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Posted in: South Korea says its deadly MERS outbreak may have peaked See in context

****It is unfortunate that MERS:Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, is one of many diseases, that can be controlled instantly, but does not draw the immediate attention when needed. When attention is drawn ,immediate control and treatment, is the order of the day. What is the true-full story, behind this epidemic? It is the story of:Antigen,complement, opsonization etc. It is the story of HDL-2:High Density Lipoprotein subgroup-2. It is the story of Innate immunity. It is the story of niacin. Story of eradicating an epidemic before it starts to spread. We must move now!

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Posted in: In Japan, women are usually kept in hospital for up to a week after giving birth, while in the West, if there are no complications, mothers usually go home the next day, or even less, as was the case See in context

****The first week post partum, is critical to the newborn and its mother. This when and where he mother and child connection, start to establish. This is the time when a significant amount of weight, that was gained during pregnancy, is transferred to the newborn. It come usually in the breast milk. Mother's milk has all the nutritional ingredients that are; "must have" to the baby. Most of all it is pure Self-Molecules, so that no issues of immune compatibility exist. The mother, by relieving herself of the thirty pounds of weight gain, feels a whole lot better. She is much less depressed, Not working at home, she sleeps better(In power nap fashion of short burst), Sleeping right, is the opportunity for it, to repair and remodel itself.Consequently,milk production is far better, The newborn remains in good health. As for the husband that he is left at home, he will have a one week of quietness at home. It is then that he will prepare himself for the mother and baby arriving. Loving both of them. I think that one week in the hospital, post partum, is a good investment in the future of a nation.

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Posted in: World's first 'feeling' leg prosthesis offers hope to amputees See in context

****The recently performed study on leg amputee, and restoring his sensation of this limb, is not a surprise to me. This pleasant surprise reassures us of the value of receptors as connected by ion channels, to the brain. In stimulating the pituitary, the brain releases Growth Hormone, Beta Endorphin etc. With that mu-opioid receptors are activated. That is when the pain are controlled ,and the patient starts to feel his lost leg. What turbocharges the release of GH and Beta Endorphin is, among the other;niacin,Apple cider vinegar,Curcumin etc.,

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Posted in: Japanese firm sells human pillow cell phone holder See in context

****As they say:"Honey, not now, I am on the phone".I wonder how will that affect the population control?

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