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Charles Rovira comments

Posted in: N Korea says it has entered 'state of war' with South See in context

Kim must be getting the hint now that his supposed aggressive missiles put China, India, Pakistan and Russia within range (oh and a little bit of Alaska. [The 'State can shoot down the missiles over the Bering Straights.])

The 'States don't want to touch this with a ten foot pole. Kim is in deep enough kimshi with his immediate neighbors they don't need to.

This little country, with a population less than some cities in the area threatening by his missiles, is clearly asking to be swatted out of existence.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin will negotiate, set up a puppet buffer country (it worked fine for China in Tibet) and the Kim dynasty, (special emphasis on the nasty,) will cease to exist.

Then the North Korean people can start living...

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Posted in: U.S. reassures Japan, S Korea after fresh N Korea threats See in context

The best way to handle North Korea is to forceably close all of their embassies and just declare them persona non grata.

Evict any North Korean presence from the borders and the affairs of any and every state.

They desperately want to be taken seriously, but they cant.

Let them lose their seat at the United Nations. Cut the cables and their revenues.


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Posted in: U.S. reassures Japan, S Korea after fresh N Korea threats See in context

North Korea need to get over itself.

Its a tiny country, in area, in population, in economic power, in influence, and basically nobody gives a crap about them.

They are not going to get invaded because nobody wants them...

They're stuck living in a backwards, poor piece of mountainous back country and they have nothing anybody would want.

We all remember the headaches and expense that the reunification of Germany brought after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. It held Europe back for almost a decade.

If it wasn't for the North Korean leadership's inane, insane, belligerent bellowing, they would never make the news anywhere.

They're like the Taliban, pathetic school yard bullies at a school nobody attends anymore.

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Posted in: High-tech toilet maker eyes global throne See in context

I bought a Toto Washlet and I am so glad I did.

American toilets need a fully functioning body and nervous system and I have MS so that often left me with scorched shorts and a dirty butt.

Since I installed my Washlet, I leave the bathroom worry free. The peace of mind is worth as much as the hygiene benefits.

(The text system does not handle TM superscript properly: ™ )

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Posted in: 28 Fukuoka bars get threatening phone calls in one night See in context

Mr. Ronald F Stark has the right idea... Why not open a bar JUST FOR THE YAKUZA! (Well, that is kind of exclusionary. I propose that the facility be open to all who dare to go there.)

There is an opportunity here to get people with tattoos, strange haircuts, with, uh, missing pieces of digits, and deplorable fashion sense together in a big onsen in an industrial section of town and to let them party and spend their money on sake, pachinko, cards, karaoke, on their friends and, uh, partners in a love hotel, and, if they get too drunk and can't make it home, in a tube hotel.

Just give them the key to a secure and confidential locker, collect an hourly fee for their enjoyment, stamp their wrist with a symbol for when they should leave, and their locker number, and the rest of their time let them, men and women, wander about the facility, wearing a towel or in the altogether, getting as rowdy as they feel like (but without any weapons, and without any clothes. :-)

Debauchery without much risk. (Except for social diseases. [If that is their want, they can present health cards and get that symbol out on their wrist too.])

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Posted in: Robot Restaurant features girls in bikinis riding a neon tank and gigantic fembots See in context

Holy crap, that a huge amount to spend to create a restaurant. I hope its got legs long enough to last... The food had better be fan-freakin'-tastic.

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Posted in: It costs just $1.36 to charge an iPad for a year See in context

The most compelling reason yet for the environmentally conscious to own an iPad.

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Posted in: 'Otaku' men find themselves much sought after See in context

JapanGal I sent off the word Otaku to my family and friends. Not one person knew the word, and they are worldly and educated.

Sorry J-Gal, but if they didn't know the word otaku, they weren't worldly or educated, they were merely average.

As popular as anime, manga and gadgets might become, they're not yet mainstream.

That's the problem with niches. They're niches.

Being an otaku is a niche. So is being a teacher. So is being a member of the police force.

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Posted in: Bomb blast kills 18 on Pakistan bus See in context

Some pathetic, pathological SOS (Sack O' Sh-t) is probably gloating in his basement, typing up some piece of toilet paper saying that these people had been martyred for the delusion, (a.k.a. the cause,) of some rabid dog group who thinks nothing of p-ssing people off by p-ssing on their corpses and calling them martyrs instead of what they really actually are, mass murder victims.

Nothing changes because of this. Nothing happens because of this. Its just another senseless, stupid, counter-productive act of some people playing [insert name of deity here] and lying to themselves that they made a difference.

Same as it ever was. The rich get richer, the poor get blown to pieces and the world goes on around the sun.

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Posted in: Super Cool Biz See in context

I have to say it, Japan is about to go native in its efforts to feel cool and get a lot less modest in its dress.

