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@ Mr Kipling, You sound like the type who only goes to an automobile race to watch the wrecks.

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I am continually amazed by the complexity, diversity, and beauty of life on this planet.

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For some reason I envision a train car crowded with elderly passengers all swishing their tails like irate cats. It is not a comforting vision.

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I am in Tennessee but shall sip a cup of sake anyway in honor of this event. I wish I was there.

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"~$1350 for a 16-day stint? Pass"

Don't forget the room and board and experience of a lifetime.

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I like them big, I like them small.

The truth is, I like them all!

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Donny will invite Kim and Abe to Mar-A-Lago for a round of golf and some scrumptious chocolate cake and everything will be okay.

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oldman said;

"People that old should not be driving."

I have ridden with many elderly drivers who were still quite skillful and cautious. I have also ridden with young daredevils who were the exact opposite. I would support legislation that retested drivers after a certain age but a blanket condemnation of the elderly would be wrong.

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Let them drink soju with their kimchi and bulgogi. It's a great combination.

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I married my Japanese wife back in 1963 and our first house was a small traditional home; two rooms and a kitchen with cold water only, and a benjo that had to be pumped out every few months. It was a new home and we were the first occupants. We lived there blissfully for over a year and paid the princely sum of 7,000 ¥ per month which at the rate of exchange at that time was a little over $19. Things have certainly changed.

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"How can the rock formations be "unreal" when they are in fact, real?"



adjective: unreal

so strange as to appear imaginary; not seeming real.

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I never missed a Tanabata Festival in Fussa when I lived in Ushihama back in the 1960s. Such colorful pageantry. ♥♥♥

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"No beef. No burger. That's all folks."

Pork and lamb meat also make great burgers as do many vareities of beans.

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Posted in: Two 19-year-old drivers arrested for racing each other 6 kms down mountain road See in context

With all the negative press lately about the danger elderly drivers expose us to it's almost refreshing to see that young ones can also be a menace.

A geezer who still drives safely.

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"...He acknowledged activists' concerns over the cruelty of the whale hunt and said "the fishermen are conscious of the fact that the time the animal suffers should be reduced."

I would think "eliminated" rather than "reduced" would have been a good idea. I am a carnivore who enjoys eating flesh but I prefer that the slaughter be carried out humanely. Current methods of catching whales are barbaric to say the least. I also prefer my meat without heavy metal pollution.

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Posted in: For sake of G20 unity, Japan aims to keep conflicts backstage See in context

Exactly riperez, The most important things that could be discussed are those they disagree on. Perhaps then one side could convince the others and some progress could be made.

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I lived in this supposed hell for eight years and can truthfully say they were the greatest years of my life.♥♥♥

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Posted in: Have your curry on the go with Haneda Airport’s new cup servings of 'Walking Curry' See in context

savethegaijin said;

"Besides that's just what you want right? Planes full of curry breath"

You have forgotten about curry flatulence!

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Posted in: Suspected panty thief acquitted after accuser can’t prove stolen panties are hers See in context

Guilt or innocence could have easily been established by the judge sniffing the panties and then the woman to see if the scents matched. Sherlock Holmes could have told you that.

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Posted in: Man in Fukuoka arrested for shoplifting a 49-inch TV weighing 12 kgs See in context

I once read of two men clad in workman's coveralls carrying a canoe out of a large New York City department store. One had a clipboard clamped under his arm and everyone in the store thought they were delivery people and they left unhindered.

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mmwkdw said;

"...Now if someone were to fly a drone up and down my area trying to video the inside of the houses here, I would be a bit upset. I wonder under such a situation whether I would have the right to take the drone out using whatever means I have available at the time - water, baseball, slingshot, shot-gun, etc."

I don't know how Japanese law would address this but here in the states (I can't remember which one) an irate man used a shotgun to bring one down that was hovering over his property and was fined and forced to pay for a $1,800 drone. I personally think that was an unfair ruling.

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@oldman who said;

"Why the need for so many movies these days to show any sex scenes? Are these filmmakers trying to be 'edgy?'

Enough is enough."

I also am an old man, 78 on my next birthday, and I have known for years that the sex drive in most humans is secondary only to our survival instinct. I am also not easily offended and prefer hearing and seeing truth.

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I was initially shocked when I read the headlines because I read it as "beef bowels" rather than "beef bowls." I am an adventuresome eater and was ready to try it anyway, after all I am a lover of horumonyaki .

The photos reminds me of the C Rations I ate many years ago in the US military. The canned beef looked like dog food but was actually quite palatable.

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@juminRhee - In the US I have already seen leashes for kids...not too far off from collars.

No similarity at all, leashes are to control while collars are to punish. Children's lives have been saved by a leash preventing them from running into traffic, etc.

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It would seem that we are damned if we do as well as damned if we don't. Thank goodness we can choose the way we die.

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I agree with both 1glen and englisc aspyrgend, overpopulation is the root of all our problems and they will only be solved when someone introduces a financial system that doesn't rely on constant expansion to be workable.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy member found dead in apparent suicide in Sasebo park See in context

To those who wonder how he managed to leave base with a gun it was a pistol and easily concealed. The tragedy is that he had been talking about suicide and seemed to have received no help.

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Posted in: Some worry that 'kirakira' names will cause kids to be bullied in school See in context

I can not but help thinking of Native American names and wondering if little Sitting Bull or young Dull-knife were bullied. I think the act of bullying needs to be addressed more than the naming of children.

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savethegaijin said

"The bus suddenly accelerated and hit people"

Sorry, but how exactly would that happen? Has that ever actually happened with a bus in real life?

I can't speak for buses but years ago I was driving a friend's Pontiac which was on cruise control at 40mph when it suddenly accelerated on its own. I regained control at 60mph and disengaged the cruise control, luckily it caused no accident. Anything mechanical can malfunction.

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