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Posted in: Storm briefly halts cooling system at Onagawa nuclear plant See in context

I suppose most of humanity has to learn things the hard way! Seems to me that Japan is a fragile delicate balancing act with clowns clinging to an obscure notion that everything is under control! I started reading JT because of the disaster! It seems though the disaster is those that run the asylum! We can split the atom but cannot accomplish the simple things like safety and reality!

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Posted in: NHK apologizes for April Fool's Day Twitter joke See in context

Do you have to be a fool to acknowledge the first day of April? What a nonsensical excuse for a... Holiday? Ahhh! I get it! The joke is that you don't get a holiday or time off! Haha...

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Posted in: 'Hoodie' jackets in focus after Florida teen's shooting See in context

To add! Florida is considered by many to be the "RED NECK RIVIERA"!

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Posted in: 'Hoodie' jackets in focus after Florida teen's shooting See in context

The citizen on patrol was a trigger happy jack! The boy was half his size? Hoodie? The pic I saw of the victim had him wearing a Hollister T-shirt! Gang bangers don't wear preppy stuff like that! Here in Memphis, we have it all! A lot of Black on Black crime! Last year, a white guy shot another white guy in a parking lot because he was pissed that someone parked to close to his Hummer! Two son's watched as their father was gunned down! At Moondog, Yes many current fashion statements come from prison! Tattoos included! If a gang banger is also a rap artist and go to prison! they seem to gain recognition! We have a former rap artist, that went to prison and is now a detective in a weekly TV show! Ice-T! The view is that bad publicity is better than no publicity at all! It helps sell CD's! Jeeez!

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Posted in: Obama warns Supreme Court not to overturn his health reform law See in context

Mandatory Health care! As I understand, in 2014 a person can be fined for not having a health care policy! How can someone with little or no income buy insurance? And how will the fine be collected if that person goes into a hospital? I need to see how national health care is structured for Japan!

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Posted in: Fujimura urges public to stay calm over N Korean rocket launch See in context

If NK wants to have a satellite to study NK, then why don't they make peace and get that info from those that have the technology already in place! It's a lie! Are we all that stupid? I think not!

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context

NOise! Hummm! May be good for an exciting visit! But is there any escape?

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Posted in: Lithuania, Hitachi sign nuclear plant deal See in context

I wonder how well designed and stable the plant will be? I hope it lasts longer the the Hitachi electronics I purchased in the past! More of the same! Seems an investment of Solar would be a consideration!

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Posted in: Police officer pushes student off bike; lifts up her skirt See in context

If it were my daughter! The perv best hide somewhere! A line would be drawn! The gropers would have a bigger problem to content with! Promise! You should be able to ride a bike at any hour you choose! Is Japan really that bad that people can't go when and where they please? Does everyone need to carry a stun gun? Are women in Japan not treated as equals? @ It" ME... In some countries women are considered second class citizens and some cultures think women are expendable! So sad the they aren't respected! I wouldn't be here had it not been for a woman! Respect!

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Posted in: Noda: World must not fall for 'myth of safety' over nuclear plants See in context

Building a nuke plant on one of the most vulnerable fault lines in the world seem risky in the first place! Man has a way of learning as we go! Surly, there has to be an alternative!

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Posted in: Japan working out details of missile deployment ahead of N Korea launch See in context

It would be a bit of a freak out to see a missile flying overhead! Is their equipment reliable? Will it fail and land on a city? Can you deploy a spy sat at ground level?LOL At YuriOtani, The Chinese wouldn't want to try to take out Marines! I'm afraid of the big surprise that would happen on your soil! It would not be good! Lets try to preserve whats left of our beautiful planet!

