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This is totally false, and completely ill informed I'm afraid. Japanese is INCREDIBLY useful outside Japan. You think you should learn Chinese to get jobs globally? Think again - there are tens of millions of Native speakers of both Chinese and English - how are you going to compete with that? Japanese though? Only a few people in Japan speak English to any level of competence, which leaves a massive job market open for you, even in the US (companies there deal with Japanese companies every day). Just read this, there is no doubt that learning Japanese is a massive, unique investment in your life and future career:

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This is because all Americans just care about winning. It doesn't matter if you have to murder children in their sleep, as long as you win. You worship capitalism which is built upon slavery which exists in a much greater form today than it ever did before slavery was abolished. The atomic bomb was the most evil thing to every be created, but America doesn't care about who they kill, as long as they can act like it was self-defence or for the greater good. That's why they can kill a million Arabs and blow up their entire country and kill everyone they know, and then call them the terrorists when they blow up a train. Unbelievable people, I can't believe they are still allowed to use the words 'freedom' or 'justice'. Should be god-damn ashamed if over half think that winning is more important than having a soul.

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Erm... how about because American car companies buy out or destroy any chances of a high speed rail link being made because it would destroy their bottom line. It's not because Americans love freedom, it's because the big corporations that own America won't allow them to have any choices that don't paralyse them.

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