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Oceana, a Washington, D.C.-based group, found that as many as 73 million sharks are killed each year, primarily for their fins, with much of the trade going to China.

Wow, that's a lot of sharks!!! Oh well, I hope this doesn't also affect the he dolphin population worldwide...the over fishing.

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Sounds like the airline industry is going through a little turbulence of their own. Things just aren't the same any more like the good ole' days. In fact, airline travel has gotten more complicated (rules, procedures, waiting times, etc.)

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Posted in: ANA to offer women-only lavatories on international routes See in context

From my own experience, some men pee on the toilet seat so this creates a hygiene problem for the next user. Perhaps this is why ANA has decided to provide women-only lavatories?

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Posted in: Are blogs, Facebook & other social media replacing travel publications? See in context

Magazines are disappearing from the market, publications contain fewer pages, the daily papers are clearly losing their appeal, and their readers are turning to the internet. Quality journalism seems to be falling by the wayside. Meanwhile, an uncertain travel industry is asking: How do we reach the consumer?

From the article, I pose this question: WHY can't quality journalism congregate on the Internet? It's just a different medium. Right? Well, we here at Charlie Claw's (Wasini Island, Kenya) have been reaching our customers with our bloggy-styled website...adding lots of content (pics, 3D videos, etc.) on our Dhow Sailing, Dolphin Spotting, Scuba Diving tours and our Lazy Lagoon Pool. In addition, we do a lot of Tweeting. Thanks to the fabulous features built into WordPress, we're able to effectively reach out to new or repeat customers on the World Wide Web. We now want to get into online booking so that we can make things more convenient for our customers.

Perhaps print media need to re-invent itself.


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