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Posted in: Biden speaks to Erdogan as Armenian genocide question looms See in context

I agree to all of the above. The Turkish Empire is the one that got away - scandalously. For 300 years they have behaved like Nazi's. They fought with Imperial Germany in 1st world war then fought with Hitler in 2nd world war. Indeed Hitler is quoted as using how they got away with the genocide against Armenia to justify his belief that he would get away with his own genocide against the jewish people. They invaded Cypress in 1970's and remained, still occupy half of that country. They are attempting genocide against the long-suffering Kurd's now. Their behaviour over 200 years in the Balkins was the root of the resentment that caused the Balkans war in the 1990's.They have been the evil empire that gets away with everything.

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Good to see this Asian element featured. And, of course it wasnt "women and children" first, it was "rich women and children" first, then "rich men" or military types, then, if extremely lucky or extremely enterprising one or two poor people might have gotten onto a life boat. Just one example is the scores of Irish poor who were actually locked into the lowest quarters AFTER the ship hit the iceberg and the Captain knew the ship had to be abandoned. They never had a hope of survival. Hollywood and before it the old Ealing-type film in the 1950's/60's were both entertaining but didn't deal with such unsettling things. Hopefullly this movie might venture somewhere towards such elements?

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Albaleo writes: "Perhaps three. Another for the people of mainland Britain to decide whether Northern Ireland should remain part of of the UK."

I agree. Great idea. Why not start a campaign. And I also wonder if those Unionists did indeed return to what they se as their motherland Britain, would English, Scottiah ans Welsh people put up with their marches every two weeks and provoking minorities etc. I think most British people would not tolerate their fanaticiam.

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Posted in: Northern Irish leaders struggle to quell worst violence in years See in context

Usual double standards in practice and analyses for NI. The Unionists/Loyalists spent the last three months warning that there would be a return to violence, including threathening the Irish (Joint) PM who has had to move home as a result. DUP leader met with those Loyalist paramilitary leaders last month and brazenly defended this act. Boris Johnson paid a visit to Belfast two weeks ago -Shin Fein asked for a meeting with him. He said no but had a meeting with the Unionists.

The UDA paramilitary organisation have never been outlawed - The IRA were 50 years ago (That fact in isolation should say it all about every British government since 1969's attitude to the Catholic population).

Now, after 6 nights of attacks from loyalist rioters, the PSNI didnt use offensive methods, such as watercannons - now suddenly they are using those methods against Catholic youths attempting to defend their area from an attempted incursions by those loyalist rioters. In short: British government Double Standards and discrimination persists against the Catholic population-irrespective of Brexit or the peace Process or the politcal party (Both conservativeand labour are anti-Irish Catholic).

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Posted in: George Floyd died from 'low level of oxygen': doctor See in context

Martin Tobin is a world renowned, hugely respected Irish pulmonologist. His evidence proves beyond doubt that this was a cold blooded Murder by a person abusing power (in fact 'persons', more-like, as Chauvin's colleagues were also guilty by their inaction, standing around or walking around when a helpless person was being murdered right in front of them). The worst thing is how the defence are defaming the victim when he is not here to defend himself. So its up to the rest of us to speak up for him. I think a guilty verdict is likely, but that will not bring the victim back to life. Police, everywhere, worldwide need to have their powers restrained and abuses of Police power need to be punished.

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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context

The WHO are silent once more. And UN: silence also. EU: Not a word.

This is extremely serious on so many levels, it is obscene.

Who is gonna buy fish from these waters? Nobody.

It will destroy fishing industry in the region and endangers millions of lives..

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Posted in: Man pursues diplomatic approach in campaign to open minds to disabled See in context

Great idea. Good guy.

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Posted in: Throwing away the kimono-wearing rule book See in context

The symbol of the British Empire defacing a beautiful magnificent Kimono. Very sad.

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Posted in: Human rights demo? Thanks but no thanks, says Kurdish residents' association See in context

The Kurds, the Palestinians and the Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland have been the most persecuted groups for many years by bullying neighbours. These groups have been systematically bullied, ridiculed , made fun of, discriminated against, imprisoned for many years on made-up charges or shot dead but no Isreali, British or Turkish celebrities have ever apologised or cried guilty crocodile tears on Facebook for historical abuse and persecution of them. There is a very obvious and unsatisfactory discrimination in who gets support and sympathy in "discrimination" debates. Lets be honest. There is no consistency. Some groups are in and some are apparently not cool to show solidarity with. WHY? ? In this instance the Kurds have once again proven they are a rightious "nation".

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