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Posted in: Masked hero helps carry bags, babies up and down Tokyo subway stairs See in context

Including staff, Meguroman! I had a station officer walk straight past me going up the stairs as I was coming down with a toddler, dragging a pram with one hand and (at the time) with my forearm all bandaged up. She just looked the other way. I actually had to call out to her and ask her for help and she then did, grudgingly, but c`mon??!! Common sense!

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Posted in: Japan Post provides sample letters for marriage proposals and other personal messages See in context

That Bach one was a wedding proposal??! I would never have got that!

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Posted in: Masked hero helps carry bags, babies up and down Tokyo subway stairs See in context

Not only was I rarely helped by anyone lugging babies and prams up and down stairs, I was actually punched once by a guy who took umbrage at my 2 year old holding the handrail on the "wrong" side of the stairs going down as he was coming up (and I was carrying a baby when he punched me).

So good on you Kanemasu san. Thank you for your selfless efforts.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy falls between shinkansen, platform See in context

That 20cm gap was there for years before this little boy fell through it, and will be there for years after. And yet, considering the number of people using the train, very few actually fall through it. It is NOT inherently unsafe. Unless you are a 4 year old child trying to navigate it alone.

Mother might have had other kids/luggage/a pram? Boo hoo. Its not hard to travel alone with 3 kids under 7 plus all the associated junk that goes with it, and still get them on and off the train safely. Ive done it many times. So have countless others. Children dont fall down gaps to the point of hurting themselves and causing a delay if you are holding on to them, period.

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Posted in: Man arrested for dumping body of dead mother in suitcase See in context

That was quick! How did they manage to find the source so quickly? Idiot probably still had the tag attached with his name and address on it.

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Posted in: Japanese men reveal costumes they want their girlfriends to wear See in context

Tied with the school swimsuit is the considerably less innocent choice of straight up bondage gear.

Less innocent than lusting after an underage child?! Give me a guy into bondage any day over a guy into 13 year olds.

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Posted in: Japan upgrades Fukushima leak to highest level in two years See in context

Its embarrassing, aside from anything else. To be at this level of emergency after 2 1/2 years of efforts to contain the situation.

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Posted in: Japan upgrades Fukushima leak to highest level in two years See in context

I wonder why some people keep saying like this. Is there any report out there that says Japan keeps refusing international help? I seriously want to know that.

Many many reports including here on JT. For example the one last year quoting a senior government official as saying "We cant have a bunch of foreigners running around the countryside up there, frightening all the old people".

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Posted in: Actresses urge support for California paparazzi bill See in context

Im with RR. Dont want the attention? Drop out of acting and get a job at Walmart. Then see how you feel when no one gives a crap about you anymore. No, your kids did not choose this life. But you did, and you knew that one day you would be having children. You knew what you would be subjecting them to when you made the choice to earn ridiculous sums of money in the limelight. Im sick of celebrities bellyaching about how tough they have it when I see people living not 10 miles down the road from their Bel Air mansions scraping to get by on nothing.

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy run over, killed at family barbecue See in context

I will never forget the moment in a car park in London when I nearly hit a little girl of about 3. I DID look behind me, and to both sides, but she was standing right behind my car and I just couldnt see her. I backed up slowly and heard a scream (the parent) so I stopped, and had missed her by a whisker. He came barrelling over and hurled abuse at me, screaming and shouting and holding his little girl. I was so shocked I just stood there and took it all. It was only later that it occured to me he had run over from a good 20 metres away in order to scoop up his child and hurl that abuse.

That was way before I ever became a parent, but now I am - in a car park holding hands is not negotiable. I even made the older ones hold hands or hold the shopping cart. I dont know if this was in the actual car park or if it was one of those BBQ places where you drive right up to the spot. If the latter, I can understand the parents finding it difficult to keep hold of the childs hand - you cant hold hands AND do what you need to do to get food prepared etc and you would expect drivers in that situation to be super cautious. But if it was a separate carpark (and they usually are, arent they?) then no excuses. He should have looked, and they should have been holding his hand. Very sad all round.

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Posted in: Distraught owner furious at ANA after dog dies from heatstroke during transport See in context

I find this article pretty disgusting actually. We are talking about a live animal, a family who loved him, and a total failure of duty of care on the part of the airline. Why the disparaging and jokey remarks? Its no joke for the young girl who found him.

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Posted in: Japan is cheap considering how much property prices have gained in Singapore and Hong Kong. Investors expect to receive stable rental income and also have an expectation that prices will rise. See in context

The clue is in the job title - people invest in Japan - he makes money. this is nothing more than a marketing strategy.

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Posted in: Parents of missing Chiba girl ask public for help See in context

4 weeks! I got an Amber alert on my phone here less than 4 HOURS after the teenage girl was kidnapped here the other day. And now they have found them, shot him and she is safe. Why has it taken so long to even appeal to the public?

