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Deterrent power.

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Francis Urquhart

I am sorry. Let me clarify what I said. The word you used aggressor (A starter of the war.) I changed into ''aggressive'' because that preemptive strike of Japan was aggressive action. I meant two things in one word. One for occasion as pulling a trigger first, another one is the degree of the aggression. As far as a preemptive strike is concerned, it was not an illegal action then. (I am not saying right or wrong here. The question here is lawfully if Hiroshima is a crime or not.I stick with it.)

So the point is who is the aggressor, or who is more aggressive should not determine it if this is crime or not but that specific action go against the law or not should decide it. Such as to drop bombs on a populated civilian areas that went against the law even then. I have already commented in my first comment in this topic that was the based on San Francisco peace treaty, Japan should not think Hiroshima,and Nagasaki is a crime. But the lesson for our future. I agree with you for the conclusion but a different reason.

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Francis Urquhart No. Japan was the aggressor and has no right to complain

This is a completely wrong idea.I must disagree with you respectfully. If one is a criminal or not is determined by who is more aggressive?No! It must be based on the law. How is a mission conducted in relations with laws. Otherwise taking a revenge would be legal. I hope you can read what I said before you. That is the point I was talking about. That why many Japanese could feel some regret from the International Military Tribunal for the Far East but not much from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Because the law was made by winners after the incidents based on your logic here you stated. But again, the most Japanese have accepted San Francisco peace treaty and only look at the future since then.

The issue of Japan today is some countries keep bring back some situations even though which have been resolved and ignoring the treaty. But not Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that is issues in past. Japan takes it as a poisoning changing as a medicine situation for the future. That why you would not see too many people who remember but without resentment.

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TECHNICALLY and LAWFULLY , Yes it was at that moment. Also Tokyo carpet bombing by B29 is crime as well. My mother has lost her ability to walk normally since then.She was a just student. Tokyo was not the combat zone of that war. On that night, over 100,000 civilians were killed which is the larger numbers than Nagasaki. The city of Tokyo lost over 90% of structures with conventional weapons. In old photographs, we could see Mt, Fuji from anywhere.

However, I do not think using A. bomb it self was illegal. There was no concept of weapon of mass distraction then. We can not apply the law which had not existed yet when that moment was happening. Only these 3 events are considered as illegal is to attack not uniforms but intentionally to non combat zone with massive numbers of civilians.

Again, I only am saying here as a technically speaking. Once Japan accept San Francisco treaty, Japanese people should not have any resentment. The fact is we do not. The most people here reset our mind after SF treaty.

Having said this, some issue might be held by some Japanese people is why we have A class,B class and C class war criminals. Because the laws they applied at the court was produced after the war. When those solders were judged by the laws which had not existed when those unfortunate situations were happening. Also, the reason why many Japanese feel resentment today is because SF treaty as our new world order, the article 3 states, Takeshima, Senkaku island are Japan. These islands somehow became the issues of today.

All countries should act based on the San Francisco peace treaty which was signed by 48 countries as new order of the world and it has a meaning of the amnesty provision for international law is the 2nd article as a tacit agreement. So in this sense, Japan should not think Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as Tokyo carpet bombing are war crimes.

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Up until 1870's, Japan didn't know Dokdo existed *

Really? There is a Japanese map which was made in 1768 that shows Takeshima.

According to Korean document called (Hachidousouzu) in the 16th century, there was Dokto which was located to the West of Ulleungdo Island on the map.Then sometime in 20th century, the same island was removed to the East side of Ulleungdo Island on their map that is completely opposite side to match with the location of Takeshima that Korea calls as if it were Dokto. I wonder if Korean kids have been taught this fact.

There are many Japanese know this fact but Japan has never made any noise to Korean text books. So Japan obtains the right to do this kind of domestic opinion poll anytime and it is none of Korean business.

