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Posted in: Use of smartphones wasting more kids' time, wrecking their brains, says doctor See in context

I am addicted but I also have severe mobility problems and I'm approaching the age of eighty. The internet allows me to keep up with and interact with the outside world. The quality of my life would be drastically downgraded without electronic assistance.

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Posted in: Trump no fan of Sacha Baron Cohen See in context

@Reckless...Just don't look at it.

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Posted in: Unagi vs anago – All you need to know about Japan’s gourmet eel dishes See in context

I love them both but kabayaki unagi is hard to beat.

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Posted in: Fishermen oppose release of Fukushima water into ocean See in context

All this polluted water helps cast a dim view on the safety of nuclear power. I have no suggestion on what to do with the water but it should cause mankind to work a bit harder on developing clean sources of energy for use in the future. Solar power, wind power, geothermal power and harnessed tidal power all come to mind.

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Posted in: Surfer vanishes in suspected shark attack in Australia See in context

"...You are really scraping the bottom of the cynical barrel with that crap about climate change."

So 95% of the world's scientists are feeding us a load of crap?

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Posted in: 89-year-old ex-top bureaucrat pleads not guilty over fatal Tokyo car crash See in context

I live in the USA and am approaching 79 years of age. I realize that my reaction time is not what it was at a younger age and swiveling my rather stiff neck to check for traffic is problematic so I have voluntarily given up driving for both my safety and the safety of others. Monthly trips for groceries keep me and my wife well fed and transportation, when needed, is provided by my daughter and son-in-law. Even if I had to rely on taxis for transportation it would be cheaper than the expense of a car.

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Posted in: Japan seeks to boost catch limits of prized bluefin tuna See in context


I am a soon to be 80 year old Japanophile who has enjoyed sushi and sashimi for 60 years with no ill effects. Most Japanese eat raw fish yet are remarkably healthy and enjoy one of the longest life spans on the planet.

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Posted in: Japan seeks to boost catch limits of prized bluefin tuna See in context

I am doing my part in restoring the tuna to former levels by eschewing tuna sashimi in favor of Atlantic salmon which I find to be quite tasty. I also make a very passable substitute for unagi kabayaki using catfish. Let's not deplete our oceans and streams to a nonrecoverable level.

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Posted in: Russian helicopter enters Japan airspace; fighters scrambled See in context

Nihonview said;

"Next time blow it out of the sky."

You actually think murdering someone who accidentally wanders over a border is a morally defensible option? Sad!

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Posted in: Man admits killing 9 people, dismembering bodies as trial opens See in context

TrevorPeaceToday commented;

"This photo is one of the things about Japan that disgusts me. Vicarious people lining up for a bit of gore. I think they're as sick as the guy on trial."

You should be disgusted to be a human then because voyeurism is practiced to some extent by every culture in the world.

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Posted in: The reason why Japanese students don’t pronounce English properly See in context

Desert Tortoise,

You make me think of an elderly Japanese friend here in Tennessee who used to remind her children that after eating they should put their plates in the washdisher.

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Posted in: American sued in Thailand over negative Tripadvisor review See in context

When in Rome do as the Romans do, when in Thailand show respect for their laws, even if you think they're unfair.

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Posted in: 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' to end in 2021 See in context

I feel confident that the mindless minions will discover other women with big butts to idolize.

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Posted in: Noisy new Haneda flight patterns cause headaches for residents See in context

Perhaps we should return to the 19th century when our sleep was only interrupted by the clip-clop of iron-shod hoofs on cobblestone and the occasional gaseous expulsions of equines who had over-consumed oats and rice-bran.

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Posted in: Typhoon unleashes rain, strong winds on southwest Japan See in context

@Bjorn Tomention; We are all brothers and sisters on this small planet and should cheerfully help others in their time of need.


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Posted in: KFC tells customers to hold off on the 'Finger Lickin' for now See in context

"...Finger licking is a disgusting habit at any time."

I would say that depends on what you've been doing.

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Posted in: Japanese cats relaxing in seasonally flavored tea See in context


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Posted in: Former izakaya employee arrested over sexual assault of customer See in context

@shotgun36, You paint with a wide brush. I have had many enjoyable times drinking after midnight and I imagine many others have also.

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Posted in: 2 doctors arrested over assisted death of terminally ill woman See in context

When continued life becomes a burden on others and the quality of that life has deteriorated to the point that there is no enjoyment left in it, a person should be allowed to leave it voluntarily. We allow our cherished pets an easy way out, why not the people we claim to love? To keep them, in misery, seems selfish.

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Posted in: Anti-vaxxers seize virus moment to spread fake news See in context

Burning Bush says;

"I do not trust anyone with the sanctity of my body.

No expert truly knows how the human body functions so it‘s impossible for them to be 100% sure that those chemicals won’t cause any long term side effects.

No chemical injections for me, thank you."

You should hope that you never become a diabetic because without daily injections of insulin your life will be greatly shortened.

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Posted in: White House race becomes digital dogfight See in context

Hopefully the American people have come to their senses and will select Biden as the best choice to sit in the oval office for a few years. Four more years of Trump's hatred would destroy our country. Biden would put America on track for becoming great again.

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Posted in: In U.S., camera phones increasingly expose racism See in context

@Age of Asparagus

The problem of racism is very real and will not go away if simple ignored. It must be addressed.

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Posted in: Japanese Recipe Adventures: Dry Curry Rice Omelette See in context

Sounds wonderful. No problem finding shiso here in Tennessee, both the red and green varieties grow wild. My Japanese wife also grows it in our small garden. As a lover of curry I look forward to trying this. Thanks for the recipe.

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Posted in: Insect enthusiast puts cricket ramen on the menu See in context

I have never eaten crickets but I like fried grasshoppers and the somewhat nutty taste of crispy fried meal worms is a real treat along with a cold beer. ♥

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy survives fall from 5th-floor window in Tokyo See in context


This is not necessarily just a Japanese problem. Accidents occur in other countries as well. My Japanese in-laws were attentive parents and did a great job raising children.

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Posted in: Edible plates provide a delicious way to limit plastic waste See in context

@coskuri & that person,

The edible plate could be placed on a paper napkin to keep it clean. Paper is biodegradable.

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Posted in: 43-year-old man arrested over mother’s murder See in context

Mocheake said;

"Another hikkikomori who got told to stop being a parasite and find a job. He couldn't bear the thought of actually having to do something so he killed the person who he had been a burden on his whole life."

I am impressed that you were able to deduce all of this from the brief description of the occurrence.

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Posted in: Japanese jellyfish umbrellas will turn your rainy skies into an ocean view See in context

Quite charming. Nature has produced some adorable designs that are certainly worthy of copying. ♥

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Posted in: Coronavirus could complicate Trump's path to reelection See in context

Serrano said, "...It's regrettable that some Democrats are actively working to keep the U.S. economy shut down in the twisted hope that Trump will be defeated."

No my friend, we evil Democrats just want to do everything possible to insure the lowest number of deaths from Covid-19. Many small business owners are Democrats who are willing to suffer for the benefit of the majority.

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