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The trend of cell phone novels in Japan has resulted in many bestselling novels, some of which have then been published in print. For an author, this is a great way to reach teens. And I suspect we'll see more of this worldwide.

In the US, a site called Textnovel is taking the plunge with cell phone novels. Writers can submit their stories by phone or computer, and readers also have this choice. Textnovel just announced the first winner of their annual writing competition. Check out

I'm a bestselling author and I've decided to WRITE an entire novel on my iPhone 3G. I'll be the first published author to attempt this, using the Notes application. For me, this started as a convenient way to make notes on a new novel. It then evolved into the "entire novel" idea when my husband joked about it.

I've written the first few chapters of my iPhone novel--Finding Bliss--on my iPhone. I send it via email to my home PC where I'll edit and format it. In a few months I'll be able to focus on writing Finding Bliss with no distractions (I'm editing another novel). I can't wait! Already I've been interviewed numerous times on TV and radio because of this "crazy" idea/publicity stunt. Yes, it may be a stunt, but as any author knows, having a unique "hook" is what helps make an author successful.

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