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Posted in: Japanese police struggling with growing number of 'CAN invaders' used to steal luxury cars See in context

To prevent Relay theft, put your remote keys in a well -sealed aluminum foil when not in use.

Better store your car in an inconvenient place for the thieves. A friend had a showroom along a kokudou just near a major highway entrance. Thieves used cranes to lift two luxury cars. They didn't need to start the cars.

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Posted in: Safety concern aired as Japan rushes to evacuate nationals from Kabul See in context

Was waiting to know whether Japan was bringing their Afghan staff and their families TO Japan together with their Japanese nationals.

They conveniently left that out. Typical Japan

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

Just get a second phone and leave one at your hotel. I wonder how no journalist has ever asked these so- called officials about such a possibility

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Posted in: Japan's strict gun laws trigger problems for Olympic shooting See in context

Do we even need this sport?

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Posted in: IOC says negative public opinion no threat to Tokyo Olympics See in context

I would rather choose the unpopular way; Shame the individuals athletes and sponsors. Participations should at the least, insist that they won't participate until a significant portion of Japan's or Tokyo's population is vaccinated. Because that's doable.

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

I watched most of the Diet session today. If these are the people leading us here in Japan, then we are doomed.

It was just pathetic looking at their refusal to answer questions.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka becomes part owner of U.S. women's pro soccer club See in context


Why don't you give us the reasons for her Japanese grand parents issues too?

You assume so much and all is hate and contempt. From you, now I know someone cannot come from Haiti and be successful

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Posted in: Maybe a few movies more? Clint Eastwood turns 90 See in context

You might classify me as young but the only memory I have of this man was his talk to chair show during the 2012 election. Thats what my generation know abt him. And it isn't that impressive.

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Posted in: Trump first foreign leader to call for postponing Tokyo Olympics See in context

Pains me to admit that I'm agreeing with this guy

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Posted in: Queen, Prince Harry, senior royals set for crisis meeting See in context

No further coment. Crazy Joe said it all

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Posted in: New questions rise after Iran says it downed Ukrainian plane See in context

All these innocent people would be alive if not for Trump's obsession with everything Obama/Impeachment scare. There are human consequences to his childish behavior. We all acknowledge Iran has been a bad actor. Why rush a confrontation now?

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Posted in: France, others line up to probe plane crash in Iran blamed on missile See in context

I hear people say its too early to point fingers. But why not??? Was this tension that let to an Iranian military personnel firing this missile necessary? Yes, a missile brought it down. Probably by mistake. Whole true cause being that Trump is jealous of the black man Obama and so wanna destroy everything that has his name on it. This is no more funny. There is human cost to it. Those of you still enabling this should be ashamed of the blood of the innocent civilians on your hands.

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Posted in: Ghosn carried spare French passport while out on bail in Japan See in context

@Drako, I studied Japanese Management in the university

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Posted in: Ghosn carried spare French passport while out on bail in Japan See in context

I can't get the ''SAVED Nissan'' crap enough. Guys do some research before repeating that. I have done numerous paper works on this topic. They needed a gaijin to do the firing. Firing people you've never met before is something anybody could have done. Nissan has gone through this near bankruptcy point many times in the future. Talk o somw historians and former nissan insiders.

Now let the thump downs flow for this my post.

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Posted in: Ghosn, in Lebanon, says he left Japan to avoid 'injustice and political persecution' See in context

Waiting for his defenders on JT to come tell us how the innocents always flee

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Posted in: U.S.-China trade deal gets tepid reception See in context

But we were told China was paying for all these billions...

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Posted in: Trade pact praised by Trump not done deal, at least for Japan See in context

I have been saying all along, the the GM, Ford etc come and open the car showroooms here. There is no impediments in doing so. The Germans are doing it. They are also free to sell their cars here. And lets see how they compete. This bullying of Japan must stop. Its time Japan gets some politicians who are bold enough to say the truth

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. seek to sign 'very big' trade deal in September See in context

Why cant politicians be straightforward? Abe, just tell Trump no one is stopping GM, Ford etc from selling their cars in Japan. Look at the Germans. Just open ur damn shops here. And remember to do as others do. Benz will come pick my car from home for shaken. Toyota will leave a temporal replacement car. Mazda sends seasonal greetings like small towels.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to Japan Hagerty to resign this month See in context

I wonder if Abe gave him what he came here for. Lets wait to see who gets the big casino gig in Japan whn its opened.

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Posted in: Ex-top farm ministry official says Kawasaki attack prompted his murder of son See in context

I was waiting for this excuse. Murder is never the answer. He could have called the cops or seek other help

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife leaves Japan to appeal to French gov't; prosecutors want her questioned See in context

Buzzyboy is right to call them fools. They should have at least covered their track since he was the one brought in to cut cost and fire people.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife leaves Japan to appeal to French gov't; prosecutors want her questioned See in context

I saw the MV Sachou on TV this morning. These people feel so entitled. I feel for the downtrodden 'parto guy' working on some nissan bumper factory in a supplier company

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Posted in: Parents referred to prosecutors over death of baby left in bathtub See in context

Why does a 11-month old baby need to lose weight?

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Posted in: Japan to start collecting ¥1,000 departure tax from Monday See in context

I fly intentionally almost every week for work and do i can afford this 1,000 but its so painful to have to pay. We are already over taxed. A new cow for the politicians and big businessed to milk.

Residents shouldn't pay.

I'm not in the tourism business and if anything, those tourism related entities should foot that bill

And if its not in my ticket fee already, i wont pay

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Posted in: Nissan CEO tells employees he intends to review alliance with Renault See in context

Why do you people wanna give him a pass for breaking the law?

Some of u saying he wasnt personally responsible for his salary and taxes.

The guy saw Nissan as his personal property to further his personal ambitions.

Firing people u have never met( in this case his cost cutting), is easy.

So i refuse to give him all the praises.

And why should Nissan provide more than 50% of Renaults revenue?

Its not that J govt couldnt have saved Nissan.

Lets stop playing the gaijin card.

Read some Nissan history. The guy should have lived by the same standards he demanded of others.

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Posted in: Celebrate the food processor by making a nice bowl of hummus See in context

Tried humus in Japan but still looking for those served in restaurants in Dubai and other MENA countries. There is so much difference

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Posted in: Nissan Chairman Ghosn arrested over financial law violation See in context

We say its him who rescued Nissan. In my university, we studied deeply. Talked to lots of insiders and those restructured. The public doesn't have the whole pic. He deserve some but not all the credit. The Japanese needed an outsider face to do all the firings and restructuring. Gaijin was the perfect executioner

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Posted in: SoftBank CEO Son says Saudi fund to continue despite Khashoggi murder See in context

The most insulting thing is that, he says its money from the Saudi populace. Its not. Its from the corrupt royal family.

Which common Saudi citizen know, let alone have a say about where the wealth is hidden?

Good that i stopped using anything softbank. Unfortunately this move by Son san will quitely die out in the japanese media and japanese mind. Remember they have stakes in yahoo japan.

In more enlightened societies, there would be boycotts. But here, everyone is minding their own business. After all, the family member didn't die.

The saying is true; dignity doesn't pay bills. He got to be soul-less for him to be super rich.

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Posted in: Who is to blame for America's toxic environment? See in context

Serrano, pls reaf Holder's whole paragraph in thst speech. Especially the next sentence. Then come back and tell us if you need to edit your post

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Posted in: Cruel yet popular punishment: Japan's death penalty See in context

Tax payers doesn't need to foot expenses of life-termers. Here in japan, they actually do work and that work can support their livelihood for the rest of their lives. Better than death penalty

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