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Why does Japan has no right to conduct its opinion poll about it? Korea has no right at all to interfere other countries business. The result is about right. The many people know the history of Takeshima. Despite of the new order of the world based on San Francisco treaty.Korea used force to take over there. Takeshima has been Japan since its promulgation of article 3 also it had been Japan before. Japan keeps its patience for Korean's illegal occupation of Takeshima.

'' Those people who can not face to the past will see no future.'' ( President. Park at The US congress.)Korea needs to take Ms. Park's saying in a consideration to see what Korea has been doing lately. The world has many legal documents as a proof. There many historical proofs since 512 in Korean documents as well. Although Knowing twisted facts from those are being thought to Korean kids. Japan has been patient for a long time.Japan has not claimed Korean text books either. Korea must learn how to keep the minimum order in the Far East. At least, show some respect for the life of Japan. Japan does not need Korea's permission to do any opinion poll in Japan soil. Leave Japan alone.

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Thank you for checking it in timely fashion. I will also confirm that my self as well soon. I appreciate it.

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No reason to pay. Ms.Park said in the U.S. Congress that ''Those who are blind in the past will not see the future.''

I wonder that how the father of Ms.Park would have felt, if he were here who established the moment of history for Korea and signed the treaty in 1965 which concluded the EVERY issues between 1910 and 1945 has been completely resolved forever. Does Korea deny this historical moment for the normalization between Japan and Korea in 1965?

When the average monthly salary for collage graduates was $62, $1 was 360 Yen then. Japan has paid $800,000,000 not for our gift but compensations for everything according to Korean government at that time. Also, unconditionally Japan left $5,300,000,000 worth of asset to Korea with formal apology. The money was used by Korean government for other reasons that became the foundation of today's Korea as known as Miracle on the Han River. The Korean average income jumped to 10 times higher in 3 years.That was a decision of Korea that they did not use it for compensations for their own people. It is not Japan's problem. Japan must't pay any more for any issue between 1910 and 1945, otherwise, Japan always will be extorted by countries near by endlessly. Enough is enough.

This judicial verdict is South Korea's legal extortion.

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I am really puzzled, indeed what is actually going on.

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Really? That sounds as if China is an out law nation.

Right!!! A normal country respects any treaty especially the treaty set a new start line of the post war with the 48 countries signature as a consensus of the world. If China can think, '' It does not matter because we were not invited'' That is a one of the actual proofs that they can set the value on their Sinocentrism more than anything else. That makes China as the out law nation.

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Not even the US says these islands are Japanese and the Europeans openly opposed the idea of calling them Japanese.*

When have they changed their view? According to San Francisco Peace Treaty that was signed by 48 countries included Dutch, UK, Greece, Norway,,etc. They are not Europeans? Canada, New Zealand, America, and so on. Totally 48 countries signed it.

Saying those islands which are listed as the islands remaining to Japan in the SF peace treaty in article 3 are not Japan, that means challenging the treaty. The treaty functioned to reset the world order for the future after WW2. Japan was not in the position saying anything for its decision.

Chinese Government did not say anything then for a long time what they say today. But even their Jinmin Nippo News paper printed Senkaku as Japan.China issued the official maps said so, too. At lease 5 maps that I saw till 1968. Then suddenly China claimed the island is China as soon as the potential oil was found in 1968.

If anyone thinks it finds some error in the treaty, the law exists for that reason, basically it saying that'' When it finds an error or asserts the invalidity of a treaty, the announcement to the country directly concerned is required by the Vienna Convention on the law of treaties article 65''. However, no government or any nation have filed a complaint or made an announcement of error invalidity of the treaty until today as of today. If what you said is true, I will be confused.

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I still do not understand why this becomes a big deal.

