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Posted in: 'My Favorite Year,' comic salute to TV's golden age, hits 40 See in context

O'Toole was one hell of a "Hell-Raiser". A new documentary is been released this week about his late side-kick Richard Harris and its supposed to be great. Those two and their other friend (co-drinker) Oliver Reid were serious characters on and off the screen.

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Posted in: Do you think Christmas illuminations should not be displayed in Japan's cities this year in order to save electricity? See in context

I voted "yes" above by accident. Its the way the question is phrased. So I guess I should say here I think the illuminations should go ahead. I love them. And I love Christmas & its message of peace and good will to everyone.

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Posted in: Ireland edge Wallabies 13-10 See in context

BTW: That "so close" for Scotland is re against New Zealand (not Argentina). Congrats to Sotland for winning that. But November Nth Hemisphere wins indicate the World Cup could be going up there next year?

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Posted in: Ireland edge Wallabies 13-10 See in context

Looked like a defense practice session by Ireland. They didn't appear to be particularly trying. Quite relaxed in comparison to against South Africa. I feel sorry for Scotland. So close. But I still think that France will win the world cup.

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Posted in: Turkey launches air raids against Kurdish militants in Syria, Iraq See in context

"Clearly just an excuse by Erdogan to invade other countries and territories. "

"How are they going to respond? Sanctions, asset freezes, sporting bans, a G7 price cap on Turkish exports? Or will it be the same old hypocrisy and double standards that apply to strategic allies?"

I agree. Both of those above comments undeniably sum up the situation. And Turkey are not an "allied nation" to any country in the west. Sweden and Finland are western allies. Turkey would stab any western country in the back in a heartbeat. Their only real allies are presently threatening their neighbors in the Turkish empires former colonies north of the black sea.

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Posted in: Next generation of British royals to see more scrutiny See in context

British Empire still exists in Northern Ireland.

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Posted in: Colin Farrell on his 'painful, violent' new Irish film See in context

"a group of tourists who followed him on a horse and cart...He went for a run and tried to outrun it, but no," he said, as both broke out laughing. "You had a great conversation with the horse -- you were neck-and-neck!"

Ha ha. Sounds like Colin and Brendan know how to have great fun unlike some people apparently living in paradise.

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Posted in: Tyson Fury offers Joshua 40% of purse for all-British fight See in context

In the pro-British media, like this, Tyson Fury is "British" when he is winning and "Irish" when he loses.

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Posted in: High-end Japanese strawberries selling like hotcakes in New York See in context

Wexford Strawberries are the best. But you wont get them in Japan. Or New York.

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Posted in: New York Yankees buy minority stake in AC Milan soccer club See in context

I wonder will they be sending over players "on loan" from the Yankees, in their Baseball gear?

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Posted in: Myanmar's Suu Kyi gets more jail, hard labor for election fraud See in context

She is so elderly and frail that the 3 years prison would be enough to kill her. But 20 years and add-in "hard-Labour"? Sadistic Junta.

Self-righteous big-mouthed "liberals" like Bob Geldof who criticized her ignored the intense pressures she was under from this same military when they were misbehaving while she was in power.

Those self-righteous big-mouthed (pseudo) "liberals" like Bob Geldof should be demanding her immediate release.

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Posted in: Home intruder beats man to death with chair in Fukuoka Prefecture See in context

Poor old man. A lot of this going on in the world. Last week an 87 years old Irish invalid in his electric wheelchair was stabbed to death outside a London train station.

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Posted in: Pakistan monsoon flooding death toll tops 1,000 See in context

Before considering this comment: "Climate crisis, indeed. The impoverished countries are even less able to cope."

We should read the comment above by Avenger which reminds us:

"Pakistan spent $10.5 billion on its military in 2020. I think it can handle this one on its own."

If Pakistan didn't spend as much on military, including Nuclear weapons they definitely would not have to keep making a pleas to the west to provide aid for their "impoverished people".

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Posted in: At least 21 killed in Somalia hotel siege; many hostages freed See in context

Look more like Mad Max characters rather than Police Officers.

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Posted in: Sweden agrees to extradite man to Turkey in wake of NATO deal See in context

This is wrong on many levels and it smells of trickery.

Turkey are not NATO. And Sweden had not applied to join the Turkish army.

Turkey are only one out of many nations in NATO.

Yet Turkey are like a tail that is wagging the NATO dog.

I m not prepared to believe that this guy is not PKK, and they are pretending he is an average criminal.

If he was an average criminal would Turkey make such a big deal about his extradition?

