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Posted in: Irish foreign minister warns of breakdown in EU-UK relations See in context

Solution? Solution? A no-brainier: Tell the Ulster Unionists to either move back to where they came from (Britain) or accept they have lived in Ireland for 400 years and integrate, prosper and act rationally (for once). Then the British and EU economies can prosper. Its not just the EU who will punish Britain either. In the USA there is an absolutely solid cross-party determination that Britain must adhere to its agreements surrounding this issue. When will Britain wake-up to the folly of placating toxic Ulster Unionism? It will be the ruin of Britain's economy and relationships with their usual partners.

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Ireland were ROBBED. This was the worst referee performance I have ever witnessed.The ref looked absolutely besotted and star-struck with Ronaldo and clearly wanted to be part of a historic record. He looked desperate to facilitate Ronaldo's record.

The penalty Ronaldo missed was no penalty. But the ref took approx. 5 minutes looking at replays ( and so did we) but still awarded it. Right in front of the ref Ronaldo struck out with a fist at an Irish player and made contact but the ref just ignored that. Its a "STATUTORY" sending off offence. Ronaldo had to be sent off for it irrespective of e/g/ provocation etc according to the rules. Irish players were being chopped down all through the match but the ref decided to book two of them calming they wee actually just wasting time. One Irish player clearly went over on his ankle (very nasty injury) and made very slight contact with a Portuguese player in the process. As the poor guy limped off the ref came behind him and gave him a yellow card. Ireland was denied an absolutely certain penalty in the second half. Ronaldo's second goal was almost one minute after the 5 minutes allotted for extra-time. The above points have also been made by practically every journalist reviewing this game. It was nothing short of a disgrace. There should be a method of rectifying such appalling referee performances after the games.

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Yukijin writes: "We all know they love a Toyota"

Yeagh, especially the deluxe model with mounted machine gun.

No civilized nation should have anything to do with this dystopian Afghanistan administration.

Otherwise Taliban will interpret it as approving their savagery against their own people.

When will the world wake up-there is no God. Get over it. Love 'life' and protect the vulnerable living instead of notions of a better afterlife.

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Posted in: Afghanistan flag to be displayed in Paralympic ceremony See in context

Nice act of solidarity.

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Posted in: Rangers fans banned over Furuhashi abuse See in context


You are wrong re Celtic. They are one of the most inclusive clubs in the SPL and have incredible programs helping disadvantaged communities all over the developing world (One example is an orphanage in Thailand).

Apart from that, Rod Stewart, Jim Kerr and Billy Connolly have impeccable taste, so inevitably they follow Glasgow Celtic.

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Posted in: Furuhashi scores hat-trick in home debut for Celtic See in context

Fantastic start for the Japanese international. He's made himself a hero already. Come on the Bhoys.

How come "Rangers" were allowed keep their name? Other clubs have lost their name following such illegality.

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Posted in: Man dies after being assaulted, thrown off bridge in Osaka See in context

Sharing such videos just encourages the practice. It also upsets family of victims.

Give the guy some dignity and stop sharing video of his murder.

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Posted in: Olympic women's boxing is bigger, deeper, better in Tokyo See in context

No mention of Ireland's Kellie Harrington? Best of luck to her and Sena.

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Posted in: History-making Irish rowers won't be bringing the house down See in context

Congratulations, lads, but loose the hair. Come on, its gotta add at least an extra 10 kilos body weight to the weight your pulling. As for aerodynamics-forget it. O'Donovans are the the best, most modest and definitely most entertaining & funniest family of rowers ever.

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Posted in: U.S. imposes new Cuba sanctions over human rights abuses See in context

To clarify something, my coment (about corporate pied-pipers) refers to multinational Corporations presently outside Cuba, who pay contributions to politicians, outside Cuba, then put pressure on those politicians to place sanctons on Cuba for various reasona e.g simply ideologically opposed to such an egalitarian system, or with an intention of breaking the system so they can go and exploit what would be one of the few new territories not under corporation hegemony. The country of Venezuela is another example. Back in the 1980's El Slvadore and other Central American nations succumb to this pressure. This outside interference causes the nation economic difficulties. Corporates then use e.g. certain news agencies to depict those economic problems (constructed by the Corporates) as well as resulting frustrations of local population and claim that is a sign of failings of the nations unorthodox system (e.g. Cuban economic system).

