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Chairman Rexton comments

Posted in: Have smartphones created an ‘anxious generation’ among teenagers? See in context

Haidt is on the money, and goes into plenty of detail in fascinating interviews online. Mobile devices are concentrating teenagers' anxieties into a convenient package and then turbocharging them. As a dad to a toddler, my wife and I are trying to keep him away from our devices as much as possible at a young age so he doesn't develop a psychological dependence on them. I think it's going to get ever harder, and we'll likely make some mistakes along the way. but I think the effort will be worth it in the end. We'll let him use them, but it'll be our responsibility as parents to guide and manage that use, and Haidt has some applicable advice for that.

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Posted in: Kishida to stress rules-based global order, support for emerging nations at OECD meeting See in context

Maybe if more did not see the hollowness of such rhetoric, especially abroad, there would be more respect for the "rules based order".

Indeed. It's just means one set of rules for the crooks, who can bend and break them at whim with little fear of punishment, and another set for the rest of us. Both intra- and internationally.

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Posted in: May Day march See in context

Negative NancyToday  08:36 am JST

Marching for what?

An insane ideology that only fools follow.

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Posted in: Tesla to cut hundreds more jobs: report See in context

The market has literally been growing year on year every year since EVs were released.

So how are you defining a saturated market?

And now it's hitting the skids. Are you not paying attention to all the cars sitting unsold and orders drying up? Most of the people who want them have already bought them, and the secondhand market has plummeted. This might change in the future if charging infrastructure can be radically improved fast (unlikely, given the cost and materials required), but for all intents and purposes we do have a saturated market.

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Posted in: Tesla to cut hundreds more jobs: report See in context

Basically the EV market is saturated, so Tesla and the other makers are going to find it hard to increase sales over the foreseeable future.

As subsidies for them end and the early adopters have already bought theirs, demand is evaporating among everyone else due to high prices (excepting the cheap Chinese cars being dumped into overseas markets), escalating insurance, poor range and charging infrastructure, lack of mechanics and panelbeaters prepared to fix them, and safety issues. Stocks of unsold cars are piling up at dealers who don't want to take on any more of them.

But governments are still diving head first into the net-zero insanity, forcing car makers to make EVs to meet their punitive CO2 targets. Don't get me wrong - EVs have a place and can be pretty good around town. My Dad has one and it goes like the clappers. But outside cities and in places where there's poor charging infrastructure, they're expensive driveway ornaments..

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Posted in: Number of vacant homes in Japan tops record 9 mil See in context

Perhaps if the Japanese scrapped the form of official theft called inheritance tax, a large number of these properties could be released onto the market. It'd be nice to get hold of a decent-sized block, knock down the old place and build something nice and modern with actual light and insulation. But since the government is dead set on extracting every yen they can from the populace, I don't see that happening for the foreseeable future.

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Posted in: Trump sets out stark vision for authoritarian second term in Time interview See in context

What a sad excuse for an "article."

On immigration, a potentially decisive issue in the 2024 election amid record numbers of people illegally crossing the southern U.S. border with Mexico, Trump said he would have "no choice" but to launch mass deportations.

What's wrong with that? They're in the US illegally. Wouldn't you try to evict people who entered your home illegally and won't leave?

On abortion, another hot-button election topic, Trump repeated his stance that he would leave the issue for the individual U.S. states to decide whether to prosecute those who violate bans on the procedure.

Trump has claimed credit after the conservative-leaning U.S. Supreme Court featuring three Trump-appointed judges overturned the federal right to abortion in 2022, prompting several Republican-led states to introduce full or partial bans.

Asked if states should monitor women's pregnancies to see if they have had abortions in defiance of a ban, Trump replied: "I think they might do that."

He would not commit to vetoing any attempt to introduce a nationwide U.S. abortion ban.

More bloviating. All that means is he's leaving it to the states to decide, which is what the Supreme Court decided was constitutionally the right thing to do. The pro-abortionists lost the argument but can't admit defeat.

"I think the enemy from within, in many cases, is much more dangerous for our country than the outside enemies of China, Russia, and various others," Trump said in the interview when asked if he would be willing to suspend parts of the U.S. Constitution to deal with opponents.

He doesn't need to suspend the constitution to deal with these people. Criminal law already provides for that. The issue is whether the institutions will investigate and prosecute their own people. They won't - the power structure and corruption is so entrenched that they'll fight any attempt tooth and nail to drain the swamp. But the more they fight, the more public support they'll lose because the corruption is now so blatant that even the average sleepy Joe and Jill can't ignore it.

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Posted in: Aaron Sorkin working on new Facebook movie tied to Jan 6 riots See in context

So it'll be a work of fiction then.

