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Posted in: Widow reveals Gene Kelly's Cold War mission for JFK See in context

"Gene saw his role as going out into the world and not only sharing the style of dance he created, but also breaking down barriers and expanding our ability to communicate. I wish he was around now," she said."

I second that.

Big Yen writes: "We tend to over-use words like "legend" "genius" and "star". Gene Kelly is all of those and more."

And I second that.

An amazing artist and, for once, a rare breed in the arts, like Sean Connery - a mans man.

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Posted in: Scotland sets October 2023 for new independence vote See in context

albaleo writes:

"And when two of those vote to remain in the EU and two to leave?"

And of course one of those two is not a country or a nation but six counties stolen from Ireland.

Why is England so consistently insistent on making enemies out of potential friends?

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Posted in: Part-maid cafe, part-dentist’s office? Akiba Dental Clinic to open in Tokyo See in context

Did you say "a big bust" deliberately DT? Or was that a Freudian slip?

I think Chiropractors call their services an "adjustment."

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Posted in: Is AI the future of art? See in context

Some of the "music" using samples of actual song writers is almost AI. I don't like such music.

No computer will ever "create" anything as good as "Yesterday" by the Beatles.

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Posted in: When I get older: Paul McCartney going strong at 80 See in context

McCartney - the best of them all ( all outside of the Beatles,that is). A total genius(just like John was).

So many awesome songs. I'm listening to the Beatles right now. "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

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Posted in: Ziggy Stardust: 50 years of Bowie's alien revolution See in context

I certainly didn't like or approve of his lifestyle but I loved his music, especially The Lodger 1979. Robert Fripp's guitar was incredible on Red Sails (about Japan) and Look Back in Anger. RIP Bowie.

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Posted in: Kate Bush classic 'Running Up That Hill' tops chart after 37 years See in context

I'd say Kate Bush was the most talented female "artist" of any kind in the 20th Century.

I also respect her for not cashing in with the man-hating Political Correctness that other female artists do/have done/are encouraged to do. Kate respects men. Isn't it crazy that that is unusual?

Her song called "Wow" is my favorite.

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Posted in: UK moves to rewrite Brexit rules for Northern Ireland; EU threatens legal action See in context

There has been a flood of high ranking British Conservative politicians in the British, Irish and European media scathingly criticizing this move by Johnson. Most of them are saying the Foreign Minister Liz Trust is the Machiavellian figure behind it despite her voting against Brexit. Either way it is wrong on every conceivable level.

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Posted in: Turkey calls on Greece to demilitarize Aegean islands See in context

Looks like Teflon-Turkey can do whatever they want to and remain in NATO. Unbelievable.

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Posted in: Ukraine beats Scotland to keep World Cup dream alive See in context

I' say Ukraine will beat everyone they play against this year. Its no reflection on Scotland, who are a very good side. Its just that proud Ukraine are desperate to win for their embattled country in every way they can.

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Posted in: NATO: Turkey urges 'concrete steps' from Sweden, Finland See in context

Everyone please read Desert Tortoise on Turkey. I couldn't say it better myself. Brilliant incisive analyses.

The most dangerous and cunning dictator in the world at this moment is not Putin, or even Nth Korea's Kim Jong-un. China's leader Xi Jinping and Erdogan are. Putin's insanely irrational Ukraine folly will be Putin and Russia's downfall. It will make them weaker.

Erdogan and Xi Jinping are sitting, waiting on Russia to get weaker, before they will each, in their own way, for their own reasons and independently move on Russia's influence in different locations. Turkey wants influence in the "Stan" country's, round the back of the Black Sea; Europe and Syria,and Europe (etc, etc, etc, etc). China may expose a hidden interest on some Russian interests if Russia are weakened. Neither Erdogan or Xi give two hoots about Russia. Empire-builders only ever care about their own empires.

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Posted in: Vangelis, the Greek 'Chariots of Fire' composer, dies at 79 See in context

RIP Genius.

So many "musicians" who are really mere computer samplers (plagiarizers of others creativity) can be wrongly described as "geniuses". But this man was the real thing. A true (and modest) genius. My favorite of many of his masterful tracks is "The Mayflower" from the brilliant album "The Friends of Mr Cairo." RIP.

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Posted in: Guitar that broke up Oasis sells for $390,000 See in context

Only 385,500 euros?

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Posted in: IOC questions Olympic boxing leadership after IBA election See in context

Yes please crackdown on alleged corruption (the above article is a good example of that for sure) but don't take it out on the marvelous boxers. Nor on the honest officials like Boris van der Vorst. Take it out on the corrupt officials.

Don't allow anyone to deny wonderful, brave, good, decent, honest boxers the opportunity to display their talents in the Olympics. Alleged corruption is not their fault, and it exists in many Olympic sports (such as sprinting-doping etc).

