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Posted in: Burger King Japan offering dried ramen instead of French fries in its combo meals See in context

Doesn't sound that strange to me. Many times I have eaten Frito corn chips with my burger and found it to be a satisfying combination.

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Posted in: Japanese cookie tins are treasure troves of forest flavors See in context

They were packed by squirrels with well washed paws.

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Posted in: We try new improved egg salad sandwiches at FamilyMart See in context

I'm with you Nippori Nick, I love an extra crusty bread.

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Posted in: We visit the new Japan branch of Wayback Burgers, try their vegan set, notice a big problem See in context

@ Reckless, I agree. I always found it amusing that even though vegetarians eschew flesh they strive to make things taste like it. I once worked with a man from India who was approaching 60 and had never eaten even one bite of meat. He used to let me sample his lunch which contained no fake meat but was always delicious.

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Posted in: Deep-fried delight – Taste testing 'menchi katsu' from four Japanese convenience store chains See in context

@ bokuda, Have you never noticed that practically all of the worlds leading newspapers have a food column?

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Posted in: Japanese oden maker revolutionizes the way we eat at home…with a few adjustments See in context

In have no problem preparing delicious oden on my stove in a pot that I use for other things also. This oden pot is completely unnecessary.

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Posted in: 'I’ll kill you!' says Japanese schoolgirl when convenience store won’t let her use toilet See in context

TokyoLivingToday said;

"Of course, they are not like some westerners who like to do their physiological needs anywhere without caring about other people."

LOL...Back in the early 1960s I drove from Tokyo to Oita, along the way I saw a gazillion or so Japanese men, mostly truck drivers, relieving themselves on the roadside. They at least had the decency to turn their backs to the road.

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Posted in: Domino’s Pizza launches ‘Sanchoku Pizza’ series spotlighting local farm-fresh ingredients See in context

Just reading about such a pizza has given me a craving, it's unfortunate I'm not in Japan.

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Posted in: Not just potheads: A look at who supports legal marijuana See in context

Many Americans have had their lives ruined, not from the effects of marijuana but from the draconian penalties suffered when caught using it. Legalize it and free law enforcement for real crime prevention.

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Posted in: Chilly reception See in context

The picture makes me cold.

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Posted in: Fishy ice cream? Katsuobushi company Ninben subtly blends bonito into ice cream trio See in context

@Pukey2, Almost as bad as the Europeans putting salt in everything.

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Posted in: Wayback Burgers opens in Japan See in context

The return to the past I would like to see is the price. I remember the glorious days when a local eatery sold a large burger called a ranch-burger for 35¢.

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Posted in: Battles over book bans reflect conflicts from the 1980s See in context

History should be taught the way it happened, not the way we wish it had happened.

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Posted in: Colcannon, a classic Irish medley of potatoes, greens See in context

Colcannon should be made with cabbage.

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Posted in: Look stylish while working out with these geta sandals See in context

I often wore Geta when I lived in Japan, they made bicycle pedaling more comfortable. I don't think I would care for this design though.

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Posted in: McDonald's to temporarily close 850 stores in Russia See in context


"Who wants to eat Mc Crap anyway."

One should not try to live on it but an occasional burger with fries is a tasty treat that is enjoyed by millions around the world.

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Posted in: 30-year-old man arrested for smearing bodily fluid on high school girl See in context

@Thunderbird2, Nutjobs? A double entendre if I ever heard one.

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Posted in: Neon Genesis Evangelion traditional cast iron kettles See in context

Iron kettles are popular in San Francisco. The last time my Japanese wife visited our son there he gifted her one.

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Posted in: Dead grass burning ritual See in context

If controlled burning such as this could be done in the American West it might put a stop to some of the wild fires that pose such a danger.

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Posted in: Many young Japanese people aren’t drinking sake these days See in context

Back in the 60s I could think of no more pleasant evening than meeting with a few friends in a nearby izakaya to partake of snacks and warmed sake in winter and snacks along with cold beer in the heat of summer.

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Posted in: Bidders keep throwing money at U.S. offshore wind energy sites See in context

A wise move conducive to the continuation of human life on planet Earth.

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Posted in: Former KAT-TUN singer Koki Tanaka arrested for drug possession See in context

I am having a great deal of trouble imagining what such a minuscule amount would look like.

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Posted in: We try Mister Donut Japan’s sinfully good Belgian chocolatier-approved donuts See in context

@Mr Kipling, I like smoked fish on my dry bagels.

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Posted in: Is a camping toaster from Daiso any good? See in context

I am a Tennessee Hillbilly who camped out many times in his youth. If I wanted toast with my breakfast I simply jabbed a stick into a slice of bread and held it over the fire until brown. Worked like a charm.

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Posted in: Japan backs U.S anti-extremism efforts after IS leader's death See in context


Read the article again and you will notice it states Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi killed his family himself. I feel sorry for the children but strongly suspect they would have grown into extremists like their father. The world is a better place with them gone, especially the father.

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Posted in: Have we been making pancakes wrong this whole time? Japan’s Zen-Noh shares the best technique See in context

I agree, buckwheat pancakes are the best.

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Posted in: Japan’s chocolate mint beer returns for Valentine’s Day See in context

I gag at the mere thought.

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Posted in: Are you a sweet and salty fan? Try the new Chicken Ramen Choco Flakes, the dream snack See in context

For those who think chicken and chocolate can't be paired let me remind them of Mexico's delicious chicken mole which is basically chocolate flavored chicken.

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Posted in: For those who want it thick – Japanese vending machine allows you to choose drink thickness See in context

I am having trouble imagining a cup of "thick" green tea.

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Posted in: MSDF vessel departs carrying aid to disaster-stricken Tonga See in context

I am totally unable to understand the reasoning of some readers who seem to downvote everything. How could humanitarian aid to those in need possibly be bad?

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