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Posted in: Israeli envoy says Japan should be vigilant with its aid to Palestinians See in context

Collective punishment. And we are all supposed to just shut up and watch.

Those Palestinians caught in the crossfire, what could they have done to stop Hamas? Especially the children. and how do they excape when all borders are closed?

Thats the question we should ask all those foreign diginitaries flocking to Tel Aviv to dance to Bibi's music.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't plans to seek court order to dissolve Unification Church See in context

The feet dragging is so astonishing. They are again gonna set up a committee to decide whether to listen to options. Typical Japanese.

This church should have been dissolved when Yamagami mentioned that. Or even long before that.

They damage they cause is just too great

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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving newborn son in toilet bowl where he drowned See in context

I have different perspective.

Where is the father?

Why is she working this late in her pregnancy?

Any family, friends or co workers to help?

So many things in society might have gone against this 'criminal'

I dont think she would have wanted this outcome.

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Posted in: Ghosn says $1 billion lawsuit against Nissan reasonable given his suffering after arrest See in context

Still dont believe how people can still fall for this guy

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Posted in: Prince Harry and Meghan's deal with Spotify to end See in context

The hate these 2 receive is amazing. Suddenly you guys are all royal fanatics. Including the Americans.

Like someone said up there, i prefexr royals than current royals everywhere.

Why should I pay to support some royal just because of who their ancestors were. Not what they themselves have done?

At least these ex ones are making their own money

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Posted in: Muslim children in Japan fast for Ramadan despite challenges See in context

Whats the point of this article? A complaint or what? Religion is a choice. They should afapt or find alternatives.

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Posted in: Do you support the Japanese government's plan to open the country's first casino (or integrated resort) in Osaka? See in context

I voted no because Abe gave the licensing rights to corrupt guys. Anybody look deep into Trump's ambassador at that time and his connections to this issue.

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Posted in: Japan to launch new visa track for skilled foreigners See in context

If those idiots making these rules wouldnt relocate to Japan if they make the required amounts outside.

With that amount, i will happily and safely invest in Thailand or Vietnam and have many workers working for me. Far better than licing in Japan

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Posted in: Does capital punishment make Japan a 'barbaric' country? See in context

Cleo, you stole my notebook. I was gonna type the exact same opinion.

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Posted in: China to fully reopen borders to foreigners but hurdles remain See in context

A friend living in China told me anybody living in China during the week the abandoned their covid restrictions that says they have never gotten covid is a liar. The entire nation got.

So I have no fears when visiting China.

When China joins global air travel, fares will come down

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Posted in: Global air traffic increased by 67% in January See in context

And when do we see tickets returning to normal rates?

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Posted in: Prosecutors indict Yamagami for murder of Abe See in context

Look at the donations that's has been going his way through his uncle. The public sympathy is with him.

The society that allows the moonies to create the yamagamies of the world should be put on trial.

The politians who benefited from the church through money and campaigns should be put on trial.

Wouldn't be surprised if #freeyamagami starts trending.

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Posted in: Prince Harry accuses brother William of 2019 physical attack: report See in context

Monarchy and similar institutions shall also pass. So will political dynasties too. Just a matter of time. We should all earn our status. Not inherit them.

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Posted in: Prince Harry accuses brother William of 2019 physical attack: report See in context

Still not hearing or reading anything bad that Meg has done. Yet anyone trying to be objective is accused of playing the race card.

You freedom, independent loving posters here are defending an arcaic institution.

I guess to you guys, Andrew is an angel and Harry, a devil.

Harry is doing what his father failed to do. Charles couldn't defend the mother of his kids. Harry could look the other way when his wife is sold to the wolves.

Yes, keep on defending a monarchy. You look pathetic. DNA shouldn't determine our life course in this modern world.

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Posted in: Prince Harry accuses brother William of 2019 physical attack: report See in context

And spare me the claim but they don't come to response to articles in the public.Remember Willie's strong worded statement defending the footballers vs their/institution's silence on the Clarkson article.

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Posted in: Prince Harry accuses brother William of 2019 physical attack: report See in context

You people just can't accept the fact that he went for a person of color. All of a sudden, every one is ok with a brother violently attacking a brother. Willie can come out and refute. But he won't. Becos there is some iota of truth here.

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Posted in: QAnon's Japan branch searched over obstructing COVID vaccinations See in context

They now have international branches?

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Posted in: What is the Unification Church, and how will Japan's probe affect it? See in context

Sell all their assets to compensate the victims

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Posted in: Children troubled by parents' religion want 'exit' system, survey shows See in context

Good to get rid of this unification church thing. But let's not forget the bigger elephant in the room. Islam. Everybody is afraid to talk about it but wherever you go in Japan, new mosques are springing up. Their only exit strategy is death.

Very soon they will be powerful enough to ask the rest of us to cover our hair

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Posted in: Kishida eyes launching probe into controversial Unification Church See in context

Hermann, why should there be Christian values in the decisions of politicians?

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Posted in: Unification Church in Japan vows reform after criticism See in context

I watched this whole presser. And the Q&A. Not a single grain of religiosity can be found in these two people. Their anger and arrogance is in a whole different level. Strip them of their religion status. Tax them

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Posted in: Kishida pushes action plan for nuke-free world at United Nations NPT confab See in context

Ukraine is the perfect example why every country including Japan SHOULD have nuclear weapons/deterrence

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Posted in: Lawyers say church caused suffering for Abe's alleged killer See in context

Will modify and repost. Even though my first post had nothing insensitive.

Free Yamagami!!!.

Even though his action was unlawful, he has sacrificed himself for the countless masses who are suffering silently because of this church.

Who could have won a court case with such a powerful church backed by the elite politicians all over?

So somehow, Yamagami was selfless. Free him

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Posted in: Abe attacker tried to draw attention to church: analysts See in context


It wasn't the mother's own money. It belonged to the family. Ojisan's company and land sold and donated. Then there was no money for him to get to the university.

If it were me, I would take similar measure even though I wouldn't kill.

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Posted in: Abe attacker tried to draw attention to church: analysts See in context


said the unpleasant truths we are dodging. With details too. Thanks bro.

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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

What a joke! And why not allow countries that better responded to COVID? Like the Europeans, NZ, Singapore, and some S/E Asians who did better than the USA? I just returned from a trip to California on Sunday. The outbound trip from Japan, no one wears mask, including crew. Yet, Japan's masters are in the trial.

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Posted in: Sri Lankan family sues gov't over immigration detention death See in context

In other news, the Japanese govt is offering visa free stay to Ukranian refugees,

You can confirm from Kono Taro's twitter feed. Its still there.

Don't get me wrong, the Ukrainians need every help possible. I personally wish to host some or go fight there

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Posted in: Father, son found dead in Oita likely killed each other, police say See in context

How is this possible? One killed the other and the dead woke up to kill the living before slipping back to death? Or lost in translation. Wanna see the original Japanese article

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Posted in: Trump, Ivanka, Don Jr subpoenaed by New York attorney general See in context

Lets forget it. Individual One is still a freeman even though Cohen was jailed for a crime only Indiv 1 benefited. Nothing was more compelling than that.

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