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Posted in: Plastic bottles vs aluminum cans: Who'll win the global water fight? See in context

People need to start drinking tap water in countries and locations where it is safe to do so and if they need to take water with them there are containers that can be cleaned and reused multiple times.

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Posted in: High on ease, low on nutrition: Instant-noodle diet harms Asian kids See in context

As GW said it can be turned into a reasonable meal with the addition of lots of veggies. We have it probably once every two weeks and search the fridge first for both leftovers and veggies that need to go. As an occasional treat it's okay and adding an egg is a good idea too. '

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Posted in: Tokyo ward barred homeless from evacuation shelters during typhoon See in context

Before I would spend a night outside in high winds and torrential rain I think I would fabricate an address.

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Posted in: Facebook researchers use maths for better translations See in context

I yearn for better translations thru Google. Presently many languages translated into English come out totally incomprehensible.

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Posted in: Man suspected of puncturing tires of cars, bicycles See in context

Vandalism is a crime I have trouble understanding. Stealing, by comparison, is almost understandable, the thief profits by being enriched the amount of the stolen goods but the vandal gains nothing.

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Posted in: Vietnamese intern arrested over knife attack on compatriot See in context

It would be extremely difficult to kill someone by slashing their stomach with a utility knife if the knife in question fits the description I have in my mind. What most people call a utility knife is also called a box cutter and has a blade less than an inch in length. Only if he had been slashing at the victim's throat would I consider it attempted murder.

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"Isn't the saury catch decreasing due to overfishing by China and Korea in international waters?"

Yes, and it's hard to imagine fall in Japan without these delicious little creatures. With grated daikon and a squirt of soy sauce nothing is tastier.

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Posted in: What to do if you are stopped by the police in Japan See in context

I returned to my hotel in Ueno late at night many years ago only to find a steel door barring my entrance. I had not been informed of this by the English speaking staff before I ventured out for an evening of night clubbing. I went to a nearby koban and a very polite young officer escorted me to the hotel's backdoor and helped me gain entrance. I was very thankful for his helpful professionalism.

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Posted in: Post-typhoon blackout in Chiba reaches Day 4, affecting 330,000 homes See in context

The expired bottled water in Futtsu is safe to drink. After long-term storage, the bottled water's appearance, smell or taste may change somewhat, but the water will still be safe to consume. And while bottled water manufacturers put expiration dates on their labels, these dates are meant to be indicators of quality, not safety. It would pose a greater risk to your health to go without water than to drink expired water.

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Posted in: Curry for breakfast: Coco Ichibanya now has morning sets See in context

Years ago when I lived in Ushihama, Japan I would frequently go to a local market and get a piece or two of curry-pan for breakfast. Delicious and satisfying, ♥

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Posted in: Flat-packed cities: Wooden skyscrapers sprout over concrete concerns See in context

I just pictured myself lounging about in the penthouse apartment of a high rise wooden building when a smoker on the first floor set the building aflame. It was not a pleasant picture.

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Posted in: Japan has canned fried chicken See in context

I could see how this might be useful on a camping trip in the wilderness. It would probably not invite the attention of bears when you popped it open.

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Posted in: Wall climbing See in context

@ Mr Kipling, You sound like the type who only goes to an automobile race to watch the wrecks.

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Posted in: Library of spider silk could hold secrets for new materials See in context

I am continually amazed by the complexity, diversity, and beauty of life on this planet.

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Posted in: Japanese researchers build robotic tail to keep elderly upright See in context

For some reason I envision a train car crowded with elderly passengers all swishing their tails like irate cats. It is not a comforting vision.

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Posted in: Daimonji: Kyoto's fiery mountainside festival See in context

I am in Tennessee but shall sip a cup of sake anyway in honor of this event. I wish I was there.

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Posted in: A part-time job stint for the adventurous, on Iwo Jima See in context

"~$1350 for a 16-day stint? Pass"

Don't forget the room and board and experience of a lifetime.

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Posted in: Trump's America: Where politics dictate definition of racism See in context

I like them big, I like them small.

The truth is, I like them all!

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Posted in: Trump tells Abe he is tolerant of N Korea's short-range ballistic missiles See in context

Donny will invite Kim and Abe to Mar-A-Lago for a round of golf and some scrumptious chocolate cake and everything will be okay.

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Posted in: Man who lost wife, daughter in car crash conducts petition against driver See in context

oldman said;

"People that old should not be driving."

I have ridden with many elderly drivers who were still quite skillful and cautious. I have also ridden with young daredevils who were the exact opposite. I would support legislation that retested drivers after a certain age but a blanket condemnation of the elderly would be wrong.

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Posted in: S Koreans boycott Japanese beer See in context

Let them drink soju with their kimchi and bulgogi. It's a great combination.

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Posted in: How much is the average rent in Tokyo in 2019? See in context

I married my Japanese wife back in 1963 and our first house was a small traditional home; two rooms and a kitchen with cold water only, and a benjo that had to be pumped out every few months. It was a new home and we were the first occupants. We lived there blissfully for over a year and paid the princely sum of 7,000 ¥ per month which at the rate of exchange at that time was a little over $19. Things have certainly changed.

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Posted in: Unreal rock formations make Kochi’s coast a photogenic beach hideaway See in context

"How can the rock formations be "unreal" when they are in fact, real?"



adjective: unreal

so strange as to appear imaginary; not seeming real.

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Posted in: Hat trick See in context

I never missed a Tanabata Festival in Fussa when I lived in Ushihama back in the 1960s. Such colorful pageantry. ♥♥♥

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Posted in: You won't miss the meat in these rice and edamame burgers See in context

"No beef. No burger. That's all folks."

Pork and lamb meat also make great burgers as do many vareities of beans.

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Posted in: Two 19-year-old drivers arrested for racing each other 6 kms down mountain road See in context

With all the negative press lately about the danger elderly drivers expose us to it's almost refreshing to see that young ones can also be a menace.

A geezer who still drives safely.

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Posted in: Whale restaurants cheer hunt resumption See in context

"...He acknowledged activists' concerns over the cruelty of the whale hunt and said "the fishermen are conscious of the fact that the time the animal suffers should be reduced."

I would think "eliminated" rather than "reduced" would have been a good idea. I am a carnivore who enjoys eating flesh but I prefer that the slaughter be carried out humanely. Current methods of catching whales are barbaric to say the least. I also prefer my meat without heavy metal pollution.

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Posted in: For sake of G20 unity, Japan aims to keep conflicts backstage See in context

Exactly riperez, The most important things that could be discussed are those they disagree on. Perhaps then one side could convince the others and some progress could be made.

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Posted in: Urban jungle See in context

I lived in this supposed hell for eight years and can truthfully say they were the greatest years of my life.♥♥♥

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Posted in: 'Sitting cat pose' bags get cuter as you pack them full See in context


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