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@ smith, once again you got the wrong facts.

Japan invests SEVERAL times more in the USA than China does (if you can't understand this read: creates more jobs).

The amount of American debt Japan holds compared to China is essentially identical.

The overwhelming majority of chinese imports in the US are American companies that shipped their jobs to China. While the overwhelming majority of japanese imports are japanese products (not american products made in China). Everysingle study done in the US shows that trade in China has had a negative affect on employment and average wealth, while Japan actually invests more and creates more jobs in America than America does in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate down to 4.3% in June See in context

^ There's problems with "unemployment" figures in every's hard to say what Japan's "real" unemployment figure is. If we use the US as an example real unemployment is more than double the reported rate, so perhaps japan is around 10-12%?

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Posted in: Farcical scenes in Japan-Korea judo quarterfinal See in context

No surprise seeing the same old posters posting the same old negative comments and insinuating ridiculous claims with no evidence against Japan:

What happened was the japanese player won, the judges didn't see an ippon...the video replay clearly showed it, they made the right decision in reversing the decision. This is the way it should be, the winner should win. Hopefully more sports will implement video cameras and replays.

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Posted in: Gov't to cut power-saving target in Kansai as Oi No. 4 reactor reaches full capacity See in context

@ smith, people didn't get "get by just fine" in the past. Just 100 years ago the average life span was literally half of what it is now, and infant-child mortality rates were much higher than it is now. So if by getting "by just fine" you mean not even living to 60 years old then yeah..they got along fine.

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Posted in: Record high 5,467 people taken to hospital for heatstroke July 16-22 See in context

@Smith look at least year..a simple search will show you the facts..and the facts are the majority of the people who suffered from heat stoke and the majority of deaths last year were the elderly.

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Posted in: Softbank unveils world's first smartphone with radiation detector See in context

Fearmongering = profit

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@ NeverSubmit, even if the EV is getting its electrcitiy from is still cleaner and more energy efficient. Electric motors are much much more efficient, while the combustion motor is only around 30% efficient and loses the rest of the energy as heat. Electrical motors are upwards of 90% efficient and the only losses in efficiency are due to batteries (charging etc).

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Posted in: Ishihara wants to buy Senkakus to keep 'burglar' China out See in context

BTW China is making the same ridiculous arguments in the South China Sea. Oh oil is around there? Those islands have been a part of China since ancient times!

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Posted in: Ishihara wants to buy Senkakus to keep 'burglar' China out See in context

Lol at the two guys still not liking facts. Taiwan and China did not claim sovereignty until after oil was discovered. Nothing else to discuss really. It doesn't matter at all if they quietly mentioned it to the US, it obviously wasn't a big enough deal until oil was discovered that they officially announced. Not only that, everysingle source and article I have found does not mention ANYWHERE that China claimed sovereignty over the islands before oil was discovered. As I showed before, official taiwanese and government agencies published articles and maps showing Senkaku as a part of Japan's territory. This indisputable. Unless you want to claim they made some kind of "mistakes" there is simply no argument against this and it's not my fault or Japan's fault that they published official documents saying it was japanese territory and did not claim sovereignty until after oil was found. That's China and Taiwan's fault and it dminishes their argument.

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Actually Bob, the US has a pretty bad situation going on right now. We even have some southern legislators literally passing laws allowing science teachers to teach creationism (aka not science) and not evolution at all. The drop out rates are not decreasing..nor are our scores. The tea party and the republicans want to defund more and more. It's a pretty big problem when nearly half of our population does not even believe in facts (evolution). But one thing we have "going" for us is..we can import China and India's smart people...for now anyway, until they become rich enough for a reverse brain drain.

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Posted in: Ishihara wants to buy Senkakus to keep 'burglar' China out See in context

@ valued_customer, about Dokdo I personally want Japan to just cede the islands to Korea so the two countries which have so much in common can finally start fixing their relations...however the funny thing is historically, Japan has an even stronger case for Dokdo than it does for the Senkakus. In fact this was the official US position in the 1950s "[T]he United States concluded that they remained under Japanese sovereignty and the Island was not included among the Islands that Japan released from its ownership under the Peace Treaty ... Though the United States considers that the islands are Japanese territory, we have declined to interfere in the dispute.""

Also Japan is not sending fisherman or warships to Dokdo like China does in the South China simply is asking Korea to go to international court over this, in otherwords Japan is so confident historically and legally of winning that Japan is risking to lose face and the islands entirely if the judge were to rule against them. Seems much more reasonable than China and not the "same pair of shoes".

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Posted in: Ishihara wants to buy Senkakus to keep 'burglar' China out See in context

Once again, the posters on this site hate facts. The official chinese propaganda mouthpiece (people's daily) in 1953 published an article stating that the Senkaku islands (occupied by the US) are part of Japan's territory. As for Taiwan it was a STATE prescribed textbook that stated the islands are japanese...also the National Defense Research Academy and the China Geological Research Institute of Taiwan in 1965 published a World Atlas showing Senkaku as part of Japan's territory.

And I know again, that you guys hate facts here...but China did not dispute sovereignty until AFTER the UN discovered possible gas and oil. You can even look up the NYtimes article from 1970 when China first claimed sovereignty, it was AFTER oil was discovered, and the article mentions this...several times.

