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Posted in: U.S. special forces launch raid in Syria; civilians also reported dead See in context

“successful mission.” Residents and activists reported multiple deaths — including civilians — from the attack.

Multiple civilian deaths. Mission accomplished. The dichotomy endures. Either non-de-script globalist murder or autocratic putsch.

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Posted in: No. of daily new coronavirus cases in Tokyo passes 20,000 for first time See in context

+20,000 cases and up one hospitalization.

RIP to those who have passed away during this Pandemic.

This pandemic has shown one danger is the virus. Another has been the toxic agendas magnified by the megaphone of social networks.

This is toxic nonsense.

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Posted in: Toyota apologizes for suicide of employee after overwork, harassment See in context

Toyota promised an investigation into the case to prevent a recurrence and apologized for the family's suffering.

For many companies causing the suffering and death of someone is the matter of paying a fine much less than the amount of profit earned from their abuses. So it is repeated. Again and again.

details of the settlement were not disclosed

Enough to placate the grieved, not enough to be punitive and make the company change its practices.

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Posted in: Fujitsu establishes AI ethics and governance office See in context

"to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.”

They should get an award for meaningless corporate speak generation.

Still waiting for the AGI though. Suspect it will not be coming from Fujitsu though.

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Posted in: Former Tokyo Gov Shintaro Ishihara dies at 89 See in context

Author and former Tokyo Gov Shintaro Ishihara, who left his mark on Japanese politics as a staunch hawk and whose nationalistic views often ruffled the feathers of Japan's neighbors, has died, a source close to him said Tuesday. He was 89.

The later politics of Mishima Yukio without the literary talent and genius to balance it out.

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Posted in: Japan to cut quarantine days for COVID close contacts to 7 from 10 See in context

it is simply the government responding to Keidanren's guidance, one of the very few things it does quickly. Nikkei reported Keidanren'S complaints about the policy and length of quarantine, 2 days ago, and voila!

Too bad it doesn't work the other way around with the government urging to Keidanren to raise wages.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 16,538 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 78,931 See in context

It's quite debatable actually. You had almost as many deaths last week from COVID-19 in the US as Japan has had for the entire pandemic. (15,017 in the US last week versus 18,507 in Japan for the whole pandemic). The comparison holds up against other G7 countries too. Japan has managed the pandemic remarkably well

Greetings the Commodore of Flags!

You seem seem to conflating a few items. I would argue that the low number of deaths has nothing to do with the inadequate response of the Japanese government which you are defending and has everything to do with the lazy LDP relying on the low number of co-morbidity in its populace and its unique method of complying statistics.

The associated misery of unemployment, suicide and other social issues has been conveniently ignored.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 16,538 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 78,931 See in context

The number of coronavirus infections is debatable (testing is obviously much lower than other G7 countries or Asian neighbors).

That the Japanese government response has been inadequate regarding the suffering the pandemic situation has brought to the populace is not debatable. The pandemic has been utilized as a wealth transfer to LDP interests; that is it and it is unfair to the majority of the populace.

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Posted in: Object found in the Milky Way 'unlike anything astronomers have seen' See in context

When the James Webb telescope is fully online the wonders that we can behold. Fund NASA.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 14,086 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 71,620 See in context

The Japanese government is doing its darnedest the minimize the effects of the pandemic, seemingly assisted by a brigade of copy pasters with names suggesting that this government is actually engaging in fear mongering conspiracy.

I think most would hope that the Japanese government took a more pro-active, comprehensive and socially-conscious approach to their pandemic measures.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 9,699 new cases; nationwide tally 49,854 See in context

Cue the voices who return with regularity saying: It is just a cold. There are so many more infections in other countries. If you are not obese or immune compromised there is nothing to worry about.

The number of deaths seem to be lowering. But there are many at risk, people are getting sick, and some are having long term consequences.

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Posted in: Japan widens virus restrictions but some people becoming less cooperative See in context

Japan widens virus restrictions but some people becoming less cooperative

And with good reason.

The excuse of constitutional restrictions does not prevent restrictions on movement in the case of special events like the Olympics, VIP movement and disasters. Avoiding lockdowns was just avoiding responsibility and actual policy work and also compensation to the populace. The quasi-mambo dance around is just more of the same. The politicians even get incensed when people use the abbreviation and do not treat the name for the measures with the gravitas they think it deserves.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 8,638 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 46,199 See in context

The Tokyo metropolitan government on Thursday reported a record high 8,638 new coronavirus cases, up 1,261 from Wednesday and up 5,514 from last Thursday.

Compare this to the other article on the front page about the response of the New Zealand administration. The response of the NZ admin has been reasoned , scientific and kept in mind the welfare of the populace. The polar opposite of the LDP pandemic response.

People will be turned away from hospitalization with COVID in Tokyo,die, and it will be buried in the distracted media.

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Posted in: Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo prefectures seek COVID quasi-emergency See in context

The western Japan prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo will ask the government Friday to place them under a coronavirus quasi-state emergency amid the rapid spread of the highly transmissible Omicron variant, Osaka Gov Hirofumi Yoshimura said.

Please place us under your "quasi-emergency" so we can declare mission accomplished and not have to think about the welfare of the majority of the populace or the actual spread of the virus after that.

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Posted in: New Zealand says it won't use lockdowns when Omicron spreads See in context

This stage of the pandemic is different to what we have dealt with before. Omicron is more transmissible," Ardern said. “That is going to make it harder to keep it out, but it will also make it more challenging to control once it arrives. But just like before, when COVID changes, we change.”

You have to give it to the NZ admin. Flexible in dealing with the pandemic response, a hard lockdown while supporting the populace, and then using the latest scientific data to modulate their latest responses. Unlike other countries responses motivated by protecting entrenched economic interests or political factions.

