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Posted in: Olympics minister apologizes for saying he was 'really disappointed' over Ikee's leukemia See in context

someone give the minister a gold medal as a gaffe-champion!

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate hits 25-year low; labor shortages remain a concern See in context

Free market economists say: Supply goes down, demand goes up and prices go up! In this case: Labour shortage, demand up, but no change in pay. No wonder there is Labour shortage and it will remain so.

Apparently, a pie(a job) is cut into 3 and being sold to 3 people just adding up number of pieces of the same pie. Unfortunately, no one is ready to buy(unless one comes who is super hungry!)

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Posted in: Japan makes visa changes for entrepreneurs See in context

The whole idea looks a ill-targeted. You don't target startups for FDI goal , rather you target big businesses!

Japan needs to do much more if it needs to improve WB ranking of "starting a business" from current rank 106.

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Posted in: Japan's labor crunch leads to tightest job market in 40 years See in context

what happens to 50% surplus jobs still unfilled ? one assumption can be: Being compensated by 50% more overtime work by already employed .

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Posted in: No. of foreign workers in Japan hits 1.28 mil See in context

Immigrant population (Foreign workers and their family) by countries.

US 46.6 Mil

UK 8.5 Mil

Canada 7.8 Mil

Hong Kong 2.8 Mil

Singapore 2.5 Mil

China 0.9 Mil

South Korea 1.3 Mil

Japan 2.1 Mil (Approx.2% of population. Not bad as it sounds)

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Posted in: Coincheck may be unable to reimburse customers after theft See in context

No speculation yet linking the hacking event to NK state sponsored group ?

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Posted in: Tokyo experiences coldest day in 48 years See in context

Did you feel colder than any other day before reading this in news ?

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Posted in: No drill See in context

First Trump got into war of words with rocketman seemingly escalating the situation and resulting in sale of billions of dollars of weapons to Japan and South Korea. Astute businessman he is.

Now, Abe would justify his action making those big purchase to citizens by by the drills.

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