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Posted in: Tokyo same-sex partnership plans highlight road ahead for LGBTQ rights See in context

Why do they need to force the government to acknowledge their relationships? And why do we keep pretending they want equal rights, when they have the same rights as everyone else? They want special "rights" that involve forcing everyone else to accept their alternative lifestyle, because they can't accept it themselves and just live normally. No one is stopping them from being together, but they need us to say it's okay, and make paperwork for it, and change our cultures and societies to praise them for it. Just live quietly and happily, why mix the government into your relationships?

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Posted in: Scientists develop glowing masks to detect coronavirus See in context

Some people here seem to be worried about people being OSTRICHcized (ostracized) :P

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Posted in: 33% of major firms listed in Japan have no female executives See in context

Being a woman doesn't mean they represent my values or ideas. I don't believe that having physical differences is equal to having diverse opinions. A group of men could have just as diverse opinions as one that had a mixture of men and women, as all of those people could agree or disagree regardless of sex.

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Posted in: Ota gov't employees in frantic pencil-shaving spree to meet election day See in context

Why do the pencils need to be "specially treated, bacteria-resistant pencils" if only one person is supposed to touch them?

But at the same time, having the workers sharpen them means that the workers have touched every single pencil anyway. And I've seen plenty of workers coughing through their masks onto things since they don't want to avoid work even if they're sick.

But everyone should have washed their hands, even the voters, so we still don't need personal, specially treated, bacteria-resistant pencils.

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Posted in: Some governments are thinking of imposing a carbon tax to curb greenhouse gas emissions. What do you think? See in context

When a government seeks to tax the people instead of addressing problems, we know they don't have a clue what to do, but would like some of our money in the meantime.

Cattle farmers for example provide food for national and international consumption, forcing them to pay more tax won't decrease the number of cattle needed to feed our people, it'll only make it harder on farmers and inflate the prices for us.

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Posted in: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the first bisexual Superman See in context

Thank goodness, I was incredibly worried that Superman wasn't haven't enough sex with both sexes. The movies are all about being a hero and saving people and doing what's right. Children don't want that.

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Posted in: Disney sails into new LGBT waters with 'Jungle Cruise' film See in context

What are LGBT children and why is he specifically targeting them? Children shouldn't know anything about sexuality, and we don't need movies grooming them. What I love about this though is these kinds of people can never keep their mouths shut about it, so I always have warning before I waste money on their films.

I don't find this particular instance to contain any homosexual references though; I think anyone who is looking for explicit sexual references to be put into kids' movies will be disappointed on this one.

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Posted in: Man given religiously forbidden food at Nagoya immigration center See in context

But surely if he has specific dietary requirements, he would ask or check before eating the food? I have an allergy so I ask before I eat anything.

When it comes to religious dietary restrictions, the important thing is your intention to refrain from certain foods, it won't kill you like an allergy could.

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Posted in: How would you define hate speech? See in context

Hate speech will be whatever hurts the feelings of those who cry the loudest, even if what is being said is objectively true.

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Posted in: Former illegal manga site operator gets 3 years in jail See in context

I doubt that people who read the manga for free online would be willing to pay for the manga in the first place, so I don't believe the manga industry lost any money. If those people really wanted to read the manga, they'd go to the stores and stand in the aisles reading it for free like I see all the time here.

It's a different story when people pirate movies, because they wouldn't have a way of watching it for free otherwise.

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Posted in: Man arrested after pushing over woman and her 2 children on bicycle See in context

It's depressing to see so many people focusing on what cycling issue they can possibly pin on the victims rather than just be glad that the mother and children are okay, and the suspect has been apprehended.

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Posted in: 5 injured in stabbing rampage at New Zealand market See in context

Someone commented that it wasn't a gun incident, but it's very easy to Google and find that gun crime is on the rise in NZ, especially in relation to gangs, whose numbers are also on the rise.

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Posted in: Ministry of Justice offering free counseling services to foreigners See in context

One place refused to cut my hair but otherwise I've only experienced racism from American teachers in Japan. I teach English but I'm not American, and I was told I wasn't allowed to speak in my native accent, she even monitored me for a month. Then my husband and I worked with an American teacher who wouldn't talk to us for some reason, and then we were told he said, "I'm not a zookeeper, why should I have to talk to those animals?" Our company wouldn't do anything about it, so we had to quit.

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Posted in: New Zealand resumes refugee intake as coronavirus fears ease See in context

New Zealand actually acted much later than other countries. It was only by chance that no one travelled to NZ with the virus until mid-March, and once the first person was in, then the government was able to "justify" locking down the entire country, damaging the economy irreparably. People say it's worth it to save lives, but if the government would have acted quickly, NZ would have had no cases and no lockdown. NZ could have been at zero cases and had a working economy, we're a small island country far away, any cases of the coronavirus is a disgrace. The virus was not eliminated, it was welcomed with open borders.

There were no tests before flying to NZ until last week even, a year after the pandemic started.

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Posted in: Man with axe smashes New Zealand Parliament doors See in context

Perhaps he's one of the many people who've lost their jobs and businesses due to the lack of aid and the slow action of this government. It would be frustrating to have lost your job and then see Jacinda getting praised for promising to cut her own pay while she sat in lockdown, even though she actually remained on full pay. Or maybe he has a sick child and just heard that Jacinda is cutting funding for a charity that researches children's illness, by half, ($60,000) to the point that it may shut down, but she happily paraded her "love of children" by building a $500,000 playground on parliament grounds. Anything for PR, but no substance.

