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With many things related to Japan after the Meiji Restoration, the Japanese have often looked to the West for how an ideal/sophisticated/advanced nation should be governed and exist. Like mentioned in the article above it was Commodore Perry who brought blackface to Japan. Another more significant example of this would be Japan's desire to become an imperial power in Asia to match the European powers and America. Until it was forcefully opened up by Perry, Japan was content being closed off from the world and doing their own thing. Both blackface in comedy and Japan's desire for an empire eventually became ideas which were frowned upon by the West. The recurring theme is whenever the West finds something not to their liking, the whole world should adopt that view and every other nation and culture should follow their lead.

Especially in America, with the existence of groups such as the KKK, less than 70 years since the Rosa Parks incident and the most outspoken and revolutionary Equal Rights Activist was assassinated by a white man. By no means do I advocate blackface or Imperialism, however I fail to see how America and the West can have some moral high ground to judge or criticize Japan. The moral of this story would be, don't meddle in another country's culture or governance and then criticize it in 40 years time, stop meddling outright.

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