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I would like to say thank you for writing this. Even the title got me heated. Throughout this article ill admit, you had some good points. But I noticed that you seemed to focus on one 'problem'. Its time consuming. The reason I say thank you to this is because, as an eager 14 year old with many passions, I am extremely interested in the Japanese language and culture. I plan to move there for a few years before going to South Korea. You have inspired me to quicken my learning proceed and learn the Japanese language in 8 months to a year. I was originally planning to give my self 3 and a half years, as that would allow me to perfect it just before I move there, but I've just now decided against that. In a maximum of one month I will be able to communicate with a native Japanese citizen in basic conversation. Next in two months I will be able to understand business related topics. In 3 months I will understand all recriational topics. In 4 months I will learn slang and commonly used phrases that are not taught in books. And so on. By the end I will be able to read a write with the basic knowledge of a 9th grade student. My conversational skill will be close to perfect. Keep in mind that this is all thanks to you. I want to prove you wrong. And as a side note, I may be young, but its quite possible that I have a buisier schedule than the average American. So I have no advantage. If you really want to learn a language, then stop procrastinating. That is your only problem. Just putting it off. Don't do that and it won't take you 3 to 7 years and it won't cost you your work outs and guitar learning.

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