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Posted in: Japanese salted plum industry in dire straits, according to umeboshi company’s tweet See in context

I like to start my days with a cup of strong green tea into which I have mashed a couple of umeboshi...delicious!

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Posted in: Ex-police officer sent to prosecutors over two groping incidents on train See in context

"... In the first incident, he pressed his body against a woman’s back."

I can only think of the time I was riding the Ōme Line from Ushihama to Tachikawa and reached up to scratch the top of my head just as the train was loading passengers at Haijima. It was peak commuting time and so many passengers jammed in that I couldn't lower my arm. My body was pressed against other bodies on all sides but there was nothing erotic about the situation.

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Posted in: Yellow world See in context

The young leaves along with the new blossoms are one of my favorite spring vegetables. I season them with bacon and add a splash of apple cider vinegar at the table.

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Posted in: Man dies after being shot outside residence in Saitama Prefecture See in context

@ 1glenn, a sad truth.

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Posted in: Can the French embrace cuisine sans booze? See in context

I can't imagine an order of gyoza without a cold beer to wash it down!

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Posted in: Mother, holding 2 children, jumps off platform into path of train; all 3 dead See in context

Unfortunately depression is a beast that is little understood. I would have thought that Anthony Bourdain and Robin Williams were on top of the world but I would have been wrong. That being said Rest in Peace dear lady and sweet innocent children.

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Posted in: Seaweed in your green tea Frappuccino? Starbucks Japan has a bold idea for its New Year’s drink See in context

My favorite additive for my morning cup of green tea is a couple of umeboshi plums with shiso, gets me ready to face the day.

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Posted in: Crown daisies aren’t just for soups: A fresh take on a popular Japanese vegetable See in context

I use them in stir-fries and have often used them as a component in a garden salad. Delicious!

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Posted in: Blue Impulse See in context

Zizi, I was an air traffic controller at Yokota AB for 8 years and saw several Blue Impulse performances when they were still flying the F-86. I'm sure the Red Arrows are good but don't sell Blue Impulse short. I admire the acrobatic teams of all countries.

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Posted in: 97-year-old man indicted for dangerous driving resulting in death, injury See in context

I live in the USA but recognized my diminished ability to drive safely at the age of 80, gave it up and donated my car to charity. Home deliveries are available and their cost is offset by the money I save by not having a car (insurance, gas, repair bills, etc.)

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Posted in: Georgia runoff: Candidate quality meant fewer Republicans turned out for Walker See in context

Walker had virtually no qualifications that would have made him a capable senator, I find it deeply disturbing that some voters consider party loyalty more important than the actual ability to legislate.

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Posted in: How to turn Napa cabbage into a tasty Japanese salad with just a few ingredients See in context

I spent the decade of the 1960s in Japan and even in those ancient days I ate many nigiri that featured canned tuna. Todays use is nothing new.

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Posted in: Tasty old-fashioned pancakes at Royal Host are a welcome break from fancy fluffy fare See in context

No pancake is better than one made with buckwheat, slathered with butter, drowned with real maple syrup, and served with crispy bacon on the side.

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Posted in: French baguettes get UNESCO heritage status See in context

A crusty baguette along with snails in garlic butter and a chilled dry white wine, a heavenly combination.

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Posted in: Why is turkey the main dish on Thanksgiving? See in context

Turkeys are mean't to be eaten, that's why they say, "gobble - gobble - gobble."

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Posted in: Traditional Japanese food expert’s unusual miso soup raises eyebrows online See in context

I gave an American friend some miso years ago and he spread it sparingly on toast like Marmite or Vegemite, it was quite tasty that way.

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Posted in: With these Japanese grocery store ingredients, you’ll be cooking amazing meals in no time See in context

Years ago I gave some shiro miso to a friend who started spreading it thinly on toast like Vegemite and having it for breakfast along with a cup of coffee, surprisingly tasty.

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Posted in: Ex-nursery school head, employee found guilty over boy's death in school bus See in context


"The parents were robbed of their children by the incompetence of the nursery staff and we're robbed of justice by the incompetent judge. Smgdfh..."

We're not robbed of justice, we're robbed of revenge.

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Posted in: Kaki: The miracle Japanese persimmon See in context

I live in Tennessee where wild persimmons grow prolifically. Like hachiya-gaki they must be fully ripened before they are edible but it's worth the wait, they are small but very sweet. Sometimes opossums and raccoons beat me to the trees.

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Posted in: What is a dirty bomb and why is Russia talking about one now? See in context

"The aim of the provocation would be to accuse Russia of using a weapon of mass destruction in the Ukrainian military theatre and by that means to launch a powerful anti-Russian campaign in the world, aimed at undermining trust in Moscow."

~Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov,

In my opinion Putin and his generals seem to be doing rather well themselves at undermining trust in Moscow.

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Posted in: SPY x FAMILY’s Anya gets her own Peanut Butter Royale burgers at Burger King Japan See in context

Like ジョージ I also have enjoyed meat with peanut sauce and would happily try one of these. I occasionally add peanut butter to a stir-fry and find it to be delicious.

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Posted in: Japan develops special sushi for pregnant women See in context

@Gaijinjland; I have eaten sushi in both Japan and America and among the many American restaurants at which I have partaken of my favorite food I have never been served sushi that was rotted in a refrigerator for three days. Am I just on a 50 year lucky streak?

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Posted in: British Michelin-starred chef goes edgy with Japanese local produce at Jade Room See in context

Would I like to have a plate with a spoonful sized serving in the center or a hearty bowl of katsudon? Give me a minute to consider.

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Posted in: Japanese twist on Hasselback potatoes is an addicting cheesy delight See in context

I love tofu in miso soup and this sounds good too.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to begin providing wood utensils and paper straws nationwide See in context

There are many cultures in the world that eat with their fingers rather than with utensils, perhaps we could learn from them.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to begin providing wood utensils and paper straws nationwide See in context

I remember the time when all straws were paper and my recollection is that they worked just fine.

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Posted in: Mourners pray at Thai temple filled with children's keepsakes See in context


I also cried, such a loss of beautiful young children for no reason. My heart is with the people of this village.

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Posted in: Osaka brothel district stays closed for a day out of respect for deceased PM Abe See in context

@Septim Dynasty

Prostitution is less of a problem when it's controlled rather than outlawed.

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Posted in: Distraught parents lay white roses for Thai nursery massacre victims See in context

Incomprehensible, I am thousands of miles away but I cried for these little ones deprived of life for no reason.

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Posted in: Man loses wife, two teenage daughters in Indonesia soccer stampede See in context

I can only imagine the heartbreak this poor man feels after suffering such a loss.

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