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Posted in: What is it like to take part in a vaccine trial? See in context

If the women on the trial are taking birth control, couldn't that affect how the medicine from the vaccine works? Like mixing medicines? Would it work the same on women who aren't taking birth control? I don't know much about medicine, I'm genuinely asking.

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Posted in: Disney's 'Peter Pan,' 'Aristocats,' 'Dumbo' get racism advisories See in context

"We want more representation!"

"You didn't represent our culture strongly enough!"

"You represented us too stereotypically!"

It's almost like people just want to complain no matter what you do.

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Posted in: Facebook shuts NZ political party's page before polls over COVID-19 misinformation See in context

I'm surprised Jacinda's page wasn't shut down then for all her coronavirus lies about going "hard and early" since she actually started acting months after the virus spread around the world. Her inaction is the only reason the virus is in NZ, and her bad management of it is the reason hundreds of thousands are out of jobs and we're in recession. People pretend it was either "money" or "lives" but if Jacinda had gone hard and early as she said, we could have had both, instead we lost lives as well.

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Posted in: Dress more motherly? Japanese TV talent, single mom Kuran rejects criticism of revealing photos See in context

My mum dressed like that so I was really embarrassed and grew up to never want to dress like her. So my mum dresses "younger" than me. XD

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Posted in: Japanese art student campaigns to eliminate body-shaming ads See in context

Being unhealthily fat is dangerous, and just because people don't like to be warned, doesn't mean people who want to improve themselves shouldn't be able to see dieting advertisements.

Advertisements are showing your potential. They show the beauty standards. You may disagree with them, but you have no right to tell other people they can't look at beautiful people or think something you don't like is beautiful.

I think this is a dangerous attack on our freedoms. If you're offended by the picture, don't shave, don't diet, but don't force other people to conform to what you think.

I eat very unhealthily, I'm not offended by diet ads, I probably should diet. I don't wear makeup. I'm not offended by beautiful models wearing makeup. I don't have the perfectly flat stomach. I'm not offended by "beach body" ads. I don't wax. I'm not offended by waxing ads. And even if I were, I have no right to say other people can't enjoy those things.

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

The airline would rather be rude to 99.999% of customers so that 0.001% might not get offended, when there was nothing to be offended about anyway.

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Posted in: Trump downplays legacy of slavery in appeal to white voters See in context

The only systemic racism in America is forcibly hiring people just for being black for the sake of "diversity" instead of giving jobs to people who have earned them.

There absolutely is a push by media and Democrats to shame people for their whiteness, which is extremely racist. Have you not seen the video of a woman told to get on her knees to apologize for being white? Have you not seen the outcry if anyone dares say "it's okay to be white"?

Trump said America's founding “set in motion the unstoppable chain of events that abolished slavery, secured civil rights, defeated communism and fascism and built the most fair, equal and prosperous nation in human history.” This is true, there is nothing wrong with what he said. Stop trying to twist everything to meet your agenda. He said a nice thing, and you're complaining about something he didn't say because you wanted him to say it.

Trump is not racist and I fully support him. He is one of the greatest world leaders, fighting for peace and prosperity.

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Posted in: New Zealand's ruling party plans higher tax for top earners if re-elected See in context

I guess someone's got to pay for Jacinda's bad decisions and it's not gonna be her. She even lied about taking a pay cut. As soon as the flashing cameras are gone, she never makes good on her promises.

Her ineffective lockdowns and slow border restrictions have lost NZ over $1.1 billion dollars, and thousands of jobs, and there's no end in sight.

As a New Zealander, I'm deeply ashamed to have her representing NZ.

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Posted in: 'Crash Landing on You' star Son Ye Jin overwhelmed by popularity in Japan See in context

I absolutely love this show! It's amazing!

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Posted in: Democrats pound their message: To oust Trump, you must vote See in context

Yeah vote for Joe Biden or as he says, "you ain't black" because that's not racist at all.

And Kamala Harris, who claimed she believes Joe Biden's accusers, now supports him? You can see how much integrity those two have.

For the good of America, and the good of the world, I hope Trump wins again. The real threat to democracy are the democrats who pack a fit over a lawfully-elected president. Trump has initiated peace talks with some of the most dangerous and/or combative countries, working for peace with North Korea and in the Middle East. He deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

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Posted in: Delicious options for plant-based and vegan snacks and sweets in Japan See in context

I know the girl from the picture! So cool!

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Posted in: Infant left at entrance to Japanese Red Cross nursery in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

She did the right thing, they shouldn't be trying to find her, that just discourages other women from leaving their babies in safe hands. We've been seeing so many articles about women killing their babies, this woman was very brave and should be looked at as a role model.

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Posted in: Flying bubble makers could save world from starvation See in context

I love that instead of trying to save the bees, he's like, "let's made flying bubble gun robots!" Haha I love it

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Posted in: Kyoto woman arrested for stealing cat from pet shop; offers strange justification to police See in context

My Norwegian Forest cat was a stray. I couldn't believe such a beautiful kitten was living on the streets. We put up posters and put it on the radio but no one claimed him. He lived until 16 years old. He was my best friend.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving fetus in suitcase in Nagoya See in context

The poor baby. I hope he or she can have a proper burial now.

The baby must have been pretty bad for them not to be able to tell if they were a boy or girl.

You have to be pretty messed up to murder a child so I'm not surprised the mother abandoned the body somewhere like that. It's like she wanted to be found so she could atone.

I hope the baby is at peace now and the mother can one day atone for her actions by helping others and saving lives instead of taking them.

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