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Posted in: Johnson urges end to Northern Ireland deadlock; spars with EU See in context

"Johnson urges end to Northern Ireland deadlock"????

He is the one causing it-by pandering to the irrational DUP.

BTW, not just Sinn Fein and the SDLP but also the Alliance Party ( with a massive 14 seats) and even the Official Unionist Party (in other words everyone but the DUP) are ready to proceed with the new administration. The DUP are just sour that Catholics and a variety of dissenters fed up with the imposition of medieval DUP bigotry are on the ascendancy and want to live like a normal society in a free 21st century.

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Posted in: UK warns 'no choice but to act' to change Brexit deal See in context

This is a perfect example of why Ireland has always done absolutely everything they could to get independence from Britain.

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Posted in: Liam Neeson kills down 'Memory' lane See in context

Great actor Liam Neason has the best voice in movies. Brilliant in war of he Worlds tour. Never compete with Richard Burton but who possibly could?.

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Posted in: Islamic State morphs and grows in Pakistan, Afghanistan See in context

I agree with Desert Tortoise above.

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Posted in: Dalglish backs Furuhashi to give Celtic the edge in Old Firm semifinal See in context

Go Go Kyogo.

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Posted in: Scheffler gets Masters green jacket to go with No. 1 ranking See in context

Smith was not third , he was 'Joint-third' with Shane Lowery. Strange the article makes that mistake. Lowery is my fav golfer. Really enjoyed this years.

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Posted in: Pardoned ex-President Park heads home from S Korea hospital See in context

Those microphones the reporters are holding look like... Victorian Fire Grates.

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Posted in: With cases rising, UK marks 2 years since 1st virus lockdown See in context

In USA the latest Covid variant is called "BA.2" .

In Europe the latest variant is called "Deltacrom."

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Posted in: Celtic reap rewards of Japanese market on and off the pitch See in context

Celtic were the first British team to win the European Cup.

They look like hey are going to win the SPL this year.

They have fantastic Japanese players.

Their financial management is smart, ethical and "Legal" and a sound exampl;e to over-spending clubs of how to win playing and operating fairly. Unlike some others (no names mentioned)

They beat Rangers 3 nil this week.

I guess that'd be "horrible" for their rivals?

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Posted in: Man who exposed buttocks on flight charged for plane ruckus See in context

I have always known that this site is full of Anti-Irish people. The above comments are just another example of Anti-Irish opportunism. I have come across truck-loads of British passengers behaving just as badly as this idiot. As an Irishman, I am outraged by this idiot and he should be banned from flying for life. But so should the British idiots that I regularly have to put up with when travelling. Its not one nationality. Such idiots come from everywhere and they all should be banned from ever getting onto another plane. ts a serious issue and shouldn't be reduced to racist-profiling.

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Posted in: Brady says family will decide future amid retirement talk See in context

Genius. True sportsman and great example of how to retain humility and dignity despite huge success.Great role-model.

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Posted in: Branagh draws on 'other lockdown' of Troubles for Oscar frontrunner 'Belfast' See in context

Mickelicious Nov ' 14th: writes\; "The land you refer to has been developed and worked over generations by Irish people with legal long as they hurt no-one."

My answer to that is that you are trying to misrepresent the issue. Few things hurt more than stealing someones land and abusing their people for 800 years. The land being "developed over generations"was stolen. I could steal a car, then paint it. Its still someone else's car. There is nothing "meritious" or "Pluralistic" about occupying another country in the pluralistic 21st country.

This said, nobody is saying unionists should have their (stolen) land taken back. Just that the six occupied counties of Ireland should be given back to Ireland.

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Posted in: Sexton calls on Irish to avenge All Blacks World Cup thumping See in context

Buachaill Greannmhar - Bua na hEireann.

(can never find that darned Foda on my keyboard)

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Posted in: Sexton to play 100th test for Ireland against Japan See in context

Last chance saloon for James Lowe. He maybe 'ok' at Euro club level but he has been consistently terrible at International level (esp defending, i.e resulting in opp' scoring). Farrell appears to fancy his dodgy haircut or something? Cos he is simply not good enough.

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Posted in: Pele celebrates 81st birthday as tributes roll in See in context

Pele is the greatest ever, on and off the field.

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Posted in: Irish gymnast slams 'slippery' pommel horse after virus case at worlds See in context

Its an extremely dangerous sport.

Printing that (above all) a British gymnast had no problem because it is all down to his clearly superior "focus"? Classic playing to the gallery/anti-Irish stuff. He did not have the power to demand..."an immediate inspection of the equipment and to give it time to dry off and to be able to add powder in order to make it fair...."

He is a young vulnerable athlete who - yes- needs 100% "focus", but obviously poor competition management and the slippery pommel effected this. Hopefully he will come back stronger for it.

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