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"That's not your friend." Yah I lied. My fake friend.

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Japanese dont wear seatbelts when sitting in the back seat. My friend made fun of me for putting my seat belt on :(

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I can't believe the people on this thread complaining on the term Half. 1) The terms been around for ages. 2) Half is a compliment. Japanese people only wished they were half white.

I was born and raised in Japan as a half. I only got beat up twice in elementary for being half white. Once when I was walking down the street someone came up and punched me. Another time someone came up to me and kicked me. Besides that everything was good for me. I was always the center of attention, had a lot of friends, etc. etc. It's not the half people who get's it hard in Japan. It's the half people with no self-confidence, no pride, halfs who are self conscious who have it hard in Japan.

My parents didn't treat me differently than the rest. They never told me about me being half. They never stressed that life is going to be hard, because it wasn't. Like any other Japanese I went to Obon, went to the temples and shrines, spent new years with my japanese family, and to me this was all natural. I ate oshinko, nukazuke, nattou, fish in the morning. I also did all the american stuff too. My dad put Santa Clause on the roof of my small Japanese house, he collected sodaigomi so my house was always full of garbage, 4th of July fireworks, etc. etc. I experienced being Half Japanese Half white just by practicing the culture of both countries.

Anyways, I'm getting really off topic here, its early in the morning, got a lot of work to do, so for any of you complaining about what Japanese people say, get outta Japan, or else learn to accept.

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half kids around here are being beaten and the police and schools do nothing.

where the hell do you live? I lived in Chiba, and so did my sister, and neither of us were ever beaten. Except for my Japanese teacher slapped me across my face but that was my fault and I deserved it. Ive heard no accounts of any of my half friends being beaten up either.

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If i was given half a glass of wine instead of full in a bar i would complain.

im sorry but im half japanese half white. not half japanese half nothing nor half white half nothing. i wouldnt complain if i get half suntory whiskey and half coke.

so for any of you out there who drink whiskey and coke and you prefer the whiskey to be suntory, tell the bartender " Give me half a cup of Suntory produced in Japan and half a cup of Coca Cola produced in america.

Wait... isnt it easier to say whiskey and coke (half) and if the bartender asks what kind of whiskey say suntory? (japanese).

Translation: what are you? I am half. what half are you? Japanese and white.

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I totally agree with you Daisan.

I am half Japanese born and raised in japan, and I was always considered the Gaijin in the neighborhood, especially when i was the only non full japanese near my station. I never cared to be full Japanese or full white. Actually I am so glad i was born a half, especially in Japan.

See, I was always treated like a celebrity in Japan. SUGOOOI, KAKKOII, GAIJINDAA--. Some people might take the word gaijin offensive, but not me. I just didnt give a rats ass what they called me. Same questions, same comments, same interests. I even got bullied at times for being half white, but not for long after i showed them my american strength. :)

The thing is, if you are self conscious about your race, people around you will feel that and will treat you very differently.

I made many Japanese friends since I was a kid, and I just acted myself, was myself, and didnt have to try to change my nationality. Anyone in the world will accept you for who you are if you have a good character in you.

For example, my friend is half Black half Japanese, and very depressed. He was born in Japan, and he believes he should be treated Japanese. I told him to look in the mirror, and tell me if he sees a japanese. No, he has black skin with chinky eyes. So I told him to always take advantage of the situation. That is what I did. When i mess up, I told them Im american and this is what americans do. Or if im in the states and i mess up somehow, i tell them im japanese and this is what Japanese do. Always take advantage of the situation. If you are offended each time, there is no ending to it.

I mean, halfs are always, I mean ALWAYS going to get the same comments and questions from most Japanese. If a half minds these questions and comments and will feel offensive, or be it any foreigner in japan, do not go to japan.

Just be yourself and accept who you are. That is the only way to progress socially in Japan.

Also want to throw something in here. I went to a half club at UCLA and I introduced my self, said hi, and got along. After a while, they started talking about nationality. WHO ARE WE? WHERE DO WE BELONG? I thought to myself, who the hell cares who you are and where you belong. Man i swear some people have issues. Well that was the first and last time i went to the hapa club.

Not to contradict myself here, but I DO love hanging out with hapas in japan. Its so easy to make new friends and go drinking!

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