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Posted in: Delicious options for plant-based and vegan snacks and sweets in Japan See in context

I know the girl from the picture! So cool!

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Posted in: Infant left at entrance to Japanese Red Cross nursery in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

She did the right thing, they shouldn't be trying to find her, that just discourages other women from leaving their babies in safe hands. We've been seeing so many articles about women killing their babies, this woman was very brave and should be looked at as a role model.

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Posted in: Flying bubble makers could save world from starvation See in context

I love that instead of trying to save the bees, he's like, "let's made flying bubble gun robots!" Haha I love it

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Posted in: Kyoto woman arrested for stealing cat from pet shop; offers strange justification to police See in context

My Norwegian Forest cat was a stray. I couldn't believe such a beautiful kitten was living on the streets. We put up posters and put it on the radio but no one claimed him. He lived until 16 years old. He was my best friend.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving fetus in suitcase in Nagoya See in context

The poor baby. I hope he or she can have a proper burial now.

The baby must have been pretty bad for them not to be able to tell if they were a boy or girl.

You have to be pretty messed up to murder a child so I'm not surprised the mother abandoned the body somewhere like that. It's like she wanted to be found so she could atone.

I hope the baby is at peace now and the mother can one day atone for her actions by helping others and saving lives instead of taking them.

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Posted in: Thousands of armed U.S. gun rights activists join peaceful Virginia rally See in context

*undemocratically take away guns. Jacinda pushed the legislation and NZers are not happy.

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Posted in: Thousands of armed U.S. gun rights activists join peaceful Virginia rally See in context

What the crazy anti-gun lunatics don't seem to understand is that NEITHER SIDE SUPPORTS THE KILLING OF CHILDREN, we just have different ideas on how to protect them. Anti-gun people think disarming the people will lead to criminals not having guns, and therefore everyone is safe. Pro-gun people believe that arming people means that we can stop criminals who will have guns whether it's legal or not, and therefore everyone is safe.

Stop pretending the other side WANTS people to die, because that's ridiculous.

Recently in America, a church shooting was stopped because luckily a man with a gun shot the shooter.

In NZ a mosque shooting turned out far worse, until one of the worshippers found a discarded gun the shooter had dropped because he ran out of bullets shooting people and had to switch. The worshipper pointed the empty gun at the shooter who fled.

After that, Jacinda decided to democratically take away guns from law-abiding citizens, not caring that the NZ gangs openly stated in interviews with the media that they would not be handing their guns in, because they need them for protection.

Since then, gun violence has ramped up:

The number of mainstream media-reported illegal firearms incidents in the last week:

12th January: 2 dead in Castlepoint, near Masterton

15th January: 1 dead in Favona, South Auckland

16th January: Drive-by shooting at an empty car, Sydenham, Christchurch

18th January: Group altercation with gunshots, Ruatoria, north of Gisborne

19th January: 2 injured in Hawkes Bay gang fight

The Hawkes Bay gang fight was right outside a McDonalds during peak lunch hour. High schoolers are allowed to leave for lunch and often go right there. There is a children's playground across the road.

Also since then, the police have been intimidating people, including raiding a family's house to look for a gun used in a submission he made to the government against the new law. He didn't have the gun anymore.

They have also been visiting the houses of anyone who isn't left wing, for RETWEETS of conservatives. One man was a libertarian but retweeted a conservative and caught them on camera trying to search his property without his permission.

Jacinda has also said she is willing to ban Facebook for NZ if she believes it is being used to promote terrorism.

I don't like guns, but don't pretend the government wants an unarmed population just to protect people.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo fires associate professor over anti-Chinese Twitter posts See in context

Just like you shouldn't hire people who are less qualified for the job, just for the sake of "diversity", you shouldn't stop someone from being hired due to their race or sex if they are the most qualified.

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Posted in: Facebook again refuses to ban political ads, even false ones See in context

When the media pushes the idea that it's violence to say there are only two genders, I'm very glad that at least one platform will not be deciding what's true or not and therefore what we can see or not.

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Posted in: Sharp gains for Hollywood actresses in 2019 but barriers persist: study See in context

I'm much less likely to pay to see a film with forced diversity and extreme PC pandering because it's usually terribly written.

There was literally a movie where a black guy yells at a white woman for watching him in the museum, then proceeds to steal from the museum.

And one where a single mother (women are so strong) is encouraged, for no reason, to leave her female child (who is apparently strong) to go help a female superhero (so strong) rescue some people, when she has no superpowers (women are just so strong) and will likely die, leaving her child an orphan.

Make good films, with characters who make sense. Don't take away from the story so you can cram in diversity.