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Posted in: Hit-and-run leaves elderly woman dead, another in critical condition See in context

t is that apportioning of blame that causes the drivers in these incidents to run. If he hands himself in, he automatically gets charged and treated the same as if he had spent 3 months plotting their gruesome murder.

sometimes it is also to allow them time to wash whatever is in their system out of it. But yes, you are right about the law. The police tried to hold my friend "partly responsible" when a child on a bike with no brakes going downhill hit his stationary car!

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Posted in: 6 men given suspended sentences over Roppongi club attack See in context

So the guy that was killed was actually mistaken for someone else? I didnt know that. So the victim was totally innocent??! That could have been my husband, my friend, or anyone elses. Awful.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic bid provides certainty in age of uncertainty - Takeda See in context

“In these uncertain times Tokyo will offer certainty,” said Takeda. “Tokyo 2020 will be a safe pair of hands and much more. Tokyo is the safest city in the world and provided financial stability.

He really has the balls to say this in light of the recent exposure of MORE TEPCO cover ups??!

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Posted in: If I were a young Japanese and I could speak English, I would probably choose to emigrate. See in context

My husband speaks good English, and we have just emigrated to the US (although Im not an American). His reaction to it all is fascinating to watch as an armchair psychologist to be honest!

First big shocker: US police actually enforce stuff (busted for not stopping at a stop line). He has also discovered that America has a higher unemployment rate at least partly because they dont have little men sitting in booths at the toll roads taking the money from you. And that even though Japan IS technologically advanced, so is America when it comes to cameras catching people driving through said toll booths without paying thinking they can get away with it because there is no little man taking the money. SEVEN bloody times! Sigh.....

Strangers being chatty freaks him out. Even more so when they do it to me. I have heard "That guy was hitting on you!" more times in the last 4 months than I heard in 11 years in Japan! He really didnt think J men would ever hit on me! He is also struggling to accept my less "conservative" dress sense, ("For Gods sake CC COVER yourself!!") although I notice he seems to have readily accepted and adjusted to all the other California Chicks style :) !

There is a lot he - we - miss about Japan. Its a beautiful place, with many wonderful things going for it. Sadly, the really big stuff - as Lee Kwan Yew rightly mentions, is a problem there. Hubby hangs out with Japanese on a daily basis, gets hold of free Japanese newspapers, and hangs in the "Japanese places" and has been married to me for over 10 years and yet is STILL really struggling to adapt to this new lifestyle.

I totally understand the emotions he is going through because I went through them myself moving to Japan years ago. Culture shock is so predictable you can almost set your watch by it! This isnt quite the dream we thought it would be - we have both of us had problems adapting and getting ourselves set up and we are both homesick for Tokyo. I can understand why many Japanese would never want to make the leap - there IS comfort in the familiar and for me it is even weirder right now because Tokyo IS familiar and America is the "foreign" place. Peoples confused faces when they hear my accent and ask where I am from and I automatically say "Tokyo" are quite funny!

But there are many Japanese he works with who have been here 2, 5, 10 years - and most of them are refusing to go back! It seems to me from my limited experience to date that most Japanese will never make the leap, but the ones that do generally dont regret it. There will always be the tie to "home" - even I feel it after 11 years in Japan. But especially in the last 2 1/2 years things seemed so much more stressful in Tokyo. It is something of a relief to be out of all that, even for hubby I think. I dont know if we will ever go back. I am more than happy to. It is easy to see all the great thigns when you no longer have access to them! I would like to see Japan succeed and be strong again as much as anyone but I think it is the inability to change and adapt, from grass roots right up to government level, that is killing it, sadly.

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Posted in: China-Japan views worst in almost a decade: survey See in context

sfjp330 - absolutely, which is why I said it. Pls refer to pizzatimes comment I was commenting on so you can understand accurately what Im trying to say because you have clearly missed the point.

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Posted in: China-Japan views worst in almost a decade: survey See in context

Who cares? EVERYONE knows China is dirty, people have zero manners and they copy everything. On the other side we have Japan. The complete opposite

.My husband is Japanese, I lived in Tokyo 11 years and I love the country but even I have to call BS on this. My father collapsed and died suddenly whilst travelling with my Mum through China in 2001. Mum didnt speak a word of Chinese and had no idea what to do or what was going on. My brother and I flew out there as quickly as we could, but in the interim 2 days or so between his initial collapse and us arriving, and once we had arrived, the Chinese people we encountered were incredibly kind and caring, very concerned and willing to help in any way they could.

This in stark contrast to some of my experiences in Japan over the years. So please - dont base your opinions of Chinese on a bunch of tourists pushing and shoving through Odaiba. There is good and bad wherever you go.