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Are you losing your marble Korea? Japan is NOT governed by Korean Government. Why we need to produce any text book based on Korean's request. My patience will be no longer there, if we keep receiving this kind of complain. Our children should be able to be educated by us. It is called an interference. Religion, education,,,, belongs to each country.I am sure that Japan has tons of thing we would like to say for your educations but we keep quiet not saying anything Korea and China`s anti Japanese education. I saw some books are used in Korea which amazed me. But try to maintain the mutual respect. Japan has not said anything Korean text books.

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Japan needs natural sources without depending on China. I am very glad the news.

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The constitution of Japan is this country's promise that it will never ever remilitarise and commit the atrocities it committed in the past. Changing the constitution negates this promise.*

Wrong. I do not know any Japanese around me that subscribe to your extreme point of view. Beefing its defense capability up is for the deterrent power in the military power balance. China has increased 25 times its military budget since 90s. I wish they had not. The constitution you are talking about should exist the balance between the US Japan treaty and article 9. For last at least 2 decades,the US feels as it was in 50,60,70s's level of responsibility for the protection of Japan becoming too much burden for the US. In order to release some of their responsibilities, Japan it self must take care of them.That has been the same request from the US when Democrats took over or Republican took over their administration. as a fact.

Also, the under UN P.K.O. mission, each time Japan needed to set a new time limited law in order to send JPN Defense Force to the world. Japan should not keep producing those loophole laws. Any government has a responsibility to protect its nation's asset and life for its citizen. If during those P.K.O. mission, any Defense Force officer is captured, Japan must be able to say he is a member of JPN military to be treated as a POW for his protection under the international law. But those JPN Officers who have gone to abroad for last 10 years are not technically military men. Because the based on Article 9, we do not have ANY military. The euphemism Japan has been using to Japanese and to the world now is getting to be a deception.

Also, I feel my sympathy to the all men and women in uniform to be sent abroad and their families when I think of their risk with their unclear status, but they use their life in some dangerous situations in our government's deception while our Defense Force does their mission for the US resolution. Defense Force being abroad itself makes no sense. It is about time to identify what our Defense Force is. My opinion, Japan must live in the world as a member of international family. With the appropriate status, Japan should be the part of P.K.O. do our responsibility.

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If anything is recognized as TERRA NULLIUS by the international law. Any country has the right to do so. Technically speaking. Unless the law has changed.

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Yubaru:'' the euphemism is "comfort women" I do believe.''*

Thank you. You are right. Because I replied to Redcliff. I quote how this person said as comforting woman. I repeated that way.

Also you are right. The most of women were in silence. It is understandable. The first woman who brought this issue up to NHK 9 O'clock evening news long time ago. This former comfort woman repeatedly said to the current Social democratic party head Ms.Fukushima in NHK studio that she was sold to Keesen by her family for financial reason according to the director of the news show at NHK. I really sorry for this kind of situation.

But today it is becoming a different issue as if the government of Japan forcefully had abducted over 200,000 women to rape and made them as a sex slave. ( I saw the statement on the monument in Eisenhower Memorial Park in NY) The most Japanese people have a strong sympathy for these sad cases, but accepting the statement on the monument since it is in the American public park that makes as if it were a historical statement, is not the same issue. Some one must be doing a smear campaign for Japan. Now I hear that 150,000 were brutally killed after they were raped. The numbers of over 200,000 is totally baseless. So 150,000 were killed is impossible to accept without some hard evidence or at least some circumstantial evidence.

If Korean government really think these things are real issues for compensation cases legitimately as well as this forced labor case has not been resolved yet . Korea should sue Japan now. I want to see the all case result at ICJ. Whichever the result is, the most people in Japan will accept a verdict if the result comes from objective point of view. Then we can look for our future for the both nations.

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Redcliff:The article stated that a package of $800 million were given and in this amount included cheap loan and grants for the 780,000 conscripted Korean Labour but exclude Comforting women.*

Comforting women did not exist then. In the process, Korea was supposed to discuss every issue between 1910~1945. And conclusion was that every issue was resolved completely and forever. How we could say that was excluded?

