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Posted in: Heat sake like they do at a Japanese izakaya with this special at-home set See in context

I am an 80 year old geezer but have adapted well to modern ways. Sake poured into a mug and microwaved for a few seconds is fine with me.

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Posted in: Ceremonial rite See in context

I love the fact that Shinto recognizes the sacredness of everything.

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Posted in: Domino’s makes Pizza Rice Bowl even more Japanese with 'mentai mayo mochi' and Hokkaido cheese See in context

I had a pizza with gouda in Japan back in 1971. It was delicious. Even today, when cooking a frozen pizza, my wife and I like to add shredded Mexican cheese before popping it in the oven.

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Posted in: Sustainable Japanese seasoning uses rice bran often discarded in the rice milling process See in context

My favorite pickle is takuan so I have been enjoying the taste of nuka for half a century. My go to snack with a cold beer.

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Posted in: Oyakodon: An easy traditional dish made with rice, chicken and egg See in context

Simple and delicious. This and crab fried rice were my favorite meals when I was first in Japan.

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Posted in: Tips for smokers in 21st century Japan See in context

My Japanese brother-in-law died from lung cancer two years ago in his mid 50s. I gave up the habit 20 years ago but still suffer the consequences of 40 years of heavy smoking. As I write this I am connected to an oxygen concentrator that pumps that life supporting gas into my COPD damaged lungs. If I could change one thing in my past life it would be smoking.

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Posted in: Mister Donut revamps autumn sweet potato doughnuts for fancy ‘Satsumaimo-de’ lineup See in context

Just had a morning cup of genmaicha, wish I could have had one of these donuts to accompany it.

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Posted in: Tired of your usual camping fare? Try this easy Japanese festival favorite See in context

Not just for camping trips! I can imagine serving these as snacks when you have buddies over for a beer or two.

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Posted in: 90-year-old ex-elite bureaucrat gets 5-year jail term over fatal Tokyo car crash See in context

I will be 80 on my next birthday and, although it is inconvenient at times, I gave up driving almost a year ago out of respect for those I would have shared the highways with. It has saved me the expense of petrol, insurance, and vehicle upkeep. Surprisingly it has saved me money on food too since I shop only about once a month now. No more impulsive trips to a convenience store for ice cream or beer. Good not only for my health but definitely good for those I might have run over.

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Posted in: Kikkoman wants soy sauce to be the 'ketchup of India' See in context


"Too much salt in soy sauce

I avoid it as far as possible"

Makes you wonder how the Japanese can use it in such enormous quantities and still enjoy one of the world's longest lifespans.

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Posted in: Roasted Asparagus Tea hojicha curbs food waste by using normally discarded lower stems See in context

I am intrigued by this idea and would love to sample it.

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Posted in: Succulent Japanese white peaches star in Homework’s Peach Burger and Peach Shake See in context

Zichi is right. Fruit is an ingredient added to meat dishes in many cultures. Moroccan beef stew is delicious and contains dried peaches, so I imagine fresh ones might go well with meat too.

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Posted in: Kim Jong-un summoned to appear in Tokyo District Court See in context

Designer 02 Aug. 29  06:23 am JST said;

"Totally ridiculous. Why poke a sleeping bear"

Perhaps overstated a bit, more like an Australian drop bear.

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Posted in: Helping hand See in context

The spirit of the Olympics as they should be.

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Posted in: Climate change is relentless: Seemingly small shifts have big consequences See in context

You are so right ClippetyClop. Some take all the advice offered by politicians or others who have a vested interest in getting people to disagree with science. I am not the sharpest knife in the cutlery collection so I get my scientific information from those who have spent a lifetime studying a situation.

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Posted in: Blue Impulse See in context

I was in the control tower at Yokota AB back in the 1960s when Blue Impulse put on a show for Japanese dignitaries to celebrate JASDF acquiring the F-104. They were still performing in the F-86 and were one of the best aerobatic teams I ever saw.

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Posted in: New interior necessity: Dining table with a hole for your cat right in the middle See in context

I for one would be highly entertained by a table like this and suspect that my cats would like it also.

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Posted in: Organic food has become mainstream but still has room to grow See in context

Exactly Bluezone! When I see an absolutely perfect fruit or vegetable I am instantly curious as to what chemical it has been sprayed with and what the longterm effect of the chemical might be for me. As child I ate many things that had worm damage or an insect bite trimmed away and thought nothing of it.

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Posted in: Man in wheelchair dies after being hit by car driven by 80-year-old man See in context

I am 80 years of age and have given up driving in the interest of the safety of others I share the road with. I am a diabetic and have minimal feeling in my feet thanks to peripheral neuropathy and fear that could be a factor in an accident. Thanks to online ordering and Fedex and UPS deliveries life is still acceptable. I wish more of the elderly would do the same.

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Posted in: Do you really need to wear toilet slippers when using the toilet at home? See in context


most Asian people still prefer squat toilets

Did you do a survey of 80 year old Asians?

The first house my Japanese wife and I rented had a toilet that consisted of a hole in the floor with a compartment beneath that required occasional emptying. I am now 80 years old and don't think I would stand a chance of standing if I had to use one like that now.

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Posted in: At least 3 dead in floods, landslides triggered by downpours See in context

englisc aspyrgend;

If earth preserving means people engage in agricultural pursuits rather than industrial I don't think mass starvation would occur. The result would be quite the opposite.

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Posted in: Taiyaki shop in Tokyo serves up vegan version of the traditional Japanese snack for first time See in context

snowymountainhell, Many vegans are that way because they don't want to see animals abused. A meat-based restaurant can serve vegan food without violating its principles, a vegan restaurant can't do that.

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Posted in: Japanese research group to explore food production on moon See in context

ShinkansenCaboose said;

"Humans still cannot take control of this Earth we live on , yet they want to grow food on a non atmospheric dead rock, Saturn, Neptune and even Uranus if they could."

I'm going to make a wild guess that mushrooms would possibly prosper on Uranus.

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Posted in: Burger King releases 100% plant-based Version 2 Whopper in Japan See in context

The meatless aspect of this creation bothers me not in the least, but a sandwich without bread is an abomination.

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Posted in: State of the sento — Tokyo’s public baths are disappearing, but statistics show a sliver of hope See in context

When I first got married to a Japanese girl back in the 1960s a daily trip to the public bath was a daily pleasure for both of us. It was sheer luxury to relax in such a huge tub and attempt conservation with my fellow bathers.

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Posted in: People in situation similar to 'black rain' to get help: gov't See in context

I just read Ibuse Masuji's novel "Black Rain" and anyone who lived through that terror deserves to be recognized as hibakusha. Nuclear weapons should never be used again, anywhere or for any reason.

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Posted in: Where 'grilled chicken' doesn’t always mean 'chicken' See in context

I would have no problem at all with this. Pig heads contain some delicious meat.

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Posted in: Black American chefs want credit for legacy of innovation See in context

So peanuts were brought from Africa? They traveled rather circuitously then because they originated in Peru.

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Posted in: Pork or beef? A peek into how Japan’s curry preferences change from place to place See in context

I am surprised that chicken was never mentioned as a choice. When I lived in Tokyo back in the 1960s its use was practically all inclusive as a curry ingredient in homes and restaurants alike. I suppose preferences change over time.

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Posted in: AI beefs up veggie burgers as market booms See in context

@NAM: I certainly agree with you, I love a good falafel patty and a grilled portobello mushroom on a bun with slices of tomato, onion, roasted pepper, and a sprinkling of gorgonzola if you're going vegetarian rather than vegan is hard to beat.

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