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Posted in: Netflix to defend gay Jesus film in Brazil supreme court See in context

Netflix has purposely chosen to slander a beloved historical figure by branding him as something that, as the Son of God, is something he would be vehemently against. It would be as if they made a show where Obama was a pedophile and defended it as freedom of expression.

If they wanted the true depiction of Jesus if he were homosexual, they would have him fight against homosexual sexual temptations ad succeed, as anyone who is not married must fight against sexual temptation, even heterosexual.

Netflix has been known to apologise for multiple other offensive mistakes, but is showing here their anti-Christian bias by refusing. They literally issued an apology for not explaining "pansexuality" well enough, THANKED the LGBT community for telling them, and promised to fix it in future seasons.


Therefore, Netflix is just a bunch of biased, anti-Christian bigots who are cowering behind freedom of expression to slander someone they know is incredibly valuable to us. Let's see them make a gay Muhammed show if they're really for freedom of expression.

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Posted in: Man hangs himself outside Shinjuku Station in Tokyo See in context

It's so incredibly selfish to kill yourself somewhere where you know innocent people and children will see.

My friend's cousin was found dead by his 3 year old sister. We can only hope she won't remember.

A man jumped in front of the train my great uncle was driving. It broke his heart.

Such a selfish way to go.

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Posted in: Gov't ordered to pay damages over transgender toilet ban See in context

Japan already has a SERIOUS problem with stalkers, and it often ends with the woman being killed or raped. Allowing men into women's toilets because they "feel" like it is dangerous. It removes one of the few safe spaces women have to get away from men.

I see people trying to defend transgender people by saying that there have been more rapes by non-transgender people. Have they considered that's because we haven't been allowing transgender people to enter the biologically incorrect bathroom? Do we have to wait for the rapes to skyrocket, or can we be logical and prevent them?

Bathrooms are designed for your sex, not your gender. You can wear what you like and believe you're any gender, but that is irrelevant to which bathroom you need to use.

Any transgender woman who values using a certain toilet over the safety of women, has the exact mindset of the people we're afraid of having in our toilets.

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Posted in: Japan's 1st bill to punish hate speech submitted in Kawasaki See in context

This is ridiculous. People shouldn't say mean things, but it's not the government's job to threaten people who do say mean things. The government also shouldn't get to decide what we're allowed to say. We're already seeing in other countries, people being punished simply for saying facts that "hurt people's feelings".

Threats against people should always be taken seriously, but being called mean names should not be a punishable offense.

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Posted in: Post-meal waste at Japanese sushi restaurant sparks controversy online See in context

People are saying the sushi restaurant should change the menu to fit with these wasteful people's desires. Reminds me of a man who yelled at the Fish and Chip shop worker for not selling vegetarian burgers. Go somewhere that has the food you want! You can't expect them to change their menu because you want to be a selfish child. It is especially disrespectful to do this in Japan because of their culture, so I really hope these people are just ignorant travelers.

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Posted in: 72-year-old man backs car into granddaughter, killing her See in context

This kind of horrific accident happens all the time. It doesn't matter how old you are, if a child is behind the car, they are probably too small to be seen. It's most common from parents backing out of their driveway. Let's not take a heartbreaking tragedy and turn it into some political agenda. I can't imagine how painful this must be for the grandfather and the rest of the family. They don't need nasty comments. He will be feeling guilty enough.

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Posted in: New Zealand prime minister to make 5-day visit to Japan See in context

Strangerland, maybe you could look up any NZ news such as her party's sex scandals and the Ihumatao land protests she doesn't want to sort out.

News poll says 80% of New Zealanders don't believe her when she says she didn't know about the sexual assaults, which is probably because it was all over the media so we all knew, why didn't she know?

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Posted in: New Zealand prime minister to make 5-day visit to Japan See in context

Yeah it must be nice for her to run away from all the problems going on in New Zealand right now. Typical Jacinda.

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Posted in: Sam Smith announces new pronouns of 'they' and 'them' See in context

I thought he came out as gay a while back too. You can't be homosexual AND agender. Homosexual means a man attracted to a man or a woman attracted to a woman. If anything, being a nothing makes him heterosexual now.

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Posted in: Sex assault claims rock New Zealand PM Ardern's government See in context

She says she didn't know about it, but everyone else knew. It was in the media, even the opposition were posting about it. Even I knew about it and I don't go looking for NZ news.

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Posted in: 92% of HPV-caused cancers could be prevented by vaccine: health authority See in context

And how much could be prevented by having safe sex?

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Posted in: Father's story about parenting on a train highlights Japan’s hidden prejudice against male parenting See in context

I'm a woman and I was carrying my (at the time) boyfriend's little sister through the supermarket, and we got to the checkout and she said, "We're not family!" to the worker. I was scared something would happen but nothing did. If I were a man, perhaps I would have been reported.