Thank heavens, that they are a culture that is big on communal baths.

They are about to reset the clock back to the early 20th century in their energy consumption.

Every urban centre is going to see a resurgence in onsen, and sento as places to get wet and cool off.

Its is not a bad thing.

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Posted in: New Jersey town's monument to Korean sex slaves upsetting Japanese officials See in context

The problem with the realistic attitude of not denying that some or other events happened is that Japanese psyche is based on ancestor worship.

They feel that it is being impolite to their ancestors to put them in a bad light.

If your grand-pa was an utter bastard to Korean women, then deal with it, (viz: those were different, less enlightened times) and progress on from there.

In truth, if you're Japanese, your grand-pa or great-grand-pa was probably a bit xenophobic, but mine was a Spanish civil war draft-dodger. The idea of kamikaze and sacrificing himself for a cause was anathema to him.

Different times and different problems.

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Posted in: Wendy's burgers, nuclear power, same-sex marriages, movies and music - all on the JPOD, plus we're giving away Wendy's gift certificates See in context

"Japan’s possible extinction in 1,000 years"

Its ultimately all about demographics isn't it?

To paraphrase René Lévesque(): The future of the Japanese people is up to the power of their loins.*

) Google him. He was the premier of Québec, Canada. He was the ultimate victor of the three century long "War of the Cradle*" which saw the French become secure in its dominance of Québec life.

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Posted in: 'Sushidols' serving fans songs with their wasabi See in context

They may be affiliated with Goichi but their singing is not sushi grade.

They have some improvements to make before they're up to the level of a Kyarypamyupamyu.

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Posted in: Thousands rally in Tokyo ahead of last reactor going offline See in context

About time.

As long as nuclear power plants are located above ground, the Japanese people are at risk of a repeat of Fukushima-Daichi at any time.

All subsequent power plants, whether nuclear or not, should be built far below ground.

That would contain all damage and have many more construction options for implementing safety.

The last people to consult on construction are accountants and other optimists, people who do risk assessment without understanding the permanence of screwing up, because they never screw up, (Yeah, right.)

The first people to consult are mining engineers, people who actually dig deep holes and have a lot of experience with large three dimensional structures.

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Posted in: Microsoft counts on allies in mistimed tablet market See in context

Tablets powered by Windows 8 software are expected by the end of this year.

How long until the third version?

Tablets are a markedly different UI from WIMPs.

“The clock is ticking. Even though Microsoft has advantages, it doesn’t have a lot of time to deliver something to market.”

The clock has run out.

The enterprise market likes and needs its cubicle farms.

It is not going to suddenly change management styles for the likes of a suppliers supplier.

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Posted in: Microsoft counts on allies in mistimed tablet market See in context

How long will it take Microsoft to burn through all of its money through deals like the Nokia and the B&N debacles?

Long enough for them to realize that consumers don't like companies that take three tries to come up with something mediocre?

Unlike corporations, consumers feel that their money is a scarce commodity.

For the most part, people don't buy Microsoft products, they buy a cheap computer that Microsoft arm-twisted the OEMs into installing Windows on. That's why they don't update either.

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Posted in: Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot See in context

At least she wasn't bobbing for the noodles.

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Posted in: Chip lets smartphones see through walls, clothes See in context

This will absolutely make the day of perverts everywhere.

TeraHertz waves are the kind used by the US TSA for their naked body scanners.

Now they'll be able to wave a smart phone handset over an unsuspecting victim's clothing and capture the nude, bald, and incredibly accurate, image of the victim beneath and send the movie wirelessly to their mobile phone's account.

Yes, you too can go through the humiliation of an airport scanner without even having to buy a ticket.

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Posted in: NHK WORLD TV launches in New York City See in context

There's always bias in any media organ wholly or partially funded by any government. Its usually just as egregious as the blind spots in commercial or corporate mouth pieces.

I tend to trust traditional media(1) about as far as a monkey can fling his feces.

But I still welcome this new data point on which I can base my research into the Japan and the Japanese people.

1) Traditional media, because of their 1:N nature, have been compared to robber barons renting time at their megaphones for Global Village Idiots to shout their messages in a rising din to increasingly deafened sheeple.

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Posted in: Japan Display Inc announces start of OEL display business See in context

If JDI is capable of building OLED displays of 300dpi resolution over an A4 size area more cheaply and reliably, they could get in on the multi billion dollar/trillion yen Apple iPad business and possibly spark up Apple's competition.

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Posted in: Japan Display Inc announces start of OEL display business See in context

Its not about building the OLED displays, its about building the OLED technology and owning/licensing the patents.

Then let them build displays in SK, we'll get a cut anyway.

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