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Posted in: A Japanese perspective on traveling in the U.S. See in context

Why does this article smell like one guy whose coffee shop student just returned from a trip to NYC and told him all about it so he decided to write it up extrapolating it from one entire nations experience to another?

Yabits: thanks for the compliment but I dont think I am JT calibre ;) !

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Posted in: Smile please See in context

Sensoji is such spiritual place.

Yes, it is, once you fight your way past all the street sellers and tourist touts.

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Posted in: Crane driver arrested after girl dies in hit-and-run See in context

How can you "know you have run over something on a crossing but you dont know what" - and not even stop to see what it is??! He knew all right, and he was trying to get away with it. Wan***.

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Posted in: Guam prepares for spotlight on murder trial See in context

Mirai - first of all I dont get it.

Secondly, this wasnt a car accident. The man deliberately rammed a store, hitting people as he did, and then jumped out and stabbed innocent people to death, including a young mother protecting her baby. No accident.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy dies after being hit by truck See in context

You are right Ambrosia, everyone is quick to blame the parents. But I think most of us have been witness to neglligent parenting many times and we all get a bit sick of having to rescue someone elses child from the middle of the street because the parent is 20 meters ahead and glued to the cellphone, if they are even there at all.

I also grew up like you did - kicked out after breakfast and out all day until dusk. But there were no dangerous roads near us, we were always in a group, the neghbours who were the only ones in the cul de sac street watched out for us, etc etc. Not that we didnt also get into trouble but I dont consider falling out of a tree and breaking a bone a preventable injury in a child - they have to live and learn a little. But a road traffic death IS an entirely preventable accident.

I actually have to humbly disagree on your feeling that 6 is old enough for short solo trips in the neighbourhood. Sorry! We lived in a very safe area in Tokyo, but no way would I have let my 6 year old out alone (other than to go to school which was in a group and supervised all the way). At age 8 I allowed her to go to the conbini across the very quiet street and back for me. I dont think I am an especially protective parent (although maybe I am now I compare my style to yours??!) but I made the decision based on neighbourhood circumstances whether I thought my kids personally were ready for it and deemed they werent. Other people in the neighbourhood were letting their kids out to the public park by themselves at age 5. That was their choice, although I privately disagreed with it.

Id like to think I was giving the parents the benefit of the doubt by saying that they were doing what they thought was right based on their culture, if he was out alone. And honestly, if they were there and monmentarily took their eyes off him, then I fully admit it, there but for the grace of God go I and many other parents Im sure. BUT - the fact remains, too many very young children are out and about unsupervised in Japan in my opinion. Feel free to disagree though - Im more than happy to debate it with someone who is reasonable and/or a parent themselves in Japan. I suppose convesely one of the great things about being a kid in Japan IS that freedom. And I have to admit I come at this kind of burned because an acquaintance of mine allowed her 7 year old daughter out alone to the park where one day not so long ago she was picked up and molested, so that may be coloring my view of unaccompanied children somewhat :(

Now we are in the US I allow the kids out on their bikes all the time into what we call the "white zone" - we have 4 houses grouped in a circle with a central courtyard and no one except the 4 houses residents come in and out so it is perfectly safe, even for the 3 year old.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy dies after being hit by truck See in context

An excellent point Ambrosia - you are right, I have no idea if the boy was alone here or not. But in general - in Japan - I see unsupervised 6 year olds and younger out all the time, even alongside busy roads. So its certainly not beyond the bounds of possibility that he was alone. However - point taken - we dont know that for sure.

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Posted in: Gov't says Fukushima plant leaking 300 tons of toxic water into sea daily See in context

Nipporinoel - 300t is about 1/8 of an olympic pool.

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Posted in: 4 Chinese coast guard ships back in disputed waters See in context

Its like watching the little mean boy in the school yard repeatedly run over and yank the pigtails of the little girl he secretly has the hots for just to get her attention. Would be pretty funny if she turns around and wallops him next time.....

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy dies after being hit by truck See in context

We may have been allowed out as kids in the Summer at the age of 6, but how many of us were allowed out to play on a scooter right next to a road that trucks come down? Not many, I would bet.

I feel for the parents, but I just get sick of this attitude in Japan of "daijoubu! Ichi nensei da kara". As if the moment you enter elementary school you are somehow magically able to deal with everything responsibly. I dont blame the parents, they probably believed they were doing what was right based on what every other parent around them is doing. But honestly - when is it ever ok to let a child that young go out unsupervised and alone near a busy road?

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing woman in Miyagi supermarket See in context

12 cm deep stab wound? Wow. Thank God he missed anything life threatening. Poor poor woman.

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Posted in: Watchdog says radioactive water at Fukushima an emergency See in context

Why is the rest of the world allowing this company so much power? Why isn't the UN taking Japan to task on this?

An EXCELLENT question.

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