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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

I bet it's fully booked. But they should just reopen and stop taking their leads from China.

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Posted in: Okinawa marks 50 years of end to U.S. rule amid protests See in context

Too many people died to take those islands in WW2, so the US should stay.

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

Too bad he's married already, could've got a Japanese wife too.

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Posted in: Japan planning to allow 20,000 daily foreign arrivals in June See in context

Cool Japan!

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Posted in: Japan FY2021 long-term debt hits new high above ¥1,000 tril See in context

Does it matter? Yes. The population crisis is more serious though in my opinion because without young people that debt will never be repaid.

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Posted in: Japan's virtual YouTubers make millions from fans See in context

Why would a YouTuber need to be part of a talent agency, that's crazy.

Right, this is the whole point of YouTube.

Japan is land of the talent agency though.

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Posted in: S Korea says North Korea test-fired missile from submarine See in context

That's impressive. Anyone thinking about taking out North Korea now has to deal with the possibility they have nuclear armed subs that can retaliate.

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID border controls 'in stages' from June: Kishida See in context

Hopefully all foreign entries will be required to double vaxx and booster before entry.

Children too?

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Posted in: Japan's child population falls for 41st year to record low See in context

How can life be harder now than it was in 1950 when the birth rate was high? Everything is plentiful today, but mental illness is pervasive.

All these people not having children are going to be lonely when they're old aren't they?

It's already happening now that people just die alone in their 1LDK and then someone comes to clean up...

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Posted in: Japan still divided on revising war-renouncing Constitution: survey See in context

Nobody wants a war. But like any other country Japan must be able to defend itself.

Defense against nukes?

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Posted in: Japan says disputed islands illegally occupied by Russia See in context

Would they sacrifice their soldiers to take these islands?

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Posted in: Japan's rowdiest baseball fans desperate to end pandemic silence See in context

Are you equally amazed by the virus death toll in Japan compared to where you are from?

Didn't Japan's death rate go up last year?

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Posted in: Kishida sends ritual offering to Yasukuni shrine; former PM Abe visits See in context

It's tradition to visit, why break a trend.

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Posted in: Average condo price in Tokyo area sets new high in fiscal 2021 See in context

Having a combined income of just over 10 million yen is not enough to live in these condos. If you want kids, good luck paying for their tuition.

People not really bothering with kids these days.

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Posted in: Japan's population down 644,000 in 2021; biggest drop on record See in context

They want more children but refuse to pay properly for IVF, permit egg donation, sperm donation, birth is not covered by insurance, schools isn't free especially high school which isn't even guaranteed.

You really need young people in charge, not old men, they have no clue.

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Posted in: Japan's population down 644,000 in 2021; biggest drop on record See in context

There's a whole army of women with no children.

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Posted in: Japan's population down 644,000 in 2021; biggest drop on record See in context

While some may interpret that as 'bad' news for Japan, if the world could see the same relative decline, it would be good news for our grandchildren...

If the world greys the young that are left will be overburdened. I mean think of all those elderly that will need carrying for. It's a disaster.

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Posted in: French court jails Chilean man for 28 years for killing Japanese ex-girlfriend See in context

Would've been shorter than 28 years if sentenced in Japan, no?

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Posted in: Yen plunges to nearly 20-year low against U.S. dollar See in context

Trying to pay off your student loan working in an eikiwa

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Posted in: Yen plunges to nearly 20-year low against U.S. dollar See in context

Good news, make exports cheaper

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Posted in: Dollar rises to highest level against yen since June 2015; stocks fall See in context

1GBP = 200Y would be super nice for me

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for stealing ¥9 mil from 51-year-old man See in context

Whenever I hear these stories of people being robbed of the large sums of cash they keep at home, I just don't understand their logic. Why would someone keep such large sums in such an unsafe place? Not only is it vulnerable to theft, but also fire, earthquake, and/or flood.

It's called tax evasion

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Posted in: Thinking of sleeping your way up? Don’t! Shoko Nakagawa has stern message for showbiz hopefuls See in context

Not clear what she really trying to talk about. Is she claiming she did it too and it’s bad? Or she somehow didn’t do it at all and still achieved anyway?

Is she boasting that she didn't need to do it, because she's so talented?

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Posted in: Japan to see higher prices for food, daily goods from Friday See in context

But who really wants to work until 75 and pay into this scheme?

I wonder what the life expectancy of a gaijin is in Japan. Bet it's lower than a Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan to see higher prices for food, daily goods from Friday See in context

If I could go back in time just over 30years there is no way in HELL I would have moved to Japan given the way its gone downhill especially the last 10years & I just dnt see Japan being able to turn it around, I feel for young people here, really do.....

Definitely not going to be reversing population decline, that's for sure.

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Posted in: Traffic safety blessing See in context

718 is kind of the poor man's Porsche.

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Posted in: North Korea fires suspected ballistic missile toward sea See in context

Are they getting help from China?

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Posted in: Diet enacts record ¥107.60 tril budget for FY2022 See in context

Who buys those bonds?

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Posted in: Married couple accused of forcing woman into prostitution around 600 times See in context

600 sexual partners?

Something seems a bit strange here

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Posted in: Russian troops enter Ukraine's 2nd largest city See in context

I'm a bit worried what the Russian's will do if they start to lose. They have some very serious weaponry.

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