This issue came out after Seiji Yoshida wrote his fake novel as if it had been as non-fiction in 1983. Then Asahi News paper Takashi Umemura wrote an article about it. After that this issue started in Korea that had not exist before. If the issue had existed, why Mr. Park did not say anything and signed EVERYTHING between 1910 and 1945 has be resolved completely and forever. Everything means everything.

By the way, Uemura's wife is a Korean woman whose mother was one of the leaders for a law suit for comforting women issue. I can not prove anything from this fact but I wonder why Umemura did not confirm if the story is true or not as a major news paper writer? Later Yoshida admitted he lied in order to sell his cheep novel. One of the areas is supposed this forceful abduction by JPN military happened was Che ju island. 250 women were taken according to the story. Some Korean journalists got angry for this case, they went to interview the village Yoshida was saying in 80s. JPN journalists went there as well. That was a very sensational news for Japanese people,too. But no one in the village has seen that abduction scene and no one remembers. One said in an interview ''If in this small village, 250 women had been taken, it would have been a big issue, it would have been a shocking event that every one should have remembered.'' I do not know the name of Korean female journalist asked to Yoshiko Sakurai why JPN people do not get angry for this? These facts were accumulated then finally Yoshida admitted. Seoul University professor who was the part of the research team also denied on KBS TV this abduction issue. The people remember that some women were sold to Keesen owned by Korean owners for some financial reasons of her family. A sad story. There is a moral issue for sure but that system was a legal then. Even in Japan, till 1958, that was a legal business.I am sure that many JPN solders were the clients of Keesen that JPN government has admitted.

The 3 Korean leaders include the mother in law of Umemura of this lawsuit and supporting members were arrested by Korean police department for some fraud in this movement. Then in 90s, this issue was gone for a long time. Then, then after the last president of Korea had some scandal in his family, he made this issue back as today.

So I must disagree with you that your said, ''but exclude Comforting women'' . That did not exist in 1965.

I have no intention saying Japan is 100% innocent. But accepting these cases for everything as a historical fact and Japan sincerely face to the history is two different things. I would rather politicians work for politics for better world and the meanwhile, historians work harder to find out the real facts as a history. History should not be a weapon to produce any political merit. We must learn our mistakes from it so that we could get out from this vicious circle.

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I am so astonished by this! They are using a historical issue to take a political advantage from Japan. So many Korean people have not been informed a correct history and facts what happened in 1965. If they think this is right, go to ICJ. They will lose the case. This is one of the examples that Japan needs to be more defensive. Every Korean politicians must read and understand the contents of Basic treaty between Japan and Korea. This issue and other issue anything till 1945 and before has been solved and Japan made a formal apology. Then for the compensation, when($1=360Yen rate, The average collage graduate salary was $62/month in 1965.) Japan paid $800,000,000 in cash. and unconditionally left $5,300,000,000 worth of asset to South Korea. The farther of President Park singed for the treaty. It said all issues before 1945 have been resolved completely and forever.No more complain for this period of time. What Japan did in action, Japan took care of the situation more than Germany that Koreans today like to compare. If this tendency from Korea gets worse, Japan could not be nice to Korea any more. The compensation money was not distributed to the Korean people who deserve to receive is not the responsibility of Japan. Korea spent that to create today's success. So they put that the infrastructure instead for the economic miracle for Korea. I am happy for you but do not come back again for this. Therefore, Japan is getting more defensive. I feel the same way. Sad. Make the basic treaty readable for everyone. The last century,I heard from Koreans that was not public information for civilians. I am not sure today, I feel that still not every deal has been opened yet. Otherwise, this case would not have happened.

Two reasons I assume.

1) Since Korean government has not given money to their own people as compensation since 1965, they did not make a big announcement of $800,000,000 and $5,300,000,000 of asset deal to Korean people. It seems many Korean really believe that Japan has never taken care of our responsibility since 1945. In this case, I can mentally forgive today's behavior of Korean ordinary people. But Japan needs to say everything based on the fact.

