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"If you are not sick its pointless to wear mask"

So are you trying to say we should NOT wear masks to protect ourselves?? And just wear one when we are already infected??? Good heavens please use some brains!!! its must be there for a reason!!!

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Posted in: Gov't OKs plan to legally ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

I disagree to this ban! I can see it already in some kids here. Japan already has those bratty ass kids that are already very rude when they talk to their elders and bully other kids that really needs their ass spanked! And that ban is not gonna help resolve any of these problems! While on the other hand abuse is a different topic! Parents abusing their children. But spanking bec of discipline is reasonable for me.

Again abuse and simple discipline is two different topics. I suggest different approach to the problem.

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Posted in: Tip for saving money in Japan: Visit supermarket just before closing time See in context

If you have a shinsen ichiba supermarket near your place,its better to go every saturday around 5pm or 5:30 they start to get the fresh on sale! Like raw fishes,raw meats etc. Coz they are close every sundays… and if you are targeting clothes, everytime the season is going to change thats the best time to buy clothes! I know this one applies to other counties too… but not where i came from..coz i came from a tropical country.

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Posted in: A fast food delivery guy gave me 10 yen and it made my day See in context

I had my own experience of japans omotenashi too. When we ordered in mc Donalds the staff forgot a burger in our set of meal. Then we called back and when we went back they gave us a card or coupon which you can exchange for a burger or fries. :) its amazing! I wish we also have this hospitality in our country!

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