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"David Duke, a former Imperial Wizard of the KKK, hailed Trump's election "one of the most exciting nights of my life" and rejoiced in the fact that "our people" helped him keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House."

Opportunist taking advantage of Trump's win. There was a silent majority that refused to speak for fear of persecution by the liberals (I am horrified because they look like brainwashed robots. They compare Trump to Hitler, but they are the ones acting like nazis with the indoctrination of their children. I am the granddaughter of a late statesman in a different country and my parents did not even involve me in such things. While everyone was enthusiastic with campaign, etc., to me, he was just my grandfather [so I could not understand why they were treating me like some big deal]).

And to assume that most of Trump's voters were white, consider this: In Central Pennsylvania, over 80% of Muslims VOTED FOR TRUMP. Women voted for Trump. Hispanics voted for Trump. Asians voted for Trump. Blacks voted for Trump. The Washington Post kept calming the libs by saying that the silent majority for Trump did not exist. Well, they spoke with their votes. Machines in Pennsylvania were rigged, changing Trump votes to Clinton votes. Obama gave the okay for ILLEGAL aliens to vote (I immigrated LEGALLY to the United States, now I am a citizen. Even as a legal permanent resident, I could NOT vote in federal elections [local yes, federal no]), perhaps the only President who did such a thing. My Facebook newsfeed was flooded with "I voted. Herstory about to be made." All of mainstream media assumed Hillary would win. When writing about the next president, "she" and "her" were used. Then, once the counts progressed, those who were looking forward to Herstory were suddenly losing their minds. The glass ceiling broke from all the shoes thrown at it during their tantrums.

As to civil rights, I am of Southeast Asian origin, my son is gay. We're fine with the results.

I did not vote for Trump; neither did I vote for Hillary. I just said I would accept and support the winner. I challenged people on my friends list and asked them if they would do the same. There is a winner, so it seems I got my answer. No. They are all presumptuous sore losers. They all had one thing in common: liberals, globalists, feminazis, entitled, SJWs. The simple quiet folk just went on with their lives.

Trump gave a very humble, gracious victory speech. Hillary's 'concession' speech did not even sound like a concession speech.

A look back, when Trump as a candidate and Obama were exchanging tweets (or Obama was answering tweets on television). Trump tweeted that Obama would go down in history as the worst president of the United States. Obama answered that at least he would go down as President (implying Trump wouldn't win). Fast forward to today. Barack Obama, meet the man the American people elected as President despite all your media manipulation, lawlessness in allowing illegal aliens to vote and rigged machines that switched votes: Donald Trump.

All I prayed for was the upholding of the Constitution. (And I'm happy Trey Gowdy was elected again.^^ He will provide the checks and balances.)

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How I would love to be there!!! I missed watching them when I was in Osaka in early September! T_T This is an incredible group!!! Ever since I saw "Chicago" at the Lincoln Center, I knew I wanted to watch them once I went to Japan. Since I have seen a bit of Ryuichi Kawamura's portrayal of Billy Flynn (via Youtube), I was wondering how Shizuki Asato would do. (Ironically, I was in Japan for Mr. Kawamura's fan club tour) She was amazing!!! It was either on "All I Care About" or "We Both Reached for the Gun" that she hit one note and sustained it for so long (similar to a wind instrumentalist's circular breathing), something Ryuichi Kawamura tends to do (these days without microphone or speakers or, when he has a microphone, his hand holding the microphone moves to the side and you hear his voice even as far as the last row of the theater, still so loud and clear). And she did it not with a female voice, but with a male one! Not to mention she was such a handsome Billy Flynn that whenever she came out, be it during "Chicago" or their spectacle variety after it, all the ladies started screaming. Talk about イケメン (ikemen)!

When I saw her photo for "Elisabeth," I thought she pretty much looked like Shotaro Mamiya in 「銀河英雄伝説」("Legend of Galactic Heroes") stage play.

No matter which artist plays male of female roles, it's so nice to see how they are versatile enough to switch. You will find out that some of the artists who currently play female roles also played male roles in other presentations!

Oh well, I missed them this year. I must make a point to see them when I visit Japan next year. I couldn't care less about any discount, I'll pay the price for their talent, since they are really worth it!

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If these women are prostitutes, then so are half the women you read about on the social pages, or in celebrity gossip magazines. Some women have built great wealth and careers by marrying older and wealthier men. Are they prostitutes as well? What about the woman who chooses a husband with a good salary over a slightly better guy with no money? Is she a prostitute?

And, frankly, the guy that insists on calling these women prostitutes is reflecting a certain kind of hatred toward women. The kind of guys who sneak off to Bangkok or Manila and treat some poor working girl like dirt. As Strangerland said, if they are prostitutes... then so what? Can the persons casting stones here stand in front of the mirror and truly say that they have never sinned?

Some Westerners are just warped beyond words about this stuff.

Well said.

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It seems many readers on JT are also blinded by his looks.

He does not compute with me.

J (LUNA SEA bassist) is more of a hunk.

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Japanese women. That's all I'll say. Apart from the fact my wife refuses to get old making me look more and more like a baby snatcher.

It's not just Japanese women. Southeast Asians are the same. Look at the 1965 Miss Universe from Thailand who is way older at 67 years old and she looks like she's in her twenties. I'm 55 years old, yes, that's a recent photo and even East Asian women's (there is a huge Korean presence in my area) bug out when I reveal my age.

She and other Asian women look really great!

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors want Obama to meet them, apologize in Hiroshima See in context

Micheal Rhian DriscollMAY. 21, 2016 - 10:51AM JST For me it's simple. Let Japan & the other Axis nations own their own actions that led to the creation & use of this horrible weapon..... FIRST. Then we can talk.<

Actually, Germany was compensating Russian Jews (I don't know about others. At that time, I was working at a Russian law office in Beverly Hils) for the Holocaust. While the office I worked at did plaintiff personal injury, it also handled compensation from Germany to Russian Jews who survived the Holocaust.

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