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Chamkun comments

Posted in: Images of Japan rugby players adorn JAL plane ahead of World Cup See in context

Japan is patriotic, but not nationalistic.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't urged by lawmakers to take action against S Korea See in context

South Korea must respect the basic treaty between Japan and korea in 1965

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Posted in: Nissan board meets to discuss governance amid rising tensions with Renault See in context

We still don't know the real situation. We all should not jumped our conclusion for the issues. I will wait the truth is informed after all investigation.

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Posted in: Abe cabinet support rate rises to 38.9% despite cronyism scandal See in context

Of course, there were no issues. Those scandals were manufactured by liberal parties.

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Posted in: S Korean buses carry statues of 'comfort women' See in context

Just ridiculous

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Posted in: Japan joins military exercises with U.S., UK and France off Guam See in context

Naumov Danila

Not really. Japan has still right to defend ourselves and our cultural lgacy.

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Posted in: Japanese film director Seijun Suzuki dead at 93 See in context

I admire your films.

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Posted in: Japan history revisionists bolder under Abe: analysts See in context

He is a truth seeker not a revisionist.

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Posted in: Abe says he is 'deeply pained' over 'comfort women' See in context

Mainstream historians say an estimated 200,000 women from Korea, China and other Asian nations were systematically raped by Japan’s imperial forces in military brothels. WHO are the mainstream historians? DO your home work for purely for historical reasons not political reasons. These historians used for a propaganda makes me sick,

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

It is none of other people's business. It is his religious right. Some people have an illusion that if none of Japanese did not go to Yasukuni, China an Korea would behave better. I do not think so. They would make a noise any way even if no one would go there.

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Posted in: Japan says it is puzzled by new China WWII national days See in context

I am puzzled by this.

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Posted in: Gov't considers revision of 'comfort women' apology See in context

Kono must explain to the world how his speech was produced before the government considers its revision. One thing for sure is an over 6 feet tall documents careful review found no fact and any single evidence of abduction for sex slavery is clear except the case of Indonesia for Dutch women. In that case, why the original speech did not specify the name of country and which citizens became victims. The solders who committed that crime were also received a capital punishment under the military law. Rape, abduction, forceful sex slavery were crime then in the imperial army. If Kono clearly had stated then, Korea could not have capitalized on"some involvement of military" part in his speech to aply for the case of Korea. Japan has admitted existence of brothels from the beginning. How Japan has been dealing with showing Japan's responsibility humanity and moral level should be informed to the world as well with Asian women foundation. The most people have no knowledge about it, so Japan has never apologize and does nothing became the world understanding.

Why did the Kono speech produce so many gray zones? It has been used for the foundation of wrong accusation since he made that speech. When I hear the public opinions for this case, which blindly accept this wrong accusation usually also the public have no root of knowledge and fact. Japan needs to solve the issue politically besides the historical fact. We need to divide the moral issue and crime issue. Japan needs to work hard for this moral issue while Japan explains to the world that crime issue does not exist except the case of Indonesia. Japan must do more to resolve for the case of Indonesia. For Korea, Japan did too much. That has produced a wrong idea as if the testimony of former professional prostitutes were true. Japan has no more obligation to protect them since they accuse Japan with inaccurate information. Japan should released their statement if the based on the common sense, it those statement are trustworthy or not.

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Posted in: Murayama says 1995 sex slavery apology review not in Japan's interest See in context

The translation for "Japan’s wartime system of sex slavery" is not right. The original words should be translated as it is. Because I can not find the word slavery anywhere and that word deliver a wrong impression.

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Posted in: Gov't considers revision of 'comfort women' apology See in context

The many comments I see here is one of the good reasons to fix a Kono speech this time the based on the real history and facts without any request and influence from Korea like when Kono speech was composed for the first one. That produced this much misunderstanding to the world. At that time, Korea said as long as Japanese government could release a speech that Korean Government also could satisfied,this would be the last and no more issue. This circumstance is now revealing by the people who got involved composing the first Kono speech, therefore this potential reviewing and possible modification is inevitable. Many Japanese people know this fact now when it was on the major news paper in January. That is why the government made this announcement.

For the first Kono speech was a political solution to clam the situation that was understood by the both negotiators.That was why the speech writer let them review each draft to Korea and accepted at least 10 words deletion and used other words before the final draft. But unfortunately, Korea used the speech that was produced for a political solution for two nation's future as our tacit agreement. However, they used it as if it were a historical evidence in their lobbying movement in the world to even erect historical monuments without any objective evidences while many objective evidences existed which indicated that they were not abducted by Japan as they claim but Kono speech has been used to change that fact. At least, the involvement of Imperial army solders were in Indonesia for Dutch women as victims should have been specified then in the first Kono speech. Since the speech is used as a tool by many lobbying activities, Japan has no way to keep as it is. The government then was so naive that they trusted such a deal. Even Japan is criticized from now on, we must keep saying the truth. Because they were not abducted victims. Japan must not apology for the history which does not exist. We may not give this hot potato to our future generation. We sometime in the future need to seek some diplomatic overture with Korea, we must commit to solve this problem now. For this purpose, I agree with the government of Japan today,

For humanity level and moral issue, we have done and paid so much but we should keep doing it more as endlessly also not just the Korean women but any other women are still there,we must apology and pay compensation and participate more actively to reduce the numbers of women victims as a dark side of war.