No, they wouldn't. Think about it. Disappointed in Sweden either way for capitulating to a fascist state.

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Posted in: Alleged British IS 'Beatle' held in jail after UK court appearance See in context

These cowards wouldn't have had the guts to fight. Killing prisoners isn't fighting.

Only cowards hurt defenseless prisoners.

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Posted in: How a Czech soccer hooligan became a UFC champion, via Japan See in context

Personally I'd say football hooliganism is a lot more respectable compared to UFC.

Boxing is majestic. Especially armature boxing. Love it. Dont like UFC.

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Posted in: Sea of sunflowers See in context

Lovely Picture. Beautiful.

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Posted in: China adds science lab to its orbiting space station See in context

When I read "China & Science Lab" I get concerned. But in Space? Very concerned. What are they up to this time?

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Posted in: Marauding monkey caught, killed after dozens injured in Japan See in context

Sanginosebleed writes: "I suggest all Yamaguchi residents be issued with safety glasses and a M4 BB pellet gun and give those cheeky monkeys hell!...:)"

Yegh but the Russians will arm the Monkeys - then what?

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Posted in: Japanese, Irish leaders agree Russia must face 'severe consequences' See in context

Great to see a positive & friendly diplomatic event between two great nations Japan and Ireland.

A lot of racist anti-Irish comments above.

Ulster is a Provence of Ireland. Northern Ireland is only a part of Ulster which is an imposed bigoted anti-catholic administration. Ireland was threatened to allow it or it would face a full attack on its cities, bombing etc by Britain. A bit like Putin's idea of "negotiations".To hear British politicians criticize Russia for its dubious offers to negotiate with Ukraine would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida would be made very welcome if he visited Ireland, as Irish people are, like Japanese people, very friendly people.

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Posted in: Turkey warns it can 'freeze' Sweden, Finland's NATO process See in context

Turkey, who occupy Cyprus and Syria have some cheek. I back proper democracies like Sweden and Finland. Throw Turkey out of NATO and allow them in.

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Posted in: Widow reveals Gene Kelly's Cold War mission for JFK See in context

"Gene saw his role as going out into the world and not only sharing the style of dance he created, but also breaking down barriers and expanding our ability to communicate. I wish he was around now," she said."

I second that.

Big Yen writes: "We tend to over-use words like "legend" "genius" and "star". Gene Kelly is all of those and more."

And I second that.

An amazing artist and, for once, a rare breed in the arts, like Sean Connery - a mans man.

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Posted in: Scotland sets October 2023 for new independence vote See in context

albaleo writes:

"And when two of those vote to remain in the EU and two to leave?"

And of course one of those two is not a country or a nation but six counties stolen from Ireland.

Why is England so consistently insistent on making enemies out of potential friends?

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Posted in: Part-maid cafe, part-dentist’s office? Akiba Dental Clinic to open in Tokyo See in context

Did you say "a big bust" deliberately DT? Or was that a Freudian slip?

I think Chiropractors call their services an "adjustment."

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Posted in: Is AI the future of art? See in context

Some of the "music" using samples of actual song writers is almost AI. I don't like such music.

No computer will ever "create" anything as good as "Yesterday" by the Beatles.

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Posted in: When I get older: Paul McCartney going strong at 80 See in context

McCartney - the best of them all ( all outside of the Beatles,that is). A total genius(just like John was).

So many awesome songs. I'm listening to the Beatles right now. "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

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Posted in: Ziggy Stardust: 50 years of Bowie's alien revolution See in context

I certainly didn't like or approve of his lifestyle but I loved his music, especially The Lodger 1979. Robert Fripp's guitar was incredible on Red Sails (about Japan) and Look Back in Anger. RIP Bowie.

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Posted in: Kate Bush classic 'Running Up That Hill' tops chart after 37 years See in context

I'd say Kate Bush was the most talented female "artist" of any kind in the 20th Century.

I also respect her for not cashing in with the man-hating Political Correctness that other female artists do/have done/are encouraged to do. Kate respects men. Isn't it crazy that that is unusual?

Her song called "Wow" is my favorite.

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Posted in: UK moves to rewrite Brexit rules for Northern Ireland; EU threatens legal action See in context

There has been a flood of high ranking British Conservative politicians in the British, Irish and European media scathingly criticizing this move by Johnson. Most of them are saying the Foreign Minister Liz Trust is the Machiavellian figure behind it despite her voting against Brexit. Either way it is wrong on every conceivable level.

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