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Posted in: U.S. imposes new Cuba sanctions over human rights abuses See in context

The Corporate world are behind such things because small Honorable countries like Cuba don't allow the Corporate's to ransack their countries ( like they were in Cuba before they were kicked out). The Corporates pay the pipers (the politicians) and the pipers play the Corporate tunes.

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Posted in: Controversial rugby star Folau signs with Japanese club See in context

I think that religion is a social construct and should not have any place in this scientific age where we demand evidence for what people claim to be facts. Also, I drink whenever I want to. But I don't feel threatened by this man. I have the same compassion for this man as I do for those he claimed his religion condemns.

The similarities with ""Cancel culture" and the Spanish inquisition are such that to a point that I really don't know, at this stage, who are the people living in the dark ages, and who are genuinely "liberal".

Because I reject the place of religion in the modern world and because we disagree with this mans views on sexuality doesn't give us a right to "condemn" him and deny his right to pursue his career.

Now, good night and God bless you all (opp's).

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Posted in: Sky Brown to be Britain's youngest summer Olympian See in context

Incredible. Hope she wins Gold. I'l be rooting for her. Especially as she was born in Japan.

But consider this from the article, "Brown, who turns 13 on July 12, won a bronze medal at the 2019 World Championships." This means she is only 12 at present and was only an astonishingly young 10 years old at the 2019 World Championships. Astonishing.

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Posted in: Trudeau denounces vandalism of churches, monarch statues See in context

I am not religious but I have lived in Canada. From my experience of Canada, two things.

The historical catholic clergy were not "overwhelmingly Irish and anti-monarchy," they were from a variety of European, including British and Irish but largely French origins.

Secondly,   There is sadly a lot of opportunist encouragement of anti-Irish or anti-Catholic behaviors from the very large anti-Catholic ethnically Scottish/Presbyterian community in Canada, some of whom have affiliations with Loyalism and Organism in N-Ireland. They'l love all this and encourage it. Burning places of worship is extremely provocative and historically has only led to reprisals and and endless cycles of violence and paranoia. No one should defend it or underestimate its reactionary potential. You cannot criticize barbarity by behaving barbaric yourself. The historical issues are extremely concerning and should be addressed in a thorough, serious civilized manner and a form of reparation sought - not burning churches.

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Posted in: 50 years after his death, Paris remembers Jim Morrison See in context

His music will never die and what a voice. Compared to today's whingers? "Let it roll, all night long", JIm.

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Posted in: Faith still shapes morals and values even after people are 'done' with religion See in context

There aint no God. No Heaven. Nohelll. We need to get over this indoctrination since birth. For Heavens sake (Opps). Believe in SCIENCE and we might work out a universal set of values to live in peace, and leave each other alone. SCIENCE ROCKS.

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I think I'l stick with Air Bus, if I have a choice. Dont trust Boeing after those scary crashes.

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Posted in: UK-EU Brexit spat over N Ireland clouds G7 leaders summit See in context

I think someone is telling more "pork-pies". Unionists have been demanding and campaigning for years that their pork and beef get the label "Irish Pork" or "Irish Beef" on packaging and advertising etc, because on the international market Irish pork and beef is considered to be the highest standard in the world. That's even though they demand that they themselves be "labelled" British. If that is not comical enough, now they demand that they cant live without "British" sausages (presumably those same meats that are of a "lessor standard" than their own "Irish" meats) or else there will be war???????? You gotta laugh. I'm laughing so much I'm breaking out in a rash here (No, I didn't say Rasher).

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Posted in: Ready to travel abroad again? Watch out for superbugs, study says See in context

Ignorance is not bliss. Surely we have learned at least that from the Covid pandemic?

Its a positive thing that scientists are on the ball and warning us in an effort to prevent, in the above case, a bacterial pandemic.

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Posted in: Students abducted from school in Nigeria See in context

How can this be allowed happen so often?

Like Hackers, if they are allowed get away with such evil they'l do it again.

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Posted in: Ireland shuts down health IT system after ransomware attack See in context

Another headline reads:

"largest gasoline pipeline — hit last week by a ransomware attack".

Latest reports suggest this attack on Irelands Health System is the nastywork of the same Scumbags who did it on that USA gas pipeline.

Whatever about a gasoline pipeline, who could do such a thing to a nations health system?

The scum of the earth.

But it is also really bizarre and totally out of order to start blaming the victims (as one comment above).

Until this particular group are caught, every and any form of organization is at risk.

