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Posted in: McDonald’s offering free small fries for job applicants See in context

Hummmm... wonder if the fries will become part of the "Healthy menu"? and how fast can one eat fast food? hahaha

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Posted in: McDonald’s offering free small fries for job applicants See in context

Yes as borscht has mentioned! But you have to be interviewed to get the delectable little treat ! And sure everything is about branding stuff! I think people need more stuff! And to get a head start in life, the regiment of becoming a stuff user and a stuffer of fries seems a worthy lifelong dream for everyone! If they would just throw in one of those miniature Ice Cream cones...

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Posted in: Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot See in context

Hahahaha... So I had to fast scroll to the bottom of the comments to see how many comments there are! And couldn't resist placing one myself! LoL I'm rolling!! I call it a "stick up the butt mentality". Like patrons of the symphony that sit there quiet and still even when the MC asks for participation and have a little fun! Proper attire and respect to eating noodles should always be done in only one way!!! And that is the proper way! Control freaks just like to control! Apparently those that made the judgement call on this just haven't learned to enjoy Cartoons or understand staged humor! Freakin' Sad A wake up call is due... Geeez!

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Posted in: 8 elderly climbers perish on 3 mountains in Northern Alps See in context

Yes, it sounds like they were ill prepared! A stroll with proper equipment and education should have been foremost on the list! Even before taking the first step up the mountain! Proper gear and knowing how to use it is the minimum that should be considered when going out for the day for everyone. I doesn't matter what your plans are for the day, things can change and leave you caught without protection... We already pay more taxes for everything and will keep paying! I sure as hell don't think I should get insurance for a weekend hike, if say I fall and break a leg and have S&R retrieve me or someone I'm with! Insurance is education and training! Maybe we should all pay insurance to walk around the block! You never know when a mean dog will chase you or something! Pfffft! That's the problem now!!! Pay me and I'll protect you! Bulls#1t... I think the best insurance is training and like many protected areas, require passes to enter! If your not prepared, you will be turned away with a simple list of requirements and rules!

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Posted in: Why are Japanese so bad at English? See in context

I'm thinking a translator... My 17 Y.O. second cousin is about to tour Japan. I'm sure he is smart enough to learn something! But why learn the language when all he needs to hear is a thousand young girls screaming his name! I'm sure someone can translate! Knowing him he is already learning some key phrases and greetings.

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Posted in: Organic farms yield less produce, require more land See in context

Yes! Organic on a commercial scale could be slower at first! But thats part of the problem! The oil it takes to transport food! Community gardens or even small personal gardens can, with effort, produce a substantial crop for a family or more! Anything that an individual can grow or as a collective can be of value! We gotta start somewhere! Chemical farming has killed the soil as zichi has pointed out! Myself, I'm starting small and building a garden over a period of two years! This year is only herbs and a few tomato plants. By next year a 400 sq. ft. plot! For example, a twenty foot row of carrots can be grown in a 4 sq ft plot! Dig? Many Many ways a person can grow food! Look it up! Start something in containers! It can be fun and if done right, not that much effort and the rewards are great! No freakin chemicals...

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Posted in: Jawbone releases 'Big' speakers for smartphones See in context

The past somewhat repeating itself! Jammin down the street with a jambox on your shoulder! Hahahaha Could be good for flash mobs too! Hahahaha I love designed obsolescence... LOL

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Posted in: Why you must learn kanji See in context

Why learn something that is so narrowly used? I can go just about anywhere on earth and communicate in English! I thought about making up a new form of communication just to confuse those that don't understand it! Geez...

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Posted in: Dutch roll out 'cannabis card' to stop pot tourists See in context

@RR You must be one of the most misinformed individuals! All of this is about control! Period! Hemp has long been used for many things besides making rope. The science community as well as medical have performed many tests to discover cannabis's effects, chemical makeup etc. I could go on for weeks about this subject and the reasons that it is classified as a class 1 drug along with heroin! Because they don't see medical use? Bullshit! Doctors are the biggest pushers on the planet of the real poisons! It's only all about control and MONEY!

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Posted in: Group files injunction to stop restart of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa reactors See in context

The irradiated spent nuclear fuel in the Fukushima pool contains about 80 times more cesium than the total released at Chernobyl. In the meantime... it leaches into the sea! Industries don't bank enough on the come. they bank on what they have invested in and reap as much profit as possible out of existing equipment/plants! It's always about the money! Chernobyl is screwed for a long long time! How many close calls or disasters will it take to say, " Well maybe we shoulda rethought what we were thinking"? Aren't we as a human race given some level of intelligence to bite the bullet and do what's right! I think the owners of the nuke plants know full well they want to milk all they can before considering new technology! They would have to reach deep into their pockets for a time before they are able to scoop up profit! If it ain't broke, don't fix it! If its broken, patch it and keep her rolling! That's the mentality it seems! Geeez!

