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Posted in: 'Patriotic Wives' praise Abe, censure China, S Korea See in context

The difference between Filipinos and it's neighbors is, We Filipinos do not want to see the late generation of Japanese punished because of WORLD WAR TWO. We simply move a head and look at our backs with cautions! We forgive the Japanese and became friends. If the world shall continue to look at the Japanese as an enemy then, we are building mistrust and in that way, there will be again and again atrocities! War will just wasting lives because of ideology and mistrusts but if we knew how to talk and cooperate and let other people see the importance of friendship and cooperation, we were building and restore security between enemies and friends! We knew that many countries suffered from the outbreak of the world war! Millions of Filipinos died also,but look how we embrace the Japanese and make friendship again? Just forget the past and move on!

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