2) The Korean government might need Japan as a scapegoat. In fact, every time when their president or some politicians produce some negative issue, (recent one is the former president's brother or some one working for him,had some political scandal, the president started to accuse Japan for historical issues to shift the attention form Korean people to Japan not their own domestic issue.) If any one doubt it, please research the relationship between last few decades's anti Japan movement and their domestic issues. (China is the same way) No one has to be a rocket scientist to see something interesting. So intentionally, the compensation money Japan paid has not been every Korean's knowledge.

If President. Park who is supposed know a great detail of her father's deal making for the both countries positive relationship let this sort of situation keep going, Abe administration will inevitably beef up its strategy to Korea. Ms. Park is even unwilling to see him. Because historical issue exists, she needs to see Abe. I can see a vicious circle between Japan and Korea. So unfortunate.

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Mitch Cohen:Koreans killing symbolic Japanese birds is new to me. Would appreciate a source.Yelling at the air port? Sounds like a truly unusual protest.*

Thank you for asking. On July 17th, 2008 the Korean anti Japan demonstration happened. There, some Symbolic birds of Japan were treated this way. You can see it.

Also when 3 LDP politicians went to Korea for a historical research, but big demonstration happened in Kinpo Air Port? The photos show how they got crazy. I saw these news on all major Japanese network TV news. Also they burned JPN National flags with hate writing on the flag and hate speech for Japanese people just I hear in Yokyo lately from about 200 people,these Koreans ripped the emperor's photo as you can see here with hate speech. I do not like these actions. I do not like some 200 people's action in Japan,either. I visited Korean section in Tokyo, I saw more Japanese went against these Japanese anti-Korean flock. In some aspect, this provocation made us think this issue more. I hope this will be a good purifying stage for the both nation to establish better communication for diplomatic overture.

I have respectfully disagree what Korean Government states about Takeshima, and historical issues.Many Japanese feel the same way but a very small numbers of Japanese really commit to do this unacceptable demonstration. I am sure that the photo you see from the scene of anti Japan demonstration in Korea is the same situation. I believe these extreme people are real minority.

The main issue of this article makes me think is that how much laws should control people's expression when we go through the moment when the commonsense is lost.

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>Chucky3176 ''Japan did nothing for years and years of anti Korean protests''

Korea has done something for anti Japanese protests? When they cut and killed some symbolic Japanese birds, yelling at the air port, screaming hate content words and chop a figure of our prime minister's head ? Burning flags of Japan, or these are a part of freedom of speech and expression in Korea? I personally go against these people for the both side. I wish they were not being in Japan and Korea. But the same time, I am not sure yet if we should make laws get involved for this. Who and how draw the line at the site by law enforcement officer would be very tough.

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I thought Koreans have learned something from their own mistake at the Soccer game as their bitter lesson in London.They are supposed to know by now not mix Olympics and politics. The Koreans have not learned anything yet. What a self-centered view point they have!!!

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Our Judicial system is the one of the worst!!! Sometimes, they makes me wonder do they at least try to implement the laws and some common sense or arrogant judges without wisdom and courage think that as if they were the law??? I am proud of our cultural value that still we have some but not our politics and judiciary. Especially, our judiciary which is really insane!!! I am angry. Japan supposed be a democratic country, I must see our judiciary functions to protect it. So many cases I know that manifests their lack of understanding of their mission and their cowardliness.I do not want Japan to be taken over by these morons. Shame on you!

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BurakuminDesJUL. 01, 2013 - 12:39AM JST @ Samurai Blue - so, you are disputing the FACT Japanese soldiers raped children and used slaves for sex? That's a big call. I guess you have not read any Dutch/Chinese/Singaporean/Burmese etc accounts. C'mon - stop denying what your ancestors did and accept what EVERY other nation knows.

