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Posted in: Suzuki revamps Wagon R, Wagon R Stingray See in context

¥230,000 ?? Why just dont buy Prius

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Posted in: U.S. general killed in Kabul attack See in context

Maybe due to resentment over USA support of Israel's Gaza massacre.

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Posted in: Rumors swirl after girls mysteriously collapse at Fukuoka school See in context

Could be a prank by group of girls.

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Posted in: KDDI, SoftBank say NTT's broadband plan risks monopoly revival See in context

only DoCoMo lacks a fiber-optic component.

I always wondered why NTT DoCoMo don't provide any discount for using NTT Fiber optic Internet like Au KDDI is giving. Now I understand. I think it may decrease bills of some using DoCoMo mobile and internet from NTT

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Posted in: Toyota to sell new fuel cell car for Y7 mil See in context

Fuel Cell cars are also all Electric difference is source of electricity which in this case is from a fuel cell while in other it is from batteries.

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Posted in: Highly skilled foreigners to be allowed to stay permanently in Japan See in context

From when this new rules will be applicable?

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Posted in: SoftBank to cut smartphone charges in Japan See in context

DoCoMo unlimited voice call plan also cost 2700. Softbank Unlimited voice calls will also cost 2700.

Isn't it some kind of price fixing?

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Posted in: Institute rejects stem cell research scientist's appeal See in context

Just wondering if she insist her result are correct why she do not replicate in front of other researchers?

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Posted in: Woman wrongly arrested by Osaka Pref police; 9th wrongful arrest since last July See in context

From where/why the police have the photo of that woman?

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Posted in: Toyota sells 2.58 million vehicles, outpacing GM See in context

well done toyota

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Posted in: Steelmaker ready to ship world's longest rail tracks See in context

What about handling of such long rails at destination?

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Posted in: Docomo to introduce new billing plan and discount services See in context

All you can talk + 2GB data plan start from 6500 Yen,

Still expensive. EMobile 5GB Data + Free calls to Softbank Network start at 2525 Yen.

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Posted in: Stem cell controversy sets back Japanese science See in context

Simple way is that Riken asks her to replicate her results in presence/supervision of other experts in this filed.

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Posted in: Thanks to so many searches of 3.11, Yahoo! Japan to donate over Y25 million See in context

wow 2.5 Million searches

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Posted in: Nagasaki man gets back the cash he left at ATM See in context

Happened to me, left over 100 Thousand yen and got back next day.

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Posted in: Yakuza gang membership falls to record low See in context

Yakuza focusing on efficiency and need less lower level operatives. Does the money involved also go down? Most probably Answer will be no.

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Posted in: Japan lifts volumes in UAE crude storage deal See in context

Win-Win for both countries.

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Posted in: Samsung launches flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone See in context

Sony Z2 is much better in every aspect.

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Posted in: Nissan, Renault to boost ties in $3.8 bil savings bid See in context

Mean lot of job cuts.

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Posted in: Fishermen kill 30 more dolphins in Taiji: activists See in context

Whats the problem if they are not hunting endangered species?

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Posted in: World leaders pay tribute to Sharon See in context

Butcher Gone

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Posted in: U.S. troops kill 4-year-old Afghan boy See in context

Because not killed by Taliban.

TigersTokyoDomeJAN. 11, 2014 - 09:01AM JST Why is this not the headline news? And why are no posters interested enough to comment? Sad.

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Posted in: Foreign brands still minnows in Japanese car market See in context

Japan is full of Audis, Benzes and BMWs.

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Posted in: Convenience store coffee named biggest hit product of 2013 See in context

Lawson have.

spudmanNOV. 06, 2013 - 12:04PM JST Anything is better than canned "ko-hi-". I wish they would offer a discount if you bring your own container.

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Posted in: Hacker mercenaries linked to spying attacks on Japan, South Korea See in context

NSA footprints

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Posted in: 5 police killed in attack in Indian Kashmir See in context

Only Indian side of the story.

Jammu and Kashmir is a integral part of India and there is no such term like "Indian Kashmir"................

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Posted in: Massive quake creates island off Pakistan coast See in context

And USA is planning to invade ;)

China claimed it alteady.

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Posted in: 13 dead in shooting rampage at U.S. Navy complex in Washington See in context

As for whether it may have been a terrorist attack, Mayor Vincent Gray said: “We don't have any reason to think that at this stage.

How to conclude if it is a terror?

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Posted in: Snowden leak shows spy agencies break Web encryption See in context

And it may only be a matter of time before a criminal organization (or some rogue elements inside NSA, GCHQ) discovers and exploits these same vulnerabilities theoretically left in place so the NSA could combat such adversaries.

Well-Done NSA

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Posted in: AirAsia Japan rebranded as Vanilla Air See in context

I think its not re-branding of Air Asia but rather a completely new LCC launch and hiring staff of AirAsia Japan.

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