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Posted in: Record 19.1 million int'l passengers used Haneda airport in FY2023 See in context

tourism is saving the economy.

It's 1-2% no?

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Posted in: Sinking yen may spur inflation, but alternatives may be even worse See in context

So they are trying to say that spending all that money proping up the yen wasn't that bad because they got the dollars when the rate was better...

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Posted in: Usyk beats Fury by split decision to become first undisputed heavyweight champion in 24 years See in context

Fury has such a crazy advantage with his height and reach. That ninth round, the ref definitely saved him, he was wrecked.

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Posted in: Around 68,000 elderly die alone in Japan annually: police See in context

Maybe consider legalized euthanasia

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Posted in: Toyota posts record ¥4.94 tril net profit See in context

Interesting, 5T yen is around 30B dollars.

About the same the central bank spent last week trying to prop up the yen

"Multiple investors and analysts said the intervention appeared to have involved about $20bn to $35bn worth of yen purchases."

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Posted in: Yen sharply rebounds against dollar amid suspected intervention See in context

Given that Japan holds the most US debt, surely if they started dumping it, there will be no buyers and we will have a massive global disaster

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Posted in: Yen sharply rebounds against dollar amid suspected intervention See in context

The wife pointed out that this lovely influx of foreign tourists does not bring much benefit to the J govt as everything is tax-free.

Well, surely hotels, restaurants, amusements, transportation are not tax free

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Posted in: Woman dies after being shoved to the floor at home by 19-year-old son See in context

An argument over money? Best to walk away or keep your mouth shut.

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Posted in: Rate of small firms in Japan hiking wages rises to 63% in FY2024 See in context

The only way to get proper raises is to keep switching jobs every 2-3 years.

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Posted in: Webinar: Learn from expats who made the move to Japan what you need to know See in context

Expats or English teachers?

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Posted in: Filipino woman admits to killing sister, Japanese niece See in context

Why cash, was the money "dirty"?

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Posted in: Ohtani and wife arrive in S Korea for Dodgers-Padres MLB opener See in context

Better than a gold digger

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Posted in: Japanese high court rules same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional See in context

What benefits are they missing out on?

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Posted in: China demands Japan start Fukushima treated water compensation system See in context

I think they need to sort out their own pollution first before worrying about other people's

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Posted in: Hiroshima grapples with 'Oppenheimer' Oscars success See in context

The bombs were always going to be used on someone, it's like human destiny. Question is, will they be used again?

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Posted in: Ceremony held to mark 79th anniversary of U.S. firebombings of Tokyo See in context

I wonder would they conduct that much carpet bombing against a Christian nation?

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Posted in: Bezos dethrones Musk to reclaim title of world's richest man See in context

Musk is a free speech hero.

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Posted in: Japan inflation falls to BOJ target of 2% See in context

Does that mean they don't need to raise interest rates then?

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Posted in: Number of births in Japan hits record low in 2023 See in context

Japan needs to follow the UK's lead, where net migration is 500k in 2023.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to require firms to set paternity leave targets See in context

You don't need paternity leave, didn't need it in the past, don't need it now. Men can't be mothers.

Men need jobs that pay a wage high enough to support a stay at home wife and kids.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting wife after argument over sharing household chores See in context

She picked a bad man, but doesn't leave.

In the UK she might leave and tax payer would foot the bill for her council house.

Is there no such thing in Japan?

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Posted in: Japan's Nikkei closes at all-time high, breaking bubble era record See in context

Interesting, the yen is being sold off.

GBP-Yen is 190 today

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Posted in: Digitalization drive proving tough for Japanese school teachers See in context

It was a mistake not to adopt English after WW2. It would have made it so much easier to contribute to technology and use American tools, build tech companies, etc.

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Posted in: Fujitsu in firing line over UK Post Office scandal See in context

This whole story is rotten. People have been paid to design, write, test, sign off this system. People have been knighted. Now they need a fall guy.

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Posted in: Fujitsu in firing line over UK Post Office scandal See in context

The UK Fujitsu employees were British.

It's true, the chief architect of the horizon system was a British man.

A Cambridge mathematics graduate, Mr Jenkins was the tech expert who helped build the faulty Horizon IT system.

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Posted in: Quake death toll reaches 126; 210 missing as rain, snow imperil already shaky ground See in context

When it happens in large cities then thousands die

That's pretty much what happened in Kobe.

Very difficult to predict what would happen in a large city. I know new skyscrapers won't collapse, but there's plenty of old buildings, bridges and other infrastructure.

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Posted in: Quake death toll reaches 126; 210 missing as rain, snow imperil already shaky ground See in context

The devastation is incredible in those pictures.

It's really worrying to me if this happened in a large metropolitan area.

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Posted in: M7.4 quake strikes central Japan; tsunami reach Japan Sea Coast See in context

Are these happening more frequently?

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate falls to 2.5% in October See in context

The rest of the world must be falling over themselves to implement Japanese style policies within their economies with these amazing low rates.

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Posted in: Japan starts trial sales of over-the-counter 'morning-after' pill See in context

News flash, Japan's birthrate hits a new record low.

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