What you are saying here is a different subject. We are talking about over 200,000 abduction case claim in Korea which has never happened in the history. There many circumstantial evidences.

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chucky3176 There's nothing that stops from world's historians from examining this issue, and they have already. And most of them side with Korea, when it comes to existence of Japanese run sex slavery. If you want to argue with them, then fine, but that pretty much is like arguing there was no Hitler's death camps.

This is so typical reaction. If so why not evidence has not been shown. Japan never said we do not want apology include my self. Also why the other side of inconvenient truth, Koreans are trying to surpress? Seoul university's professor, Anne Byunjuku(Spelling ??? sorry) said after his historical research,'' nothing came out that proves the sex slave claim. He was under the pressure that if he can not find it, some level of manufacturing of it was needed,so he quit. That research team was not try to find the truth but some fact which can use the political advantage with Japan. The hones Korean professor could not stay there. If Korea had enough evidence as you said, you should agree with me that I suggest to sue Japan to ICJ for the case. So that everything will be more clear.

That only I said is instead of my opinion, the fact that is our ministers having a meeting which will not solve the issues.

My personal opinion is simple. It did not happen, I could be wrong. But the based on a commonsense, it is hard to believe that there is no witnesses who ave seen the moment that actually Japanese solders went into someone's home to abduct girls and women then forcefully took to the place. If over 200,000 women were treated that way as the monument said, there must be a witness.The late 80s and early 90s, many Japanese and some Korean journalists looked for witness but could not find them. The people who remember some case is Keesen( spelling) took them, some women went there because their own decision. May be some family reasons, in those days in Japan some girls were sold there, too. That it self is a big problem. Morality wise, even if that was not illegal then.I do not like it. However, being a client of Keesen and abducting,making them as a slave is a completely a different story. That is why Japan must say what we need to say. Other wise the next generation will have these hot potatoes. In fact, I was not even been born in those days. But went through this issue. Also knowing the Korean mentality, it is hard to conceive that they let Japanese take their daughters and wives. Also they kept the silence till 1980s. Japan lost the war in 1945. And Mr. Park had a chance to say anything in 1965. That was not mentioned at all. It has been too long. I have given up these issues with political solutions, but ICJ. Korea sues Japan for sex slave issue then Japan Accept it, Japan sues Korea for Takeshima issue then Korea will go for it.

I can see much more tangible steps for the better future for both of us in this way. Kamsuminida. If any individual cases which have produced a tragedy by some individual Japaneses solders to the women of victims that could have happened, I want to apologize to them now. If ICJ found the fact I do not know, then Japan lost, I will do that again and again while I am alive. The most Japanese will feel that way I believe. But not the result based on the politicians talk behind the scene. Both nation's people will not accept any out come for Sex Slave issue and Takeshima Issue in that way. This is my conclusion for this article.

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Sorry for type. in 1) I wrote, NOT be Koreans. but BY Koreans.

PS. Of course during the discussion for the basic treaty, every remaining issues were discussed that why it ended as every issues were solved between Korea and Japan completely and forever. No more claim for the issue before 1945. Signed by Mr. Park

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Right. I can really subscribe to your point of view. I can see why they did not let Korean people know what the contents of the basic treaty in 1965. They did not give money to the people that they should have.Japan tried to provide fund for each cases but Korea insisted that it would take another 10 years, Korea( president Park's father was part of it, ) demanded total amount of compensation for Korean people,so $800,000,000 in cash was given to Korea. And to the government, $5,300,000,000 unconditional asset to Korea which is more than what Germany did. Unfortunately the most of the money did not go to the people who should have been paid via Korean government. For long time, the basic treaty was not shown to their people. I believe still some of the contents are not shown to them.

I can think two reasons.