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Posted in: Ishihara wants to buy Senkakus to keep 'burglar' China out See in context

Hilarious people here are defending China...the same China that published an article during the American occupation of the islands as part of US territory...the same USA that would then legally give the islands to Japan. China still did not dispute this...until around 1970 when possible oil was found in the surrounding area. China's claim is economics and nothing else, they could care less about the history of it. Even in Taiwan, in 1970 it was published as a territory of Japan..but shortly after (after the discovery of possible oil/minerals) they disputed it. It's nonsense.

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Posted in: 'SPEC' to be remade into U.S. TV drama See in context

^ This is JapanToday where half the posters are constantly negative. They don't even know what a joke means.

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Posted in: 'SPEC' to be remade into U.S. TV drama See in context

Huh? I have seen breakout kings, not really like SPEC at all. Same genre and that's about it.

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I love how a few people not following the sign (which is on the opposite side btw) somehow proves that the entire 127 million people japanese society are rude and don't follow rules. Give me a break.

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Posted in: White rice linked to Type 2 diabetes, say researchers See in context

It's not only's the fact it is white rice and not whole grain rice. I love japanese food don't get me wrong, but I don't understand why they remove all the essential nutrients of the rice just to make it is absorbed much faster into the blood stream and spikes your insulin..just eat the whole grain.

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Posted in: Japan's largest chipmaker Elpida files for bankruptcy protection See in context

vg866 you didn't really think your reply through very well did you? First of all Japan was forecasted to have a surplus with China in 2011, until the tsunami and earthquake struck..and assuming the yen goes back down to its real value this could happen again.

Not only that you clearly do not understand how important parts manufacturing is. Only the most high tech nation in the world has a monopoly on parts...the US had a monopoly on this in the 50s-70s and now Japan took it over with over 70% of the entire worlds high techn parts being supplied by Japan.

As long as the yen goes back to its fair value, Japanw ill compete just fine. As it is now the rate is the most overvalued in the entire currency exchange market and everysingle export sold from Japan is sold at a loss.

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Posted in: Japan's largest chipmaker Elpida files for bankruptcy protection See in context

Actually Korea IS winning simply due to the yen. If you look up the Korean governments own estimate, for every drop in the yen the korean gdp growth will go down by a certain small %. In fact at the current yen rate everything sold by Japan is sold at a LOSS. Every chip Elpida sold, they LOST money. If you don't think this is a big problem than you simply do not understand business and economics. The yen needs to go above $1=90 yen to make reasonable profits to be able to invest in future products. The break even rate is at 85, and right now it is 81..and has been below the break even point for a long time and has been below the "profit" margin for a few years now. Japan had a RECORD surplus with Korea in 2010, despite the strong yen, obviously if Japan was not handicapped it would outcompete Korea easily..the proof is in the surplus of 2010 which grew everysingle year.

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This is stupid because it is the US government agency EPA that sets the estimated MPG for cars..not the automaker so the EPA should be sued not Honda.

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As a minority from the US its also pretty funny seeing some of the comments here, seems like white people freak out about being a minority in another country..and dont realize they do the same BS in their home completely destroying other nationalities food to suit their tastes, constantly asking me where I am from (and when I say I am born in the US they ask me "NO, where are you really from?" As a minority in both the US and Japan, I can pretty much say my life as a minority in Japan was pretty much alot better than it is in the "multicultural" US. Everyone was polite and doesn't have that stupid "attitude" that you encounter in the US from grocery stores to banks.

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context

I agree with many of the the shops making too much noise and the sun coming up and being wasted in the early mornings.

But it's getting annoying reading that Japan is supposedly "eco" as if it is not a fact. Just because some things japanese do are not ecologically friendly, please, do not deny the facts. The facts are at a per capita level and also related to GDP Japan is by far the most ecologically friendly nation in the developed world. 1.5 times more efficient than the EU and over 2x more efficient than USA, Canada and Australia.

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Posted in: Japan's GDP falls 2.3% on Thai floods, strong yen See in context

I hate how some articles always use the annualized rate and not the actual quarter rate. Japan's gdp contracted .6% in the quarter not 2.3%

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Is Wakashu park new?

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Too bad the eco terrorists don't understand that what they are doing actually has the opposite result of what they want, it pushes the japanese people to support whaling. But oh wait, they don't care..they have a show and make money off of it by lying about being shot and being a bunch of drama queens.

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^ Exactly.

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^ Ridiculous post, considering some of the countries you listed have a higher background radiation in any day than in Tokyo. Especially saying Taiwan delivers more..when their city scapes are japanese..and even older and dirtier than the USA. Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines are the same kind of destination as going to Mexico or another poor is not comparable to more expensive tourism like Europe or japan.

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Not only that, I forgot to mention that Japan was ranked as the #1 "Dream destination" by Asians a poll done by mastercard/Visa..look it up yourself. This was last year mind you.

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Cricky, compared to the USA..this IS japanese efficiency. Even before this agency was created the cities have mostly been cleaned..but look at a disaster in America like took them years. The Japanese will rebuild quickly.

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I don't like the observatory names but changing the station name is a good idea..and no it has nothing to do with the "town"..oshiage only refers to the road intersection..big deal the intersection will keep its name but the station wont.

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