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Posted in: Yamanote line in Tokyo features AKB48 train See in context

Still haven't heard anything from the girl group! Guess I need to do a search to see for myself! Surely they can't be worse than the Justin Bieber toothbrush etc here! Stop hating on em! Any young girl would jump at the chance to be stars! Send them here to the states, we need a change! I have to agree with GDemmons comments on control and JT's journalism! It does seem that if the 20 year old singing starlet was going to record the announcements for the train, she would be herself! Maybe she had it in her mind to emulate a robotic voice! God only knows how a 20 year old thinks!

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Posted in: Living with bubbles See in context

I don't know enough about the Japan culture to really weigh in on this subject! But as an American, I have to say that we all judge in some respect! I usually judge if I want to make a further connection with someone by the way they seem at first! Maybe that is a bit naive but I tend to make friends easily! And on parting ways, there is usually a friendly gesture to say something like, " we should get together again sometime" or , "Yeah, I would like to know more about _____! That doesn't necessarily mean that I may ever see that person again! Nothing is set in stone and no promises or expectations!

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Posted in: Hosono takes to street to seek support for tsunami debris disposal See in context

Yep! Burn it! Most everyone knows that everything that is burnt on earth ends up in our atmosphere! Gee, we could breathe some of Japan while you breathe some China! I say bury it where it is! But you won't have to worry about some of it, as it is now starting to wash up on the beaches of the West Coast in California! Some of that will end up in shops as souvenirs! The world is getting smaller and we are running out of space and resources to deal with disasters! Nature has a way of healing! But only to a point!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for fatally abusing 1-month-old daughter See in context

Why is it so heart wrenching to read JT and the comments about this little girl or that they may not have resourses to raise her! What is love? Your countries beauty and past culture give me the desire to want to come see it all! But the struggle of misunderstanding keeps me away!

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Posted in: Interviews held to hire staff for Tokyo Sky Tree, Soramachi See in context

Sky Tree? Sounds like another precarious structure in a delicate land!

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Posted in: School bullying survey scrapped due to student concerns See in context

My God! Seems the people running things don't have a clue to solve this problem! Your school system is in need of help! Most bullies are the real cowards! Anonimity is the answer! Standing up to bullies is the other answer!Here in the States, standing up could get you a bullet! Teachers! Do you fear your students? Take control or be controlled!

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Posted in: Manga artist back in the frame after Japan disasters See in context

I would love to learn more about this art form! Old School talent is more and more becoming a thing of the past! Isn't that where we still learn from greatness? Not so much from computer simulation of art! Chuck...

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Posted in: U.S. judge tentatively approves Honda fuel economy settlement See in context

Wow! She put 200,000 plus miles on her Honda! My next auto will be an Acura!

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Posted in: A stranger offers a simple kindness See in context

The human mind does not have answers for such things; certainly not the modern American mind that finds itself obsessed with the mundane, the trivial, that sweats the small stuff until momentarily jolted by reality like when the kids have to go to the hospital.

I suppose you are living in your world and only have a general idea of what everyone is here in the US! I personally love to see passion in people! A show of love and I detest controllers of any kind! Open your eyes, all of you! There are people that exist everywhere that have the passion to show care and kindness when tragedy strikes! I understand the thinking behind the generalities of the US but at the same time, the suffering of other people in this world! Not everyone is the same! The article is basically beauty at it's essence, but leave your observations or opinions of your perceived perfectionism out of the equation! It serves no purpose in the thought of love!

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Posted in: White rice linked to Type 2 diabetes, say researchers See in context

White bleached and processed anything is bad for you!

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Posted in: Death penalty finalized for man who killed mother, child while he was a minor See in context

Right or wrong? The killer was wrong in doing what he did to ruin that family! The court is now wrong for changing the rules of law! Barbaric! If it is to be an eye for an eye, it should have happened when the killer was caught! Right then and there! What would be the difference of what has happened in the court system! Big Fail ... So very sad...

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Posted in: N Korean rocket to adopt 'safe' flight path, scientist says See in context

I don't think anyone will be happy until we blow ourselves up! Why would NK try to appease anyone now? And what is really on the head of the rocket?

