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Posted in: 2 doctors arrested over assisted death of terminally ill woman See in context

When continued life becomes a burden on others and the quality of that life has deteriorated to the point that there is no enjoyment left in it, a person should be allowed to leave it voluntarily. We allow our cherished pets an easy way out, why not the people we claim to love? To keep them, in misery, seems selfish.

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Posted in: Anti-vaxxers seize virus moment to spread fake news See in context

Burning Bush says;

"I do not trust anyone with the sanctity of my body.

No expert truly knows how the human body functions so it‘s impossible for them to be 100% sure that those chemicals won’t cause any long term side effects.

No chemical injections for me, thank you."

You should hope that you never become a diabetic because without daily injections of insulin your life will be greatly shortened.

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Posted in: White House race becomes digital dogfight See in context

Hopefully the American people have come to their senses and will select Biden as the best choice to sit in the oval office for a few years. Four more years of Trump's hatred would destroy our country. Biden would put America on track for becoming great again.

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Posted in: In U.S., camera phones increasingly expose racism See in context

@Age of Asparagus

The problem of racism is very real and will not go away if simple ignored. It must be addressed.

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Posted in: Japanese Recipe Adventures: Dry Curry Rice Omelette See in context

Sounds wonderful. No problem finding shiso here in Tennessee, both the red and green varieties grow wild. My Japanese wife also grows it in our small garden. As a lover of curry I look forward to trying this. Thanks for the recipe.

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Posted in: Insect enthusiast puts cricket ramen on the menu See in context

I have never eaten crickets but I like fried grasshoppers and the somewhat nutty taste of crispy fried meal worms is a real treat along with a cold beer. ♥

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy survives fall from 5th-floor window in Tokyo See in context


This is not necessarily just a Japanese problem. Accidents occur in other countries as well. My Japanese in-laws were attentive parents and did a great job raising children.

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Posted in: Edible plates provide a delicious way to limit plastic waste See in context

@coskuri & that person,

The edible plate could be placed on a paper napkin to keep it clean. Paper is biodegradable.

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Posted in: 43-year-old man arrested over mother’s murder See in context

Mocheake said;

"Another hikkikomori who got told to stop being a parasite and find a job. He couldn't bear the thought of actually having to do something so he killed the person who he had been a burden on his whole life."

I am impressed that you were able to deduce all of this from the brief description of the occurrence.

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Posted in: Japanese jellyfish umbrellas will turn your rainy skies into an ocean view See in context

Quite charming. Nature has produced some adorable designs that are certainly worthy of copying. ♥

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Posted in: Coronavirus could complicate Trump's path to reelection See in context

Serrano said, "...It's regrettable that some Democrats are actively working to keep the U.S. economy shut down in the twisted hope that Trump will be defeated."

No my friend, we evil Democrats just want to do everything possible to insure the lowest number of deaths from Covid-19. Many small business owners are Democrats who are willing to suffer for the benefit of the majority.

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Posted in: Gourmet guide: Japan’s most popular miso soup ranking in 2020 See in context

I am surprised there was no mention of my favorite additive "cabbage". Finely cut slivers of cabbage add both flavor and nutrition to my morning bowl of soup. Some matchstick cut carrots and onion are great too. ♥

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Posted in: Filthy lucre: Paper money shunned for fear of virus spread See in context

I am an old man in his twilight years with little time left on this mortal coil. I will accept the risk for everyone who sends me their filth laden paper money. I shall try to brighten my remaining years with a celebration of wine, women, and song. My motto is "Maius sacrifico."

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Posted in: Japanese ramen restaurant chain brings out noodles with cola dipping sauce See in context

It sounded disgusting at first then I though about the beef brisket in cola I had years ago that was delicious. I would give it a try with no great expectations and would let my taste buds decide.

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Posted in: Swiss gruyere named best in world cheese competition See in context

@1glenn, I totally agree, an authentic sheep's milk Roquefort from France is unbeatable.

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Posted in: New Zealand man arrested after threat to mosque See in context

I find it incredulous that anyone would vote down the three comments above.

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Posted in: Angry confrontation breaks out after man coughs on Yamanote Line train in Tokyo See in context

If the young man was infected with the virus then the old man did everyone a favor by getting in his face, he would have soaked up all the microbes himself and protected the others.

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Posted in: Donguri: A retro restaurant where orders come floating downstream See in context

I am old fashioned and would prefer that my order be delivered by a waiter or waitress.

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Posted in: We try a rotating sushi chain’s super high-quality 3-layer caviar, sea urchin & fatty tuna sushi See in context

I love otoro and uni passionately! I wonder what it would taste like if it were topped with salmon roe (Ikura)? I salivate at the mere idea.

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Posted in: Coca-Cola’s hot canned shrimp bisque: The newest reason Japanese vending machines are awesome See in context

Sounds okay to me. Hot soup on a cold day with no hassle.

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Posted in: Chocolate Ramen is back at chain restaurant Korakuen, with a new friend: White Chocolate Ramen See in context

I read the title of this article with a degree of horror. After reading the article I rethought things and decided it really might not be all that terrible. One of my favorite Mexican dishes, and what very well may be the national dish of that country, is chicken mole. Another name for that dish could well be "chocolate chicken" and it is delicious.

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Posted in: 83-year-old man killed after crashing car into house in Kobe See in context

You don't have to be old to have an accident. A friend of my nephew had a stroke while driving and ran off the road into a tree at the age of 19. I myself have reached the age of 78 and still drive competently. I limit my driving to daylight hours and only make necessary trips.

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Posted in: The perfect baked potato begins with russets See in context

Rather than Crisco or olive oil coat your potato with bacon grease for a great skin with a wonderful flavor.

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Posted in: Visually impaired man hit and killed by train after falling off platform See in context


Good for you. We should all be helpful to each other on our trip through life. ♥

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors, Nissan call Ghosn's accusations baseless See in context

Let me think about this. If I was accused of a crime I was innocent of and was going to be tried in a country with almost a 100% conviction rate what would I do?

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Posted in: Japan earmarks ¥1.78 bil to boost promotion of sake See in context

Sake, sumo,and squid, these three items helped keep me entertained during my Japan years. :-)

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Posted in: A plateful of plastic: Visualizing the microplastic we consume See in context

BigYen said;

"According to the article, increased plastic consumption by humans must have been happening for decades. How do the researcher's fears square with the fact that within that timeframe life expectancy has been increasing in every developed country, and in most of the developing ones?"

The increase in life expectancy is not necessarily because people are living longer. Life expectancy is the "average" age at which people die. Infant mortality, which used to be rampant, has been considerably tamed in recent years and that accounts for the higher average age at death.

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Posted in: Ghosn carried spare French passport while out on bail in Japan See in context

Let me ponder this for a moment. If I was awaiting trial in a country where the conviction rate is 99.9% and had an opportunity to flee, what would I do?

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Posted in: 12 dead, several missing as Australia counts cost of devastating bushfires See in context

@ GuruMick;

We have many of the same ilk here in the USA, people who, for some illogical reason, think that scientists have banded together to pull the wool over their eyes. I am an old man and will be gone before the scenario plays to its ultimate conclusion but feel a great deal of sadness for my descendants who are going to end up with an uninhabitable world.

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