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Posted in: Local gov'ts precede state in efforts against hate speech in Japan See in context

Threats to kill should always be taken seriously. That isn't under the umbrella of free speech in other countries.

But the harsh words of a racist should be protected even though it's horrible.

Once we start limiting speech, it doesn't end. Everyone interprets offensive language differently and we could end up being banned from saying things like "there are two genders" or even "foreigners are causing a lot of crime".

An American I worked with called me an animal, I don't know why though, and we are different races. While he's a terrible person, it is not the government's job to stop him from speaking. And I reserve the right to call him something back, though I decided he isn't worth my time. I would say he's a roach not worth stepping on and I shouldn't be punished for that.

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Posted in: Ratio of women in parliament brought into focus in Japan's election See in context

Women are capable of voting, are they not? And women are allowed to vote for men, are they not?

Saying that the government is not representative of women is an insult to women and women's intelligence.

If I had to choose between my parents for who to best represent my interests, I would choose my father.

Being the same sex doesn't mean they magically represent my interests.

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Posted in: New Zealand begins gun buyback after mosque killings See in context

Jacinda played on the emotions of the people by using a tragedy to force through her rules without asking the public or even other politicians what they thought. She has labelled her own citizens criminals.

Before this new scheme took affect, she had authorised gun raids against innocent citizens:

"One of the complaints is from a Christchurch contractor who says a rifle was levelled at his 12-year-old daughter during a raid on his home by police acting under the Search and Surveillance Act. The act allows police to search an address without a warrant."


The buyback laws will be giving the gun owners almost nothing compared to what they paid for it depending on the "condition" the police decide the gun is in. While perfect condition will receive 95%, average condition receives 70% and "poor" condition receives 25% of what they paid for it.

Don't worry if you have a gun not on the police list though, you can pay $120 and they'll check it for you....

Let's also keep in mind that this mosque shooting Jacinda adores was actually stopped by a man with a gun. People like to ignore that part. The shooter had gone back to his car for another gun to continue shooting. A brave man threw a credit card machine at him but he simply tried to shoot at him and went back inside and continued shooting. When he went back to the car again, the brave man had picked up one of the empty guns and pointed it at the shooter, who fled. He wasn't going to stop until he saw that gun.


Jacinda banned the viewing of the video and the reading of the manifesto, making it illegal to know exactly what happened. Then allowed the media to lie about him saying things like he was Christian or far-right etc. They call him a white supremacist but he highly admired the Chinese for their structure of government. But all we know about him and his way of thinking comes from a few people who got to read the information themselves before it became a crime. People have already been charged as criminals for having this information.

Jacinda put on a hijab and had her picture taken and posted everywhere, making her the face of the mosque attacks and taking the focus away from the real victims. Does anyone remember the real victims' faces now? Or just the big Jacinda mural painted in Australia?

She tried to cancel our annual Anzac Day remembrance ceremonies of our fallen soldiers, because it was supporting "violence". 58 services were cancelled.

The taken guns weren't even being held safely. A man stole 11 guns from a POLICE STATION after they had been handed in. Luckily the police have found the man and taken them back.

Oh and I suppose taking all the guns will keep the people of New Zealand safer because less bad people will have guns right? Well here's a word from our friendly neighbourhood gang leader:

"Gang members will not be handing in their guns following the law reform announced by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, a Mongrel Mob leader has said."

Don't worry, he assures us gangs will only use guns for gang-on-gang violence. I'm sure they won't take advantage of the disarmed population. Oh by the way, our police force don't typically carry guns on them. In the event of an emergency, they have to go get them. Safe, right!


Jacinda has also been talking about limiting free speech and social networking sights. Already police have been harassing citizens for posts they've made on the internet.


The police officer in this video has even brought his gun with him as if this citizen is a threat because of his opinions.

"The Prime Minister isn't ruling out changing laws that could go as far as blocking Facebook if it's used to share extremist or violent content like the alleged Christchurch gunman's video of the March 15 terror attack."

She needs a disarmed population to control what we say, and she's not quiet about it. She's using the mosque tragedy to push her agenda; it was never about the victims for her.


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Posted in: As Trump threatens tariffs, migrant families keep coming See in context

Illegal immigration is costing Americans about $134.9 billion a year.

The children who died, died because of prior existing medical conditions or because of sickness related to the hazardous trip towards the border. The children were given emergency medical care and died in hospitals.

Illegal immigrants have been found to be much more likely to commit violent crimes.

If they want to come to America, they should be applying like everyone else has to. They are the ones endangering their own children. Criminals (someone who has broken the law) are always separated from their children. These people made the choice. America is not responsible for other countries but they allow asylum to people who apply properly.

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