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Posted in: N Korean military warns of 'special actions' against South See in context

No one wants war or the threat of annihilation. Bringing a simulated threat against the US is a big mistake! That king of the hill mentality won't fly. Nor do their rockets! Geeez!

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Posted in: Hollywood studios lose Australian download appeal See in context

A good result here. For too long the large media corporations have had their way, buying legislation to extend copyright to absurdly long periods, running what amounts to extortion rackets by threatening to sue those they accuse of downloading their wares into bankruptcy unless they pay up a few thousand dollars etc.

Media is commonly used by the governments to spread propaganda. ISP are only that! A provider of a service and not a creator and distributor of said content.

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Posted in: Nissan luxury brand Infiniti to make cars in China See in context

Oh great! Now I can buy cars from ebay that fall apart as fast as most of the other Made in China junk I've purchased recently. Failed laptop cooling pads, inexpensive stereo equipment with a non working headphone jack and prized Japanese goods now manufactured in China, that don't compare with Japan's past efforts of meticulous quality control. I'm sure they would never pass import safety standards here in the US anyway. Keep that junk in the country it was manufactured! If it survives it may someday become a classic and a collectors dream come true. Like the BMW Isetta. Hahaha

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

So this is the important news? I love how tripe like this gets so much attention when I see other worthy info only has 4 comments! It just shows where most peoples minds and priorities lye... Everything you see or read causes someone somewhere to form an opinion. It serves to shape us in ways we usually don't recognize or want to believe. What will be, will be. Like it or not...

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Posted in: As ice cap melts, militaries vie for Arctic edge See in context

And the insanity continues! How ignorant are we as a species anyway?

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Posted in: Int'l marriages test ability to balance love with tolerance See in context

I can barely relate to needy American, been in 5 relationships and looking for a sugar daddy, women ! let alone even think about starting a relationship with someone I can't communicate with! Beauty is only skin deep and much of it is makeup! Usually the women that are all about fashion are not the ones that try to make a relationship last! When you don't maintain the perfection that they assume will last forever, they usually look elsewhere! I call them Takers!

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Posted in: Something new brewing in (barrel) aged beers See in context

Aged Beer? Not! Budwiser and most regular" beer water", is swill and perfect for the people with little or no taste for crafted beer! Beer is best when first crafted and fresh from the tap! If I want aged brews, I'll think about a single malt whiskey or even a bourbon blend! Never an aged beer! Gotta taste nasty! IMHO...

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Posted in: Whatever happened to 'post-racial' America? See in context

It's hard to comment on a subject to many that don't live here in the states! And after reading all the comments, and living in one of the racist cities on the planet, I've lived to witness the racism here since Mr. King was shot! If you read history, black people were brought to America by the British as slaves! They have long fought to become as equals! When one of their own race is killed as in the boy walking through a gated community, the black race usually pulls together to protest for injustice and change! With many white people joining their cause! But as a nation there are still many fights that everyone doesn't band together to fight! Here, you don't see most white people banding together when a white person is shot by a member of the black race! You only see some facts on the news! The reason they stick together is because of the past oppression! But walk into most banks here and apply for a loan! You will most likely be greeted by a black banker to submit your request! Why? Because to rise above the past, they become educated and excel. There are still many pockets of the city that you would not dare go into as a white person! Areas of town with wanna be gang bangers walking the streets daring you to even look sideways at them! Those are the people that will perpetuate the ignorance and slow the progress of ending racism! When a person is just a person, whatever country they come from or what color their skin and they are not a threat to me, I embrace them as a person not as a threat! Education is key but there are many white rednecks that don't want to get the bigger picture! I am white and I have a problem with white rednecks! For example, I was sitting at a stop light and noticed a pickup truck in the lane next to me! When I glanced over, there were three white rednecks all staring at me like three dumb country bumpkins! I now go out looking like one of those morons to fit in and not stand out as an outsider! Will I get a group of white guy's that dress in decent clothes and protest? I don't give a rats ass what they think! They can wallow in their ignorance for all I care! Those types will never change and most likely neither will their offspring!

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Posted in: Tokyo mega-quake would kill over 9,600, simulation shows See in context

Simulation? That sounds like a waste of time! I don't believe that Japan needs to conduct a test to know what will happen! It's seems obvious by now doesn't it?

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Posted in: Policeman arrested for licking woman's hair See in context

Without reading the comments it seems to me that you have a lonely cop problem! At least their only licking hair and pinching ass! Here in the good ole USA and more specifically Memphis, we have cops that have been jailed for rape, drugs, and more! It got to the point that the police chief was ridiculed for not getting things under control! NOw he is replace by someone that understands the mess and is taking a hard line on his blue light troopers! Cop or no cop, he would be mine if a cop ever touched my daughter! He wouldn't see me coming, he would be on his knees holding his manhood for dear life! That being said! Not all cops are bad and I understand the job and the dregs of society they have to deal with each day! But the main reason they exist is to serve and protect! Never think a cop can protect anything! They usually only chase the bad guys because they themselves were maybe once one of the bad guys! At least once a week there is some cop or local political figure in the local news! I suppose no one is perfect but It's just freakin job not a lifestyle! But the good old buddy system sucks em in to become partners in crime! NOt all but one is too many!

