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Posted in: Pumpkin Spice Latte returns to Starbucks Japan with a new Frappuccino for autumn See in context

What a waste of perfectly good coffee that is best enjoyed black with absolutely no additives.

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Posted in: eggslut’s new sandwich ups the gourmet in Japan’s egg sandwich game See in context

They could tone things down a bit by switching to the name Egg-Slattern.

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Posted in: Don’t throw away your watermelon rinds. Simple trick to turn watermelon leftovers into delicious treats See in context

This is nothing new. My Kentucky mother was making watermelon rind pickles when I was a child, over 70 years ago.

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Posted in: Japanese sweet potato-flavored ice cream bars offer a rich and creamy preview of fall See in context

I remember with nostalgia my time in Japan when I would eagerly await the cry of the sweet potato man as he pushed his cart closer and closer to my home. Nothing made a better treat on a brisk fall day but I would certainly try the ice cream too.

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Posted in: Mackerel chips coming to Japan…for gamers See in context

I am a lover of Saba and would definitely try these if I was in Japan.

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Posted in: Pizza Hut now sells rice pizzas in Japan See in context

I suppose this is no worse than a cauliflower crust pizza but I still prefer a traditional crust.

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Posted in: Pot-smoking tourists not welcome in Thailand, says health minister See in context


I smoked almost daily for about 30 years and never killed anyone or robbed a store to support my evil habit.

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Posted in: Make pancakes fluffier and healthier with this Japanese recipe See in context

Give me buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup and watch my old face light up.

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Posted in: Watermelon soup? We try a strangely alluring recipe from Ajinomoto See in context

@ Yuuju, you can also find some marvelous pairings.

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Posted in: For once, Cherokee actor Wes Studi cast as romantic co-star See in context

@painkiller, You should watch Dances with Wolves.

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Posted in: Japanese rhinoceros beetle cake and takoyaki maker will have you craving insects See in context

I would prefer a real insect. I love Mexican chapulenes.

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Posted in: Cut a peach with a rubber band? Former Japanese pro wrestler introduces a surprising lifehack See in context

I always eat the skin too. I bite into the peach while it's whole and revel in the sweet juice dripping from my chin.

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Posted in: Japanese banana importer teaches us how to enjoy bananas and fight heatstroke at the same time See in context

Frozen ripe bananas are a good substitute for ice cream on a hot day. Delicious!

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Posted in: Restaurant breakfasts enjoying surge in popularity See in context

NCIS, My favorite breakfast. I like to add a raw egg to the natto and have a small piece of grilled fish such as mackerel on the side. Miso soup, rice, kimchi, and an umeboshi plum are also necessary for total enjoyment.

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Posted in: How to turn Napa cabbage into an easy dish with just one ingredient See in context

Strangerland, My mother ate bacon almost daily and lived past 100 years.

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Posted in: Japanese Recipe Adventures: Hiyashi chuka See in context

I always like to use a dab of wasabi rather than mustard and also like to add a boiled egg cut into quarters. Nothing finer on a hot summer day. Almost forgot, wash it down with a cold beer.

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Posted in: We’ve found the best way to cut watermelons See in context

Cutting the melon into large wedges, eating it outside and spitting the seeds in competition is the only way for me. It's a time honored tradition.

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Posted in: Chinese destroyer conducting long-distance exercises in Sea of Japan See in context

Just and Rightful??? Do you mean that as satire NotSo HungOver?

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Posted in: Japanese Recipe Adventures: Goya Chanpuru See in context

The first experience I had with bitter melon was at a Chinese neighbor's home. When I questioned his teenaged son, our interpreter, I was told, "only old people like it." I had to eat it a few more times before I really started to like it. Today it's one of my favorite veggies and included in my stir fries when I have it.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward rejects couple's marriage registry under separate surnames See in context

I have an acquaintance who is an internationally acclaimed artist and still uses the name of her first husband although she has been married three times. She first entered the world of art with that name and says if she updates it she will totally lose her identity. I imagine there are many in Japan who would suffer the same fate if they accepted their husband's name.

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Posted in: Skip the hard part of making gyoza dumplings with one replacement ingredient See in context

This actually sounds more difficult to make than traditional gyoza. I will stick with the original.

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Posted in: Thailand decriminalizes marijuana, but smoking discouraged See in context

@ proxy, Really? I find the aroma rather tantalizing if all the seeds have been removed before lighting up. An onion fart in an elevator is also enjoyable if I created it.

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Posted in: Edamame hummus: The perfect healthy dip See in context

LOL kyushubill, It looks like guacamole which is anything but disgusting.

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Posted in: Burger King Japan offering dried ramen instead of French fries in its combo meals See in context

Doesn't sound that strange to me. Many times I have eaten Frito corn chips with my burger and found it to be a satisfying combination.

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Posted in: Japanese cookie tins are treasure troves of forest flavors See in context

They were packed by squirrels with well washed paws.

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Posted in: We try new improved egg salad sandwiches at FamilyMart See in context

I'm with you Nippori Nick, I love an extra crusty bread.

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Posted in: We visit the new Japan branch of Wayback Burgers, try their vegan set, notice a big problem See in context

@ Reckless, I agree. I always found it amusing that even though vegetarians eschew flesh they strive to make things taste like it. I once worked with a man from India who was approaching 60 and had never eaten even one bite of meat. He used to let me sample his lunch which contained no fake meat but was always delicious.

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Posted in: Deep-fried delight – Taste testing 'menchi katsu' from four Japanese convenience store chains See in context

@ bokuda, Have you never noticed that practically all of the worlds leading newspapers have a food column?

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Posted in: Japanese oden maker revolutionizes the way we eat at home…with a few adjustments See in context

In have no problem preparing delicious oden on my stove in a pot that I use for other things also. This oden pot is completely unnecessary.

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Posted in: 'I’ll kill you!' says Japanese schoolgirl when convenience store won’t let her use toilet See in context

TokyoLivingToday said;

"Of course, they are not like some westerners who like to do their physiological needs anywhere without caring about other people."

LOL...Back in the early 1960s I drove from Tokyo to Oita, along the way I saw a gazillion or so Japanese men, mostly truck drivers, relieving themselves on the roadside. They at least had the decency to turn their backs to the road.

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