1) The money was used for their infrastructure and economic booster for today's their success. ( I am happy for their success but I wish they had been told the fact. The money would be used for this reason that for Korea) So Korean Government could not say everything what happened in 1965 to resolve all issues with Japan. Japan think it has been finished like my self. But the most of Korean could not think that way. Still Korean people think Japan never apologies. Of course, achieving the basic treaty took long time and we were supposed to put every issues on the table then. The sex slave issue was not mentioned at all be Koreans. That happened after Seiji Yoshida's non fiction book was published that later he admitted that he lied in the book.

2) Korean government may be needed Japan as a scapegoat. So keep Japan as a bad guy to control their own people whenever they needed. Just like recent event, The former president's brother or his right hand man got involved some scandal. When his popularity was lost, he went to Takeshima and talking about sex slave issue. The media and people's attention were shifted to Japan not to the president. Japan is very convenient for them also for China.

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I agree with smoothd but with different reasons . These politicians do not have to meet at this stage.It will be a wasting time. As long as Korea call it as the sex slaves which did not exist, we need historians from not just Japan and Korea but other countries as well to make it more objectively. Because a lot of Japanese know that they were (The most of them) working as a prostitute paid by Korean owners average 300 yen/ month and got 1~3 yen from each of their clients while the average salary was 5~7 yen at that time for ordinary people then. The sex slave sounded as it they had been abducted and taken by force. That why the statement on the monument which was established in NY and NJ that states over 200,000 Korean women were abducted and raped then forcefully they were made to be a sex slave by Japanese government that makes many Japanese today angry and uncomfortable. This is not exact phrase but basically this is what it is saying. If the politics works, this monument would have been there.

Also another reason that Japan does not need to meet a Korean minister if Korea has not accepted their illegal occupation of Takeshima by force which went against San Francisco peace treaty article 3. For these issues, Korea should bring the sex slave issue to ICJ. Japan should bring Takeshima issue to ICJ as well. The both nation must agree to meet at ICJ. The politicians should not get involved the issue any more. I am sure unless we fix the issue at ICJ, these issue could not be solved politically any more. We will be hurting each other for over 100 years. I would rather to fight at ICJ which could last long but not over 100 years. I am old enough to remember the basic treaty which was signed by today's Korean president Park's father in 1965. I expected that by the time I get my age today, Japan and Korea would be a real partner because it said all the issues before 1945 has been solve completely and forever. Then Japan paid $800,000,000 when $1= 360 yen. and gave all the asset unconditionally that was $5,300,000.000. but the situation got even worse. I do not know how many Koreans who keep begging an apology from Japan. Unless the 3rd party like ICJ gets involved, Korea will keep saying the same thing forever. That is an actual proof for me. The politics does not work between these nations.We can not count on the civilized manner of Korea. I do not want this would be continued. This must be solved at ICJ. I know while we are at ICJ and whatever the out come would be, 30 years, we would go through a hard time but that is only the chance I see for the 2 nations. In this way, may be after 2050, we might have some level of harmony.

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Serrano: What about illegal occupation of territory? Well, that's what the Chinese claim Japan is doing...

Illegal?LOL, indeed. Which law has Japan broken in the case? Before anyone use this word, he or she must know which law is based on.

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sfjp330 This is why there were 168 Japanese government officials still visiting Yasukuni praying for memories of 14 Class A and 2 million dead soldiers. The visit by these government officials does not help relations with neighboring countries.

What is wrong to pay their respect? I know quit many people go there to show respect their family members to pray peace and ease. To determine again to not make these history is not going to be repeated. Also these MP are not necessary agreeing and giving an approval for them but simply to pray. What is Class A? Is that the reason no one should visit there? If Class A are removed? We may visit?Yes ot No? I do not understand your logic. Let us know your idea. Your kind of idea does not help relations with neighboring countries. Remember over 15 million civilians died in China during occupation by Japan. There many MITAMA at Yasukuni not just men in uniform but many civilians not just Japaneses civilians also Chinese, Koreans, Taiwanese,,,,many more.

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