides, now the kid can use this for pity points for the rest of his life. "Remember that time you left me by the side of the road....?" Score!

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Posted in: Teacher's conviction for groping girl on bus overturned by Tokyo court See in context

Wow, with all these comments I'm reluctant to say anything because I know it will be buried, but...

there is a common scam these days where teens will cry "chikan" to get the money from the accused, because it will almost ALWAYS end up a guilty verdict. This messed up mentality is what makes it worse for chicks who really are molested - they look like one of the scammers, much less a victim.

So it is important to have more cases like this one - where the guy didn't do it, and the innocent verdict is released publicly. This way the accused will know they can get a fair trial, the scammers realise that they too will have the run the system mill so they had better be damn sure they mean it when they accuse some poor schmuck.

There needs to be an appearance of justice on both sides.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO: Abe's goal to have 30% of bosses women too ambitious See in context

NO, no nonono...... this is where affirmative action steps in and lowers the quality of companies everywhere just to meet quotas.

Nissan's CEO is right.

It's a good thing to make work environments easier for women, who are biologically required to be the baby-producing machines of the family unit. We need nurseries in the bigger companies at least (they have them in Chicago! Not such a stretch for Tokyo). But that's as far as it should go. Being a woman does not quality you for being a boss, even if there are only 20% chicks in the top ranks of any given company. Being an effective employee, and a strong, wise, thick-skinned leader makes you a boss. Any person who does not fit those qualifications should not be put into the position, vagina or not.

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Posted in: Supreme Court rules DNA test results cannot revoke paternal status of child's father See in context

Ya know.... I think the judge made the right decision. Bear with me for a second.

At first I was pissed - why the hell should that man have to pay for the spawn that whore mother tried to pawn off on him as his responsibility? I thought. But then I realised I was thinking that way because of my anger at the mother, my pity for the father, and my disregard for the kid. (Frankly, I do not like kids.) It was all personal bias.

This country doesn't have a place in society for single parents, male or female. Children growing up without both names filled on their birth certificates are doomed, in far too many ways. Yeah. it's gonna suck for the dad that he married such a rat-ass mother and has to pay for her infidelity, but on the other hand, that kid has just as much responsibility to the father and his bloodline (related or not, on paper makes it legal) as he invests in the kid. He will have to pay for his father's retirement, his father's family home, his father's funeral, all because his name is on the paper. So it's not like the investment made in the child is money thrown away. The only person who gets away scott-free on this is the mother.

So pity on the kid, and I hope that he and the father are able to bond in some way. They need each other, and the judge has, very objectively, told the community to man up and take care of the bastards of society so that society doesn't end up caving in on itself due to a passing off of responsibility as a whole.

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Posted in: Workers at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have been turned down by landlords when they tried to rent apartments, some have had plastic bottles thrown at them, others have had paper See in context

Frungy up there makes some good comments.

This isn't about discrimination, this is about vocalization. The real victims from Fukushima have lost their homes and their livelihoods, have been shunned from repartition and are having a hell of a hard time trying to relocate, all while TEPCO raises electricity prices and gives their employees raises. The company has lied repeatedly, not only to the public, but to their own employees as well. It's no wonder the Fukushima people are angry. While it would be nice to throw tomatoes at the CEO, he's not the one knocking on the door every day asking for inflated electricity payments. Those workers are the representatives of a company which has - and continues to - unabashedly destroyed lives surrounding this incident, and if they don't like being associated with it, they should quit or pass on the word to their superiors. Not that the superiors are likely to do anything about it.

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