However, Japan must keep it clear. I understand that we are blamed for moral issues and women's right issue but not criminal issues. These 2 issues represented by Korea as one package makes this problem is so difficult.

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Posted in: China concerned at Japan holding weapons-grade plutonium See in context

Me,too.I want know the reason. By the way,China should open their mouth after they destroy their WOMD, first.I know so many of them have been set to Japan.Japan must stop giving ODA any more. It is helping their nasy weapons indirectly.Till I the last year. Japan has given to 3650000000000 yen since 1978.

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Posted in: Hundreds rally against Okinawa base move as Kennedy arrives See in context

MORE actual people there want to have the base. The media should also report the other side of opinion of Okinawans. Other wise it will produce an image that all Okinawans feel this way. So many people who do this are not even Okinawans. We see the so many same faces in many left wingers events in main land as well. Some of them are extreme left, and teacher union people as a group activity, and many non Japanese I spotted the last year gathering sending free Okinawa message to send a wrong message to other countries. Please let them decide. The issue should not be used as a platform to express other people's political point of views.

I see the photo in this article some people carry the panel saying NO War. I think because the US presence in Okinawa, we have had no war for a long time.

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Posted in: Virginia vote on Sea of Japan hands victory to South Koreans See in context


It seems that most readers have ignored history.

Which historical event are you pointing out?

suin kim

Recently, Korean President Ms. Pak made a speech that the Korean han against Japan will continue more than 1000 years.

As far as I know, President Park had never made such a statement.

You are right. She did not say the way it was shown here. Ms.Park was saying about the relationship with Japan in DC in front of US senators. She basically said Korea's position as a victim will not change for the next 1000 years.

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Posted in: China criticizes Japan's move to seek compensation over 2010 ship collision See in context

Japan needed to do this because this aggressive unlawful action occurred in a Japan territory with the hard evidence with video tapes. Otherwise, it would have been the same as saying to the world the area were not governed by Japan.

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Posted in: Kerry cautions N Korea; urges Japan, S Korea to put past behind them See in context

Kerry urged both countries to try and put the past history behind them

It must be impossible for her that Ms. Park stated in DC that "our position of being victim of Japan will never change the next 1000 years" Having Park said that, May be Kerry should remind Park in case she has forgotten who was the majority of the solders attempted to invade Japan in 1274 and 1281.It would be endless if we must have 1000 years before we reset. It about time to see now and future.

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Posted in: Virginia vote on Sea of Japan hands victory to South Koreans See in context

The US senators are losing their marbles. If they think it is not fair using Japan as a pert of name for the sea, why East Sea? From Japan, it is West. It should be the Middle Sea? How come the area between Kyushu Japan and Korea is called Korea Strait? That must be the Middle Strait..........ridiculous,indeed. I know now all the issues between Korea and Japan manifest in USA where numbers of Korean voters are there. This is so sad. The some US senators work and use one's power to get elected to keep their position while they forget their mission! Not working for the US interest seems like. They even changes the principle for the world map that is there is no two names for the sea.

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Posted in: Japan upset by S Korean 'comfort women' exhibit at French comic book festival See in context

The bottom line is that except in Indonesia for Duatch women's case. the sex salve case does not exist.That what Kono speech meaent.

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Posted in: China, Japan open German front in diplomatic war See in context

The translation was wrong for what Abe said. According to the explanation of Japanese government.

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Posted in: China rules out Xi and Abe meeting at Sochi Games See in context

Good. No reason to meet.

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Posted in: Yoko Ono, Watson add voices to anti-dolphin hunt See in context

Another reason I dislike Yoko Ono.

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Posted in: China slams Japan defense spending plan See in context

Japan has decreasing its defense budget for decades. Mean while, China just even on the surface level, 27 times more than 90's. It is natural if Japan tries to accommodate the circumstances around Japan. Also twice? that I remember, N.Korea sent their missile going over Japan. Japan needs to be a country which is capable to fight in the best way, but does not plan to fight. Along with beefing our defense force up,article 9 must be changed for our dettrent power. At this moment, Japan is the country which can not fight. I wish I did not have to say this opinion.

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Posted in: Imperial Household Agency criticizes lawmaker for handing letter to emperor See in context

Yamamoto should resign now. He does not obey our constitution. He must understand that we can not make our emperor involved any politics and using him any political influence. He jeopardized the Emperor's position. Also he does not know the chapter 99.

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Posted in: Japan disappointed at S Korean leader's summit refusal See in context

Just ignore Korea and stop supporting their Olympics in 2018. Unless they become willing to work together as a problem solver. Why Japan needs to give money and skill, man power for set up the ski venue for them also making snow for them?While they are making some negative campaign for 2020 Tokyo for political reasons. Ms.Park is in England and France now. She is complaining about Japan there as well. Why don't you say it to Abe directly. Korea must stop a political extortion.