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Posted in: Japan to put Tokyo, 12 other prefectures under COVID quasi-emergency See in context

"I think we don't need to have eateries close if people dine in a group of about four and speak quietly while wearing face masks," said Omi, who heads the subcommittee.

After wearing face masks outside 90 percent will take them off when sitting down to eat and drink. And that group of four will be sitting centimeters away five other groups of three or four in the narrow seating speaking over each other.

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Posted in: China's economy grows 8.1% in 2021; slows in second half See in context

*But this is an overstatement after all the west is a mixed bag of command control economies like the French to the *Laissez*** Faire* approach of the US, very hard to make an overarching statement that categories them all.

I read that when China was liberalizing its economic sphere they paid attention to the policies of Singapore and Lee Kwan-Yew.

They found that an authoritarian capitalism was more stable and profitable to a society than either Neo-liberal free-market capitalism or communism.

When China overtakes the US in a couple of years we may see such a debate become widespread.

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Posted in: Final valuation of Prince's estate pegged at $156.4 million See in context

rare examples of a well-earned fortune, giving so much back to society

It’s not rare. What is more rare is when some people can get past their envy sometimes.

Didn't Prince write "slave" on his cheek and change his name because he did not like his relationship with the Warner Corporation?

Was it that he could not get past his envy of the Warner corporation executives?

Corporations and government seem collusive and entwined in their interests . Could you explain why people would envy large corporate profits?

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Posted in: Tokyo's COVID alert at 2nd-highest level as capital reports 3,124 new cases See in context

The problem in Japan seems to be not just the rising numbers of infections but those turned away from hospital admission when conditions worsen who have paid into a national health insurance scheme for their whole lives.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,198 new virus cases; 1,711 in Osaka, 1,644 in Okinawa See in context

This is completely false information. 229E is not even similar to omicron.

If people haven't said this yet, thank you virusrex for your countering of the rampant misinformation for those who just repeat every single day "move along, there is nothing to see here" about the pandemic with slightly different variations. . There are countless orphans and horrifying scenes in many undervaccinated countries.

Your assertions are easily googlable and well-sourced compared to the drumbeat of misinformation.

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Posted in: The metaverse offers a future full of potential – for terrorists and extremists, too See in context

People with malicious intent are already noting that the metaverse is a potential tool in their arsenal.

The specter of terrorists and extremists has been the go to boogeyman in worlds virtual and real. But with SNS and surveillance it is the corporatocracy union of moneyed and political interests that is the greatest threat to the future beyond extremists in digital ghettos.

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Posted in: Mizuho online business banking services suffer another glitch See in context

in yet another system failure to hit the major Japanese bank.

Time to start charging Mizuho with penalty fees like for late or misdirected payments, debits charges.

It would only be fair.

And make them punitive enough so that the the cost of just letting the problems continue is not less than the fines.

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Posted in: Man on train arrested for telling other passengers he has COVID See in context

Police in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, have arrested a 20-year-old man on suspicion of forcible obstruction of business after he boarded a train and said in a loud voice that he had the coronavirus.

It seems he was obstructing a business endangering the public during the pandemic. Which is one of the core protocols of the pandemic response. So the charge seems odd however odd he was behaving.

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Posted in: China detects more Omicron cases as cities tighten restrictions See in context

They set the blueprint for how most of the world dealt with Covid. Wrongly. and now we see how ridiculous the whole lockdown/distance/mask approach is in terms of preventing spread.

The amount of misinformation about the pandemic is sometimes horrific to behold. China is not innocent of this either.

But those protocols were not blueprints set by China. They are statistically-weighed epidemiology protocols.

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Posted in: Global tax reform deal to require U.S. participation to be effective See in context

Looking at these comments, I never realized there were so many multi-millionaires and billionaires making comments on this site, or those supporting their interests for free.

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Posted in: Okinawa reports 1,593 new coronavirus cases; 1,223 in Tokyo See in context

Okinawa is one of three prefectures, along with Yamaguchi and Hiroshima, which imposed quasi-emergency measures from Sunday through Jan 31

Japan's bureaucrats and politicians are so relaxed! In the pandemic say it is a quasi-emergency, ask and request the public and businesses to be careful, give some money to their buddies. Job finished. Other countries government staff have a harder time now.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 3-hour siege in Tokyo restaurant See in context

He told police he thought that if he committed a major crime, he would get the death penalty.

Since the bomb was fake, are making bomb threats and eating without paying subject to the death penalty in Japan?

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Posted in: Japan's November jobless rate rises to 2.8% as people seek better jobs See in context

"The increase in the number of unemployed indicates that more people are seeking jobs with better conditions and is considered to be a reflection of the recent lower number of coronavirus cases and (an economic) pickup," a government official told reporters.

In other news, the rate of homelessness is going up as people seek better homes. Thanks LDP!

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Posted in: Hosting Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics chosen as top domestic news in 2021 See in context

has been picked as the top domestic news story of 2021 by senior editors of Kyodo News and its member or subscriber newspapers and broadcasters.

In the editors of Kyodo we trust right???Government triumphing over the will of the people, natural disasters and some human interest stories. The State of Journalism 2021.

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Posted in: Kishida calls on people to drink more milk See in context

And with regards to helping affected businesses, Kishida gave all the people of Japan a very specific example of what we can do to help: “I am asking the people of Japan to use milk in cooking and to drink cups of milk always through the New Year’s holiday in order to prevent a mass disposal.”

When they are confronted by a new crisis, the LDP are sometimes very precious in their naive responses, because just bailing out cronies does not suffice sometimes.

So you get please drink milk, we will send you meat and fish tickets in a pandemic bringing the economy to a standstill, here is a mascot with safety instructions, decorative Abenomasks, etc. etc.

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