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Posted in: Drunkenly operating a drone becomes a crime under new law See in context

mmwkdw said;

"...Now if someone were to fly a drone up and down my area trying to video the inside of the houses here, I would be a bit upset. I wonder under such a situation whether I would have the right to take the drone out using whatever means I have available at the time - water, baseball, slingshot, shot-gun, etc."

I don't know how Japanese law would address this but here in the states (I can't remember which one) an irate man used a shotgun to bring one down that was hovering over his property and was fined and forced to pay for a $1,800 drone. I personally think that was an unfair ruling.

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Posted in: Samoa bans hit Elton John biopic over gay sex scenes See in context

@oldman who said;

"Why the need for so many movies these days to show any sex scenes? Are these filmmakers trying to be 'edgy?'

Enough is enough."

I also am an old man, 78 on my next birthday, and I have known for years that the sex drive in most humans is secondary only to our survival instinct. I am also not easily offended and prefer hearing and seeing truth.

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Posted in: Yoshinoya releases new line of canned, ready-to-eat beef bowls See in context

I was initially shocked when I read the headlines because I read it as "beef bowels" rather than "beef bowls." I am an adventuresome eater and was ready to try it anyway, after all I am a lover of horumonyaki .

The photos reminds me of the C Rations I ate many years ago in the US military. The canned beef looked like dog food but was actually quite palatable.

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Posted in: Man arrested for using dog shock collar to discipline his children See in context

@juminRhee - In the US I have already seen leashes for kids...not too far off from collars.

No similarity at all, leashes are to control while collars are to punish. Children's lives have been saved by a leash preventing them from running into traffic, etc.

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Posted in: Without heart disease, daily aspirin may be too risky See in context

It would seem that we are damned if we do as well as damned if we don't. Thank goodness we can choose the way we die.

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Posted in: How to feed the world and save the planet See in context

I agree with both 1glen and englisc aspyrgend, overpopulation is the root of all our problems and they will only be solved when someone introduces a financial system that doesn't rely on constant expansion to be workable.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy member found dead in apparent suicide in Sasebo park See in context

To those who wonder how he managed to leave base with a gun it was a pistol and easily concealed. The tragedy is that he had been talking about suicide and seemed to have received no help.

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Posted in: Some worry that 'kirakira' names will cause kids to be bullied in school See in context

I can not but help thinking of Native American names and wondering if little Sitting Bull or young Dull-knife were bullied. I think the act of bullying needs to be addressed more than the naming of children.

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Posted in: Kobe city bus hits several pedestrians; 2 dead See in context

savethegaijin said

"The bus suddenly accelerated and hit people"

Sorry, but how exactly would that happen? Has that ever actually happened with a bus in real life?

I can't speak for buses but years ago I was driving a friend's Pontiac which was on cruise control at 40mph when it suddenly accelerated on its own. I regained control at 60mph and disengaged the cruise control, luckily it caused no accident. Anything mechanical can malfunction.

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Posted in: Tall ships See in context

Wish I was there. I just finished reading "Two Years Before the Mast" by Richard Dana and must say that the men who sailed the seven seas in bygone days were among the bravest and most skilled our planet ever produced. ♥

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Posted in: Trump expected to watch sumo on May 26 during Japan visit See in context

serendipitous said:

"...Trump sitting on the floor will be interesting or will they give him a special mini-folding chair?"

With the size of that rump better make it a maxi-folding chair.

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Posted in: Japan whaling vessel leaves on last mission before IWC withdrawal See in context

I ate whale often when I was in Japan for the decade of the 1960s. I enjoyed the taste and was unaware of the heavy metal pollution rate. That alone would be enough to scare me away from being a consumer now but I have learned, in my dotage, that there is no humane way to slaughter a whale. I am a carnivore but like my meat to have lived a comparatively happy life and have died as painlessly as possible. I have a great deal of respect for Japanese culture but wish they would see both the healthful and humane side of this problem.

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Posted in: Airline complaints: Which bothers you the most? See in context

While leg room is extremely important as a fat man I would like to see more ass room too!

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Posted in: 300-kg safe stolen from supermarket office in Hokkaido See in context

The thief should be easy to catch, just look for someone with arms like Popeye the Sailor.

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Posted in: Mother, boyfriend leave 3-year-old daughter with severe burns at home while they play pachinko See in context

My heart goes out to the little girl. After her hospitalization I hope she is placed in a home where she will be treated with love. No punishment is too severe for the mother and boyfriend. They are monsters.

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