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A well known senator from New York once said that people are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

Please tell me of ANY country, including US, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, China, Taiwan, Korea, France, etc...that will agree with Japan's take on history??? Is Japan somehow the only one who sees history correctly...I'm not just talking about the comfort women issue, which I agree is one of the largest human trafficking events in history, but EVERYTHING related to and leading up to WWII. Let me provide a newsflash, the great nation of Japan WAS NOT THE VICTIM...Japan was not the great liberators of Asia, and for every country they colonized, they took more than they gave. Even Germany, who was one of the greatest perpetrators of aggression during WWII, have and continue to make UNEQUIVOCAL, CONSISTENT, and ENDURING apologies for their actions...such is the behavior and mindset of countries that wish to be leaders and move on for a brighter future with those they have wronged.

I recently watched an interview of one of the Dutch victims of the Japanese army on Youtube...You can google Dutch comfort women, interview...pretty shocking and sad. Taken from their families, forced to sign contracts in a language they didn't understand and then forced to serve in a brothel...the Japanese could easily argue that these Dutch women and girls were prostitutes since they had signed contracts and "served" in a nice plantation house that was turned into a brothel...but they remain very silent on the issue.

I have read the comments from those that feel that the victims of Japan's past are whiners and prostitutes and only want money. How sad. I do not believe that the majority of Japan believe this, but unfortunately enough people do and they seem to get the most press. The vast majority of Japanese are wonderful people and I do believe they have much to contribute to the world. My hope is that more of their voices are heard, so Japan can take on a true leadership role in Asia and do so by example.

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