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Posted in: Scotland's leader resigns after conflicts over climate change, gender identity weakened government See in context

Wow! Is that because he wants to stop Israel bombing Palestinians to death?

No, it's because he has a pathological hatred of white people. Quite the racist. If he hates white people so much in a country where they comprise the vast majority of the population, he's free to leave. But he won't, of course.

Moderator: vulgar/offensive - really? Ever listened to this guy talk? You leave up spiteful, hate-filled rants about Trump that have no factual grounding, but delete something easily provable. Take off the blinkers and start moderating posts objectively for a change.

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Posted in: G7 nations commit to phasing out coal by 2035 but give Japan some flexibility See in context

These net-zero pronouncements are getting crazier by the day, but the G7 governments seem intent on social and economic suicide no matter what the cost to the people they're supposed to represent. I look forward to Japan simply paying lip service to this nonsense and going its own way.

The hellbent pursuit of unreliables is totally unrealistic unless these governments and whoever owns them are deliberately trying to run their respective countries into the ground; the only medium- to long-term solution is to transition to a nuke-and/or hydro-heavy mix with coal and LNG there to smooth the transition, and wind and solar as supplements in the few places where they're economically viable (ie, they can function without subsidies).

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Posted in: What do you think are the good and bad points of the health insurance system in Japan? See in context

it’s very reasonable. and the co-pays are low.

The co-payments might be pretty reasonable, but the monthly premiums aren't.

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Posted in: Scotland's leader resigns after conflicts over climate change, gender identity weakened government See in context

Socialist race-baiter downed by his own hubris. Good outcome, but he should probably be jailed if he's subject to his own laws.

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Posted in: What do you think are the good and bad points of the health insurance system in Japan? See in context

Like others have said, it's pretty affordable across a broad range of services.

On the downside, premiums are extortionate for the self employed unless you can find an industry fund you can join. Thankfully, my wife found one that allies with my field.

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Posted in: Police officer hiring in U.S. increases in 2023 after years of decline, survey shows See in context

Another example of the Biden administration, and Democrats in general, being the party of law and order. The last few years have exposed the Republicans as being more interested in power, with law and order being an obstruction to their power, and now the Biden administration's consistent efforts in the face of an increasingly extremist opposition is showing the people that they want law an order, not chaos causes and reductions of body autonomy for half the population.

Police hiring increases are just one more example of the Biden administration's competence.

This is a brilliant piece of satire. Ever thought of doing it professionally?

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Posted in: Drugs like Ozempic won’t ‘cure’ obesity but they might make us more fat-phobic See in context

No medical organization do, "professionals" is not really applicable (as in without quote marks) to people that willingly choose to disregard the scientific evidence and instead promote things irresponsibly for personal gain. As expected there is no field where some people that should know better act unprofessionally, but they are in no way representative of the consensus. Is the same situation as "doctors" that say microbes don't exist and infection is just bad energy accumulating in the body.

So what? Most medical and allied organisations are in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies to one extent or another - the very organisations that make a ton of money from treating lifestyle-related diseases. But there are plenty of doctors who are able to think for themselves and have their patients' best interests in mind first and foremost, and base their treatment protocols and recommendations on scientific fact that may change as new information comes to light through research and clinical experience. Do you have a problem with that?

because the consensus is that losing weight permanently while remaining healthy is not easy. 

I think a prize is in order here: the first time you've brought a consensus that actually exists.

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Posted in: Drugs like Ozempic won’t ‘cure’ obesity but they might make us more fat-phobic See in context

not recommended as healthy by the professionals, this means that the recommendations you give are much worse than the ones belonging to the consensus of medical professionals.

Which "professionals" are you talking about? There are plenty of medical doctors who recommend keto and carnivore due to the health benefits Raw Beer linked to above.

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Posted in: Drugs like Ozempic won’t ‘cure’ obesity but they might make us more fat-phobic See in context

So many who have tried the diet I recommend are amazed at the results, and the ease of achieving those results, often after years or decades of getting nowhere following their doctors' advice and/or treatments. And the benefits are not only for weight loss.

Raw Beer, are you talking about keto or carnivore?

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Posted in: Drugs like Ozempic won’t ‘cure’ obesity but they might make us more fat-phobic See in context

Mainly because they are give bad advice from those doctors who follow the "consensus". The vast majority of advice I see on the MSM media and many "medical/dietary" associations is just plain wrong. Many of those deaths can be prevented by providing proper advice and guidelines.

Wasn't it only recently that the American Diabetic Association recommended filling half your plate with starchy (i.e. high carb (ultimately sugar)) vegetables if you have type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic? This is insane because it will spike insulin and promote insulin resistance.