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested over hit-and-run death of motorcyclist See in context

@ Robert Dykes... I offed my bike because of this very thing! Here it's women drivers on cell phones in a hurry! Everyday I witness close calls! Get it? I have been cruising down a street and see a woman looking straight at me with a phone to her ear! Waiting and then deciding she can make it! I'm already on the brakes! A several hundred pound bike is no match for any auto! I've lost 2 friends and an Aunt from just such stupidity! Many drivers don't understand the force of a ton or so hitting something at even moderate speeds! Or getting hit in the side by a motorcycle at 40 mph! Geez!

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Posted in: After rocket fiasco, N Korea may test bomb: analysts See in context

If they can't get a rocket launched maybe they can start testing and blowing up their own country! They get nukes and irradiate everything! Like early man discovering fire! It blows chunks that nations still think of barbarism and control! Yes a revolt! How long can NK masses remain under oppression before they have to be cannon fodder to gain freedom! When do you fight back? When your down on your knees with a rifle at your head? Surely not!

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Posted in: Danish navy frees 12 hostages, holds16 Somali pirates See in context

High Sea adventure! Old Skool? The perpetuation of violence and ignorance! The right thing to do is stop it as it begins! Would I venture out into open water without firepower to protect my crew? Never! Would I lay waste to a fast approaching vessel after using binoculars to see what's about to happen? Yes! Would I have remorse for those that attempt to harm? Some! Would I be happy that my passengers and crew are safe! Absolutely! Nuff said!

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Posted in: AKB48’s Atsuko Maeda gets 'Foreign Cinema’s Best Supporter' award See in context

On this issue, I for once have to agree with the Moderator's post! Though the group seems a commercial venture, I for one am happy for the girls in the singing group and any side work they get to advance what they do and any current success they may achieve! I'm sure that anything good that comes their way makes life for them grand! It doesn't matter if they think watching a film from anywhere is an art film or not! Stop hating and let these young girls live the dream! As far as people becoming "Artist's", that is a matter of opinion! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! An individual makes decisions for themselves as to what they like or not! If you don't care for a certain piece of art, music or performance, just find something you do like! There are enough cynical critics in this world already!

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Posted in: G8 foreign ministers demand that N Korea not launch rocket See in context

Nothing here yet about if the rocket launched, failed or what? Seems NK wants to stay isolated from the rest of the world! If they can't feed or help the people there that are oppressed and cannot get on board with the rest of the world, they should be cut off! How long do we plead and hope and threaten? Is love even part of any plan in NK?

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Posted in: New Jeeps for new Japan See in context

A 4X2 is fine for mostly flat and firm terrain but if your going to buy a vehicle, form follows function! Some Jeeper's I know changed the suspension and much more! It is now worthy of taking you to places you might not dare to take even the tweaked factory model! Sounds like Japan is much like L.A. ! In that case, skip the 4X4, install a nice entertainment system and a drink dispenser in a Honda, cause siting in traffic in less than the comfort of your living room blows !

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Posted in: Scientists develop ultra-thin solar cells See in context

Weave the thread into clothing! With LED displays! Tents or space survival blankets that warm! I can think of hundreds of ideas! I have no idea if they will work though! The current portable solar charging devices are very slow! for example: Backpacking and charging a GPS, phone etc. Batteries are heavy and as," MustardKing", pointed out, we haven't exceeded our technology to off batteries yet!

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Posted in: Supermodel Klum divorces British singer Seal See in context

Age difference matters at certain point! Marriages today usually don't last through the long haul because of not following a tradition with respect for each other! Plus the fact that those in the entertainment industry are always surrounded by temptations! I can attest to the last statement, being in the music biz! Once you become even somewhat popular, the plethora of distractions start coming out of the woodwork for your amusement, pleasure and your possible pointer to the downturn of your goal! Men can father a child longer into the golden years than a woman can bear children! How rare is it to see celeb's really last through a life time together? I'm never surprised!

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Posted in: Flying car cleared for takeoff See in context

Carbon fiber? Safety devices? I'll just bet they wouldn't fair well or handle like a Cooper S ! When and if the sky is full of flying cars, they can be scraped off the pavement just like any other crash! Might be more difficult getting it off the roof of your home! Junk! Why can't these thinkers work on more ways to solve problems instead of dreaming of useless toys that most likely will not see mass production anyway! Now, if they can also create one that can be used as a pleasure boat? Pontoons might also make a nice addition for taking off from the lake! Junk!

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Posted in: How do you feel about being a ‘gaijin’ in Japan? See in context

After reading a good smattering of posts on this subject, I'll pass on my visit to Japan! We have enough prejudice here without being subjected to more from a country I can't speak the language!

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