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Posted in: Lawmaker breaks taboo by handing letter about nuclear fears to emperor See in context

Yamamoto did bad for Harakiri level as PM. This PM does not know the Constitution? The Emperor can not get involve politics. The emperor has authority in more cultural sense and power is possessed the prime-minister and government. So that, if we don't like what is going on, we could change the government but keep the authority for stabilization of 130 million people. Yamamoto geopardized the system. For last 68 years, we kept the balance in this way. Trying to use the emperor for his political advantage even that is a good intention might have some issue in our constitution as PM. It could affect the atmosphere of the Natinal Diet, once emperor is aware of some political issue as inconspicuous effect since his authority is very strong still even with out official power but some tacit level. Yamamoto should resign today. We can not make an exception in our constitution, unless we change the position of our emperor politically.

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Posted in: Japan readies huge island war games amid YouTube PR push See in context


Again, the treaty was rewritten many time, so the latest version has only its effectiveness.

Senkaku is included despite of your counter argument. Do you think the US used Chinese territory for America's bombing range? The two of Senkaku were used as the bombing range of USA. Why Senkaku is covered by under Japan US treaty? Why the official name of these islands are called SENKAKU in USA?

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Posted in: Abe warns China on use of force as jets scrambled See in context


Even the US says it doesn't recognize Japan's claim of sovereignty over those islands.

When did the US say that? The US said USA does not take a position for a sovereignty issue. But the official name they call these islands are Takeshima. What does it mean? Also they clearly say Senkaku include the area where covered by US Japan treaty. What does it indicate? What you said is just non sense. I can not believe USA would say so if they do not recognize it is a territory of Japan.

Actually, Japan has given up its claim not only to these islands but also to the Ryukyu islands, the long island chain in-between Japan and the Diaoyu islands in the whole series of WWII peace treaties/ agreements such as the San Francisco Peace Treaty and Potsdam Declaration (terms of surrender for Japan).And the origin of Article 3 of the San Francisco Peace Treaty can be traced back to the following agreement made between China and the US during the Cairo Conference:

This is one of the typical Chinese tactful deceptions you are using here. It is conspicuous that Cairo and Potsdam Declaration are before San Francisco treaty. In international law, the latest treaty is the one which is effective. They are not even relevant. There was a process to finish the final version on SF treaty which only the effective one.The China and US talkyou are talking about was not reflected to the latest version for reasons. Again, the world is not interested in the process. What is stated determines the fact.

Article 3 of the San Francisco Peace Treaty says: "Japan will concur in any proposal of the United States to the United Nations to place under its trusteeship system, with the United States as the sole administering authority, Nansei Shoto south of 29 deg north latitude (that's the Ryukyu islands but excluding the Diaoyu Islands which are located further south between 25 to 26 degree north latitude)..."

Did you change the original sentence??? The original Article 3 does not say Diaoyu Islands. It said:Japan will concur in any proposal of the United States to the United Nations to place under its trusteeship system, with the United States as the sole administering authority, Nansei Shoto south of 29deg. north latitude (including the Ryukyu Islands and the Daito Islands), Nanpo Shoto south of Sofu Gan (including the Bonin Islands, Rosario Island and the Volcano Islands) and Parece Vela and Marcus Island. If " but excluding the Diaoyu Islands" were the case, how USA were using two of these islands as their bombing range? The world did not think USA was bombing on Chinese territory then as well as now.

Any way, before WW2 from 1895, there was a Bonito flake factory and 250 Japanese were living there constantly. After US took over, two islands were used their bombing range. China said nothing over 70 years.Then right after the oil was found, this issue started. America returned Okinawa to Japan in 1972 with the administration right of Senkaku. If China really thinks they are right, sue Japan at ICJ. Japan can prove with many documents of China to show the perception of China how China was seeing these islands with the letter from Chinese government in 1919, the official maps, from an article of Jinminnippo,,,etc even Japan do not have to use Japan's documents. What China is saying today like a big crying baby has no legal base and no substance to any of these.

A reality is that, China wants OIL,Gas, China wants to have a free open sea territory for their navy expansion. They can release any deception to obtain what they want. Poor Chinese people are manipulated by that.

"During a private dinner with the Chiangs on the evening of November 23, President Roosevelt asked Chiang China's intentions regarding the Ryukyu Islands.

Forget it, because the above reasons.You put just selective information here. The during this conversation right there, China said NO. We need a full context to prove some fact. It would get too long, I would not put here but few months ago, a recording tape was found at American Achieve center which contains a conversation among Henry Kissinger, Henry Peterson and Nixon. I recommend you to hear it. It is explaining clearly how Taiwan asked USA before Okinawa was returned to Japan. But Kissinger was strongly tried to keep the spirit of SF treaty and return Okinawa include Senkaku as well but the textile industry in South which Nixon needed a lot of vote, Peterson advised that accepting a condition from Taiwan which exported a cheep cost for textile then, Nixon decided to be diplomatic to Taiwan. As a result, USA calls not returning sovereignty but administration right to Japan. China was a out of their picture in this conversation.

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