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Posted in: Biden speaks to Erdogan as Armenian genocide question looms See in context

I agree to all of the above. The Turkish Empire is the one that got away - scandalously. For 300 years they have behaved like Nazi's. They fought with Imperial Germany in 1st world war then fought with Hitler in 2nd world war. Indeed Hitler is quoted as using how they got away with the genocide against Armenia to justify his belief that he would get away with his own genocide against the jewish people. They invaded Cypress in 1970's and remained, still occupy half of that country. They are attempting genocide against the long-suffering Kurd's now. Their behaviour over 200 years in the Balkins was the root of the resentment that caused the Balkans war in the 1990's.They have been the evil empire that gets away with everything.

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Posted in: Documentary tells story of Titanic's Chinese survivors See in context

Good to see this Asian element featured. And, of course it wasnt "women and children" first, it was "rich women and children" first, then "rich men" or military types, then, if extremely lucky or extremely enterprising one or two poor people might have gotten onto a life boat. Just one example is the scores of Irish poor who were actually locked into the lowest quarters AFTER the ship hit the iceberg and the Captain knew the ship had to be abandoned. They never had a hope of survival. Hollywood and before it the old Ealing-type film in the 1950's/60's were both entertaining but didn't deal with such unsettling things. Hopefullly this movie might venture somewhere towards such elements?

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Albaleo writes: "Perhaps three. Another for the people of mainland Britain to decide whether Northern Ireland should remain part of of the UK."

I agree. Great idea. Why not start a campaign. And I also wonder if those Unionists did indeed return to what they se as their motherland Britain, would English, Scottiah ans Welsh people put up with their marches every two weeks and provoking minorities etc. I think most British people would not tolerate their fanaticiam.

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Posted in: Northern Irish leaders struggle to quell worst violence in years See in context

Usual double standards in practice and analyses for NI. The Unionists/Loyalists spent the last three months warning that there would be a return to violence, including threathening the Irish (Joint) PM who has had to move home as a result. DUP leader met with those Loyalist paramilitary leaders last month and brazenly defended this act. Boris Johnson paid a visit to Belfast two weeks ago -Shin Fein asked for a meeting with him. He said no but had a meeting with the Unionists.

The UDA paramilitary organisation have never been outlawed - The IRA were 50 years ago (That fact in isolation should say it all about every British government since 1969's attitude to the Catholic population).

Now, after 6 nights of attacks from loyalist rioters, the PSNI didnt use offensive methods, such as watercannons - now suddenly they are using those methods against Catholic youths attempting to defend their area from an attempted incursions by those loyalist rioters. In short: British government Double Standards and discrimination persists against the Catholic population-irrespective of Brexit or the peace Process or the politcal party (Both conservativeand labour are anti-Irish Catholic).

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Posted in: George Floyd died from 'low level of oxygen': doctor See in context

Martin Tobin is a world renowned, hugely respected Irish pulmonologist. His evidence proves beyond doubt that this was a cold blooded Murder by a person abusing power (in fact 'persons', more-like, as Chauvin's colleagues were also guilty by their inaction, standing around or walking around when a helpless person was being murdered right in front of them). The worst thing is how the defence are defaming the victim when he is not here to defend himself. So its up to the rest of us to speak up for him. I think a guilty verdict is likely, but that will not bring the victim back to life. Police, everywhere, worldwide need to have their powers restrained and abuses of Police power need to be punished.

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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context

The WHO are silent once more. And UN: silence also. EU: Not a word.

This is extremely serious on so many levels, it is obscene.

Who is gonna buy fish from these waters? Nobody.

It will destroy fishing industry in the region and endangers millions of lives..

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Posted in: Man pursues diplomatic approach in campaign to open minds to disabled See in context

Great idea. Good guy.

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Posted in: Throwing away the kimono-wearing rule book See in context

The symbol of the British Empire defacing a beautiful magnificent Kimono. Very sad.

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Posted in: Human rights demo? Thanks but no thanks, says Kurdish residents' association See in context

The Kurds, the Palestinians and the Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland have been the most persecuted groups for many years by bullying neighbours. These groups have been systematically bullied, ridiculed , made fun of, discriminated against, imprisoned for many years on made-up charges or shot dead but no Isreali, British or Turkish celebrities have ever apologised or cried guilty crocodile tears on Facebook for historical abuse and persecution of them. There is a very obvious and unsatisfactory discrimination in who gets support and sympathy in "discrimination" debates. Lets be honest. There is no consistency. Some groups are in and some are apparently not cool to show solidarity with. WHY? ? In this instance the Kurds have once again proven they are a rightious "nation".

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