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Posted in: Australia to tackle Japan on whaling at U.N. world court See in context

This is great news! Go Austalia!

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Posted in: Owner arrested after dog attacks woman See in context

What an eejit, ban him from owning dogs.

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Posted in: New radioactive water leak found at Fukushima plant See in context

Time for someone in this country to put on their big boy pants and handle the situation.

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Posted in: Japan increasingly nervous about North Korean missiles See in context

Regardless of whom North Korea strikes — with a nuclear or conventional weapon — it can be assured of one thing: a devastating counterattack by the United States.

That is a fact. The doughboy whackjob is in serious need of a tomahawk enema.

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Posted in: Whale 'research institute' a flashpoint in global dispute See in context

Those who deliberately lie and deceive are the bad guys.

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Posted in: Whale 'research institute' a flashpoint in global dispute See in context

And do you believe this so called research will ever end, say in a 100 years or will more research be needed. I'm just saying be honest and stop lying, or is that too hard to do?

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Posted in: New radioactive water leak reported at Fukushima plant See in context

They haven't a clue, a real Laurel and Hardy. Where is the apology?

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Posted in: Off-duty guard arrested for knife attack at train station See in context

Yes, mace is legal and you can carry it.

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Posted in: Japan blames sabotage for record low whaling haul See in context

Sea Shepard is only carrying out whaling research, it's not their fault...

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Posted in: Woman puts skeletonised brother in trash after realizing he's dead See in context

I assume the pension checks were going to stop...

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Posted in: TEPCO takes blame for Fukushima nuclear crisis See in context

ROFLMAO. We don't need TEPCO to tell us that, we all came to that conclusion two years ago.

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Posted in: Two Russian women arrested for not paying taxi fare, assaulting driver See in context

Someone please tell me... It's really fascinating how many people really believe chasing someone for 1500-yen is a good idea... LOL...

I see no problem with it.

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Posted in: Two Russian women arrested for not paying taxi fare, assaulting driver See in context

They had no money or they just thought it fair to stiff the cabbie? Either way they were wrong.

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Posted in: Record high cesium level found in fish by Fukushima plant See in context

Most fish along the Fukushima coast are barred from market.

Yes, the ones that don't make it to the market...

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Marriage is between man and woman. Just because its the 21st Century it does not mean we should throw our traditions into the trash. Gay marriage? Name it something else. You guys get so offended when we dislike your sexual choice, then don't pollute our sexual choice! Trying to claim its marriage is offensive to heterosexuals.

Thank You.

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Posted in: Virus-attacking necklaces recalled for attacking humans See in context

What a bunch of huey. Who buys this kind of snake salesman oil?

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Posted in: At 80, Yoko Ono sees a world full of new activism See in context

Yawn, a hippie, that's all.

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Posted in: Western diet contributing to Crohn’s disease surge in Japan See in context

Everything in moderation, that includes fish.

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Posted in: Okinawan gov't complains after PET water bottle falls from Osprey See in context

I agree with Harvey. Parts fall of commercial airliners all the time, but the try to avoid it. Stuff happens. You are much more likely to get hit by a car, so protest that.

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Posted in: Okinawan gov't complains after PET water bottle falls from Osprey See in context

What a bunch of whiners

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Posted in: Record high radiation level found in fish caught near Fukushima plant See in context

I wonder how much contaminated fish makes it to the market, by hook or crook.

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Posted in: Former MLB pitcher Kuwata rejects corporal punishment in sports See in context

Only those with a weak mind would hit a kid.

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Posted in: Rice grown in Miyagi contains more than double legal limit of radioactive cesium See in context

Spot check, right. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil....

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Posted in: Bluefin tuna sells for record Y155.4 mil in Tokyo See in context

Did they test that tuna for radiation?

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Posted in: Gov't completes just 40 of 23,000 emergency houses for Tohoku disaster victims See in context

Wow, this is because it lacks priority. Foreign companies have offered to build the houses.

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Posted in: 8 U.S. sailors sue Japanese gov't, TEPCO for lying about radiation See in context

Glad to see someone willing to man-up and take on the corrupt Govt and Tepco. And "Nippon Nation"' you haven't got a clue of what you are talking about.

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Posted in: Defects found at 670 points in Sasago tunnel See in context

Seems the inspection process is a little bit lacking, about 670 bits....

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Posted in: Japan tunnel disaster a wake-up call for other countries See in context

Probably best not to worry about other countries and instead focus on what you can accomplish.v

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Posted in: U.S. commander: N Korean situation 'very dangerous' See in context

You are welcome Japan for protecting your xxxx

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Posted in: Norovirus outbreak in Osaka infects 48, claiming 2 lives See in context

Use a paper towel to open the door, oh right, there aren't any...

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