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Posted in: Musk targets Australian senator, gun laws in deepening dispute over X stabbing content See in context

Blackstar, here's an excerpt from earlier version of the article that's since been changed by Reuters:

Police have charged a 16-year-old with a terrorism offence in the attack on Assyrian bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel. Videos online showed the attacker, restrained by the congregation, shouting at the bishop for insulting Islam.

Far right Senator Pauline Hanson supported Musk, saying the takedown order was the centre-left Labor government's "convenient excuse to increase their power to control what truths, ideas, information, and opinions you are able to share".

X and Musk have said they had complied with the temporary takedown order but would appeal it. The footage remained visible on X in Australia on Wednesday.


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Posted in: Musk targets Australian senator, gun laws in deepening dispute over X stabbing content See in context

Ricky Kaminski13Today  12:44 pm JST

Problem is here folks, Musk is pretty much right on this one. No matter how much of the kitchen sink of trigger words ( guns, Pauline Hanson really? ) you can throw into one article the sheer fact of the matter is Aussies don’t want , nor need censorship by any arrogant, holier than thou class of do gooding narcissists. It’s a slippery slope. We can deal with reality despite your need to protect us. Thanks.

Any time a mainstream opinion piece masquerading as a news article whacks "far right [politician's name]" into an article, it's safe to dismiss it as butcher's floor sweepings. Pauline Hanson is completely correct on this matter.

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Posted in: Exploring the bustling and diverse city of Kobe See in context

Great bakeries

Great bakeries indeed, especially Isuzu.

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Posted in: In Germany, the far right is on the rise again. How did it happen? See in context

ZaphodToday  06:41 am JST

Obviously, they are talking about the AfD. Read their program and compare that with the biased reporting. There is nothing "far right" about the AfD, unless you call anyone outside of the leftist dogma "far right".

The standard "reporting" is laughable. Reporters like this can't see past their own deep biases and slur anything and anyone whey disagree with as "far-right" instead of taking an objective look as to why these Germans are angry. It's patently obvious.

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Posted in: In Germany, the far right is on the rise again. How did it happen? See in context

Typical junk article written by a far-leftist blaming all the problems on the right rather than critiquing the leftist policies (many instituted under the nominally right-wing Christian Democrats) that are leading to Germany's state of social and economic anguish right now. Germans have the right to be angry about their federal government selling out the country to EU and UN technocrats to allow mass illegal immigration and destructive "green" policies. This is only going to lead to a backlash by the people the policies are leaving worse off.

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Posted in: Solar power occupies a lot of space – here’s how to make it more ecologically beneficial to the land it sits on See in context

Solar power is fine for small needs like houses and the like. But you need something that can provide a reliable baseload if you're to have any functioning industry. And for that you need nuclear, gas, coal, or hydro. No two ways about it.

The graduate teaching assistant who wrote this article needs to learn some basics like energy density and where the materials for solar panels come from and go to as part of their life cycle. Then he can come back and write another article that actually makes practical, economic, and environmental sense.

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Posted in: EU chief outlines more concessions for bloc's farmers See in context

Good to see the farmers' pressure is forcing the EU autocrats to back off. The job won't be finished though until the EU is dismantled and corrupt criminals like Von der Leyen and her ilk are breaking rocks in prison for the rest of their miserable lives.

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Posted in: What health risks to your skin do you need to know before getting a tattoo? See in context

Best to check your mental health first.

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Posted in: Is the all-you-can-eat KFC buffet in Tokyo really as good as they say it is? See in context

I went to the one in Osaka back in 2006 so this info is incorrect. It was up in Ibaraki-shi. I like KFC but after about my sixth or seventh piece, the smile slowly faded from my face.

2006? It must have moved then. The current one is in the Expo City shopping mall in Suita, which opened in 2015.

I've been past it many times but the line was always too long and I couldn't be bothered waiting. If someone paid for me I'd go, but wouldn't spend my own money on it.

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Posted in: One dead, 29 rescued after Australian gold mine collapse See in context

Thanks, they're alright but a bit shaken.

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Posted in: One dead, 29 rescued after Australian gold mine collapse See in context

It is very dangerous. The ground down where the rich quartz veins are is quite loose and wet, so they have to be really careful. There's loads of. gold down there and is some of the purest in the world, but is expensive to get to because they have to blast through the basalt that covers it.

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Posted in: One dead, 29 rescued after Australian gold mine collapse See in context

One of my friends works as a geologist at that mine, and finished his shift a few hours before the accident happened. He'd been down in the area where the collapse happened earlier in the day. Another friend is a paramedic who went to the scene and finished up there this morning. A very sombre mood at the site, and there wasn't anything he could do.

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