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Posted in: Uniqlo opens mega-store in Ginza, with 100 foreign staff See in context

Bring it to the US! I am size large but on the small side! Medium here is too small and large size hangs on me like rags! I would love to have a knowledgeable sales assistant, with taste, to help with my decisions! Style, quality and value! It is all good as long as the world isn't shopping at Wal mart! The last nice shirt I purchased was to my liking but the first time I tried to use the pocket snap/button, half of it fell off! And, after the first washing, the seam above the other pocket started to come undone! Some tried to tell me it added character to the garment! What? $55 for a rag to wipe the dirt off something! I suppose the sizes are made for the typical over weight person here!

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Posted in: City in Shizuoka officially decides to accept tsunami debris See in context

What happened to the plan of building a giant washing machine to clean the debris? There is no real solution to the disaster and the rubble that is left after such a disaster! People just deal with it the best they can! There is no mystical solution!

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Posted in: Ichihashi appeals against life sentence for killing British teacher See in context

“I want to use the rest of my life to apologize to her and her bereaved family.” Hindsight is 20/20

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Posted in: Why does the existence of AKB48 bother so many readers of Japan Today (judging from the comments on the discussion board)? See in context

Pop culture! From what I have seen from Japan in the past being a westerner, I thought it prevalent and the norm from Japan! Personally, I like pop culture taken with a grain of salt! When times are bad, it is fact that people seek a bit of happiness from all the dark things around them! These girls are as young as my daughter and that is where the problem resides! But I too was trying to be a pop star at their age! For those with their minds in the gutter, you don't see the bigger picture! I say let them be young! Let them be popular! Let them spread a bit of Japanese pop culture around the world! People need to smile more and get the stick out of their asses! Pop has always been basically, well, pop! Some view it as crap! Take Andy Warhol for instance! He painted multiple pictures of soup cans and changed the way many thought about pop culture! I can quote many artist and what they say is art! If we all had the same mindset about things, it would be a grey world! Featureless and stark! Let them dance and sing and maybe some of them will move on to greatness! Maybe not!

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Posted in: PayPal fattens digital wallet See in context

I have yet to have a problem using pay pal to buy crap! I don't play social games like post positive or negative comments about my experience with them! I received an email that I am a gold star buyer! Wooot! NOT! My beautiful sounding Yamaha monitors are made in China as is almost everything purchased today! I would prefer spending a few dollars more to know that they were lovingly manufactured in Japan where the company originated and not hurriedly assembled with lower quality control! The two speakers are not symmetrical in appearance! One is almost perfect and the other has a crooked logo light and unprofessional look to the placement of the center speaker cone! Countries of the world, take back your brands and show the world the pride of your skills!

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Posted in: 25 countries to get iPad a week after U.S. launch See in context

More stuff to take your money and make you feel connected to the world! Is it that imperative that we become that connected? Is it an addiction that you cannot put down for even a moment? Go into the beauty of nature for a week with only a backpack and experience your withdrawal from all the gadgets! How many can really do it? I certainty don't take my computer with me camping and exploring! Learn to be sufficient without technology and become free! If only for a few days! Now back on topic! Keeping up with the latest and greatest is cause for want not need! Can I send you the next viral Youtube link to a funny video! Please! I must! Oh! I can't go to the beach without my I phone, I pad and chargers! Help us all!

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Posted in: Accused U.S. soldier flown out of Afghanistan See in context

That soldier is part of a brotherhood of the military! Trained to kill by the military! They would sooner make him disappear that hand him over! It doesn't take much in war to make someone snap! A quick story: In high school, my friend joined the army and was sent to Vietnam, he promptly got a dear john letter from the girl he joined the service in the first place, so he could get back and marry her! He was in his own hell and never recovered! The last time I heard anything about him, he was picking vegetables along side migrant workers in California! This insanity needs to stop!

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