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Posted in: A foreign girl’s guide on how to discuss sex with your Japanese guy See in context

SavvyTokyo is really getting desperate for clicks. This certainly is bait.

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Posted in: Japanese women asked what they would do if they had a man’s body for one day in survey See in context

am afraid I completely misread the question. I was expecting some very different and unique answers. I guess we should all read it once again.

if I were the editor, I might change it so the meaning is 'a women in a man's body.'

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Posted in: Irritability intensifying, not subsiding, with age: survey See in context

@domtoidi: Your attitude just gets on my nerves...

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Posted in: Olympics: Tokyo 2020 living with specter of killer quake See in context

'The Tokyo metropolitan government is busy drawing up a multilingual evacuation manual with instructions for overseas Olympic visitors due to be ready early next year, while disaster awareness exercises have also begun.' Not so comforting...

I wish the TMG would spend its money on actual preparations for the earthquake (food, water, access to medical services, etc)., instead of needlessly spending tax money on pre-staged, televised events where no one participates, and simply forget about creating those multilingual evacuation manuals. The manuals I have seen so far, from any local government in Kanto, are generally useless, and will not help. (They can't even get the burnables/non-burnables explanations in English understandable.) They can also just keep training rescue professionals and rescue dogs, which is actually a useful.

During the earthquake, I was in Marunouchi, and I saw, as a percentage, many more panicked Japanese than I did 'foreigners.' Preparation will lose over basic instincts in a case like this. Almost no one alive now has been through an earthquake the likes of what we are expecting, so training would need to be so extensive that it is impossible. There will be hoarding, fights, bad tempers and disease at the overcrowded gyms, etc. To help counter the panic of an earthquake, the TMG and surrounding prefectures need to simply get services in order, provide basic information on where they can be found, have understandable signs pointing to the evacuation centers, and train officials to show people where to go, not screaming at them.

I bet the if you offered Yahoo! Japan the chance to make an app with all the information needed in a disaster, they could finish it in a matter of weeks, charge the city zero for it, they would include printable forms and offline capabilities (in Japanese too), that would be much better than anything the government could ever produce. Yahoo would just throw advertising up there (emergency good service companies anyone?) and make millions of the app, while providing a great service for the Japanese, Olympic visitors, and everyone else who calls Japan home.

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Posted in: 2 police officers stabbed by defendant at Sendai court See in context

@Swift_Justice: Where did you find this nugget of nonsense? "defendants tend to be less emotionally stable than non-defendants." Care to quote a reliable psychological study to back this up? The whole statement is nebulous, and 'tend to be' is a phrase used by researchers when they end up with a nothing burger.

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Posted in: Your academic history still your ID card in Japan See in context

One’s academic history is NOT peculiarly Japanese at all. It happens in many countries all over the world. Nothing new here at all.

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Posted in: Japan may become 4.5 C hotter if no anti-global warming steps taken See in context

This article is poorly written and the research is questionable.

The article gives predictions but does not offer any details on the assumptions of the model. Read: 'the world's annual mean temperature to rise 3.7 C over the same period.' No conditions or scenarios as to why.

Further, it says 'if no steps are taken to cut greenhouse gas emissions and increase absorption of emitted gases.' There are steps being taken now, so are they assuming 'no steps at all (fewer steps)', 'no further steps' or 'no steps?'

The article fails to delineate between the cut greenhouse gas emissions and the increase absorption of emitted gases.' So there is no way to tell if one, the other, or what combination might solve the problem.

Research such as this is basically useless as information or as a persuasive article.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce English road signs ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

@Toshiko: what world do you live in? It's called a GPS and it works in Japan just as well as it does overseas.

''Street direction robocall services.' Really?

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